Cringy Pregnancy Reveals From Parents-To-Be That Could Use A Lesson In Tact

By Aileen D

It’s cute. It’s popular. It’s a great way to bond with loved ones, sharing in the joy of knowing a new member of the family is on the way. Sure, it sounds sweet and sentimental, but we have a few reasons why we should do away with “creative” pregnancy announcements and gender reveals.

Not only are they a waste of time, but even with the best forethought, some of these announcements amount to just that… waste. To prove our argument, we have compiled some of the most cringe-worthy pregnancy and gender reveals on the internet. The day might be celebrated in honor of their babies, but without a doubt, once these babies grow into adults, they will likely skulk in embarrassment about how their arrival was announced to the world.If you disagree, feel free to look at a couple of these announcements. Even we can’t understand how expecting parents can convey their excitement in such an uncouth way.

All images in this article are courtesy of That’s It, I’m Pregnancy Announcement Shaming on Facebook.

Making Use Of Leftovers

This couple seems to have a fondness for chicken. After a celebratory meal, they had an idea to put those extra fries to use and get creative with their pregnancy announcement. But referring to their children as little nuggets seems pretty unrefined, come to think of it.

While mom and dad were obviously cooking up something other than poultry, there’s no need to brand the kid with the nickname nugget before it’s even born… Maybe it will be more of a cupcake… but now, we will never know. Poor little nugget!

Helping Hands On The Way

How many times did your parents remind you that you were living rent-free? We often got that speech when we didn’t want to rake the leaves or shovel the driveway, usually with a joking comment about kids being “free labor.”

Of course, those jokes are only okay when your kids are old enough to understand that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. These poor kids are probably going to be doing all the hard work in exchange for pocket change the second they learn to walk.

How They’re Made

You can tell this person is one of those parents who tries to force learning and life lessons at every possible opportunity. Why do we say that? Take a look at the little items taped to the paper. Do you see the pattern, yet?

This belongs in a high school biology textbook. From egg to zygote to baby, the whole process is laid out. To be honest, though, we can’t stay too mad. We appreciate anyone with a good sense of humor when it comes to science and biology.

Such Role Models

They say that nothing keeps you from creating the life you want. So if you want to have kids, then you will most definitely find a way to bring that new bundle of joy into your life, even if your partner isn’t always around.

Aren’t they such role models? We can only hope that they are referencing the fact that they will not be totally free till their baby goes off to college, and not that baby daddy was actually behind bars for doing anything illegal.

A Couple of Daredevils

This post got a lot of reshares on social media. After all, how many couples would hold their pregnancy announcement in a remote area in the Arctic, far away from any loved ones? Shock and awe, guys. That’s the name of the game.

Why the need to fly all the way to the Arctic to make such an announcement? Not to mention we are doubtful that there is a maternity ward in the poles. This one is yelling too flashy for our liking.

Arrested For…

While we are all for a bit of role-playing from time to time,… Fireman, handyman, you get the idea… C’mon, guys—it’s time to get serious and prepare yourselves to become parents. That will be the most important job of your life.

It seems like, until then, this pair is making use of all of their old couple’s Halloween costumes and staging bizarre pregnancy announcements. On the bright side, this cringe-worthy picture will serve as good blackmail for their kid when they’re grown.

Woof Woof

We’re at a loss for words. We don’t know where this woman got her pregnancy announcement inspiration from, but there’s definitely a lot going on here. Thank goodness she wrote “Belle,” because we would never have guessed who she’s dressed as otherwise.

Maybe she was watching way too much Once Upon A Time when she read that little stick. After all, pregnant women have a glow about them, so dressing up as “Beauty” totally fits. Bonus points if her hubby is named Adam.

Like the Olden Days

They say women’s brains turn to mush once they get pregnant, and there’s some truth to that experience. They call it the pregnancy brain—when they suffer frequent bouts of forgetfulness, memory problems, and an overall decline of cognition. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.

Mommy’s new man? Excuse us. We bet Dad got super offended when he saw this. He might not be the only guy around anymore, but he still has a place by his wife’s side. Dad is irreplaceable, and don’t you forget it!

Gotta Stop With These

What did we say about referring to children as food? You guys have got to stop it! We know having a “bun in the oven” is a common phrase, but that doesn’t mean you have to lean into it when making your pregnancy announcement.

We are certain that Gordon Ramsey would be displeased with this choice of metaphor. That mother will be super annoyed if that babyq burger stays on the grill too long, but we suppose it’s better than being plated too early.

Got Nothing Better To Do

Before 2020, we would’ve been overjoyed to work remotely so much, but as the months passed, boredom slowly took over. At least couples had someone to keep them company…and a way to pass the time. That’s one way to calm the nerves.

Now, all their energy is spent on keeping these two from crying. Need a bottle? Mom will prep it. Need a diaper change? Dad will be there in a jiffy to secure the velcro straps. Need another playmate? That’s one request Mom and Dad don’t seem to mind fulfilling.

Ovens Again?

People should take after the royals more often. When Kate Middleton found herself pregnant once again, she graciously told the press in due time. She did so by confirming pregnancy speculations, but she didn’t feel the need to announce it like this.

They really took the bun in the oven metaphor all the way, didn’t they? Props, though, if they went through the effort to bake all those pies themselves. We hope they also plan on eating that meal because that’s such a waste.

You Think?

How old were you when your parents first introduced you to the birds and the bees concept? It might not make sense, but at least everyone knows that that phrase means. Nowadays, though, parents just explain sex in terms of Netflix and chill.

We’ll admit that, when the phrase “Netflix and chill” first started going around, we didn’t think it was an innuendo. We hope the rest of the family gets the reference otherwise it’ll be a very awkward conversation.

New Player In The Arena

If you don’t dig the whole Netflix and chill explanation, then here’s one that might be more palatable. This couple wasn’t embarrassed to admit that they lacked some self-discipline when they were stuck inside. There wasn’t a game on, so they made their own.

Was that the only sport they cared about? It’s fine if you want to have a baby, but don’t blame it on a lack of sports. C’mon, people. Just like your “lucky jersey” doesn’t affect the game, the players shouldn’t affect your decision to have a kid, either.

The Best Part

We’ve seen the joke too many times in TV shows. The woman wakes up to a sore stomach and worries about what the cause could be. This woman was worried she got food poisoning, so she got out the handy dandy pregnancy stick to check.

Fortunately, it came back positive. Instead of stocking up on Tums, it was time to go shopping for diapers. Good thing she had friends to help her out with things. Dad was too in shock to be of any use.

Goodbye Independence

We don’t know what these folks were thinking. When parents find out that they have a child on the way, they usually plan a light-hearted baby shower and paint the nursery with bright, dainty colors… not post a Halloween-themed announcement in the shape of a coffin.

Do you think these parents were trying to tell us something? Like, “here’s to the end of our weekly night outs. In nine months, our quiet nights will be long gone. Goodbye peace and quiet; hello dirty diapers.”

Ye Shall Receive

We’re not the type to argue with people who believe that kids are heaven-sent. We’ll politely nod and listen to them go on and on about how long they have wanted one, and how thrilled they are to welcome a new member into their family.

Oh, boy. Cringy setup aside, we can’t help but notice just how many pregnancy test sticks there are. We get wanting to double-check, but that’s just a waste of money! That second line will still show up when you test for the tenth time.

A Love for the Outdoors

Everyone knows these two are a power couple. You will see them hosting barbecues on Sunday, inviting neighbors and strangers to dine with them. As she sets the table, he gives the lawn a quick mow. After, he enjoys a couple of beers with the guys while the ladies chat.

Feeling inspired, they decided to go with the outdoor theme for their pregnancy announcement. They had the lawnmower; all that was left to do was head to Target and pick up a kiddy-sized one. Wait a few years, and the kid will enjoy mowing the lawn with Dad.


Something fishy is going on. This mom saw her daughter going to the bathroom frequently during the day, and was startled awake by her daughter getting sick during the early morn. She didn’t want to pry. Fortunately, her daughter and her husband announced they were expecting.

She tried her hardest to contain her emotions. There had been shock, of course, but mostly utter delight at the grandchild on the way. She was, however, disappointed in her daughter for not using spellcheck. Stop trying to make fishe happen.

For Lack of Better Prose

This next pregnancy reveal is giving us serious diy vibes. Now, we have nothing wrong with homemade crafts. In fact, we love them! But there’s way too much color going on, and it’s difficult to even read what’s on that piece of cardboard.

Oh, boy. Well, if you’re going to use an innuendo in your pregnancy announcement, might as well use it to your advantage. This mother-to-be made a whole garden theme out of the silly yet cringy joke. Bonus points for the props.

Out Of Focus

Once again, we come across two people with an ambiguous pregnancy reveal. You would think that these two have learned what to do and what not to do, given that this is their second baby. But they just never learn.

There’s a lot going on here. First off, why is the family in the background? Shouldn’t they want to pose with the first picture to go in Baby’s First Book? And we hate to think that’s a real candle. Fire hazard, much?

Got That Right

There’s no set rulebook for parenting, but if there was, we doubt this couple would listen. They can’t even follow the three simple rules of Gremlins. Little Gizmo got wet and now there’s another one on the way—and we all know how terrible sequels are.

They at least get some credit because, for once, someone actually called babies for what they really are—gremlins! They’re utterly mischievous without even trying, they’re loud, messy, disruptive, and they tend to get away with everything simply because they’re cute.

She. Not “We.” She!

What’s the best time to reveal that you and your wife are expecting another baby? Why… over dinner, of course! You’re surrounded by loved ones, and you’re bonding over a great meal. Surely, you have got to find a way to ruin the mood.

Correction pal. She’s pregnant again. Don’t ever make the mistake of pretending that you know how it feels to carry a baby inside of you. Do you remember that episode of Full House where Jesse had the fake baby bump? Yeah, he didn’t last long.

Could Have Settled with 1-1

Could you look at the picture below and explain it to us? Because, frankly, we’re a bit confused. Wasn’t the whole point of playing a game to win? Clearly, this couple isn’t a fan of hockey as much as the other ones we saw earlier.

For some parents, three is the magic number, and this couple seems to agree. Cringy announcement aside, that baby is going to have a crazy fun childhood. Big brother and big sister energy? The parents will be exhausted chasing after those three.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Deciding to have a kid takes considerable thought from both parents. And while it takes two to tango, mom’s going to be doing most of the work for those nine months. Sure, dad can help with chores and cooking, but he can’t actually do the hard part.

Yes, the baby is made and raised with love, but that doesn’t detract from the rest of the onesie. C’mon, Dad, give Mom some more credit than just a joking line on a onesie. Maybe he’ll do most of the diaper changes to make it up to her.

Restless Nights

This guy could only see contempt and judgment in the eyes of his parents. He knew they didn’t think it was a good idea, so they decided to keep quiet altogether. He looked back at the wooden cardboard with a thoughtful message and decided to shelve it.

His parents decided to sip their coffee, trying their hardest not to break into a laugh. “Oh, he’ll be having a nightmare, alright.” With that, they pulled out his baby book and shared all the fun blackmail photos with the mother-to-be. Priceless!


A little creativity goes a long way, but you wouldn’t want to go overboard lest you end up explaining yourself to everyone. Take this pregnancy reveal, for example. We bet they got a lot of questions, like, “Is this how you’re choosing your baby’s name?

We’re usually good with anagrams, but we can’t make out the name of this baby boy (or girl). That being said, we don’t know whether to buy a bonnet in blue or pink. We’ll buy a pair just to be sure.

Can’t Even Get Her Spelling Right

We don’t expect you to have a graduate degree before becoming a parent. All we ask is that you remember your elementary school lessons and learn to dot your i’s and cross your t’s before taking another life under your care. What would they have to teach these young ones?

We’ll give her a break, though. It seems like her baby is overdue, and she’s ready to get to the next step when she can finally have some assistance from her SO. Then again, she can’t even seem to rely on him to correct her spelling. Rude!

Like that Fried?

What is it with processed foods? Parents seem too keen to liken their children to food and, honestly, it’s a bit concerning. We get that everyone loves them, but there’s nothing sentimental about it. Do you understand the hype about this?

It’s a good thing that these parents didn’t put “best before November 1” when they mentioned the due date. That’d be taking it way too far. Not that it’s all that palatable to begin with. People, put those back in the fridge and send out a cuter announcement.

Been Busy

People were worried about these two. They hadn’t heard from them on almost all social media accounts. They would only receive an occasional text from these lovebirds, only to find out months later that they had been very busy during their absence.

In between all the daily stress, they had another life on the way. It took a lot of preparation, both physically and mentally, which was a feat in and of itself in 2020. Though, how they got the deed done with five others around is the real mystery, here.

True Nature

This pregnancy reveal is actually pretty cute. Many goth parents would love and hate it. They would love someone showing appreciation for the dark arts, but hate that the secret recipe be divulged to the public. It’s a good thing that these two are keeping guard.

They check the brewing potion regularly. They had been told about the baby’s imminent arrival and were eager to find out if they’d have a little brother or sister. But they couldn’t help contain their excitement. Five weeks is far too long a wait.

Which Hole?

This woman fell for her dutiful husband because he serves his country. She loved the guy because he was willing to put his life on the line to keep the peace. But when he left, the house felt just a little too empty.

In between tours, the couple had some time together. And, nine months later, mom’s got a little bundle of joy to keep her company the next time dad is deployed. At least, that’s how we like to think of it. It’s all about wording, people!

Not Really A Secret

These chocolates are living their worst nightmare. According to this mother-to-be, there are a bunch of people waiting to bag them. It sounds like a trick instead of a treat, especially with how she phrased that she was sharing a sweet little secret with every passerby.

You would wonder why after All Hallows Eve, this bucket remained full. Was no one excited for them? That’s one way to find out that no one likes you at the office. At least they’ll have another companion on the way real soon.

A Nightmare for Other Parents

All around them, they could hear kids asking their parents. They snickered, thinking that the joke was funny, but they could hear other parents changing the topic and then saw them frowning at these two for wearing their matching tees.

Every kid needs to have “the talk,” but that doesn’t mean you should force other parents to have it sooner rather than later. Honestly, people, don’t put that burden on other parents to have to explain your innuendo to their kids if they ask.


Something doesn’t seem right here. Yes, we all know how babies are made, but you don’t need to mention it in your pregnancy announcement. Actually, come to think of it, this couple might not know all that much about biology.

We’re sure that’s not how it went down, mam. It might have been how it started out, but you’re leaving out the important details… If you’re going to play it that way, it might be best to leave the entirety of the reveal off this announcement board. It’s for the best.

Put Away The Food

Picture this: you’re at a baseball game, and you’re all riled up. You look at the players to see who’s making the next move, and patiently waiting for your partner to return with refreshments. Once again, sports, food, and baby announcements don’t match.

Dad just wanted a hot dog while he watched the game. Okay, we doubt that’s how she told him. Still, we get the innuendo and why so many people seem to use it in their pictures, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Nor is it always amusing.


Here’s an unpopular opinion: No matter how many fur babies you have at home, you will never be fully prepared to handle a human kid until you have one. So yes, that’s a good enough reason to panic, but there’s no need to develop a strategy for the big day.

Whelping date?” Whelp, at least they have fur babies to help them prep for the big day. We feel bad for those poor doggos. We bet they’ll know how to put on diapers and warm up milk bottles just as well as Mom and Dad do.

Wrong Page

You would think that, in this day and age, these parents would know which platforms to use for various tasks, like sharing news or selling things. After finding out that they would be having twins, they took to Facebook Marketplace to share the happy news.

Worst of all, they got their kids involved in this cringe-worthy photo. They did get one aspect of the pregnancy announcement right. The way they set it up is a pretty cute way to tell everyone that you have twins on the way.

Is This Make-Believe?

You can tell that these parents aren’t good listeners. When they were told by their daughter that she wanted a unicorn for her birthday, they mistook her request for a baby brother. Where’s the logic in that? Sure, she wanted a playmate…

…but she wanted to have mom and dad’s full attention when she pleased. This is not what she had in mind. A new Barbie set? Sure. A pet turtle? Maybe. As a consolation prize, she’ll probably get plenty of toys when the new baby arrives. Yay for big sister presents.

Heads to the Bin

Boston Cream is an up-and-coming bakery. Aside from their standard fare, they are happy to fulfill special orders. It received a call from an expecting couple who needed to choose amongst the food items to be used during their gender reveal party. Guess what Boston Cream offered.

We read the word, and we know what it should look like. Our brains, on the other hand, screamed cake. It would have been likely for a shop like Boston Cream to offer to bake cake with blue-colored layers instead of lasagna.

Safety First?

We literally did a facepalm as soon as we saw this picture. Who in their right mind would put a baby carrier in the back of their pick-up truck? It’s time to sit the parents down for a serious conversation about their poor judgment.

Here is a piece of unsolicited advice: sell that truck and get yourself a decent family van. It might cost a fortune and set you back amongst the guys, but at least you’re doing your part as the dutiful parent.

A Bit Too Strong

You know what. This would have actually passed our standards. The presentation is classy, well-thought out, and has a subtle humor to it that we love. And they get points for the use of puns and props. But there’s an issue here…

That’s not where you should put the pregnancy test. That’s such a waste of perfectly roasted Arabica beans. We can’t wrap our heads around the wastage. It’s almost giving us a migraine. And you know what would have solved our little headache—a cup of coffee. Have to give that a hard pass now.


We have to be honest. It took us a couple of seconds to realize where this woman had gotten her inspiration from. To be fair, the full quote does include the word “womb,” so it’s on point for a pregnancy announcement.

To be honest, this one actually isn’t the worst we’ve seen on this list, but it’s not exactly an exemplary pregnancy announcement, either. The rustic ladder vibe really doesn’t fit here. We like that they kept the props simple, at least.

Why’d It Reach This Level of Fame

The quickest way to spread the news is to tell your friends, “please don’t tell (my secret) to anyone.” You have always got a traitorous Judas in your circle, and you can count on them to share the news that your contraceptive failed.

But something gives us the idea that this woman had intended for this pregnancy reveal to go viral. It might be the only reason why anyone would give her attention. Tough luck once that baby gets delivered; she can’t bask in any internet fame with a little one around.


We get that you’re excited, but before hitting that “post” button, make sure to review your content. Is it really a good idea to share this groundbreaking revelation with everyone? It might be better to limit it to an understanding few

Maybe don’t use the word “explosive” here. Yes, sparklers are a fun way to show your excitement, and yes, calling someone your “little firecracker” can be a term of endearment, but maybe save that for later. Keep those announcements cute and light.

Fact from Fiction

You can tell that this woman will exaggerate her kid’s skills. Took his first step? “She was able to do it in just one day.” Read her alphabet? “Learned it after turning one.” “Oh and did I mention that the northern lights were named after my baby?

From last night’s show? We have never been to the Nordic countries, but we’re sure the northern lights have never appeared like an ultrasound before. This woman better stop calling Mother Nature a copycat. Frankly, we’re surprised that this picture wasn’t deleted by the page admin.