Artist Sketches Witty And Relatable Comics A Women’s Everyday Life

By Divya G August 22, 2022

Being a woman is probably the most uphill task that can ever exist. Despite being unique in our own ways, most women continue to experience almost similar issues. We know how frustrating it becomes when unexpected blemishes suddenly pop up just the day before our first date, for example.

Image credits: @bloome_comics / Instagram

Also, we can relate how our periods come running just during our vacation time. Similarly, most women become immensely lazy when shaving their legs during the winters—the artist and illustrator with the pen-name BLOOME SPACE sketches incredibly relatable illustrations of women’s everyday lives.

Each artistic piece is so relatable that none of us can overcome them without an inch of self-irony. Once you take a look at her comics, you’ll wonder how she even knew this! Nevertheless, every illustration deserves loud applause as they remarkably hide the truth of confusion, niceties, and also pitfalls.

Image credits: @bloome_comics / Instagram

In an illustration, BLOOME SPACE shows how beautiful women’s hair typically remains on regular days. And when any important event day arrives, we can barely afford to fix it. This situation is highly intimidating as we end up being frustrated on our own selves!

Another illustration women can highly relate to is the winter coverings, as seen in our cover image. Despite being plainly active the entire year, most of us are immensely lazy when it comes to self-grooming. We wait all year for the winter to arrive so that we don’t need to shave our legs. Also, while we don our beloved shrugs and sweaters, we can easily hide our cute little bellies from bulging out.

We know you can relate to most of BLOOME SPACE’s illustrations, as they are highly relatable!