Beauty Hacks From The Pros

By Martina T March 4, 2024

Makeup can make a woman feel ready to tackle just about anything. But badly done makeup can have the opposite effect. That’s why it’s important to take care of your makeup goodies and know what to do if something goes wrong. From dried-up mascara to concealing your tired eyes, here are some beauty hacks straight from the pros!

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Melly Sanchez

Sharpening Your Eyeliner

Without a sharp tip, your eyeliner will smudge and ruin that gorgeous look you’ve been working on! So make sure your eyeliner is nice and sharp. To do this, place your eyeliner in the freezer for a few minutes before you apply it. Also, make sure that your sharpener is nice and clean. You can clean it with some rubbing alcohol and an earbud to remove excess shavings from your sharpener.

Lipstick Life Hacks

To make sure your lipstick doesn’t slide all over your face, make sure that you trace your lip with a sharpened lip-liner before applying your color, and make sure you’ve moisturized your lips with lip ice a few minutes before you apply your lipstick so that the oils from the lip ice are absorbed into your lips. These nifty tricks will help your color sit on your lip nicely, and the liner will assist you in avoiding smudging your lipstick.

Mascara Management 

Oh no! Your favorite mascara has dried out – and it’s not even near its expiration date! Well, fear not, ladies! Here’s a trick just for that. Add two or three eye drops into the mascara tube, shake, and your mascara will return to a liquid form. Now you can finish off that look with some eyelash glam!

Conceal Your Tiredness

Just got off a long flight? Perhaps you had a raging all-nighter finishing up that presentation that was due this morning, and now your eyes are red and puffy, and you look like you haven’t slept in a week? Well, here’s a great little hack. Apply some white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes; this will brighten them up and conceal some of that exhaustion. 

Raging Red Pimples

You’re going on a date tonight, and you’ve got an awfully red zit right in the middle of your chin! How embarrassing. You begin planning your excuse to take a rain check on your date, but then you remember a useful little trick you read on With My Ladies. Apply some anti-red eye drops to a cotton bud and hold it gently on your zit for about a minute. The eye drops will help to alleviate some of the redness, making your pimple far less noticeable and easier to cover up.