Love Gone Wrong: A Collection of First Date Horror Stories

By Aileen D

At a young age, having to go on many dates seems fun and exciting. But as you age, having the same number of dates might actually come off as a little desperate. To make matters worse, there’s just a general decline in the quality of dates nowadays. Many romantics have definitely reconsidered their dating options after having gone on one date too many.

These stories might very well define the horrors of dating in this generation. People who go on dates can’t go for five minutes without looking at their phone or looking for the next person to date. We haven’t even gotten to the topic of splitting the bill. It seems that there are people who actively go on dates just to get free dinner.

If you have ever experienced any of these, know that you are not alone. Fingers crossed, you just might find the one next time around.

Bates in the Making

We love people who are decisive and who know what they want in life. But that doesn’t mean we like control freaks. You don’t have to go around telling us what we can and can’t eat for our first date.

Image courtesy of thriftstorehauls / Instagram

One Reddit user couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The guy across her had the audacity to tell her to change her clothes because they were not sexy enough for his liking. Oh, and he actually told her what food she had to order and went on an hour-long monologue about his gun collection. Yikes!

Wise Words

While we commend this guy for sharing life advice with this woman, we think he could have phrased it better. He came off a little too strong, even by our standards. That’s just not how you communicate on a first date.

Image courtesy of asiann00b / Instagram

So, this Reddit user matched with a guy on a dating site, and she invited him to come to her house. The first thing out of his mouth on the porch was that he could kill her if he wanted and that she shouldn’t meet anyone off the internet again. *audible gulp*.

Living with His Parents

It’s not that we’re high-maintenance or anything. It’s just that as we grow old, we have learned to love our privacy. We are willing to pay the price for it. That’s why we have an apartment of our own—to have as many romantic dates come over as we choose.

Image courtesy of dethompson9 / Instagram

This Reddit user rang the doorbell and was shown into her date’s house. Out of nowhere, she heard the guy’s mom yell out, “who the hell is that? I told you I don’t want no more girls in here.” She had to end the date early.

Public Opinion Knowledge

There are some rumors that are pretty spot-on. That’s because there are some things other people can see that we deny in ourselves. Look, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. The public just never understood why this guy felt that he had to hide it.

image courtesy of bmhscrusaders / Instagram

Sadly, it became something this guy was insecure about. He would say things like, “I hope people from school see us so they’ll stop thinking I am gay.” However, he would repeatedly talk about his date’s male friend and say that he absolutely loved the size of it.

Put It On Your Bio

Scorpios are the most misunderstood of all the zodiac signs. They actually make the best partners if they can bring their emotions under control. But this person might have been scarred by a previous Scorpio lover’s vindictive nature. Poor thing.

Image courtesy of miosushirestaurant / Instagram

She had gone on a date and was seated beside the guy at a Japanese restaurant. She asked about his star sign, and he said he was a Scorpio. Without any thought, her palm flew to and smacked his cheek. She explained, “I NEVER date Scorpios!” She paid for the meals to make amends.

Loves His Man Beard

This applies to both sexes—hair is one’s crowning glory. For women, manageable hair can make or break a good day, whilst, for men, it’s a symbol of virility. So don’t go around telling a guy to shave off his beard on a first date.

Image courtesy of jethrow33240 / Instagram

This woman might have been a little too sure of herself. After having been picked up from her house, she told the guy that the relationship wasn’t going to work if he didn’t shave off his beard. The guy immediately did a u-turn and dropped her off at her house.

His Non-negotiable

It doesn’t matter how illogical their reasoning is; pet lovers have to have their pets with them. Broach the topic of putting their pets up for adoption, and they will probably cough up fur balls just to get you up and out the door.

Image courtesy of jules_perm / Instagram

This Reddit user is one of those pet lovers. When his date mentioned that he would have to get rid of his cat because she didn’t like them, he waited for her to leave the table. He would have left first, but he was in the middle of eating his fettuccine alfredo.

Housewife Wanted

You know how you can imagine what your future will look like a couple of minutes after meeting a person? Well, this Redditor certainly saw hers, and she went straight out of the door. She wasn’t going to end up as anyone’s nanny!

Image courtesy of mike Dixon / Flickr

Their very first date had been at his house. And the moment she was ushered in, she couldn’t help but look disgustedly at the pile of toenail clippings on his coffee table. She could tell it wasn’t a single recent clipping. There were a dozen of them. This had been going on for quite some time.

Tight Schedule

While it’s common to date many people in this day and age, try to space them out over a couple of days. Don’t schedule all your dates in one day and then announce their timely arrival to the person in front of you. How about a little tact?

Image courtesy of wateman25/ Instagram

He thought the date was going swell when she flipped her hair back, looked over his shoulder, and then announced, “oh, my other date is here.” He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help but feel like he was taking up her time.

Not Foolproof

This is proof that your parents and grandparents are not always right. This Redditor’s grandparents set her up on a date. She met her date at the bar, where she saw another male acquaintance. Her date asked, “is this [insert rude word] trying to hook up with you?”

Image courtesy of ra_of_light / Instagram

*Eyebrows raised. Now, his friend shows up at the bar and then starts to flirt with her. Meanwhile, he tries to ask about her other hot friends. When she wouldn’t give him the deets, he started saying racist comments about Pacific Islanders and was horribly rude to the German guy at the bar. Check, please!

Buy One, Take All

Casual dating is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is signing up for it. This woman could barely utter a coherent reply after hearing her date’s expectations about them dating. It was a buy one, take all promo.

Image courtesy of _psych0_boi / Instagram

Essentially, he would be dating her, and during or after that, he expects her to date all his other friends too. Doesn’t sound too bad unless you understand what dating really means. He expects her to “share herself” because he and his friends like to “pass girls around.” Oof!

Getting Cold Feet

Most people live in the moment when they are dating. They don’t think too far ahead because they don’t like the pressure of a long-term relationship or having to burden their partners with it. This woman found herself at a crossroads right after saying “yes” to her boyfriend of a couple of years.

Image courtesy of sjsalbuquerque / Instagram

She went on a date with someone else and told the guy outright that she was actually engaged. She wasn’t so sure if her fiance was the right one. So, she decided to go out on a couple of dates to see if anyone could get her to change her mind.

A Page Out of A Fiction Book

This guy had always loved reading books. He indulges himself with fiction, non-fiction, and even the classics. It’s nice to know that there are people who have lived worse lives than you. But little did he know he would be the next protagonist in a novel.

Image courtesy of liebermancompanies

He met a girl at a bookstore, and they decided to go on an impromptu date. He accompanied her to the nearest ATM as she wanted to get some cash for dinner. It was there that she and her partner attempted to rob him. Fortunately, the police witnessed the crime and arrested the thieves in the act!

Birds of the Same Feather

Other people date to enjoy strangers’ company. Others date so they enjoy a certain degree of intimacy in bed, whereas others date to get a free pass from paying the bill. This unsuspecting Redditor just happened to cover her date’s and his friend’s tab.

Image courtesy of chris_charming99 / Instagram

It was her first date ever. She was pretty nervous about making a good first impression, so she agreed to take a guy out to lunch. Her date’s male friend shows up out of nowhere; the two guys start texting each other, then randomly get up and leave her with the bill. Chivalry is dead.

Several Dates Ahead

While it’s perfectly normal to be territorial of your significant other, we would expect this behavior from people who have some familiarity with the person they’re dating. A first date with a stranger doesn’t give you an unbridled license to snoop around your date’s phone.

Image courtesy of ebuyer

So get this. This Redditor had agreed to meet up with a guy and go bowling for their first date. Sounds fun! They both agreed she would go first. As she released the ball, she turned around to see the guy going through her phone. A little too soon, don’t you think?

A Headstart

It does not matter what game or sport you play. You have got to display a great degree of sportsmanship when losing and, most importantly, when winning. We can only excuse your highly competitive behavior once the games actually start.

Image courtesy of moosejawtoday / Instagram

This Redditor was invited to play dodgeball by her date. They were hanging out by the parking lot, waiting for the first inning to start, when out of nowhere, her date threw a ball at her crotch with full force. He even exclaimed, “wham bam, right in the clam!”

Accidents Happen

This Redditor’s date might have needed a little loosening up before the meet-up. The guy decided to drink a couple of bottles of beer with friends, and then they all showed up at the restaurant. Two of them confessed that they had already eaten, whilst their third friend walked in with a gash on his arm.

Image courtesy of silksneax / Instagram

This would have made any woman’s stomach turn, but not this tough cookie. She grabbed her first aid kit in her car and then attended to the horrific gash on the guy’s arm. Later, she found out that her date and his friends had eaten her food.

The Unsung Heroes

This is why you should tip your bartenders and waitstaff more often. They are actually the unsung heroes on every date night. They might listen in on your conversation, but rest assured; they have always got your safety in mind.

Image courtesy of waltzende / Instagram

This Redditor met her date at a bar where she used to work. Her date ordered one too many shots and downed them. Her date stepped out for a bathroom break, and the bartender shared with her that her date was a raging alcoholic who messed around with his cousin a while back.

Got A Limit

Would you believe it? Even in this day and age, there are still some people who hate solely on skin color. We might be able to force ourselves to listen to why they dislike people of another race—perhaps to gain a better understanding of why they are how they are.

Image courtesy of orpheusmcr / Instagram

This Redditor was never one to hide his true emotions from anyone. He always called bull on any matter, especially when it concerned racial discrimination. He couldn’t stand his biased date, especially when he was a father to 3 kids who were mixed-race.

That’s What Standards Are For

What’s one thing you would have told your younger self when you started out dating? We would have told them to set the bar high. It’s better to disappoint potential dates than disappoint yourself with bad dates and wasted effort.

Image courtesy of

This woman used to accept any invitation to a date. She admits that most of that led to a series of bad meet-ups. One time, she was invited to a party, but she didn’t know she was actually invited to a religious family holiday where she had to pretend to be her date’s girlfriend.


Since we told you to hold other people to a set of standards, expect that other people will act in turn. You will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that they should treat you with disrespect like this.

Image courtesy of studiobeauelle / Instagram

The guy agreed to be set up on a blind date. He went to pick her up, rang the doorbell, and when she opened the door, he heard her say, “ew.” Not one to waste a moment’s breath, he said, “yeah, I agree,” and then left her in the doorway.

Haters Be Like

There are some people who will tear you down. It’s probably because they see something in you they refuse to acknowledge in themselves. So, pay these people no heed and keep on shining. Haul your behind out there and get back to dating!

Image courtesy of jenaa_ration / Instagram

This woman was utterly gobsmacked when her date told her that she wasn’t pretty enough to be so confident. We have never heard of such a thing. Luckily, the server came to this woman’s rescue and told her to get outta there. No charge for her drink!

A Blood Covenant

Make no mistake. Even when you’re in a relationship, there are still some things that you can decide for yourself—like the color of your hair, the level of your confidence, and your career path. There are simply some things that your partner is meant to support you on.

Image courtesy of shubhito / Instagram

While on a date, this woman ordered a pizza with extra jalapenos and a bucket of chicken wings. Right after the waitress left, she was scolded by the guy for failing to confer with him now that they were in a relationship. Um, what?

Erm, Thanks?

Gone are the days when women had to starve themselves in order to be considered pretty. That’s so 2000. However, there are still some guys who choose to impose the beauty standard. Take this loser who dressed up an insult as a compliment.

Image courtesy of vats_cauvery / Instagram

The guy self-assuredly came up to this woman and told her that she could be a model if she lost some weight. Not wanting to offend his feelings, she muttered, “erm, thanks,” and then made a mad dash for the door.

For Therapy

It is expected that you share a bit of your life’s work while on a date. But there are some people who mistake dating for a therapy session. They love to thresh out details about ex-lovers and their countless failed relationships.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

This guy couldn’t remember a time he left as quickly as this lone instance. His date had been talking non-stop about her ex. He went along with it and asked if she wanted to get back with him. He heard her say she didn’t know and even showed a picture of the guy!

Pretty Entitled

We don’t know what it is about adults that lie about their birthday so that they can get a free cake. It’s not like they can’t afford it. Instead of being ashamed after her date refused her request, this woman got upset!

Image courtesy of chi_tabel / Instagram 79

After eating dinner, she told the guy that she would be going to the bathroom and that she expected him to call the waiter over to tell the guy it was her birthday. The date ended up disappointing her, but this story certainly entertained us.

Not Interested

Which would you prefer, a blind date who flat-out told you they do not want to continue on with the dinner, or a date who makes you feel like she’s not interested at all in what you have to say?

Image courtesy of mollykate86 / Reddit

This Redditor is not one to give up. He tried to engage his date in a conversation even when he could see that she wouldn’t get off her phone. The girl would only answer with a “hmm” or dismiss him outright. He excused himself and crossed her off his dating list.

Twin Trouble

We don’t think we have ever heard anything as bizarre as this. This woman had her first kiss during a dance she shared with a woman. They agreed to go out on a date next weekend. She comes to the date and sees that her date has brought her identical twin sister along.

Image courtesy of ambramarcucci / Instagram

She couldn’t tell whose hand she should hold or who had really been her date. She couldn’t ask either one without embarrassing herself. After the date, the identical twin told her she was probably more invested in her sister than her sister was in her.

Let Me Finish!

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we all have judgments. It’s just a quick and easy solution for your brain to come up with answers. But the more aware you are of your biases, the easier it is for you to set them aside and listen attentively.

Image courtesy of msgoth84 / Instagram

So, this woman shared that her car had been stolen the night before. She whisked her head as she heard her date say, “don’t you just hate blacks?” She didn’t even bother finishing her coffee. She just got up and left.

Surprise, Surprise

There are simply some people who are too thick-skulled to get a hint. You might have been hitting on them all year long, and they still wouldn’t know you had the hots for them. Take this woman, who frankly didn’t know it was a date.

Image courtesy of lbruce12388 / Instagram

Enough said. This Redditor didn’t bother spilling the deets. Perhaps she brought her boyfriend along, which would have been a very clear indication of the miscommunication. Or, she might have just friend-zoned the poor old chap the whole date. We need more info!

Wait Ten!

This Redditor is quite the stunner. She has learned to live with men catcalling her or ogling her as she walks down the street. But frankly, she can’t stand pervs who try to feel her up. She gets very livid.

Image courtesy of sonatbahar / Instagram

She had been running late to the meet-up when she placed her bag on the seat and then sat down beside her date. It hadn’t even been five minutes, and the guy put a hand on her thigh and tried to slide his hand up her dress under the table. Hands off, buddy!


It was far too soon for this woman to be hearing a man nag about her shortcomings. He was complaining about her car (which she had picked him up with), her music preferences, and why she had been so awfully quiet.

Image courtesy of cjjenkinsbball / Instagram

But what really got this woman’s hair standing on end was when she heard him say, “my friends really want to meet you.” They needed to know if someone so kind to him was real. She would have pushed him out of the car if she could, but she just left him by the sidewalk.


This man agreed to book a table for two at a really expensive place. He thought his date was worth it. But he found out that she was anything but. She ordered nearly a hundred dollars worth of food but wouldn’t even put her phone down.

Image courtesy of demiopheij / Instagram

Her bad behavior didn’t go unnoticed. The waitress motioned for the guy (from behind the rude date) to ditch her. He excused himself and spoke to the waitress, who had kept separate bills for all they had ordered. He paid for his share of the orders and left the waitress a generous tip.

Snorted Out Dessert

Once again, we have another repeat offender on our hands. Leave your gadgets off the table. And remove any headphones or earbuds from your ears. It doesn’t matter how much you dislike your date, or in this case, like them.

Image courtesy of tma68 / Instagram

This woman noticed that her date had a Bluetooth headset on. She could see the LED lights flickering every now and then. She politely asks that he take it off while they’re eating, and he reassures her that she has his total attention and that it’s not a headset; it’s a camera!

Meant to be a Mom

We don’t mean to hate on pet lovers but try to leave your pets at home, especially if they’re rats. You would want to focus your attention on your date. It makes remembering their middle name, star sign, and addresses easier.

Image courtesy of myriel_aileen / Instagram

But this woman couldn’t quite leave her pet rat alone. She even hid it in her bra and would feed it french fries anytime it burrowed its nose out of her sleeves. When she mentioned she had outstanding warrants, this Redditor decided to bail on her.

Quite the Extremist

You know you’re fit for the army if you like to serve your country and/or you just like to kill people. Of course, the latter is probably uncommon, but it makes for a glaring red flag on a first date.

Image courtesy of cas_gtrrz / Instagram

The military guy couldn’t help talking about how strippers were way better in Toronto than they were in America. When his date tried to change the topic and asked if he had done any overseas volunteer work, he exclaimed that he had joined the military to kill people, not help them.

Say What?

After reading this next bit, we have promised ourselves to always choose a public place for a first date. We would be off the market for some time after experiencing something like this. What this woman went through is pretty scarring.

Image courtesy of peacedetski / Reddit

She was invited inside a date’s dungeon, which was nothing more than a bare apartment with a kitted-out bedroom. Next, he suggested that he try shackling her to the bed to see if it would fit. The woman got out unscathed because she set up a friend to call her the first half hour of the date.

Fiery Cougar

Look, everyone has preferences. Some like to date older, more mature women, while others like to date within their age range. This guy was part of the latter group of people, so he was shocked when he went on a date with a woman who was (supposedly) in her 30s but looked considerably older.

Image courtesy of starbucks.meg15 / Instagram

He could tell that she was pushing her 50s and was larger than life. He sat himself down and played the good date, but he couldn’t help but end the date early as she forced herself on him. The woman even grabbed his buttocks as he left the crowded cafe.

Clearly Insensitive

This woman couldn’t help but blame herself. How could she not have seen this coming? During their date, he made a racist impression of one of his Asian professors while there was Vietnamese staff attending to them at the restaurant.

Image courtesy of iamayou_ / Instagram

She had to refuse him when he suggested that she come back to his place. But instead of driving her home immediately, he made a call to two people on Bluetooth with whom he could spend the rest of the night. We can’t believe people like this still exist!

Had to Fake an Emergency

You can tell just how bad a date went if a woman had to fake an emergency to get out of there. She was invited to an outdoor play, which in fact, turned out to be a church picnic with his parents. Unbeknownst to her, he had shared every detail he knew…

Image courtesy of lighthousechristiancenter / Instagram

…about her to everyone in the family. Strange but forgivable. But they didn’t listen to any other genre of music except Weird Al music. The girl couldn’t swallow the lump of pizza, much less keep herself from puking in disgust.

Girl Scout

We like a girl who can roll with the punches. Going on a date with someone laid-back is always more fun than dealing with a high-maintenance diva. Of course, there are limits to how laid-back one can be on a date.

Imagecourtesy of emmadutch13 / Instagram

This guy had been infatuated with his co-worker for a couple of months. He was almost certain she was the one until she pulled her jeans down behind a bin in a back alley and went number two. She cleaned herself off with a sheet of newspaper.


We like a little excitement. Being surprised by our date’s quirky nature is always fun. We don’t mind in-depth discussions about spirituality or the supernatural. But please don’t tell us you’re the new-age messiah or that you can see Angel Gabriel.

Image courtesy of c_allene_s / Instagram

This guy couldn’t stand the idea of his date claiming she could see angels in three different colors and how an angel appeared before her while he was in the bathroom, only to deliver the details of how and when he would die.

Emergency Please

There are some guys who are out of touch with nature. Take this one who offhandedly made a joke about following his date home in case she rejected him. Oh, and don’t forget that he kept making sexual comments the whole time they were together.

Image courtesy of artschoolprep / Instagram

Guys can be appreciative of a woman’s assets but try not to sexualize them. This woman wanted a way out, and fortunately for her, the bartender let her leave out the back door. No way of stalking her now, pal!

An Awesome Finish

This woman couldn’t have been any more embarrassed by the turn of events during her first date. She drove the two of them and started to parallel park. Her date offered to park the car for her because “women don’t do well at parallel parking.”

Image courtesy of

During dinner, he was very rude to the waitress. The woman couldn’t help but excuse herself as she went to the bathroom. Before they went home, she suggested that he wait while she got in the car. She never unlocked the passenger door and instead left the bozo standing by the sidewalk.

Single Mom

We understand it can be difficult to find love as a single woman. You have to deal with guys who aren’t ready to be a stepdad. In addition, you have to organize babysitters every time someone invites you out. However, that is not an excuse to do what this lady did.

Image courtesy of sapana_avhad / Instagram

This Redditor didn’t know his date was a single mom at first. He only found out about it after their lunch date when she brought him back home with her. He heard her say her 2-year-old son wouldn’t notice if they did the hanky panky near the child. He turned her down and almost called child services.