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Genius Christmas Hacks For the Holly Jolly Season

The fact is, Christmas doesn’t just happen on its own. A lot of care and prep goes into that magic. That means planning ahead to transform the home or holiday party. As the Christmas season is upon us, it’s time to do all that. We know your dilemma: Where should you even begin? You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Unless you want to simply buy it all at a premium, you need some quality hacks. And as it turns out, we’ve got plenty to share! It’s time to deck the halls with jolly holly, and a whole lot more. If you’re about to bake, clean, or decorate, these tricks are game changers. Kids and adults alike will love your extra effort. Fa la la, let’s begin!

Bring Santa’s Footprints to Life

All year, the man in red toils away at the North Pole for our benefit. On Christmas, he delivers millions of gifts. And somehow, we never see him coming. Until now, that is! Check out this footprint hack that uses ingredients from the pantry. Fool the kiddos!

Instagram / clareniamh

First, locate a pair of snow boots and wet the bottom. Press them into a tray of baking soda, flour, or baby powder. Then, Use them as a Santa stamp on the carpet or hardwood floor. Create a pattern that leads from a fireplace or door to the tree. Ho, ho, ho: They’ll never know!

Get Luminous With Cranberry Candles

Right now, you probably have a classic can of cranberry sauce. Should you eat the stuff? A lot of people secretly dislike this jiggly grocery item. Maybe using it for decor is the better choice. This magical candle will please guests of all tastes. 

Caker Cooking

You will need instant red jello, lemon juice, nuts, and cranberry sauce in a can. Combine the jello with the other ingredients and scoop the mix into empty cranberry sauce cans. Put a wick in the middle after it sets. Light it and feel the glow!

Instantly Fluff a Gloomy Tree

Is your tree slumpy and sad? We’ve got just the solution. If you couldn’t afford the fluffiest tree in the lot, you can easily fool everyone with this trick. All you need is a long string of tinsel. Make sure it’s green!


To secretly fluff things up, start wrapping in sparse areas. Fill in the gaps by weaving in and out of the branches. Instantly, your tree will look fuller and healthier. It’s a quick fix and no one will ever guess. 

Mean and Green Grinch Jell-O Cups  

The real villain of Christmas is not Satan. It’s the Grinch! But despite his nasty mischief, we kind of have a place in our hearts for him. It’s only fitting that we should have a place in our fridge for him, too.

Instagram / a.and.a.creations

These Grinch Jello Cups only require a few supplies. You will need red and white pipe cleaners and pom poms, googly eyes, glue, and a sharpie. Buy lime cups, and get ready to craft. Draw the Grinch face, glue down the eyes and hat, and let it all dry overnight. 

Ooh, Christmas Luminaries

We bet you have some old mason jars lying around as we speak. That’s perfect for the next Xmas hack on our list. To make these five-minute luminaries, you just need some natural ingredients, a tealight candle, and some water.

Instagram / calypsointhecountry

All in all, this is a one-minute craft. Fresh green clippings or whole cranberries are a classic vibe: Combine them with a candle in a jar with water. Use these magical creations all winter long. It’s the little things that make the holidays memorable.

Try This DIY Advent Calendar

It’s still a beloved Christmas tradition: You know you love a good advent calendar. These days, a lot of them are available commercially with candies, trinkets, or even beauty products for each day in late December. But why buy if you can DIY?

Instagram / missbrunetka

We suggest this custom version instead. Using a string and clothespins, attach brown paper bags. Make sure to number them for each day of Christmas. You can include candy or a good deed in each flap. Conceptually, it builds excitement. Visually, this display makes a statement.

Deck the Halls With Candy Cane Wreaths

Natural branches are the most popular material for wreaths. Sometimes, artificial green works, too. But why follow the crowd? This candy cane wreath is easy and will dazzle any door. Use canes, bows, ribbons, and anything you like to create this craft right now.

Instagram / gineen_nicholls

Arrange the canes in a circle and tie them together one by one. Decorate with the bibs and bobs and hang your creation on the front door with a long ribbon. Our philosophy is simple: In a world of evergreen, be candy-striped.

Never Fear Broken Party Glass

Punch or wine will do it. There’s a good chance you or a guest will drop a glass at your holiday party. Messes are never fun, but this type can be sharp. How can you avoid cutting your fingers? We have the solution.

Instagram / spaceframes

Avoid touching the shards entirely by using bread. Take a slice and press it over the glass on the floor. It will pick up the pieces and absorb the shap edges. You’ve got a loaf. Never cut yourself again, please.

The Christmas Morn Wrapping Bin

This wrapping paper box will make gift wrap disposal easy and fun. After the kids get wild, direct them to this box. Clean-up has never looked so good! Here’s how to make one in a jiff as you get ready for Christmas morn.

Chica and Jo

Cover an extra box it in gift paper. The more colorful and festive, the better. When the unwrapping session starts, tell kids to put the materials in this bin. No muss, no fuss: Into the trash it goes, in style.

Melted, Minty Ornaments 

We bet you’ve never thought much about simple mints. Maybe you eat them on occasion if you can call it that. Now, there’s a new way to enjoy them. Make them into Xmas ornaments and enjoy that candy stripe vibe. Here’s how!

Hello Homebody

In a baking pan, layer the canes in cookie-cutter shapes. Put them in the oven at 300 degrees. After 15 minutes, smush them to fill the gaps. Bake for another ten minutes and let them fully cool. Carefully wiggle the ornaments out, add ribbon with hot glue and hang.

Sneaky Ice Cream Cone Trees

Ice cream cones usually deliver ice cream into our mouths. But in the winter, it’s a little cold for that treat. On Christmas, there’s a new way to enjoy them. These tree-shaped cupcakes are adorable. No one will ever guess that cones were involved. But they are!

Instagram / rockiiescakes

On a fresh cupcake, position an ice cream cone on top. Fully cover the cone in green frosting, in wavy patterns. Add white icing around the base as snowy sealant. Sprinkles and tiny candies make adorable ornaments. Creativity is key, of course.

The Candy Cane Holder Hack

Our tables are filled with feasts on Xmas eve, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s unnecessary. We suggest putting out signs to guide guests. Try these mini card holders to explain the meal. They’re made of candy canes. Adorable!

Industrious Justice

Personalized seats or dish signs are just a few steps away. Tie three candy canes together with a ribbon. Upside down, it will sit naturally. Add a card, and that’s that. It’s a minty touch your guests will remember ‘til next December. 

Freezy Whipped Cream Shapes

We enjoy a dollop of whipped cream on our hot drinks. But now, let’s make it festive. This whipped cream hack is just the recipe to do that, and all it requires is a cookie cutter, a freezer, and a little patience.

Instructables / smori

To achieve this look, fill cookie cutters with cool whip or fresh whipped cream. Arrange them on a tray and let them freeze. On Christmas eve or morning, plop in a hot drink. It will dissolve as you sip, oh so slowly.

Now, Cat-Proof That Christmas Tree

Cats have an independent spirit. They love to explore, and it’s hard to change that. Truthfully, that might be why we love them. But on Christmas, we need to ensure their little personalities don’t ruin the tree. Here’s a method.

Instagram / ozzy_and_ziggy2019

Take fishing line and tie strings to the top of the tree. Tape some strings to the floor or tie them to sturdy objects around the base. They will be basically invisible, but your cat will be deterred. Cats have whiskers to sense where they can walk. They will get the hint!

Vase Cookie Stampers Are Perfection

When you use cookie cutters, you get a perfect shape very time. Ther is no shortage of shapes fo that project. But what about designs and texture? We have a great idea to make ornate and impressive cookies at home. Got any crystal?

Ana Lu and Ana Di

Using the bottom of the vase, press down and create circles. These shapes will have the print from the pattern of the glass. This is a quick method to make professional-level designs. No one will guess your secret. And of course, Santa will love them at midnight.

The Secret to Gingerbread Design

Gingerbread houses are a time-honored tradition. You made them, and your mother and grandmother probably did, too. But you don’t want crooked or messy results. The best way to decorate involves a hidden box. Here’s what we mean, cookie lovers.

Flickr / Dave Pape

Using an empty box is key. You can repurpose boxes from tacos, cookies, or crackers. Build around that box as your guide. Smear frosting on the sides as cement. In the end, no one will know about the secret structure within.

Easy, Breezy Bauble Storage  

Your tree sparkles, and that’s no accident. You spent time and money decorating it. But all those delicate ornaments can get crushed in storage. To avoid this tragedy, save your egg crates ahead of time. They will make superb storage, year-round.

The Joyful Organizer

Christmas just isn’t the same without a glittering tree. It seems like the empty slots in this box were designed for this destiny. We know you wish you knew about this sooner. But later is better than never. Next year, ensure you have your favorites intact.  

Glow On With Wrapped Candles

Candles make the holidays a little more magical. Why not light up? It creates a certain ambiance in the bathroom, the living room, and even on the dinner table. If you want to make one-dollar candles look expensive, we’ve got the hack now.

Instagram / greybarn.fl

Transform it into a centerpiece with gift paper. Choose a variety of patterns and you’ll have a nice collection. Wrap the paper around and tape it tight on each candle. Dinner will have pizazz. And of course, it’s totally budget-friendly.

That Perfect Grinch Punch

The Grinch plotted to ruin Christmas, but Dr. Suess made sure that failed. Thankfully so! To honor his amusing mischief, we like to incorporate him into our cheer. Here is a punch recipe that guests will love. It’s visually pleasing and totally yum.

Instagram / _deeanng

Gather the ingredients: Lime sherbet, Green Hawaiian Punch, 7-Up, and pineapple juice. Mix in a bowl, and pour the green liquid in clear cups. Wet the rim and garnish with red sugar. The Grinch will not approve but your friends will.

Charming Cranberry Garlands

Cranberry is a flavor that just makes us jolly. It usually comes in the form of a sauce, but it’s all jiggly by that point. Maybe we should use them whole more often. They’re pretty berries. Don’t believe us? Check out these garlands.

Instagram / ocean_front_living

Get a needle and tie it to the end of a strong. Poke holes through cranberries and alternati=e using other supplies, like popcorn or sugared oranges. Hang it anywhere you like and enjoy your newfound cheer. Do it every year!

Lil’ Santa Strawberries

Santa Claus is famous for his big belly and bright red suit. He has a hat to match. At some point, someone realized that he looks like a strawberry. These treats honor the fat man. They’re quick, easy, and tasty, too.

Instagam / delfrescopure

Wash the fruits and cut off the ends. This will remove the leaves and also create a flat surface for Santa to sit. Cut off the tops as hats. Create a whipped cream head and add a pom pom and buttons. Finally, use dots of chocolate for eyes.

Needle Shedding Stops Now

Some folks have an artificial tree in storage all year long. That’s economical and easy. But it just doesn’t have the same vibe as the real deal. We want an evergreen or a fir! Fresh trees shed, however. Can that be avoided, somehow?

Instagram / carbonkiss

Pros suggest you make a request at the lot. Workers there are happy to shake off the tree before loading it onto your car. It’s best to do it there instead of letting it happen in the living room. This year, make the change.

Even Kids Eat Cranberry Men 

The cranberry flavor is hit or miss, especially with kids. They might like it or they might spit it out, and that’s hard to predict. If you want a little more certainty, make them into fun shapes. Jiggly men are one option. But any shape is fair game.

Flickr / andrewmalone

As it happens, this product already comes in a solid form. Cut slices after removing the block from the can. Make sure to choose the thickness you want for the final shapes. Then, use cookie cutters. Tart art, it is!

The DIY Ornament Wreath 

There are many ways to upgrade a wreath. At the moment, this method might be our favorite. With multicolored ornaments or a single color of your choice, you can create a unique door piece. The block will praise your baubles.

Instagram / sunofabeachboutique / Facebook

To achieve this look, you need a pool noodle. Cut it in half and hide the battery switch in the back. Hot glue the noodle into a wreath shape. Glue baubles of every sort until it’s concealed and hang it with a bow. Switch it on, enjoy!

Countdown With Number Cookies

There is a classic carol about the twelve days of Christmas. We all know it, and maybe we even sing it, But how often do we count down the day? With these number cookies, your mouth will water as you track the time.

Flickr / luluk

Get numbered cookie cutters. Make six batches of cookies and decorate them with colored icing. On each tray, focus on two days of Christmas at a time. In the end, you will have appropriate numbers for each day. Serve them in order, and count down.

Homemade Candy Cane Stirrers 

You probably use a spoon to stir your cocoa or coffee. But o Chritsmas, that just won’t do. You need something more festive. These candy cane stirrers will do just the trick. Here’s how you can make them right at home.

Instructables / Penolopy Bulnick

Melt white and dark chocolate as you desire. Dip the bottom half of a candy cane. Sprinkle contrasting candy pieces or drizzle the opposite color chocolate. Let them set in the fridge overnight, and serve with coffee or cocoa on Christmas morn.

Color Code to Avoid the Box Brawls

Kids can barely wait for Xmas morning. When the time finally comes, the last thing you want is confusion. If you have multiple youngsters, they might fight over boxes. It’s time to color code and avoid that conflict, once and for all.

Flickr / m01229

The concept is simple. For one child, pick a solid color paper roll. For another, get a jazzy print. Or, you could use gift bags and tissue paper for everyone. No matter what you choose, this hack streamlines the process.

The Slick Shall Stick to Brick

Your string lights look lovely once they are up and working. It can be a big challenge to get them to stay where you stick them. If you have a brick exterior, you need to use a hot glue gun. Go ahead, heat it up.

Flickr / plusea

Heat up the device and squeeze hot glue directly on the brick. Don’t worry: It’s easy to remove later. Stick the string where needed, and rest easy. You won’t have a sloppy house, this year. For once, your display will be secure.

The Candy Cane Hunting Game

If you’re looking for a new Christmas tradition, consider introducing a game. Scavenger hunts have always been popular. You love hide and go seek. Related to these concepts is the candy cane hunt. The rules are simple and it’s fun for all ages.

Instagram / beleefburen

At the start, announce the number of candy canes hidden around your home and backyard. Let everyone loose to locate as many as they can. The winner of the game finds the most. But really, everyone wins. The loot is edible!

The Squeezy Bottle Upgrade 

Cookie decorating doesn’t have to be perfect. A basic sugar cookie recipe will always be tasty anyway, no matter how the results look. But if you want more control over your designs, put your icing colors in condiment bottles. It’s a game-changer!

Creative Cookie Experience

The normal icing packaging is alright, we suppose. But it can be so much better. The squeezy bottle method offers much more control for little hands. Santa, frosty, and the whole gang will look precise. We predict that guests will be impressed.