A Consistent Night Time Skincare Is A Must

By Ruby M

Establishing a daily nighttime skincare routine is crucial – even for flawless, 20-year-old skin. We know that after a long day, especially if the weather is cold, it is often a chore to have to haul yourself to the bathroom to follow your night-time skincare ritual – and we say ritual because your night-time skincare routine should be followed religiously – but skipping your skincare before bed causes irreparable aging and damage to your skin that can’t be reversed. So make sure to create a skincare routine and stick to it every night – and be sure to include these beauty products:

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The first thing to do after a long day is to clean your face of any dirt, sweat, and makeup that could clog up your pores and prevent your skin from rejuvenating while you sleep – they don’t call it beauty sleep for anything! Make sure your cleanser is specific to your skin type – if you have sensitive skin, use a cleanser that’s made for that. The same if you’re prone to oily skin. Using the wrong cleanser can do more harm than good.


Toner removes excess dirt and grime that your cleanser may have missed. Some people skip this step, but toner is important for ensuring that your skin is truly cleansed and ready for the next important steps.

Eye Cream

Wrinkles around the eyes may not bother you when you’re 20, but as you get older and the lines begin to show, we are pretty sure it’s going to start getting to you. The best way to prevent that is to start incorporating an eye cream into your nightly routine from as young as possible. When it comes to aging, prevention is possible but reversing is not.


Now is the time to apply light serums, oils, or light creams targeting particular skincare issues. For example, you may want to use salicylic acid to treat hyperpigmentation or tea tree oil to treat acne. Remember to be aware of what ingredients react negatively with each other so that you can mix and match products that won’t hurt or damage your skin. 


Last but certainly not least – moisturizer. Using a night cream that contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin will not only assist in hydrating and replenish your skin as you sleep and prevent signs of aging by increasing collagen production and skin cell regeneration.

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