Ebony and Ivory: 35+ Black And White Unique Hair Color Ideas to Try 

By Louise T March 20, 2024

Dive into the wild world of hair color with us! If you’re itching to turn heads and shake things up, why not venture into the mesmerizing realm of black and white? It’s not just about colors, it’s about making a statement!

Picture this: bold contrasts that scream confidence or subtle blends that whisper sophistication. These black and white combos are like a fashion revolution for your hair, blending classiness with a hint of rebellious charm. Get ready to steal the spotlight and unleash your inner trendsetter!

Whether you’re aiming for a jaw-dropping transformation or a subtle tweak, these black and white hues are your ticket to style greatness. They promise to inject your look with an unmatched level of flair and individuality.

Join us on an adventure where creativity knows no bounds! We’ve curated a treasure trove of 45 unique black and white hair color ideas that will blow your mind. It’s time to paint the town monochrome and let your hair do the talking!

1.  A Long Wave With Bangs

This style is pure boho bliss! With layers adding texture and volume, those waves flow in a mesmerizing dance. Each strand pops with depth, thanks to the playful black and white hues, topped off with adorable baby bangs.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@melzdolly

This haircut screams “carefree cool”! It’s all about that effortless vibe and laid-back charm. Rock this boho beauty and watch heads turn wherever you stroll. With its blend of charm and texture, it’s your go-to style for any adventure!

2. Short Bob In Blonde With Side Parting

Get ready to unleash your inner trendsetter with this sassy side-parted blunt bob! It’s all about that effortless chic and oozing sophistication. The side part adds a dash of allure, framing your face with a touch of subtle elegance that’s simply irresistible!

Image courtesy of Instagram/@ladybird_hair

Say hello to the ultimate bob—it’s sleek, it’s chic, it’s everything! Those clean lines and structured shape scream modern elegance. And with that blonde hue bringing the sunshine, it’s like a warm hug for your hair! From laid-back vibes to fancy soirées, this style’s got your back, making it a timeless winner for any occasion!

3. Loose Waves With Centre Parting

The center parting makes a powerful appearance, but this time it is perfectly complemented by loose waves and a black and white color scheme. One thing we love is this particular blend of color. It’s very flexible and easily fashionable.

Image courtesy of Instageam/@hair_byliss

Whether you’re heading to a formal event or a laid-back outing, this hairstyle is guaranteed to turn heads. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is fashion aware because of its modern touch, which comes from the color combination.

4. Pixie Mullet 

A pixie mullet is a hybrid hairstyle that combines elements of both a pixie cut and a mullet. It features short hair on the sides and back, reminiscent of a traditional mullet, while the top is styled in a shorter fashion.

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

The black and white draws attention to the edgy shape. This fusion creates a unique and edgy look that blends the boldness of a mullet with the playful and youthful vibe of a pixie cut. The result is a versatile hairstyle.

5. French Braids

French braids are a timeless hairstyle characterized by weaving three sections of hair together. Originating centuries ago, they remain popular due to their elegance. French braids add flair to any look and are versatile for various occasions and hair types.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@fortvna.coiffure

French braids are a classic hairstyle that take on a whole new meaning when worn with black and white hair. The elaborate patterns created by the braiding enable the two hues to blend together harmoniously. This promises to draw attention.

6.  Wavy Black Hair With White Highlights 

The wavy black hair with white highlights creates a striking contrast that exudes sophistication. The deep, dark base of the black hair serves as a dramatic backdrop for the crisp, bright accents of white highlights, creating a visually stunning effect. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@opalsalon_mi

It’s all about dimension and depth with this style. Your hair is given movement by the waves and an ethereal radiance by the carefully placed white highlights. The harmonious blending of the clashing colors creates an elegant yet edgy overall look.

7. Best of Both World 

Curated peekaboo hair involves strategically placing vibrant or contrasting colors underneath a top layer of hair, creating a peekaboo effect when the hair is moved or styled. This trend allows for subtle pops of color that can be self customized

Image courtesy of onedio.com

This time around, Miley Cyrus opted for a black and white combination. Peekaboo hair adds an element of fun and  personality to any hairstyle. It’s a versatile option that can be understated or eye-catching as desired, making it a popular choice.

8. Half Of Both World 

When you cannot seem to decide on a black or white hair, then you can just choose both of them. With one side showing off your darkest black hair and the other showing off a brilliant, pristine white, the “Halfy” style.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@cheekybleach

You may boldly embrace your contrasting sides and turn heads wherever you go with this hairdo. This distinctive and daring look will definitely draw attention and start discussions because it defies social conventions and embraces originality to show your artistic side.

9. African Braids

This here is a celebration of ancestry and culture; when paired with a black and white color palette, they take on the significance of an artistic statement. The contrast between the two hues accentuates the gorgeous pattern created by the braiding. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@warkoczki

African braids embrace modernity while honoring history. The impact of this artistic statement is enhanced by the dramatic and deep contrast between black and white. This distinctive look pays tribute to the various cultural traditions that gave rise to creativity.

10. Box Braids

To improve, give your box braids a monochromatic twist. Box braids in black and white combine two classic styles into one eye-catching appearance. The neatness of this style is enviable. Here is a new hairstyle we suggest you try out.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@_blue_hairstyle_

This hairstyle allows for creativity in design and length, enabling individuals to express their unique style while making a bold statement. Whether worn loose or styled into various updos, box braids in white and black are a versatile and attractive choice.

11. Ebony Hair and White Face Framing

Be different and go for unusual salt and pepper hair color ideas. Instead of the whole salt and pepper look, set off your dark hair with face-framing streaks of white that are also easier to deal with because of its uniqueness.

Image courtesy of www.hadviser.com

Ebony hair adorned with a delicate mixture of white streaks creates a striking and unique aesthetic. The contrast between the deep, rich black and the white strands evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue.  It’s a mesmerizing sight that commands attention.

12. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, often referred to as simply “locs,” are a hairstyle characterized by strands of hair that are matted and twisted together to form rope-like structures. Originating from various cultures around the world, dreadlocks have cultural significance and can symbolize spiritual growth.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@warkoczki

This versatile hairstyle can be achieved through various methods, including neglect, backcombing, or twisting, and can be styled in differently. Dreadlocks require patience and dedication to maintain, as they need regular washing, conditioning, and retwisting to keep them healthy and neat.

13. Wavy Bangs With A Clean Blunt Cut

A fashionable choice for those who prefer minimalism mixed with a touch of flair is the wavy bob with blunt bangs. The blunt cut creates a clean, crisp edge that contrasts beautifully with the soft, natural waves of the hair. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@vale__1989

This combination adds texture and movement to the hairstyle, giving it a relaxed yet polished appearance. Wavy bangs with a blunt cut frame the face elegantly and can be styled in various ways to suit different preferences and face shapes.

14. Two Ponytails 

The classic two-ponytail hairstyle can be made more elegant by using a black and white color. With this playful you can still make a statement and most importantly, keep your hair out of your face. This hairstyle offers endless possibilities.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@apollo_cosplay

Whether achieved through hair color, accessories, or a combination of both, for creativity and style. The sleekness of the ponytail accentuates the boldness of the black and white contrast, making it a standout feature. You can wear it high or low.

15. Top Knotless Braids

Top knotless braids are a great choice for people who want to show off a protective style with a twist. The intricate braids are merged into a stylish top knot to produce an aesthetic that is both useful and appealing. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@warkoczki

The black and white color scheme gives the braided designs flare, making it truly a work of art. Knotless top braids provide numerous advantages in addition to being quite attractive. The lack of knots promotes healthy hair growth and relieves tension.

16. Deep Side Part 

To an extent we kind of find this very attractive. But to try out this experiment you have to know how to achieve a color like this and also the right places to put them. This will liven up your look.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@janineschoppa

To accentuate the asymmetry, cut your hair so that one side is longer than the other. With this bold and edgy haircut, you play around with different style techniques like braids and updos to make it look stunning at all times.

17. Wavy Space Buns

Baby bangs and wavy space buns give a modern take on nostalgia looks. The space buns provide touch, and the baby bangs convey a youthful, happy vibe, just like this person. A captivating and carefree design is what you need.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@spookybad

This whole look is amplified by the distinctive baby bangs. The extra level of sophistication and contrast provided by the black and white color combination makes this haircut stand out from the crowd. Overall, this hairstyle perfectly combines vintage charm.

18. Peekaboo Black And White

You can retain the majority of your hair in its natural tone with a short black and white peekaboo haircut, but you can add a surprising splash of white underneath. It gives your entire appearance a mysterious touch and look 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@honey_and_combs

To achieve this look, we advise you to go to a professional. This haircut might just be the new looks you desire. In addition,  the hairstyle easily draws attention because of the striking contrast between the colors, which provides artistic flair.

19. White Bob With Black Ends

This is a classic hairstyle. This look here seems to be the best we have seen so far, the trend creates a compelling and distinctive look that is sure to draw attention. Everything about this is perfect, the neatness and precision.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@mattrazook

A white bob with little black ends combines the sleekness of a classic bob with a touch of edgy contrast. The white color provides a bold and striking base, while the subtle addition of black ends adds the visual interest here.

20. Half White, Half Black With Curls

Split black and white hair that is parted along the middle will stand out. Not everyone has the mind to try something like this. But if you don’t mind being the center of attention, then you can always try this.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@1salonslc

A person who adorns this look, should neither be shy or timid. It’s dating as it is and if you want to go for something like this, be willing to wear it with pride. This avant-garde style displays your self-assured demeanor.

21. Black And White Ombré With Curly Ends

This style creates a compelling and dynamic appeal by skillfully fusing the charm of white curled ends with the depth of black hair. It looks incredibly eye-catching because of the ombre effect, which provides dimension and a touch of movement.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@galaxy.rain_

This is a flexible option that’s ideal for a variety of occasions, whether your goal is to make a statement or add some uniqueness to your everyday look. This haircut easily adjusts to the occasion, making sure you always stand out.

22. Shaggy Black And White Hair

For the longest time, shag haircut has been associated with carefree style. When paired with black and white hair, it elevates the status of a true artwork. The unkempt layer of hair here makes it seem like a wild combination.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@rainhadecopashair

This style is both friendly and edgy, and never fail to turn heads, whether you go for a striking checkerboard pattern or jet-black roots and dazzling white ends. The combination of these two timeless colors gives a touch of mystery.

23. The Curly Black Ombre White Hair 

This is a fun, cool and adaptable choice that works well for a variety of settings. Your bouncy curls will always be the life of the party, whether you’re attending a casual get-together or an exclusive occasion. They’ll show off self-assurance. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trendytresses1

This trend’s real appeal is found in the way it combines assertiveness and tenderness. Depending on how you style it, we assure you would a lot of compliments. It’s a tasteful fusion of modern and vintage that lets you stand out.

24. Dreadlocks With Bun

Dreadlocks with buns in black and white combine several cultures and styles. This hairstyle is perfect for both formal and informal settings because it blends the elegance of a bun with the versatility of dreadlocks. You can’t go wrong with locs.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@mylocks_milano

The black and white hues adds contrast to the dreadlocks’ texture. The black and white has a harmonious mingling of numerous nationalities and civilizations. At a rock concert or a classy banquet, this bun dreadlock design might be what you need.

25. White Front Streaks On A Black Wavy Hair

Add a little contrast to your wavy hair to make it stand out. A gorgeous focal point is created by carefully weaving white front streaks into your waves. This should but don’t by a professional stylist so you don’t ruin it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hair.by.jessv

The key to this style is to pay rapt attention to the details. That way you can easily let the white streaks pop against the natural black hair making it very shiny. This sort of hair is bound to draw attention.

26. Long Black Hair With White Stripes

Jet-black hair that flows with classic beauty and radiates confidence and grace. This pattern is distinguished by the addition of a delicate white stripe that looks like this. If you want to try something new then this is what you need. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@blue_eyed_brunettes

This alluring style creates a sophisticated yet daring look by fusing the classic appeal of black hair with a hint of modernism in the form of a thin white stripe. This contrast gives your hair a hint of mystery and confidence.

27. Long Black Hair With White Side Parting

A long, sleek body with prominent side parts might just be the hair solution you need to make you seem elegant. This design, which exudes refinement, adds so much drama and is elevated by the black and white color scheme. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@dieter.absolon

Long hair complements overall elegance with its sleekness, making it the perfect choice for formal events or professional situations. The wearer’s features are highlighted by the deep side part, which also provides a touch of intrigue drawing attention to the face.

28. White Bangs On A Black Hair 

The stark contrast of white bangs against a backdrop of flowing black hair creates a mesmerizing visual symphony. The purity of the white strands delicately dances with the depth of the ebony waves, forming a captivating harmony of light and shadow. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hazellwigs

The white bangs draw attention to the captivating allure of the dark mane. This evokes a sense of timeless elegance and intrigue, commanding admiration and fascination from all who behold it. What do you think of this black and white combination?

29. Sleek White And Black Hair

This chic hairstyle in black-and-white that exudes both sophistication and modernity, making it the ideal method to embrace minimalism. The primary elements of this style are exquisite simplicity and clean lines. The black and white colors add depth and contrast.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@savaliamoon

The black and white hairstyle is perfect for those who want to look elegant but also make a striking statement. Because the color scheme is very subdued and highlights the smooth texture, the hair has an elegant and professional image.

30. Wavy Bob In Black And White

To step it up, give your wavy bob a black and white twist. A wavy bob adorned with a blend of black and white hues offers a captivating twist on a classic hairstyle. The waves add more movement and texture.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@jasmyn_hair

Each wave carries a hint of both colors, creating an intriguing blend that exudes sophistication and modernity. This harmonious fusion of black and white in a wavy bob embodies elegance and flair, making it a bold and stylish choice for anyone.

31. Loose Waves And Curtain Bangs

Loose waves paired with curtain bangs go hand in hand. The soft, flowing waves add movement and texture to the hair, giving it a relaxed and carefree vibe. The curtain bangs frame the face delicately, drawing attention to the face.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@juliavisserhair

This combination of loose waves and curtain bangs is very versatile and flattering, suiting a variety of face shapes and personal styles. Whether worn casually or styled for a special occasion, this hairstyle is perfect for elegance and feminine allure.

32. A Sleek Lob

The elegant lob is a versatile style that is appropriate for any occasion. The sleek, straight lines of the lob exude polished refinement, while the monochromatic color adds a touch of modern flair. We love how the colors blend seamlessly.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hairbeats.kaziu

This combination shows easy confidence and sophistication, making it a versatile choice for both professional settings and glamorous occasions. You might want to wear this look on your next date or to the office for a change. We love this!

33. Chunky Highlights Of Black And White With Waves

The eye-catching chunky highlights will definitely up your hair game this period. If you’re tired of doing something basic then we recommend a look like this. This style combines the classic allure of black hair with large chunks of white highlights.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@thelexieee

This will eventually create a dramatic, attention-grabbing look that is sure to turn heads. Picture yourself in a hair that looks like this. Make sure you go to a professional, that way it comes out looking as perfect as this.

34. Spiked Black And White Hair

Spiked black and white hair shows boldness and edgy sophistication. The contrasting black and white tones create a striking visual impact, while the spiked texture adds an element of rebelliousness and attitude as each spike stands out with sharp precision.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@billkaulitz4ever

The color combination adds a layer of interest and uniqueness, making this hairstyle a standout choice for those who dare to be different. This haircut inspires others to show off their true self with pride and accept their own unique beauty.

35. Crown of Contrast

A sleek ponytail is always a good choice, especially when adding in color and braids. It combines the sophistication of a sleek ponytail with the intricate detail of braiding. By incorporating braids along the sides or into the ponytail itself.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hair_by_sarzy

This style adds texture and dimension to the classic look. Whether opting for a single braid or multiple braids, this variation offers a modern twist on the traditional ponytail, making it perfect for those seeking a stylish and versatile hairstyle.

36.  Long And Straight Hair With Color Blend With Side Parting 

Acknowledge the classic beauty of long, straight, black and white hair with a stylish side part. Something about this hair screams sophistication and simplicity. This is the type of her that isn’t elaborate but sophisticated, and adds a hint of modernism.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hairbydvt

It’s a side part and long, straight hair that goes well with any ensemble and event, whether they fall naturally down your shoulders or are styled into a sophisticated updo. It is a subtle yet elegant statement that makes an impact.

37. White Layered Bangs

We love this! To achieve white layered bangs with black hair, begin by lightening your bangs to a pale blonde or white. Apply white hair dye evenly and follow instructions carefully. Section your hair, focusing on the bangs for coloring. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hairbyryland

Once dyed and dried, use scissors or a razor for a textured layering effect. Maintain the style with color-safe products and regular trims. Experiment with styling techniques like blow-drying straight or adding waves with a curling iron. Consult a professional.

38. More Braids 

Combining white and black braids offers a captivating visual contrast that celebrates diversity and unity simultaneously. These two colors symbolize harmony and balance, showcasing the beauty of different backgrounds coming together. White and black braids represent a fusion of cultures.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@braidstribe

Moreover, they allow for endless creativity, as intricate patterns and designs can be achieved with this combination. More black-and-white braids, please. This braided look uses white acrylic yarn against the natural root color for a scene-stealing moment even beyond aesthetics.

39. Cruella Approved Cornrows 

The beauty of black and white cornrows lies in the stunning contrast and intricate patterns they create. The combination of these two colors in cornrow hairstyles showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The uniformity of the cornrows enhances the contrast.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hairbysusy

Whether styled into geometric shapes, intricate patterns, or simple rows, black and white cornrows offer a unique and captivating aesthetic that celebrates cultural heritage while embracing contemporary trends. This style has stunning length thanks to 18-20 inches of blended neutral realness.

40. Emo Forever

This combination creates a modern and dynamic look that is both crazy and pop-punk style. Whether worn straight and polished or with textured waves for added dimension. This one has its target audience though, and it is not for everyone. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@evaniefrausto

If you’re an emo girl or someone who loves to try the dating side of things, then we have your attention. This spiky pop-punk style combines short bangs with long extensions for an edgy vibe that stands out among the rest.

41. Avril Lavigne

This half-black, half-white hair takes the split-dye trend to a new level with horizontal striping. A nod to the crimped color hair of the ’90s, if you’re looking to recreate this Avril Lavigne-esque color, make sure your stylist has patience.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@shmeggsandbaconn

Whether you’re walking down the street or attending a formal event, this understated yet eye-catching hairdo is guaranteed to turn heads and create a lasting impression. We look everything about this look and would be trying it out, what about you?

42. Long Peekaboo With White Blonde

The Black with White Blonde Peekaboo style is coming to completely transform your appearance by providing an alluring means of showcasing your flair and uniqueness. With the peekaboo effect revealing white blonde highlights underneath, this hairstyle offers a unique balance.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hair_one_tom

Here, sophistication meets edginess. The white blonde highlights adds brightness to the overall appearance, creating a striking contrast against darker hair colors. Whether styled sleek and straight or with loose waves, long peekaboo with white blonde hair is very versatile.

43. The Real Cruella Vs  Madonna

This person right here is a drag  queen called  Manila Luzon and here’s her  signature hair color that could truly give Cruella de Vil a run for her money. If you are looking for something fancy then we suggest this.

Image courtesy of www.philstar.com

It’s daring and beyond regular. It’s a bridge between modern and old. But regardless, it is highly fashionable. Almost a reverse skunk hairstyle, the front black pieces here add a lot of character if you are trying to make a statement.

44. Braided Space Buns

This look, which blends edginess and playfulness, combines the striking contrast of the two tones with the appeal of space buns. A very simple hairstyle to do, in no time, you will be rocking this black and white braided space buns. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@dnsrsk

You can wear them to parties and music festivals, or you can include a little fun into your regular activities. The black and white braided space buns will look amazing with any outfit. Rock this style like a rock star. 

45. A Touch Of White

This is a blend white and black hair, with black being more dominate. This can add a comic touch to your look. This cut expands the possibilities of using bangs for color exploration. Just like this woman, the white fits perfectly

Image courtesy of Instagram/@hola_soy_barb

Whether you want to add some excitement to your regular look or go for a punk-inspired, edgy look, bicolor bangs are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. It also gives the mysterious looks and shows you are interesting.