Cheated Ex-girlfriends Become Best Friends And Travel Together

By Divya G

What do you do when you find out that the guy you are dating is cheating you with two more girls? Well, Bekah King, Morgan Tabor, and Abi Roberts decided to become close friends, renovate an old bus, and travel together right after they dumped the guy who was cheating on them. Read on to know what happened.

the.bam.bus / Instagram

The breaking story: How the guy was dumped by the three girls 

The guy was not as clever as he thought. Morgan tracked down Maliya through Facebook and found that her VSCO account was full of pictures with the guy. Bekah and Morgan got together to find Abi through her Instagram comments on the guy’s posts. Finally, they got in touch with Bekah, and everything was cleared out. 

Right when Abi, Morgan, and Maliya were face timing each other, the guy happened to drop outside Morgan’s apartment. He was coming straight from Abi’s house in Utah and was standing there with flowers and a big smile on his face. He was left dumbfounded when Morgan turned the screen towards him, and he saw Abi and Maliya staring right back at him.

the.bam.bus / Instagram

The renovated bus and the beginning of many adventures 

When the girls got to talking, they found out more about their shared dreams, hopes, and aspirations. The idea to get a bus, renovate it, and travel originated from that discussion. They had to work doubly hard to work on the bus and make it habitable. In the end, it is all worth it because their traveling adventures across America have just begun.