Connecting With The Divine Feminine

By Ruby M May 10, 2021

Every living being possesses both divine masculine and divine feminine energies – regardless of gender. Masculine energy focuses on execution and achievement, whereas the feminine focuses on nurturing and healing. Much like the yin and the yan, one is meant to complement the other – and together, they are supposed to maintain a sweet and sacred balance.

Image Courtesy Of: Dr. SohiniBen Shukla/ Lightgrid

Without balance – we are unable to access our sacred selves. Too much masculine energy, and we slip into too much aggression and dominance. Too much feminine may leave us feeling stagnant and disempowered. These energies embody all of us; some possess more masculine energy, and some, more feminine. 

Embracing the sacred feminine or divine feminine energy means welcoming her divine essence in all of her glory and creating harmony and fulfillment in the world around us. To access this ability, we need to fully understand and accept both the masculine and feminine power within and foster this energy at will. 

We can connect with our divine feminine energy through various methods. Reclaiming rest; where we allow ourselves to simply be – even if that is simply by taking 5 minutes just to breathe. Cultivating a daily ritual, where a sacred space is created for embracing our sensuality through getting in touch with our senses. Lighting incense or a candle, tasting a pleasantly fragranced meal, or enjoying a sweet-smelling bubble bath. Practicing self-love and personal reflection through journaling, self-care, and being kind and compassionate towards oneself. Sipping on our favorite cup of tea, meditation, and even exercise and yoga routines encourage our divine feminine – they are self-nurturing practices that make us feel healed and full. Embracing practices that embody what feminine energy is,  is how we can awaken and nourish our divine feminine – and eventually, we can harness that power within and use it in our daily lives.

Image Courtesy of: Muzhskie Praktiki/ Meditation Portal