Couples Going Through Separation Anxiety As All Offices Starts To Open

By Divya G

After two cups of coffee and an hour during the workday, Jess, a 28-year old working lady, can only think of one thing – to go back home to see her partner. People currently experiencing similar situations have claimed that they feel dreadful about staying away from their girlfriend/boyfriend way too long.

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How Has Work-From-Home Changed Relationships?

A study was conducted in the UK back in 2020. It provided evidence that a third of individuals living with their partners have claimed that a month of lockdown felt like a year’s worth of relationship. But on the other hand, two-thirds of the people have claimed that their relationship has become much stronger after spending too much time at home together. 

On the other hand, Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, founder of Renewed Focus and clinical psychologist, has said that WFH or Work-From-Home have provided couples more time to build emotional intimacy. Working from home has also helped create brand-new traditions, such as afternoon walks or coffee in bed. 

How Are Couples Managing Their Office Life?

During the lockdown, many couples have claimed that they were super close to each other because they were doing their respective works. They would cuddle with each other during their free time, do a bit of chit-chat on random stuff, and then get back to work. 

But now that all the offices have reopened, many couples are working to have time together. Even though re-adjusting to the working life might take some time, experts have said to move forward with it slowly.

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Final Thoughts

Work-From-Home has made many couples inseparable, but now that lockdown is over, everyone has to go back to work. It will take a little time to stay away from your partner while working in the office, but couples are using video calls, texts, and even calling each other to spend time together in-between work.