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Jimmy Fallon Finds Hilarious Reasons Why Folks Were Fired From Jobs

All work and no play, day after day. Constant employment is challenging whether you are in corporate or fast food. You’ve got to follow rules and bring in a profit. And no matter the situation, you need to be a people person. Tiptoeing around everyone’s needs are met is a second job in itself! Sometimes, this is impossible. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, honestly: Most of us have been fired at least once and lived to tell the tale. TV host Jimmy Fallon asked people to send in their termination stories. They replied online with the hashtag #WhyIGotFired. Some experiences are pretty hilarious. Others are downright brutal! From slip-ups in restaurants to messing up at a call center, the mistakes are endless. Check out the worst of the worst, next!

When You’re On a Sinking Ship

The best perk for video store employees is the movie selection. If you’re a film buff, working here could be heaven for you. Butit’s easy t get distracted. Doug and his coworker got a little too comfy at work and got some stares.

FlavahText / Twitter

Doug admits it, and that’s ultimately why he got fired. But before he got the boot, the pair acted out one of the most iconic movie scenes. There was no standing ovation: Their hearts, and resumes, will have to go on.

Spies, Spies Everywhere

If you’re gossiping about work, be careful. Some companies record phone calls and many save your chat logs. They say it’s all for future learning purposes. But hey, you never know when your own words are going to come back to haunt you.

mzcorona10 / Twitter

Leah here called her coworker with news about a job ad. Her boss was somehow listening as she discussed this escape to a better lifestyle. At work, there’s just less privacy for personal chit-chat. Leah was canned, promptly. How unfair!

You’re On Candid Camera

We all run late sometimes, but it’s tough to explain that to the boss. Clever Kimberlee thought she could outwit her workplace. She used a different entrance to clock in. Unfortunately, her plan came to a halt because there were security cameras around the building.

kimberleereigns / Twitter

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And hey, maybe they were hard to spot. Kim initially thought she got away with the scheme. But when she was shown security footage of her behavior, it couldn’t be denied. Unsurprisingly, it was her last day.

She Nailed It

If you work at a restaurant, your hands must be clean. There’s usually a rule that workers need to soap up before coming in. But it’s questionable if that is enough to keep things hygienic. What about all those fake nails?

myspace_orYours / Twitter

This worker thought she did everything right. She rinsed her hands and started scooping ice cream. She managed to create a cool double cone. Then, tragically, one nail fell off and got served to the customer. Oh no: She was let go.

Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all

If you’re a cashier, it goes without saying to careful with cash. Each bill is counted as part of the profit. If you count money, basic knowledge in math is recommended. Carrie here decided to round up every transaction instead. Easy peasy!

LentiniAnita / Twitter

Apparently, Carrie just couldn’t count the change. It was easier to just give an approximate amount, and that’s what happened. Her manager wasn’t a fan of this method. After being chronically short at the end of shifts, she was fired.

Cat’s in the Cradle

Rikmik recalls a story he heard from a buddy, and it’s pretty funny stuff. Someone got fired for claiming he couldn’t come to work. The reason was simple: There was a cat on his lap and he didn’t want to move.

Rikmik6 / Twitter

Does that even seem legit? It’s not a surprise that the boss wasn’t sympathetic. Maybe the cat didn’t want to move, but that is not a reason to stay home. Shove that feline aside, or face the consequences. Your choice!

The Magic of Mayo

Ever eat mayonnaise from the jar with your bare hands? It’s a pretty hardcore move. One Wendy’s employee decided to try it on the job. Bad manners aside, this also violated company hygiene rules. Was management willing to look away?

camela415 / Twitter

That’s a lot of germs transferred directly into the sauce. Hand to mouth, over and over, is just not the way to go. City regulations can close down a messy restaurant. Management decided they didn’t want to risk that, and this employee was sent packing for snacking.

The Chronicles of Ikea

Ikea is the ultimate place for hide and seek. The endless furniture is a maze, from the land of sofas to the world of tables. Then, there’s the closet corner. These employees decided to have a little fun. How could they resist?

Dad31919476 / Twitter

We don’t think they could. But if you’re at work, it’s not time to be child-like or carefree. When they were caught, they explained they were from Narnia. They weren’t, but now they might have time to go there. They’re unemployed!

Totally Triggered

Fighting at home is not ideal, to say the least. But the office is not home sweet home. There is often conflict on the job. One employee decided to shout at his boss for shouting at the secretary. How did that go?

mesothelioma / Twitter

Not well, of course. He said that mom didn’t need to be yelled at by dad. There was no mom or dad, though: Just boss and subordinate. Turns out they were all related and had dinner later. The son was fired. It’s all quite weird!

Up in Flames

Cleaning ovens is an important chore. Restaurants do it more often than we do, as they cook so much food. A special cleaner needs to be used and protocol must be followed. Always remember that ovens emit heat. Accidents can happen, including explosions.

MuffyJasper / Twitter

At a tea shop, things are usually peaceful. But Muffy the employee left cleaning fluid all over the inside of the oven. While he was gone, things got hot and the door blew up. Muffy was fired for the fire!

Freestyle Farming

Corn is a vegetable, but we actually enjoy it as a starch. We love corn chips, corn bread, and plain old corn on the cob. Who can forget popcorn? For all these things, someone has to grow it somewhere. How is that done?

Momangel77 / Twitter

This city girl decided to explore the art of corn farming. She signed up for a summer job, and they let her drive the tractor right away. What a mistake! She squashed tons of plants, and then they let her go.

Ba-Da-Ba-Ba Ba

McNuggets are basically irresistible. All over the world, consumers try to make healthy choices. But the salty, crispy chicken at Micky D’s often wins. This employee decided to end his suffering in front of the food. He dug right in!

JUIGIII / Twitter

Those nuggets were calling his name. And of course, he didn’t stop after one. He overindulged and that was his downfall. No longer an employee, he now has to pay full price. Our guess is, he’ll be back to snack.

Once in a Lifetime

It’s an exciting day if you have the chance to get a celeb signature at work. Anita here was in for a surprise when a High School Musical star walked in: Troy Bolton ate at the restaurant she was working in.

LentiniAnita / Twitter

Zac Efron is one of the top stars in the movie. It’s no wonder that Anita wanted the autograph. We think it would have been nice to allow this request. Clearly, the manager disagreed.

Glee For Me

Back when Glee started, it wasn’t available for streaming. You had to turn on your TV and enjoy it at the same time every week – like Rachel here. She loved the show so much she even risked her job to tune in.

RachelLeishman / Twitter

Nowadays, we can stream almost anything at any time. We take it for granted, mostly. We get why she left her job back then. If she missed the plotline, there would be no way to truly catch up. And what shame that would be!

Doggo All Day

Lauren was distracted at work when the company pet came by. Having dogs at the office is a huge stress reliever, according to experts. Some folks actually admit to being better workers when there’s a dog nearby. We can relate!

explaurennyc / Twitter

Yes, sitting down at your desk can be tiring. It’s jus hard to be in the same position for hours on end. Lauren distracted herself with the company dog way too much! The company fired her for being too affectionate. It was cold!

The Five Second Rule

Amusement parks are an escape from reality. A roller coaster is a great way to have a good time with your friends. Safety on these risky rides is certianly important. There do seem to be way too many rules, though.

Syd / Twitter

Syd’s friend wanted to pick up a piece of rock candy. It fell on the ground and she ate it. She was reprimanded severely: Security had to escort her out! Other guests were giving her dirty looks for eating off the floor. There’s no five-second rule at work!

The Ultimate Betrayal

Branding is what distinguishes products from one another. If you’re a fan of this art, make sure you don’t support two brands in competition. Companies do not want employees to support their rivals, obviously. Roger here made a terrible mistake.

OLiteskin / Twitter

He brought a Starbucks cup with him to work at Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s a competitor, and he should have guessed it was a no-no. Now, he’s booted from the job. He should’ve thought twice about that as a coffee professional.

Comfortably Dumb

Sometimes, working too hard isn’t a great idea. Think about it: Other people in the office aren’t working as hard as you. You never want to make the team looks bad, either. Candace’s brother made that terrible mistake at Boeing.

2much2do56 / Twitter

He got canned for working too hard at an aerospace company. You’d think Boeing would welcome the effort, but it seems it was not the case here. His strength ended up becoming his weakness, incredibly. Imagine explaining this in job interviews!

Creamy Cravings

Who hates ice cream? Only a monster, that’s who. This cold treat is tasty, sweet, and it fulfills us deeply. I9t provides a tasty sugar rush. If we were Cassie here at Dairy Queen, we would’ve probably eaten a lot, too.

Casbahhh / Twitter

She gorged on the ice cream. They did say she could eat as much as she wanted. In the end, she got too carried away. Management must have concluded she ate more than she brought in. Hey, that’s just business.

Ice Cream Chaos

Closing shifts can be a hassle when you’re working until the wee hours of the morning. Sarah worked too much and got exhausted by her late hour job. She eventually forgot to do a small task, and the result was a disaster.

Vegasmaypops / Twitter

Ice cream melts, so it must be stored at the correct temperature. Sarah accidentally turned the freezer off, and this created a flood. It all melted the entire night. What a waste! Ben & Jerry’s had to let her go.

It’s Fallon’s Fault

Arguing with your boss is not wise. After all, you know they always win the argument. In a way, you’re obligated to let them win. This was a pretty funny dispute. It looks like Luke’s wish got answered, and he ended up on the show!

jimmyfallon / Twitter

Objectively, he did use the right hashtag for the Jimmy Fallon challenge. There was always a chance he would get picked for the show. His boss didn’t believe in him and fired him for the sass. But it is ironic, isn’t it?

Cinnamon Emergency

We all get cravings, and Cinnabon is the hardest to resist at the mall. Queen suddenly claimed she needed to go to the bathroom. That is a legit reason to leave work. But somehow, she was caught with frosting fingers.

queen_badd910 / Twitter

We understand that everyone needs a pick me up at work. Maybe her manager would have been understanding if she were honest at the beginning. But she lied, and that was that. Our idea: Maybe Queen should work there, instead!

The Bitter Boss

Ideally, jobs let you climb the ladder to reach a goal. When there’s not much room for growth, you’re probably in the wrong place. We’ve all experienced that, and it doesn’t mean that it didn’t serve your needs. It just didn’t fit you forever.

DrMichael_J / Twitter

Michael worked as a waiter but he got fired. Then, he moved on to do better things. When he thought about his past, he realized his ex-manager was still in the same workplace. It was sweet revenge, in his mind.

It’s Always the Secretary

Seeing your boss as a normal person is hard sometimes. Your relationship isn’t normal, and that’s to keep things professional. Walking in on an intimate situation is a pretty extreme switch. Jet here experienced it, against his will. What a shock!

jettbarra / Twitter

Usually, bosses are the ones implementing the rules. It’s odd to see them breaking the rules. It’s even odder to get fired because you catch the boss with the secretary. Jet was sent packing because he knew the embarrassing truth. Really unfair, actually!

The Pepper Prank

Breathing in pepper is not advised at all. At best, it’s an annoying feeling. At worst, it could be a medical emergency inalrge amounts. T. Miller was bored at work and decided to pull a prank in the office. It was cruel!

millertya / Twitter

Everyone was sneezing after he threw pepper into the fan. What if someone had a severe pepper allergy? It’s no real shocker he got fired. Management let him go after everyone was sneezing for hours. We hope he’s matured since then.

Dunkin Dumb Dumb

Working at Dunkin’ Donuts seems like one of the best gigs. Not only do you make the doughnuts, but you can also eat them. Megan Mary Fox here did the right thing, in our opinion. She didn’t waste all the extra goodies.

Megan Mary Fox / Twitter

When she was asked about her behavior, Megan made a joke. She said her doctor told her to eat more ‘hole’ foods. We think it was a top-notch pun. But her boss wasn’t very fun. Her joke was the end of her career making carbs.

It Wasn’t Me

Alex got fired after his coworkers and boss made a mistake. They thought that he was the one who wrote in to the newspaper with something nasty about his boss. The New York Times didn’t publish the real name. But it wasn’t him!

alexkaseberg / Twitter

This was a misunderstanding, but it didn’t get clarified. Some people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Alex got accused of something he had nothing to do with, and he was promptly removed. It was so wrong!

Glass or Class

Working in a bar is stressful at times. It can require a large amount of work. You have to be independent and you also have to be careful of the customers around you. It’s a job that takes a serious amount of multitasking.

susanspatt / Twitter

Susan defied her manager’s wishes and got fired. But it was the right thing to do. She was asked to serve soup that contained pieces of broken glass. This request was totally insane, though. Someone call the health department now!

Mixer Mystery

When going to abar, it is normal to ask for a run and coke. It’s a drink that the bartender should know how to make. Beyond that, they should know mojitos, martinis, and cocktails. Rum and coke is the most basic!

mishel0107 / Twitter

Meesha than zero experience in these matters. She jumped into the job hoping to pop open beers and serve them to the customers. But really, being a bartender means knowing many different mixes. She was fired when she asked about the recipe.

No Laughs Allowed

If you’ve seen Lord of the Rings, you know the creepiest character. Smeagol was the goblin creature that was obsessed with the ring. Some of us can imitate his voice, for better or for worse. Katy was one of those people. It appears her coworkers did not appreciate her talent.

katyvancil / Twitter

The truth is, you can’t please everyone. Evne if Katy didn’t impress her coworkers, we appreciate her efforts. If they weren’t LOTR fans, they could have just said so. The manager got rid of her without a conversation at all.

Father is Funny

We are chucking at this embarrassing termination story. Micha’s dad was told that he wasn’t a hard worker. He decided to run the conversation on his boss. He accused his superior of the same thing. How did that work out?

michajfs / Twitter

It was a little too straightforward, it seems. Sometimes, being brutally honest is the best way. Here, it was not. Even if the comment were true, there was no way the manager could admit it. You are fired, he explained.

The Name of the Game

When you’re writing, you need to doublecheck your work. A triple check isn’t a bad idea, either. Sometimes, spelling things wrong can really get you in trouble. This guy spent the whole afternoon painting a sign to later hear he was doing it wrong.

Jimmyfallon / Twitter

When painting words, correct spelling is critical. It’s not optional at all. Some other poor guy had to redo that work after a mistake. Four hours of bad spelling wasn’t worth much to the hardware store. This worker got fired!

Trips Are Taboo

Substitute teachers can be as great as your regular teacher. They help you through hard times, too. They can make sure you’re on the right track, at least for the day. Unfortunately, this sub got too comfortable in her position.

kerrikgray / Twitter

Field trips are fantastic when you plan them right. But if the school disallows it, you can’t do it anyway. Kerri’s intentions here were pure, but the school couldn’t see that. She was booted for misconduct. The mall isn’t exactly educational: Retail therapy is not part of the curriculum.

Cows For Cash

Keeping cash on the job is not allowed anywhere. These ranch hands got booted for keeping the cash from cattle sales. It was a sloppy scam: They claimed to have received $40,000 in wedding gifts. That was a crappy excuse!

Jimmyfallon / Twitter

Money and work usually go together. You are supposed to get paid, sure. But you’re not supposed to sell the merch and keep it all. It’s a simple decision: This was not their ranch, and they were rightly sent riding home.

Sundae Slacker

Working at Dairy Queen seems like it would be easy enough. People order ice cream and you give it to them with a smile. This worker did it so slowly, that the product melted. That was a big problem, obviously.

Jimmyfallon / Twitter

New workers must learn the ropes. The first few months of a job are always stressful and confusing. A lack of productivity is expected, at first. Sadly, it went on for too long for Susan’s daughter: She was asked to leave DQ.

That’s Just Justified

As a worker, you have to be on your best behavior. If you aren’t, then you can be fired. Caroline was not being a good employee. In fact, she was the chief instigator of mischievous and unprofessional acts on the job.

carolinefossy / Twitter

As a lifeguard, she did everything she could to be fired. She didn’t rescue a swimmer, and she didn’t follow the 5-second rule. She gave customers leftovers and got sassy. In this case, we’re actually glad she was fired. What a mess!

Wicked at Work

A refrigerated drawer in the morgue is creepy, let’s face it. Glen’s pal decided to play with the students working there. But he quickly had the tables turned on him. He screamed and then fainted when the dead came back to haunt him.

UKFilmTVCritic / Twitter

He wasn’t the only one who thought it would be funny to scare someone in the morgue. Great minds think alike, as they say. But it was still unexpected. Maybe next time he chooses to scare people, he’ll think twice.

Eye Hate You

Calling in sick to work is an art, and not everyone is good at it. Lisa’s dad tried to explain his sickness in a novel way. When asked, he told his boss that he couldn’t come because of issues with his eyes. The truth is, that was a lie.

Illisa88 / Twitter

He said he couldn’t see himself coming to work. But that is not exactly a medical issue. It’s a funny pun! His manager didn’t laugh. He let daddio go, and now there is no need to come in. Mission accomplished?

Boring Means Snoring

Naps are fleeting minutes of happiness. We all need a good snooze from time to time. Just don’t let the boss see you snoring away. Jenny’s manager caught her in the act. She was actually just bored, as she readily admits here.

jenmatzsykes / Twitter

When you’re bored at work, try not to close your eyes. We think you should get up and walk around. Maybe step outside of the office, drink a glass of water, or make some hot coffee. You’re not being paid to sleep!

Rock N’ Roll Rebel

Back in the day, Francesca was fired for a good reason. She wanted to watch a concert live. It was The Who: Who wouldn’t? This era had incredible music and we might have played hooky, too. Despite the no from her boss, she attended.

francescawhelan / Twitter

There’s something glorious about pursuing your dreams. This concert was probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and she took it. She got fired, but that’s okay. Francesca has no regrets: She has bragging rights, decades later. Not many fans can say they were there!

The Final Click

Clicking pen noises can be super annoying. Joanne’s husband fired her at a meeting. Maybe there were other problems between them. but he cited the pen as the direct cause. She wasn’t the only one: The secretary was also let go.

JoBobb325 / Twitter

She made the mistake of laughing at the argument. Her attitude made the boss mad. Maybe the clicking has stopped, but there are two fewer employees at this office. Was this a good decision? We say it was pretty impulsive.

He Shook His Head

The minimum age to drink alcohol varies throughout the world In Europe, it might be as early as the teen years. In America, it is age 21. This underage hostess tried to get around the law at work. Did she?

braleymama / Twitter

The plan: She and her boyfriend tried to get discounts at dinner. They ordered food as well as drinks. In a twist, her manager saw the crime. It didn’t go over well, and she was fired. Years later, she feels pretty silly.

The Matinee Mistake

Seeing your boss outside of work can get really weird. But if you’re trying to escape your shift, it’s the last thing that you need. This worker found herself in a tricky situation at the movies in the middle of the day.

KathKenny4 / Twitter

Kath left during her shift to watch a film. In an odd coincidence, her boss also did that. He had the excuse that his best friend wrote the script. She did not: It ended her employment. Not really a surprise!