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Totally Odd Things Folks Witnessed At The Grocery Store

When it’s time to buy food, you’ve got options. Some enjoy the freshness of the farmer’s market. Others click online and receive deliveries. There’s also the old-fashioned way: Your neighborhood grocery store. This warehouse of nourishment is always stocked, since the community depends on it. In a way, it’s a gathering place for all of society — and just like society, there are some wacky visitors who show up from time to time. Beyond that, some of the products are strange. Workers regularly put up mischievous signs. You think grocery stores are peaceful, normal places, but that assumption is wrong. What is going on in there? It’s time to expose the truth! Let’s take a look at the silliest supermarket moments, next.

Cold Yet Hispanic

When we think about food south of the border, hot and spicy come to mind. Caliente, as they say in Spanish. But it’s not like you can’t freeze rice, beans, or chicken. It happens all the time. We’re just wondering if whole humans were frozen here. Dios mío!

Reddit / StardustPrime

The sign above claims to have frozen Hispanics behind the glass. Is that truly the case? One Mexican man doesn’t seem to be upset at all. He pretends to shiver with a sly smile. Maybe it is only an awkward sign!

It Sure Does

Peanuts are one of the most common allergies in America today. For schoolchildren, that can be a nightmare at lunch: PB&J is one of the most common sandwiches. But it gets worse! Almost anything can come from a factory with cross-contamination.


Severe allergies can be a nightmare. Here, a local grocery store tried to warn customers. It was a nice gesture, but we have to laugh. The sign says that this pile of peanuts contains peanuts. We probably could have guessed!

Triplets Are A Blessing

Considering the risks of birth, one healthy baby is a miracle. Those with twins are unusual. But triplets are not a common phenomenon at all. Experts estimate it happens only about one in 10,000 pregnancies. Looks like this lady got lucky!


Today, she shops for her growing family at the supermarket. She pushes a stroller big enough for all three little ones. But something is off. While they definitely look like each other, they don’t really look like mom. Maybe they take after dad?

Cool School Supplies

Back-to-school shopping is an exciting time for kids and parents alike. There’s magic in the air. There are real possibilities for the new year. And of course, that requires supplies. Pens, pencils, notebooks, and backpacks are basic. What about knives?


This grocery store seems to think that blades are a part of the school experience. Unless it’s culinary school, these are not going to be allowed. Even middle schools even have metal detectors, these days. And for good reason, sadly!

Now That’s Just Rude

They come in cherry, cinnamon, and even Oreo, these days. Pop-Tarts are the best! Marketed as a breakfast item, they make mornings memorable. We’ve just never seen them marketed quite this way before. Surely, this is a spelling error!


At only $2.69, you might say they are a deal. But if the sign is correct, these are not what you have in mind. Why is tart spelled that way? Perhaps it is a practical joke from an employee. Don’t blame the tarts!

Marriage at the Market

You might have warm feelings towards your local market. But few will say that a grocery store is a romantic place. This newlywed couple disagrees, as you can see here. They chose to take their wedding photos in the fruit aisle!

Only Simchas

Sure, it’s pretty cringe. But a little research reveals that both work here. It’s where they met, and it’s a fairytale venue to them. But the customers don’t seem to know the background. To them, it’s yet another bizarre event at the super.

Technically, That’s True

Hens lay eggs on a daily basis, and we collect them for our omelets. It is a delicious byproduct of the birds. We rarely think of eggs as boneless chicken. But this sign makes that claim. Is it really wrong?

svengalli / Reddit

Technically, eggs don’t have bones. And yes, they are growing chickens. Some might argue, but we judge this statement to be true enough. Customers must have been confused by the price of this new, boneless meat. 35 cents is really cheap!

It’s Just Not Right

Meat is a part of your local cuisine. But typically, that category includes chicken, fish, beef, pork, and seafood. It’s rare to see other animals eaten in our culture. Here, a grocery store is selling cat meat. And canned, no less!


It’s monstrous, really. We can’t believe the sign is open, so cavalier about the product. Millions of Americans cherish furry felines at home. In a way, they are part of the family. Is there really a market for meow meat?

True For Millions

Drinking alcohol in moderation isn’t so bad. The problem arises when people drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Beer and wine, all the time. If that’s what you’re doing, you may have a problem. Or, you might be shopping at the wrong grocery store!


This liquor section is labeled wrong. It says that this display is full of ready meals, but we don’t see any. It is not advised to substitute whole foods with alcohol. It lacks nutrition, at the very least. Don’t choose this booze!

That’s a Lie

Most supermarket chains are only open during business hours. We can’t fault them for that: Employees need to live their lives, too. When we find a 24-hour shop, it’s a Godsend. When it’s open 7 days a week, that’s like winning it all.


But wait, what’s this? Written right on the store wall, this grocery location claims to operate 9 days a week. It sounds like it might be even better than the 7-day chains. But on second thought, we remember: That’s impossible!

Hairy and Scary

Your style is a personal choice: It’s how you want the world to see you. The workplace often restricts us for professional reasons. There is usually a dress code or a uniform, which is no fun. Here, we see a bit of rebellion.

chlamydiakardashian / Reddit

This grocery professional actually looks a little bored. Perhaps scanning isn’t her passion. If her striped hair is accurate, she lives like a rockstar by night. By day, she’s ringing up bananas and buns. Much less fun, but it’s got to be done.

Modern Art is Confusing

Toilet paper is not the most beautiful item, most will agree. This grocery store decided to make it a little more appealing with an artistic display. There is a mannequin and her dress is made from paper streamers. Isn’t it lovely?

gracie680 / Reddit

Local customers must have been shocked to see it. Many of them probably did a double take. The modern sculpture stands out in the store, in glorious form. At the very least, it creates a classy atmosphere for the employees.

That Summer Style

What is beauty, these days? Some say it is in the eye of the beholder. Others take a more classic approach. Audrey Hepburn once said: “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.”


Whatever the case may be, this lady marches to beat of her own drum. She has a ponytail and a long, white beard. She stands confidently in the aisle of the grocery store, hands on her hips. And clearly, she doesn’t care if you stare.

We Actually Hope Not

The butter business has a lot of competition nowadays. There was always margarine, but that category has exploded. Natural products now compete with cow spreads, and the contest is fierce. This new one is pretty interesting. It tastes like butt!


Let’s look closer. Made with sweet cream buttermilk, it appears to be a hybrid product. There’s no cholesterol, which is a health perk. But we can’t quite get past the central claim here. Buttocks is not very appetizing. What say you?

Yummy Pig Paste

Pork is one of the most popular meats around, and for good reason. There is pepperoni, ham, and sausages of all sorts. There’s pork loin and pork roast. Now, there’s pork paste. Here, a grocery store displays a tub ready for customers.

ebw15 / Reddit

But the workers went above and beyond. They actually sculpted the liquid meat into a pig shape. Look closely, and you will see their fine art. Some customers were critical. They thought this was bizarre. We say it’s avant garde!

Llama in Line

The animal kingdom is full of fluffy creatures. One that doesn’t get enough attention is the llama. It’s not quite a horse and not quite a goat. It’s not a sheep or a giraffe. In a way, it’s a combination of all of them. Or is it none of them?


Llamas sure are unique. This one was spotted at this American supermarket. We assumed they ate grass and lived in Peru. Apparently, that’s not a rule. At least one lives in a neighborhood near you. Keep an eye out for cuteness.

Banana Emergency

Long and yellow, bananas stand out in the fruit bowl. They have a special peel, and their texture is unlike the rest. Bananas are the best! There’s just one downside: They go brown pretty quickly. It’s best not to buy too many at once.

Reddit / zonlin

One customer decided to ignore all wisdom. By the look on this cashier’s face, nothing like this has ever happened before at the store. You can see a mix of amusement, shock, and awe in his eyes. We share his surprise!

Say Cheese

If you’re lactose intolerant, dairy is a nightmare. For the rest of us, it’s dreamy. In the creamy section of the grocery store, you can find cheese of all kinds, milk, yogurt, and pudding. We like to visit, for sure.


This gal is a fan of cheese. But she takes that to the next level, here. She decided to lay on the cooler and pose for a picture. Her expression says it all: She loves cheese, and she’s not ashamed. Why should she be?

That’s a Shame

What are mammals? It’s probably been awhile since biology class. Let’s review: There’s a lot that separate mammals from other animals. They’re furry, for one. They’re more likely to be friendly and intelligent. And also, they produce milk. Just like us!

Jam94banjo / Reddit

Cats produce milk for their kittens. But sometimes, just like us, they fail to produce enough,. Whiskas brand tried to make a product to fill in the gap. This grocery store thought it was important to clarify: This is milk for cats, not from cats!

No They’re Not

Sometimes, things just don’t go our way. Our elders gave us sound advice about that: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. They did not tell to make orange juice. That’s because you needs oranges, not lemons. This sign claim otherwise! citrus ignorance!

mbz321 / Reddit

Some would call this citrus ignorance. Others would call this a typo. We are not sure what the source of the mix-up is. But we are not willing to accept a substitute fruit. OJ and lemonade are hardly the same!

The Fake Handicap

When we see someone who cannot walk, our hearts go out to them. We imagine it must be hard to do daily tasks, like showering and cooking. What we don’t expect is to see a woman in a wheelchair stand up spontaneously at the super.


Call us shocked. Is this customer even injured? She looks just fine, suddenly standing up to grab the liquor. Perhaps she didn’t think anyone would catch her sneaking for two seconds. But lady, this is the era of smartphones. You’re busted!

Soda Stack Masterpiece

Soda, pop, coke — we all seem to have a different name for this stuff. Whatever you call soft drinks, you know where to find them. At at your local grocery store, fizzy packs are often stacked high by the window.

Reddit / Spacebargettingmenow

This grocery store went above and beyond with their display. At first, we didn’t even realize these were drinks. The colors have been arranged so expertly that we just thought it was a mural. Clearly, one employee is in the career. This is real art!


Getting older is a part of living. But does it have to be boring? Maybe it’s just a matter of your attitude. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

RetardedCoati / Reddit

This couple may be old, but they aren’t quite ready to settle down. They are making their grocery trip a fun experience today. Hubby pushes the cart while wifey rides it through the parking lot. It looks like a blast!

Don’t Copy Me, Bro

Every year, American retailers lose more than $50 billion to shoplifters. It’s sad, but true! That stunning number include grocery stores, too. Here, a security guard patrols the aisle looking for thieves. Not far behind is an imposter: The insecurity guard.

Reddit / cyna-panda

Both are wearing black shirts, black hats, and jeans. If you’re not careful, you might mix them up. If you’re stealing snacks, one will stop you and the other will egg you on. But remember: Only one has authority from the store.

Doggo in Disguise

Many grocery stores have rules about who can enter. No shirt, no shoes, no service is a common code. Many shops say no animals can enter unless they are service dogs. Here, this man tried to get around the rules.

Reddit / Impromptuthings

He took a yellow lab and dressed it up in a sports jersey, sunglasses, and a hat. Then, he place it in a stroller. As he goes through the store, he hopes no one will call him out. But the security guard is is no fool: No dogs allowed, sir!

Lay’s Meow Flavor

According to the brand website, Lay’s chips have been making us fat for about about 75 years. They crispy and salty in just the right proportions, and we are not willing to put the bag down. The flavors are always improving, too.

Reddit / Undercontra

Today, we see a new variety at the grocery store. Under the Dorito’s is a sleeping feline. We not sure how cat tastes, and we’re not ready go find out. We are willing to write to the Lay’s corporation though. This is an outrage!

Freezer Frenzy

When it’s hot outside, nothing but a cool treat will do. From ice cream to popsicles, everyone has a favorite way to cool down and relax. This customer got a little overexcited when she saw all the choices. She fell right in!

jenifer54 / Reddit

We’re not sure how common ice cream injuries are. We don’t see warning at the grocery store. Butr after this incident, there might be reason to put up a sign. There’s got to be some liability when you have this much selection al in one place.

The Mixed Message

We all have a sweet tooth. But these days, diabetes is a growing problem. According to the American Diabetes Association: “The national cost of diabetes in the U.S. in 2017 was more than $327 billion, up from $245 billion in 2012.”

Uubbeerr / Reddit

That sounds awfully serious to us. This store doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously, though. It’s incredible that would put cakes here, right under a sign about the disease. Do you need help managing diabetes? Avoid this grocery store!

That’s a Strange Dog

Pets are part of the family, no doubt. We buy them toys and treats, and they have a special place in our hearts. We might want to have their portrait on the mantle. One grocery store was attempting to sell those frames.


It’s a decent enough product. it’s simple, black, and large enough to hold a standard photo. Customers found the marketing odd, though. It claims to show a photo of a dog. But once glance puts that in doubt. We see a cat!

That Cocoa is Loco

For many, chocolate is a snack. For others, it is a passion or even an addiction. Chocoholics want their fix all day, all the time. But there is a certain subset that only craves it once a month. That would be women!

Marion Jansie

A joker in the grocery aisle took it upon themself to rearrange these special edition candy bars. The letter were ordered to spell PMS, or Premenstrual syndrome. That’s when mood swings, fatigue, and food cravings kick in. Chocolate is a cure!