Bridesmaid Breakouts: 45 Entertaining Stories Of Times When The Bride Was Outshined

By Larissa C

Once upon a time, getting married was the dream and life goal of most people. Being married was prestigious and a great way of joining social circles. Over time, the concept of getting married for money was replaced by marriage for love.  While many people claim that marriage is antiquated, most of us still have that dream of walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful white dress. But having a traditional wedding (traditional as in a wedding with a church ceremony followed by a reception at a different venue) is not only about sharing vows with your loved one. The experience of having a wedding ceremony is unique and filled with emotional moments — but most weddings also have their fair share of funny moments, both intentional and unintentional. Bridesmaids are often the stars of these lighthearted moments, and they surely deserve an article dedicated entirely to them! If you’re getting married soon and aren’t sure what to expect, here are 45 bridesmaid fails that are way too funny and could make your wedding even more memorable!

Improv at its finest!

When we hear the words “improvisation” and “wedding” together, we get chills all over our bodies. If there’s one thing we don’t want in our wedding ceremony, that thing is an improvisation of any kind — and that’s why brides, grooms, and bridesmaids dedicate so much time to planning everything down to the last detail.

Image courtesy of annawittlyons/Instagram

However, there are so many things to do at once that we may end up forgetting to do a thing or two for the wedding. This bridesmaid, for instance, was tasked with decorating the car that would drive the newlywed couple from the church to the reception venue — but she forgot to do it. Her solution was to write the phrase “just married!” using the only tools she had: her finger and the dust on the dirty car!

She’s planning something, isn’t she?

While this next picture doesn’t exactly constitute a fail, it sure is funny. Weddings are all about taking amazing pictures so we can forever keep the memories of that special day. Naturally, some of these pictures will look better than others — and some will look funnier than others.

Image courtesy of elllewood/Instagram

It’s kind of hard to tell what was going on through this bridesmaid’s mind. Was she purposefully looking menacingly at the camera just to make fun? Was she caught unprepared by the photographer and didn’t have the time to look cute on camera? We don’t know the answers — but we do know she looks like she’s up to no good!

Golf shoes and no dresses!

When it comes to weddings, the tradition says that the bride gets to choose what the bridesmaids will wear. This is a smart move because then the bride can make sure she’ll be the most glamorous and be the center of attention on her big day. 

Image courtesy of christysousa2/Instagram

This woman’s bridesmaid gave her a bit of a scare when she mentioned something about wearing golf shoes to the wedding. Golf shoes are certainly not a part of usual wedding attire, after all. And if that one typo wasn’t enough, Ally’s phone pranked her twice by auto-replacing the word “our” with “out,” making it look like the bridesmaid was going to show up naked and in golf shoes at the wedding!

That was your only job!

Not many, but a few people have never even been to a wedding, let alone have had the opportunity to be someone’s bridesmaid. While one may think that being a bridesmaid is all about wearing a lovely dress and looking pretty next to the bride, it’s actually a lot of really hard work!

Image courtesy of kerryl87/Instagram

Planning a bachelorette party, helping with the decorations, helping with the outfits, make-up, and seating arrangements are just a few of the duties of a bridesmaid. However, not everyone is skilled with that stuff, just like this bridesmaid. Her only job was to make popcorn for the bachelorette party — and she still managed to mess that up!

She did what now?!

As we mentioned previously, one of the tasks assigned to a bridesmaid is to help with decorations. And sometimes their help is needed even before there’s an actual wedding — some soon-to-be grooms ask their girlfriend’s friends to help from the moment of the engagement!

Image courtesy of emilybarrbrewer/Instagram

When this guy’s girlfriend’s friends agreed to help with the proposal, he never thought they’d fail at that task. These bridesmaids were supposed to decorate the room with the sentence “she said yes!” but ended up decorating it with “she she yaaas”! How did they manage to do that? What does that even mean? Those are two things we’ll never know!

Did nobody tell her?

We’ve seen bridesmaid fails that happened before and after the ceremony. Those fails are kind of okay for the bridesmaid because not that many people will see it. But now it’s time for us to show you an epic fail that happened during the wedding, which certainly embarrassed this woman! 

Image courtesy of kassiemcdaniel/Instagram

All that she wanted was to use the bathroom really quickly during the reception but she ended up drawing a lot of attention to herself. The reason is pretty obvious, right? This bridesmaid was walking around with a piece of toilet paper stuck on her undergarments!

She forgot to use sunscreen!

While some people dream of having their wedding in a beautiful church, other people prefer to do things in a more modern way and plan to have the perfect destination or beach wedding. Beach weddings are fun for everyone involved, including the bridesmaids.

Image courtesy of junglepuppys/Instagram

This bridesmaid traveled to Hawaii for her best friend’s wedding, but she got too excited about being in the Aloha State. The bridesmaid ended up sunbathing for a little longer than she should have and got all sunburnt with weird tan lines one day before the wedding!

Maybe you need new glasses!

Some bridesmaid fails are all about the bridesmaid themselves, like them wearing the wrong shoes or making a funny face for the photographs. But other fails end up affecting the whole wedding, especially those that are related to the decorations.

Image courtesy of partonme87/Instagram

This black thing is actually a chalkboard that was meant to be used for the wedding decorations. The bridesmaids were in charge of working on that, but one of them ended up stepping on the chalkboard with paint on her foot and messed the whole thing up! 

Well, that was not a clever idea!

While most things in a wedding are planned beforehand, sometimes people want to surprise the newlywed couple. Parents usually are the ones who end up in charge of coming up with a cute surprise for their children, like performing a fun choreographed dance during the wedding reception.

Image courtesy of vicksjay/Instagram

Sometimes, the bridesmaids also want to surprise the bride and do something cheerful during the reception. However, not all surprises are clever ideas, as we can see in the picture above. This woman’s bridesmaids thought it would be fun to surprise her with a shower of confetti but ended up ruining her dress once the bride came out of the church!

Imagine what her future husband must have thought!

If you’re invited to be someone’s bridesmaid, that’s probably because you’re very good friends, and that person wants you to have an integral part in one of the most important moments of their lives. In that spirit, it’s normal that bridesmaids try to do things for the bride as a token of their appreciation.

Image courtesy of maidofhenry/Instagram

This bridesmaid, for instance, stopped by a Starbucks to get her friend a cup of her favorite beverage. She asked the barista to write “bride” on the cup, but they ended up writing “Brad.” While it’s not unusual for baristas to get names wrong, this one is funny because the bridesmaid wanted to be nice but ended up earning the bride questions such as “who’s Brad, and why is he buying you coffee?”

A supportive bridesmaid!

While bridesmaids are tasked with different physical tasks, such as helping decorate and organize bachelorette parties, they also play an important emotional and psychological role. One of the things that bridesmaids do is to help cheer up the bride when the wedding jitters kick in or when she feels unsure about herself — but this one kind of failed at that!

Image courtesy of shootforthemoonalice/Instagram

When the bride mentioned that she had to work out in order to get in shape for the wedding, the bridesmaid casually answered that she herself looked great, almost like she was bragging. But that was not it — what actually happened was that she made a typo, and instead of saying, “you look great,” she said, “I look great.” Even the bride was shocked at first!

What are you guys going to do?

One of the most hilarious parts about weddings is the bachelor/bachelorette party. Both the groom and the bride have a fun night that is planned entirely by their best men and bridesmaids — and sometimes they don’t even know what raunchy x-rated fun awaits them!

Image courtesy of _charlywood/Instagram

This bridesmaid and the other girls were trying to plan a crazy night for their friend who was about to get married. The bachelorette party was going to involve some…adult stuff, and she was trying to get all the needed items for that. However, instead of texting one of the other bridesmaids about it, she ended up texting her own husband and giving away their plans! 

I thought you would be happy to be a bridesmaid!

Being asked to be a friend’s bridesmaid is a great honor, and most women love that. The keyword here is “most” — not all women want to be bridesmaids because of all the work you have to do to help with the upcoming wedding.

Image courtesy of alex__barcelona/Instagram

Saying no to a friend who invited you to be a bridesmaid can be really rude, and accepting the invitation and pretending to be happy about it is even worse. The thing with this bridesmaid in the picture is that she was actually thrilled to be there — but the photographer seemed always to catch her unprepared. She ended up looking less-than-happy in almost all of the pictures, and her friends thought she hated being a bridesmaid!

This is what happens when a cheerleader gets married!

One of the best parts about weddings is taking professional pictures to create a wedding album. While some pictures are spontaneous, others are planned, and people make an effort to pose for them. One of the most popular poses at weddings is the bridesmaid pyramid.

Image courtesy of emma_wadge/Instagram

Do we even need to explain why this picture is a fail? A regular bridesmaid pyramid would look really cool, but these bridesmaids messed up the pyramid and dropped the girls from the top, including the bride. We guess this is what happens when amateur former cheerleaders try to pull off a cool pose!

How is that possible?

While we’re still on the topic of funny wedding pictures, this group of bridesmaids was having a photoshoot with the bride before the wedding and decided to have some fun. They all agreed to pull funny faces, but one of them took it way too seriously.

Image courtesy of mwp_uk/Instagram

All the bridesmaids pulled funny faces that still made them look good at the same time — but they clearly forgot to tell that to one of their friends. The second bridesmaid from left to right just went for it and pulled off an actual funny face. We’re just wondering how did she manage to make her neck bend to the side like that!

Who thought this was a good idea?

Taking wedding pictures is one of the most important parts of any wedding ceremony, and that’s why every couple hires a professional photographer to capture their precious moments. Photographers get to coordinate certain moments in order to get the best pictures — but sometimes they face obstacles!

Image courtesy of diariodoszezos/Instagram

And one of the obstacles that the photographer faced at this wedding was the idea that a bridesmaid had! The woman suggested that the bridesmaids and the groomsmen should blow bubbles for the newlyweds. Turns out her idea ruined the pictures of this beautiful moment!

You shouldn’t do that after a few drinks!

While wedding ceremonies are emotional and usually quite serious, the reception is far from that! Sure, there are some heart-wrenching speeches during the reception sometimes, but the guests and the newlyweds only care about letting loose and having some fun after that initial part!

Image courtesy of

After having a few too many drinks, these bridesmaids decided to take a goofy picture. Why did they think that lining up on the floor like that was funny? We’ll never know, but judging by the other women’s expressions, you can tell that this was a big fail!

Candid photos aren’t always fun!

Candid pictures are a huge thing on social media right now. Apparently, these “natural” unposed pictures make you look cool and authentic. However, not all candid pictures are conceptual — and these bridesmaids learned it in the worst way possible!

Image courtesy of

This picture is hilarious on so many different levels! If this was supposed to be a candid photo, why did these two bridesmaids pick that moment to do that? Maybe they were trying to be funny — or maybe they were really caught by surprise. Either way, the photographer did them dirty by taking this hilarious picture!

Who is the bride?

If there’s one thing that can become a huge fail during a wedding, that thing is bridesmaid dresses. Outfits for bridesmaids can either be a success or big-time fails — there’s no in-between. And the dresses in the next picture are certainly a fail, in our opinion at least!

Image courtesy of SidiusFate/Imgur

See what we mean? For some reason, the bride thought that having all the bridesmaids wearing white dresses was a great idea. To make matters worse, she also made them hold bouquet flowers. The result? It’s hard even to tell who is the actual bride here!

Don’t drop the man!

If you’ve ever gotten married or if you’re planning your wedding, you know that choosing the poses for wedding pictures is pretty important. You’re hiring a professional photographer for the big day, and you want your pictures to come out looking great.

Image courtesy of PillboxJen/Reddit

This popular pose is common in wedding pictures, and consists of the groomsmen holding the groom in their arms and looking joyful. For this wedding, the bridesmaids had the idea of holding the groom themselves for the picture. The only problem is that they were not as strong or organized enough to pull that off and ended up dropping him on the floor a few seconds after this picture was taken!

We’re only doing this because we love you, girl!

As we mentioned earlier, bridesmaids’ dresses are a huge case of love them or hate them. When you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, the only thing you can do is hope and pray that the bride has good taste in fashion and picks beautiful dresses for the bridesmaids.

Image courtesy of University Fox

This bride clearly did not have good fashion sense going for her, and chose these dresses for her bridesmaids to wear. We don’t want to judge their looks, but it’s really hard not to. To be honest, the bridesmaids are probably judging their outfits themselves. At least one thing is true: these girls really do love the bride if they agreed to wear these dresses!

Okay, Janet, maybe it’s time to slow down!

Wedding ceremonies are filled with clichés. There’s always a dramatic relative who keeps crying and sniffling throughout the wedding. There’s also usually always a cousin who hates weddings and looks bored through the whole thing. And then there’s often a groomsman who’s a player and keeps eyeing all the cute single ladies.

Image courtesy of

And there’s the bridesmaid who drinks a little more than she should and starts embarrassing herself during the reception. This bridesmaid took advantage of the open bar a little bit too much — until she lost her shoe and started tripping over her own feet!

Maybe you should keep your ideas to yourself!

Bridesmaids are a part of most weddings — not only because of the emotional support and pep talks they offer, but also because they help the bride, and sometimes the groom as well, to plan the ceremony. But sometimes their ideas are not exactly the best as we’ve seen…

Image courtesy of

This couple was getting married next to a beautiful lake, and so one of the bridesmaids had a not-so-brilliant idea. She suggested that the newlyweds, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaids should all stand on the dock for a memorable picture. Turns out the dock wasn’t built strong enough to handle all that weight and ended up collapsing. Now that’s what we call a big-time epic fail!

Why, though?

At this point, you have probably concluded that bridesmaids don’t always have the best ideas when it comes to suggesting the best poses for pictures. Some of the pictures we’ve shown you so far have been pure disasters, and some don’t make sense at all — like this next one!

Image courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

We wonder which one of these bridesmaids suggested that it would be fun to take a picture with the bride inside a bathtub. Were they trying to be edgy? Who knows! All we know is that there were thousands of other ways they could’ve taken a funny picture together and still looked cute.

Way to ruin a surprise!

In addition to helping the bride plan the wedding, bridesmaids also team up to help plan parties and celebrations for the bride. They usually stay in charge of planning bachelorette parties or even engagement celebrations before the actual wedding date has been confirmed.

Image courtesy of

The thing about these parties is that they’re usually meant to be a surprise. The bridesmaids plan everything in secret and then surprise the bride with these amazing moments. This bridesmaid, however, ended up texting the bride herself about the surprise party. Way to go, Jenn!

Do you really need so many bridesmaids?

The concept of being a bridesmaid has a lot of significance. You don’t get invited to be a bridesmaid unless you’re a true friend of the bride and someone who she cherishes a lot. Because of that, you rarely see more than four or five bridesmaids at a wedding.

Image courtesy of Nina Carman Photography/Facebook

This bride clearly missed that memo and apparently asked all the women in her family (in addition to all her friends, and perhaps a few aquantances even) to be her bridesmaids. Was this really necessary? Well, if her sole purpose was to pull off this pose for a picture, then yes. 

You’re stealing the spotlight, girl.

Some bridesmaids take their job too seriously, while others are super lighthearted about it and just want to have fun. This kind of attitude is obvious even through pictures, as fun bridesmaids always take the funniest pictures, and vice-versa.

Image courtesy of Ashley Hempel Photography/Facebook

This amusing bridesmaid, for instance, decided to photobomb the newlyweds during their wedding photoshoot. She appeared in only a couple of images but managed to steal the spotlight all for herself — which is clear on the faces of the bride and the groom who don’t look amused by her antics. Big fail, but this was obviously planned beforehand, so don’t judge the funny bridesmaid, peeps!

Well, you said I could wear whatever I want!

As we said before, brides usually pick what the bridesmaids will wear for the wedding. However, this isn’t always true. Sometimes, they let the bridesmaids stay in charge of their outfits — but maybe this was a huge mistake for this bridal party.

Image courtesy of

When the bride told this bridesmaid that she could wear whatever she wanted, she took it way to literally. She wanted to wear something outlandish and ended uparriving at the wedding wearing a dinosaur costume. This is one of the funniest bridesmaids’ fails we’ve seen so far — and the moral of the story is: wear what you want to wear, but always keep wedding outfit etiquette in mind, girl!

Where did you find those bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids are usually the bride’s closest friends from high school and college — sometimes even friends from her grade school days. Because of the duration of these friendships and the strong bond that the bride shares with her bridesmaids, they always feel comfortable being themselves around each other.

Image courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography

When this bride asked her bridesmaids to act natural for a picture right before the wedding, she was not expecting this. All her friends went crazy and did whatever they wanted for the photo, which turned out to be hilarious. Gladly, she covered that little girl’s eyes — she certainly didn’t have to see all this!

So, what’s up with these costumes?

This next picture is another hilarious case of poor choices made by the bride. Instead of making her bridesmaids look glamorous or even cute, she decided that all eyes should only be on her and dressed her friends up as some kind of mix between cult members and Star Wars characters! Check this out:

Image courtesy of Christina A. Meador/Facebook

Even if you haven’t watched Star Wars, you’ve probably seen someone dress up as Princess Leia at a Halloween party. Well, these bridesmaids are dressed up just like Leia, except that their dresses are colored, whereas Leia’s was white. Judging by the quality of the picture and the hairstyles, we would say that this picture was taken sometime in the early 80s — so it makes a little bit more sense.

Is this a funeral?

Although it has become trendy in recent years, until not too long ago, if there was one thing that we didn’t see at weddings very often was a black dress. There’s a lot of superstition around weddings, and wearing a black dress was just not the done thing for the occasion. But that applied mostly to the bride.

Image courtesy of

This bride, for instance, who was way ahead of the trend, decided that her bridesmaids should wear black dresses for the ceremony, thinking that it would make them look elegant and edgy. In reality, what happened was that the bridesmaids look like they were actually going to a funeral rather than a wedding!

Did someone spike the punch?

Some pictures at weddings are big-time fails. Maybe the newlyweds ended up choosing a not-so-flattering pose, or maybe the bridesmaids were caught off-guard. At this point, we all know that bridesmaids getting caught off-guard in wedding pictures will almost always result in a disastrous picture. But nothing compares to this next picture!

Image courtesy of Elite Digital Images

The picture above is a huge bridesmaid fail — actually; it’s more than just a bridesmaid fail; it’s a whole wedding party fail! Everyone looks absolutely smashed in the picture, and it’s hilarious. We wonder if someone spiked the punch at this wedding or something!

Well, thanks for the dress, friend!

When you’re invited to be a bridesmaid, it’s a huge honor. It means that your friend who is getting married cares so much about your friendship that you share that she needs you to be part of her wedding ceremony as more than just a mere guest. 

Image courtesy of

But being a bridesmaid also means you’re at the mercy of your friend who’s getting married, and you have to wear whatever horrid bridesmaid dress she picks for you. This woman was pregnant at the time of her friend’s wedding, and her friend didn’t choose a flattering dress for an expectant mom to be, and she ended up looking like this at the ceremony!

How can you fix this?

Weddings are not all about the church ceremony. There are many events that happen before and after that formal, religious ceremony. And for all of these events, the bride needs the assistance of her bridesmaids. But sometimes, not all tasks can be accomplished…

Image courtesy of robyngmp/Instagram

This bridesmaid was in charge of transporting the cake from the shop to the venue where the engagement party was going to take place. That was literally her only job as a bridesmaid at that time, but guess what happened? She failed and ended up destroying the cake when she went over a big speed bump too fast while running late to get to the engagement party!

Take it easy, girl!

Picking the perfect bridesmaid dress is not an easy task. The bride has to make sure that she’s picking dresses that will look good on different body types, that the color of the dress complements the whole entourage — and, most importantly, that the bridesmaid’s dresses won’t look more glamorous than her own gown.

Image courtesy of fit.bymandy/Instagram

This bride picked a few different dress styles for her bridesmaids and invited them all to the designer’s atelier so they could see the dresses. She asked one of the bridesmaids to put on each one of the dresses and model them for the other girls. The only thing she didn’t expect was that the bridesmaid was going to trip on her own feet and fall down the stairs. What an entrance!

How are we supposed to see the bride?

In another chapter of the “bridesmaid failing at wedding pictures” saga, we have a big-time fail that really messed up a lot of the bride’s wedding pictures. All the pictures were supposed to represent one of her most special days and memories, but this bridesmaid managed to ruin that for her.

Image courtesy of Alfonso Bonivati/Pinterest

The bride is the tall woman in the back. The women standing beside her are her bridesmaids, and so is the woman who is holding the flower crown around her head. The woman with the flowers was supposed to bend her knees a bit more so that the flowers wouldn’t hide the bride, but she obviously didn’t do that. But we doubt she did this on purpose, so she’s forgiven.

Where are your clothes?

Strapless dresses are either a hit or a miss. If you don’t have an hourglass body shape, strapless dresses can be quite unflattering on your body. But if you do have that kind of physique, you’ll pull it off just fine. But there are also other reasons why these dresses sometimes fail you…

Image courtesy of Wrzu? Enter/Facebook

In this picture, for instance, all the three bridesmaids are wearing strapless dresses. The thing is: the back of the church bench is partially hiding their dresses, and only their naked shoulders can be seen. From this angle, it looks like they’re not wearing dresses at all! 

Girls, don’t fight! 

Weddings are filled with clichés from beginning to end. By the way, we’re not saying that clichés are bad — it’s actually heart-warming when you get to have your dream cliché wedding. One of these clichés is the moment when the bride throws the bouquet and all the single gals fight each other to catch it.

Image courtesy of Blue Ghost Production1/YouTube

The legend says that the woman who ends up getting the bouquet will be getting married next. And that’s why this moment is so important and gets so much attention during the wedding ceremony. Finding someone to get married to is becoming increasingly harder, and so these two bridesmaids tackled each other for the bouquet — and that’s a huge fail!


Remember that picture we showed you, the one that bridesmaids were about to drop the groom on to the floor? Well, we also have another bridesmaid fail that happened after another group of bridesmaids tried to pull off that exact same move.

Image courtesy of

Thankfully, this time they didn’t try to do it to the groom but rather to each other. For this picture, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen decided to take a picture together, in which the men would hold the women in their arms. However, there weren’t enough people, so these two bridesmaids teamed up — but they weren’t strong enough to hold each other up and the brunette ended up dropping the blonde girl.

She can wait!

When a friend is getting married, and they invite you to be a bridesmaid, that’s a special moment. But when the bride is your sister, being a bridesmaid is even more meaningful. That’s the case in the next picture, and we can only imagine how happy these sisters were.

Image courtesy of K_47/Twitter

However, neither of them expected that the younger sister, the bridesmaid, would faint at the exact same time that her sister and her fiancé would say their , “I dos.” Obviously, the wedding had to be paused, and they all had to help the bridesmaid back to her feet — but this picture is hilarious because it looks like they looked at her and thought, “well, she can wait”!

Congrats on stealing the spotlight!

Tripping over your feet and falling is pretty embarrassing. It’s even worse when it happens in public, and everyone is watching you. We get up and try to look casual and nonchalantly shrug it off. But for this woman, there was no shrugging off her hilarious trip up the ailse!

Image courtesy of weddingideas_brides/Instagram

At the exact same moment that the bride started walking down the aisle, this woman somehow managed to fall while standing still. To make matters worse, she took down part of the church decoration with her. We bet she won’t get invited to be a bridesmaid again anytime soon!

I love this dress — for real!

At this point, it’s clear that bridesmaids only get to wear pretty dresses if they’re lucky enough and the bride has good taste in fashion, and is super self confident in her own appearance. But even when bridesmaids don’t get the chance to wear pretty dresses, they don’t always mind.

Image courtesy of Tammi Kippes Sauer/Heidi Bruce Mann/Facebook

Two decades after her wedding, this bride recognized her poor choice of bridesmaid dresses and apologized for it. It was indeed a fail, even though it wasn’t the bridesmaids’ fault. However, one of the bridesmaids was not having it and posted a picture of herself wearing the dress as she did house chores and watered the lawn. We can only admire that she still fits into her bridesmaid dress 20 years later!

We’re just trying to help!

When brides and bridesmaids get their dresses made, one of the most stressful things they have to do is watch their weight. Even half a pound can make it nearly impossible for them to fit in to their dresses, and nobody wants that.

Image courtesy of

When this bride’s bridesmaids threw her a bachelorette party before the wedding, they all had a fun time and ate food without any constraints — even though the bridesmaids should’ve at least told the bride to remember she had to fit in to the dress. None of them did that, and so they had to help the bride squeeze into her corset backed gown , as we can see in the picture!

Don’t worry about it, love!

If there’s one thing we can’t help, it’s our body’s natural reaction to different settings. Having a wedding at the beach or in a park is truly memorable, but the weather may affect the guests in unpredictable ways — and this bridesmaid was certainly affected by it.

Image courtesy of _goodstuff/Reddit

The weather was too hot, and this bridesmaid ended up fainting because of it. While that’s a completely natural reaction, she still apologized for it afterward! Sure, it must have been embarrassing for her (and it did take the attention away from the newlyweds), but she should not worry about that. 

What kind of wedding is this?

To close off this article on a hilarious note, we brought this bridesmaid fail that is also partially a bride’s fail. The bride picked the worst dresses possible for the bridesmaids to wear. In turn, the bridesmaids failed at pretending that they were at least content with her choices!

Image courtesy of Mundo ES

All it takes is one look at that picture, and you can already tell that these women are dressed like all the Disney princesses. And one look is also all it takes for you also to realize that they’re not happy about it in the least. Well, they could’ve at least pretended, right?