Anjali Srivastava’s Comical Take On Cohabitation With Someone Special

By Ana J

Every couple is unique. You might have met at a conference, through friends, or you might have found each other through an app or on other social media. Depending on your shared interests, likes, and dislikes, you might get to share all kinds of adventures that are unique to you and your partner. However, there are some shared experiences most couples will have. Like being annoyed about the way the other person chews, how they leave their socks all over, or that they watched your show without you. We found an artist that specializes in these relatable moments. Her name is Anjali Srivastava, and she is very talented. We created a collection of 45 of these relatable couple moments in the form of comics!

All images are courtesy of anjali_comics on Instagram.


Ah, chores! Who loves them? If you are an obsessive cleaner, you might enjoy them, but they are nuisances for most. When you live with somebody, you have to split the burden, and often, one person gets the biggest load.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Get it? Laundry load? Anyway, Anjali Comics shows us how to lure your partner into doing their chores. The bra in the second picture could have meant a lot of things, but in this case, it was, “do your chores!”

Time of the month

When you decide to share your life with somebody, you share the good and bad times. For most women out there, getting their period is a pretty rough time of the month. Here are Anjali Comics instructions for the SOs.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

She gives tips on properly taking care of your partner going through the worst part of their monthly cycle. Instructions are: Hot water bottle first, favorite food second, massage third, and cuddles until they fall asleep. Or maybe the order doesn’t matter.

Hot sauce

We’ve seen how you can creatively get your partner to do their chores. Here’s how you can get them to bring you something from the next room you are too lazy to get yourself. We have all been on both sides of this.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

If your partner forgets their phone in the other room often, you can use this to your advantage. For example, text them a few times with your request. They will assume it’s something important because of the ringing, and while they are in the room, well…

First date

Letting out some gas is a natural thing all humans do. But when we are just starting to see someone, we want to hide all our flaws, even the ones we all have! So the first time you let it out…

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

… in front of your partner might be a special moment in a couple’s timeline. Here’s a cute comic that shows the difference in how couples act on the first date and later down the line. Worries gone with the wind? You bet.


Everyone melts when they see an old couple showing some PDA. It’s not something we see often enough, but we all hope the affection in our relationships will last. When you imagine your partner and yourself down the line, do you see scenes like this in your future?

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

It’s pretty cute. Anjali began her series of comics after she made a little comic of her first date with her boyfriend. He loved it so much he encouraged her to make more and put them online. We’re sure they’ll live happily ever after!

Ordering food

Anyway, we hope when they are 80, they keep posting their little daily adventures. For now, here’s a comic about everyday life problems, not the future. Do you also think food delivery takes forever? We all press that “order” button hoping it will appear immediately.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Especially when you are hungry, it seems like the restaurant is taking their sweet, sweet time to prepare the food, and the delivery person is living their best life and taking all the wrong turns on their way to you.

Small things

When your partner is stressed, you just want to give them some relief and help them in any way you can. But often, there isn’t a lot you can do except be there for them and let the difficult time pass.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

You can come in and remind them you will be there when they are done with work to give them love and affection. After all, it’s all about the little things we do for each other at the end of the day that matter.


Is there anything cozier than your bed in the morning? There’s just something special about those minutes when you just wake up. It’s almost like your bed doesn’t want you to leave. It is much more special when you get to share it with someone.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

If your partner is already awake, you can lure them back into the coziness with a hug and a kiss. Nobody can resist the warmth of the bed in the morning! Especially if you trap them in an octopus grip.

Cozy, again

Speaking of being cozy, sometimes all you need is a stay-in weekend. Yes, vacations and going somewhere new are exciting. But sometimes, it can be overwhelming, and it does not refill your batteries as well as staying home relaxing can.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

A weekend in bed, catching up on all your favorite shows is something just what the doctor ordered. Especially in the times we live in. It’s best to stay inside and enjoy the best that Netflix and HBO have to offer.


People often say that opposites attract. Those who overpack often end up married to those who don’t pack enough every time. Those who love planning things, down to the last detail, end up with people who just don’t care much.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Here’s a comic about precisely that situation. A night before the trip, one person is packed and going through a long, long list of things that should be in the bag – losing sleep – while the other person is the one who remembers the vital things like passports.


If you have ever been in love, you know that being with that person triggers something in our brain that makes us think only about them. It also makes us feel like they are the most interesting person on this planet.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

This is what this comic is about. Just taking the time to stare at your partner and soak in how cute they are. It might look a little creepy, but if they get it, they get it! It’s just love.

Looks 2

As we said, when you are genuinely in love, there’s no one else that looks as pretty, as cute, as perfect, as your partner. You might get insecure sometimes, and you need a reminder that they only have eyes for you.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

This is what this daily comic is about. Anjali also shared that a lot of people see themselves in these comics. She says she often gets messages of couples sending pictures saying they look like the characters! They really are so relatable.


Speaking of forgetting how much you are loved, here’s a great idea to celebrate your partner on their day. Midnight birthday messages are underrated. To know someone was so excited to wish you a happy birthday they waited until midnight? Priceless.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

But not only to know they care enough to send a message, imagine getting a full birthday surprise dinner and a cake! Great idea to keep the romance alive. We highly encourage you to steal this idea if you have the opportunity.

Getting ready

We already saw how opposites attract and how that affects preparing for a holiday and packing. It is logical to think this transfers to other parts of life, like getting ready to go out. One person has to start an hour or two before and the other.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

And one just does it in minutes! Magically! Opposites do attract. We guess this makes life practical in tiny houses with one, tiny bathroom. Imagine if both of you needed to take your time getting ready with one good mirror. Yikes.


It is essential to take breaks during a long day of work. Especially when you work from home and that work-private life balance is disturbed. However, while boundaries are disturbed, at least you get to spend more time with your loved ones!

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

So you can take small cuddle breaks to get you through a rough corporate day. Self-care is important now more than ever. We hear dogs are having the time of their life despite this craziness, and couples working together from home pretty much feel the same.

Getting sick

In some places in the wedding ceremony, you will hear those familiar lines about staying with someone no matter the financial situation, or how your health fares, till death do you part. It sounds cliche, but a relationship without a piece of paper has the same unspoken expectations.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Well, when your partner gets sick, your first instinct will naturally be to take care of them. However, if you spend too much time with them, it might take away from your ability to take care of them because you will get sick too!

Bed problems

This might be more of a female thing than a male thing, so we hear. What is the thing you ask? Stealing the blanket and pushing the other person out of bed! It starts small, a gentle nudge here and there.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Then poof – off the bed. We don’t really have the solution for this problem, nor does Anjali. It’s just something the other halves have to live with. Sleep is for the weak anyway, so people say. Maybe we need a room-sized bed? Then there is nowhere to fall!


Oof. Deciding what to watch might take longer than all of the Lord of the Rings movies. There are apps to help you with that. But that never really works out, does it, folks? Here is an oh-so-relatable comic about that.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

We are impressed that they didn’t eat the chips before the start of the movie! How did they manage to do that? We get how they died not deciding on a show, but how come they didn’t touch the chips?! We do not relate to this level of self-control.


Ah, childhood fantasies. A few days ago, we saw this video on TikTok that asked adults why don’t they fulfill their childhood fantasies more when they have adult money. And honestly, good question. Why don’t we? Anyway, here’s Anjali’s boyfriend connecting to his inner 8-year-old.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

And his little Spiderman fantasy he gets to live when he eventually does laundry. He knows how to enjoy life! The last picture is quite ironic. Anjali notes she’s dating a cartoon. Who made him a cartoon? That’s clever, very clever.


When we saw this one, a song came to mind. Do you remember the song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias? If you remember, do you know that that song is 21 years old now? If it was a person, it could drink!

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Anyway, opposites attract and all. Short girls always end up with taller boyfriends (okay, not always). Well, when you are very short, it’s hard to find a shorter partner of the opposite sex! But, apparently, it makes the boys feel like heroes.


Okay, this one is a solo Anjali Comic. Where is her boyfriend when she needs him to be a hero? Bugs are resilient creatures. Did you know cockroaches have a super high tolerance to radiation? They could not survive direct impact, but they could survive the aftermath of a nuke.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

How crazy is that? It’s no wonder most humans are scared of them. Imagine something that can survive literally anything. That’s impressive. Scary but impressive. Now try imagining that indestructible thing flying at your face when you’re alone. No, thanks!


Here’s another solo comic. Ah, texting. Just one of those little notifications on the screen can change the trajectory of your day. For better or worse! Just a text can make you smile for the whole afternoon or make you grumpy.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Anyway, this little Anjali Comic reminds us to text our partners. No matter how long we’ve been together, a morning text is always lovely! A good night text when you are temporarily apart doesn’t hurt either. Remember it for next time.


Inside jokes are amazing. Well, for those who are on the in-circle, for those who are on the outside, they just seem weird and maybe even a little cringey. However, couples who laugh together stay together. At least that’s what we think.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Anjali’s boyfriend has to get with the program. He can’t just crack a joke and judge her for laughing for hours! We hope he corrected it with a few surprise parties and good morning texts. Or some more rib-cracking jokes!

Baby fever

Every now and then, one of the people in the couple will get a baby fever. Or both parties get it! That’s how babies are made, obviously. However, only the boyfriend seems to have caught it this time. The protagonist is looking a bit shocked.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Anjali seems not to be ready to catch baby fever yet. Understandable, since having kids is one of the most significant decisions one can make. Raising them is like a second full-time job. And who can do two full-time jobs? Only the strongest.


Speaking of big milestones, marriage is another one. While Anjali did not catch baby fever yet, she browsed and looked at the wedding dresses. It is a bit of a smaller investment than a baby but still a big commitment.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

However, you will have wedding memories and photos for life, and that is one lovely dress she is looking at! Given Anjali’s design skills, she could probably design her own beautiful wedding dress to make all those Instagram people jealous.


Dieting is hard. A few newer ways of dieting make it feel less like a chore, but these are not as popular as the traditional go-to’s like fruit bowls and salads. Do you know what makes dieting even more difficult?

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Temptation staring at you! Temptation right in front of you! Our roommates and partners aren’t trying to be mean. They just have a meal you would have had yesterday. However, it’s what makes people stop dieting. That’s what cheat days are for.

Don’t give up

Anjali said the inspiration for these comics started when she drew one comic of their first date, and it was a huge hit and, luckily, now we have a whole series to enjoy. Maybe this is the prequel to the comic that started it all. What do you think?

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

It’s a very cute and inspirational comic. For those who are dating, not every date will turn into a meeting with your partner for life. It’s just an experience that will bring you closer to who you want to be with.


Some people just give the best hugs ever. Not too tight, not too loose, but just right. For scientific purposes, we just had to Google the best type of hug, and based on our extensive research, it is the “bear hug.”

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

That is a genuine and meaningful hug that is a little tight and shared in moments of joy and excitement. So, what do you think? What is the best type of hug? Do you prefer your hugs to be squeeze-your-breath-out tight or medium tight?


Getting used to change is hard. Deciding to change something is even harder! If you had your hair long for your whole life, chopping your locks can become a core memory. And it might not be one of the golden-colored happy ones either.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Even the people in your life might be shocked by the sudden change. However, if your love is true, people in your life will love you regardless of your haircut! Also, rocking new hair might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

No time

One thing that people find to be one of the biggest nuisances is doing their personal maintenance. Women are stereotyped to love it, but what if it gets tiresome? Sometimes, even the most put-together among us want a break from the wax, gel, and dye.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

We think Anjali’s hair monster looks a little like the female hormone monster from Big Mouth. But we get her. Even if we wanted that break, there comes the point for most where we are over the extra hair and book the first available appointment.

Oh, packing!

Remember how Anjali is the one who slightly overpacks? Well, seems like it’s not just the holidays, but this is a problem when they are moving as well. In this situation, it’s an even bigger problem. On a broader scale!

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

These boxes do seem essential, like pillows blanket covers. But upon closer inspection, we can see our Anjali has a bit of a shoe obsession. Nothing to be ashamed of. This is pretty common. After all, shoes can make or break an outfit.


While this one is not framed as advice, if you are craving some cuddles from your partner but are not sure how to get them, this is the trick for you. While they are in bed or on the couch, slip into their shirt!

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Slipping into the shirt will trap them in place, forcing them to give you cuddles. Please do not try this with people you are not close with. We do not think that is cool, and the claustrophobic among us would not be happy at all.

Cuddles, again

While this one was not framed as advice either, we admit it is hilarious. The one above could be seen as cute and flirty, while this move could cause some injuries. Maybe not serious ones, but maybe jumping next to your guy is better.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

This little comic should come with one of those disclaimers, “The Actions In This Comic Are Performed By Professionals. Do Not Attempt.” Or “No Individuals or Animals Were Harmed.” Long story short, don’t break anyone’s ribs on our account!


Shopping sprees can be therapeutic. That’s what most movies and magazines tell us anyway. After some rough times, you might need to treat yourself to a shop hop. However, there are some classics we always go back to in the end.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Although we have a full closet, sometimes it’s just nice to wear your partner’s clothes. Well, if it fits you or is oversized. Bonus points for oversized, for obvious reasons. It’s more comfortable somehow, isn’t it? The feeling of sinking into something your partner wore is amazing.


Ah, this is another classic opposites attract scenario. There’s always the organized one who remembers all dates and the couple’s obligations in a relationship. And then, there’s the other one who can’t memorize a single date or place they need to be.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

There’s always the sneaky password setting attempt. The organized one will set up Wi-Fi, joint bank accounts, or Netflix with some important couple’s date, thinking this will make the unorganized one remember the date. It’s never worked. It never will.


How many of us like to try new hobbies? Some of us have taken up crochet, sewing, a musical instrument, or even makeup. Apparently, when things were closed, Anjali decided to try her barber skills. She looks so confident; we really want to believe in her.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

This comic is relatable for all those beard trims too. Anyway, hairdressers, barbers, and bakers of the world, please never leave us! We love you, and we appreciate you! You provide an essential service for all, and we need you to fix our messes.


Finding a place to live is no small task, especially if you live in a bustling city. Depending on where you live, finding an affordable place with all the amenities and necessities might feel like mission impossible. During the hunt, you will surely have some challenges.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

Many of us have a list of boxes to tic to find a perfect home. If you are looking for a place to settle with a partner, your “musts” might differ. Like they are for Anjali and KT. They don’t seem to be impressed with the same things.


If you were ever in love, you know that the fear of losing your loved one comes over you every now and then and shakes you up. It is the human condition, after all, to be aware of our own mortality.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

But we also know that annoying feeling of doubt that crops us. We like that Anjali sees it as the angel/devil on her shoulder scenario. Then she has a clear grip on reality. But we know how those thoughts can circle endlessly.


We have been both Anjali and KT in this comic, so we are reserving judgment on both. We think it’s so annoying when our partner doesn’t do what we ask, but how many times have we been the ones saying, “tomorrow for sure”?

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

And Anjali might very well be right that KT will take 30 years to get to the fridge. But even though he is the tall one, can’t she stand on a chair? And Couldn’t he just take three minutes to do it? See, as we said, we can’t take sides.

Comfort level: 100

Some people love the butterflies and newness that come with the earliest stages of falling in love. But most of us just want to get to that point where we are so comfortable we can be our grossest selves in front of each other. Ah, true love.

Source: anjali_comics / Instagram

And our partners nor we are phased by it after some time goes by. Look at her boyfriend’s face: he is mildly surprised but not necessarily grossed out. If we haven’t said it yet, we will say it now: these two are relationship goals.