Black And White Unique Hair Color Ideas to Try 

By Louise T March 18, 2024

Dive into the wild world of hair color with us! If you’re itching to turn heads and shake things up, why not venture into the mesmerizing realm of black and white? It’s not just about colors, it’s about making a statement!

Picture this: bold contrasts that scream confidence or subtle blends that whisper sophistication. These black and white combos are like a fashion revolution for your hair, blending classiness with a hint of rebellious charm. Get ready to steal the spotlight and unleash your inner trendsetter!

Whether you’re aiming for a jaw-dropping transformation or a subtle tweak, these black and white hues are your ticket to style greatness. They promise to inject your look with an unmatched level of flair and individuality.

Join us on an adventure where creativity knows no bounds! We’ve curated a treasure trove of 45 unique black and white hair color ideas that will blow your mind. It’s time to paint the town monochrome and let your hair do the talking!

1.  A Long Wave With Bangs

This style is pure boho bliss! With layers adding texture and volume, those waves flow in a mesmerizing dance. Each strand pops with depth, thanks to the playful black and white hues, topped off with adorable baby bangs.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@melzdolly

This haircut screams “carefree cool”! It’s all about that effortless vibe and laid-back charm. Rock this boho beauty and watch heads turn wherever you stroll. With its blend of charm and texture, it’s your go-to style for any adventure!

2.  Wavy Black Hair With White Highlights 

The wavy black hair with white highlights creates a striking contrast that exudes sophistication. The deep, dark base of the black hair serves as a dramatic backdrop for the crisp, bright accents of white highlights, creating a visually stunning effect. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@opalsalon_mi

It’s all about dimension and depth with this style. Your hair is given movement by the waves and an ethereal radiance by the carefully placed white highlights. The harmonious blending of the clashing colors creates an elegant yet edgy overall look.

3. Ebony Hair and White Face Framing

Be different and go for unusual salt and pepper hair color ideas. Instead of the whole salt and pepper look, set off your dark hair with face-framing streaks of white that are also easier to deal with because of its uniqueness.

Image courtesy of

Ebony hair adorned with a delicate mixture of white streaks creates a striking and unique aesthetic. The contrast between the deep, rich black and the white strands evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue.  It’s a mesmerizing sight that commands attention.

4. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, often referred to as simply “locs,” are a hairstyle characterized by strands of hair that are matted and twisted together to form rope-like structures. Originating from various cultures around the world, dreadlocks have cultural significance and can symbolize spiritual growth.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@warkoczki

This versatile hairstyle can be achieved through various methods, including neglect, backcombing, or twisting, and can be styled in differently. Dreadlocks require patience and dedication to maintain, as they need regular washing, conditioning, and retwisting to keep them healthy and neat.

5. Wavy Bangs With A Clean Blunt Cut

A fashionable choice for those who prefer minimalism mixed with a touch of flair is the wavy bob with blunt bangs. The blunt cut creates a clean, crisp edge that contrasts beautifully with the soft, natural waves of the hair. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@vale__1989

This combination adds texture and movement to the hairstyle, giving it a relaxed yet polished appearance. Wavy bangs with a blunt cut frame the face elegantly and can be styled in various ways to suit different preferences and face shapes.

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