39 Celebrities Digitally Reimagined As Their Disney Counterparts

By Liezel L August 24, 2022

When you were a kid and addicted to watching Disney movies on repeat, did you dream of growing up to become a prince or princess? Well, you’re not alone. Almost all of the kids who grew up watching Disney movies had that dream. There were so many Disney characters to look up to; the best part is that they keep getting better and better with each movie Disney releases. Sadly, not everyone can become a Disney prince or princess, unless it’s in the art world, of course. Take Russian artist Helen Morgun’s works for instance. She transforms celebrities into magical Disney characters and her works are just breathtaking. She just knows which celebs are perfect for the character. In addition, her works make us imagine what these characters would look like in real life, making us want more live-action Disney films. Check out some of her best works and see for yourself how uncanny the resemblance is.

Lilly Collins As Snow White

For Lilly Collins, it only takes a little bit of imagining to see her as Snow White. After all, the actress has already played the fair Snow White in the movie “Mirror, Mirror.” Sadly, the movie wasn’t a big hit but no one can deny that Collins fit the role perfectly.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

The artist put a more modern spin to this Snow White but it’s working out pretty well. Just imagine this concept in a live-action film that isn’t too teen flick-ish and it might just work out. Maybe it can still happen, right?

Margot Robbie As Elsa

“Let it go! Let it go!” Oh, Margot Robbie would just make the perfect Elsa in a live-action film. She already looks like the character. All she needs is that icy blue gown and we have Elsa in the flesh! 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

We’re not sure if Robbie can belt out all those high notes as Idina Menzel did for Elsa in the animated film but we’re pretty sure she can make up for it with the acting. After all, Robbie is no stranger to playing strong women roles. 

Megan Fox As Megara From Hercules

Megan Fox is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. And she’s known to play witty and sarcastic characters who aren’t always easily attracted to ordinary men, so she and Megara are already alike in more than a few ways. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

Would she sell her soul to Hades for a man, though? We’re not sure about that but we’re sure she can play the part of a woman who does that all for the sake of love, anyway. Oh, the red hair just looks perfect on her, so why not?

Rihanna As Tiana

Hollywood, why are you sleeping on this? Rihanna would just be the perfect person to play Tiana. For one, Rihanna just looks so perfect in that princess gown. Although she’s already a rockstar princess in her own right, it can’t hurt to put a crown on her, right?

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

In addition to that, she and Tiana are alike in so many ways. They’re both girl bosses who wouldn’t depend on anyone else to achieve their dreams for them. And they also just don’t let anybody step on them. Girl power!

Emilia Clarke As Belle

Emilia Clarke is most well known for her role as the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones.” While her character on the show wasn’t as sweet and forgiving as Belle, they both believed in the freedom of making their own choices. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

Other than that, in real life, Emilia Clarke is a known sweetheart who also loves to get her nose in a book sometimes. With her soft romantic look and that trait of hers, we think she’d also make a very lovable Belle.

Tom Hiddleston As Hades

Everyone knows that Tom Hiddleston is nothing but a giant sweetheart. He’s also an intelligent, charming, and humble gentleman. Because of that, he might seem so different from the Greek god of the underworld, Hades, especially the version from Disney’s Hercules

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Jaguar PS/ Shutterstock

However, for some reason, the actor just fits the part so well. Maybe it’s because of the fact that he plays Loki in the Marvel movies so well. Surely, adding another witty and sarcastic god of sorts wouldn’t hurt his portfolio, right?

Selena Gomez As Moana

First of all, both Selena Gomez and Moana are sweethearts with sass. They are like the best friend that would do anything in the world for you, as well as being the person who won’t hesitate to put you in your place. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

In addition, Selena Gomez has naturally wavy hair and gorgeously tan skin that makes her an immediate fit for Moana. We have no doubt she also won’t have any problems singing “How Far I’ll Go” or any other Moana songs out there.

Lucy Liu As Mulan

Anyone who knows Lucy Liu knows that she’s one badass woman. In addition to her most famous role as an angel in Charlie’s Angels, she’s also well known for other cool crime-fighting roles that show that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

We also know that, behind the scenes, Liu fights for what she knows is right and isn’t afraid to speak up about it. And while Liu Yifei did a fantastic job as Mulan in the live-action film, we’re pretty sure Lucy would have made a great Mulan as well.

Lili Reinhart As Alice

Lili Reinhart shot to fame with her role on the show “Riverdale” as the love interest of Cole Sprouse’s Jughead. And while her character on the teen show wasn’t as sweet and as innocent as Alice’s, we think she’ll do the character justice. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

It might be because of the fact that, behind the scenes, Lili Reinhart is actually a very adventurous and curious person. She often posts her shenanigans with her best friends on Instagram and that’s where we see the strong Alice resemblance.

Amanda Seyfried As Rapunzel

Ever since she played Karen in the iconic film “Mean Girls,” Seyfried has always captured our attention in whatever roles she takes up. And we’re pretty sure she can do that again if she plays Rapunzel in a live-action film.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Ovidiu Hrubaru/ Shutterstock

Not only can she sing well, as she has proven in her role in the movie adaptation of “Les Miserables,” but she already looks a lot like the character. All she needs is a bit of additional length to her hair and she’s golden.

Lena Headey As The Evil Queen

Did you know that, in “Game of Thrones,” Lena Headey played her character Cersei Lannister so well that some fans of the show would actually throw mean words at her in real life? She was just so good that she got them hating her very image. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ s_bukley/ Shutterstock

We think she can do the same justice to The Evil Queen in Snow White. And with her talents, she can give more depth to the character rather than just being a jealous old lady. She won’t need anything much as well since she already has the mean look down.

Emma Stone As Merida

Emma Stone is no stranger to playing strong and independent women. Remember her roles as Gwen Stacey in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and as Olive Pender in “Easy A?” Those were iconic roles and proved that she fits the bill for those kinds of roles. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

That is part of the reason we think she’d be perfect as Merida, the strong-willed princess of Disney’s “Brave.” Plus, with Stone’s big eyes and red hair, she already looks like a real-life version of the princess. She just needs a bow and arrow. 

Camila Cabello As Jasmine

Camila Cabello already would look exceptional as Aladin’s princess Jasmine. More than that, she has the voice, the wit, and the sass to play the princess. And while we probably won’t be seeing Shawn Mendes as her Aladin, does it matter?

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

Sadly, Camila has already taken up the mantle of another princess, Cinderella, in a more modern take on the Disney princess. And she was just amazing in it. Still, that doesn’t mean that her doors are forever closed for wearing another princess’s crown, right?

Rachel McAdams as Cinderella

Speaking of Cinderella, do you know who would be a perfect fit for the role? Rachel McAdams. She is such an amazing actress and we got to say, she has a knack for playing girl-next-door kind of roles, which Cinderella kind of is. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

She already looks like the kind of woman a man would search an entire kingdom for. Plus, we think that a pair of Jimmy Choos would just look lovely on her, especially with that beautiful gown of hers. We’re also excited about what else she’d bring to the role.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock as Pocahontas

Leigh-Anne Pinnock isn’t an actress per se. She’s a member of Little Mix, one of the most successful girl groups out there. And she started from humble beginnings as a Pizza Hut waitress before becoming a successful singer with fans all over the world. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

Despite that, we still think she would make a great Pocahontas, especially for her amazing singing voice. We believe she could belt out “Colors of the Wind” in her own spectacular way and give justice to Pocahontas’ story as well.

Melissa McCarthy As The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a terrifying person. Not only does her mood shift like crazy from one second to another but you never really know where her thoughts lie. One minute, she’ll be fine with you. But the next, she’ll be screaming “Off with her head!”

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

Those characteristics are far from what is said about the hilarious Melissa McCarthy. On the contrary, she’s known to make people laugh a lot, both on stage and offstage. That’s what makes it more interesting to see her as the Queen of Hearts. How would she play the role?

Blake Lively As Aurora

Have you seen Blake Lively in that spectacular, jaw-dropping red and gold dress she wore for the Met Gala a few years back? If you did, you’d understand why she’d be perfect as a Disney princess. She was basically a walking goddess in that gown. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Everett Collection/ Shutterstock

As Aurora, she looks like an absolute sweetheart who would dance around pretty forests and talk to strangers out of kindness. We’re pretty sure Lively would bring something more to the table for the role of Aurora, though, and we would want to see that.

Salma Hayek As Mother Gothel

We know that time isn’t turning back for Salma Hayek, but she doesn’t seem to be getting older. In fact, it looks like she has discovered the secret to remaining youthful, which Mother Gothel would probably want. So it kind of makes it seem that the role of Gothel was meant for her.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

The reimagining is just unreal! It’s like Mother Gothel was meant for Hayek right from the start. She also looks like she’s about to start singing “Mother Knows Best,” and you know what? We 100% believe Hayek could pull it off. 

Cara Delevingne As Anna

This is a reimagining that we never expected but somehow, it works. Delevingne looks so good as Anna. However, she and Anna couldn’t be farther apart in character. Anna is sweet and innocent and we don’t get that vibe from Delevingne. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

Delevingne is used to being fierce in the center of the spotlight. However, when she’s away from the cameras, she has plenty of goofy moments that might befit Anna. Still, we think this is a reimagining that is better as digital art, and not as a live-action film.

Elizabeth Olsen As Jane

Elizabeth Olsen’s fame really blew up when she joined Marvel’s Avengers as the Scarlet Witch, who is just as intelligent and strong-willed as Jane. In addition to that, Olsen has also been in period films, which makes it easier to picture her as Jane in real life. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

With Olsen’s fantastic acting skills, she also probably wouldn’t have any problem transitioning into the character in real life. She might even incorporate some of that Scarlet Witch’s powerful energy into the role. That would be pretty amazing to see.

Billie Eilish As Kiddah Nedakh

Seriously, “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” is a really underrated Disney movie. We’re not even sure if the younger generations of today know that it exists. Whether they do or not, it won’t change the fact that Kiddah Nedakh, the love interest of the protagonist and the princess of Atlantis, was a strong and dynamic character. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Joe Seer/ Shutterstock

We think Billie’s alternative style gives her a strong resemblance to the character. However, when it comes to who would be able to give justice to the character on screen, we think someone like Zoe Saldana would be a strong candidate.

Emma Stone As Cruella De Vil

When it was first announced that Emma Stone would be playing Cruella De Vil in the villain’s solo film, many people were skeptical. Stone played more quirky and fun girls. She didn’t look like villain material. But she proved all those people wrong. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Andrea Raffin/ Shutterstock

Oh, hear her roar. She was spectacular as Cruella! Unhinged, glamorous, wild – she was everything we wanted to see in Cruella and more. Her casting was just perfect. Now we can only hope for a sequel to the movie.

Sophie Turner As Ariel

We can’t deny it. Sophie Turner would look great as Ariel, as this reimagining shows us. And we think Turner wouldn’t be too bad in the role. The question is, can she sing? It’s an integral part of Ariel even if she’ll lose her voice for parts of the film.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

Sadly, Turner isn’t really known for her singing voice. Maybe in a world where Ariel doesn’t sing, she’d be perfect. Still, this is a great alternate version of the mermaid princess. The red hair looks amazing on Turner, as we all know already. 

Scarlett Johansson As Anastasia

Out of the princesses, Anastasia’s story is one of the most famous. For a time, nobody really knew if the youngest Romanov survived the Russian Revolution or not and the mystery of her story played well into the Disney film about her. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Denis Makarenko/ Shutterstock

If the film was made into a live-action film, Scar Jo would be a great choice. Not only is she no stranger to playing mysterious characters, but she already looks a lot like Anya. Also, she already played one Romanov (Natasha Romanov) before, so why not add another one?

Mila Kunis As Esmeralda

This reimagining of Mila Kunis as Esmeralda is just perfect. It’s like she was made just for the character. It’s so easy to imagine her in the role as well, and we trust she’ll be able to bring justice to the fierce character. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Everett Collection/ Shutterstock

Not only are they both gorgeous, but both Kunis and Esmeralda are sassy women. They won’t let any man tell them what to do and they’ll fight for what they know is right. They’re both forces to be reckoned with, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Emma Watson As Anna

Emma Watson is already like a real-life princess despite not having a crown. She played Hermione in the Harry Potter series and she is also such a role model in real life. Many kids admire her and want to grow up to be like her. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

She also nabbed a Disney princess title already as Belle as well. However, we think she’d also be great as Anna in Frozen. Not only would it be fun to hear Anna with a British accent, but it would also be nice to see Watson in a very cheery role like Anna.

Ariana Grande As Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz

We don’t know about you, but we see a lot of Ariana in Vanellope and a lot of Vanellope in Ariana. And it’s not just their small stature. Both of them are highly energetic and will never back down from a challenge. Plus, they’re both so adorable!

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

We think Ariana’s voice would also be great for the character of Vanellope. Aside from that, Ari has everything else she needs to play the bouncy little princess from “Wreck-It Ralph,” and we know she’ll do a fantastic job at it if there ever comes a live-action movie of it.

Lady Gaga As Ursula

Lady Gaga’s style always had some out-of-this-world elements that some would consider weird or even unhinged. That makes her a great fit for the evil sea witch who almost took Ariel’s voice away. In addition to that, Lady Gaga is known to be dramatic very much like Ursula. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Joe Seer/ Shutterstock

Aside from the vibe, Lady Gaga also has a great set of pipes and we know that she can confidently belt out “Poor Unfortunate Souls” with flair. Sadly, Melissa McCarthy has beat her to the role for the upcoming “The Little Mermaid” live-action film.

Halle Bailey As Ariel

When the news came out that Halle Bailey was set to play Ariel in the upcoming live-action film, many people were shocked. And while some nasty people threw racist comments at the actress, plenty of others were highly supportive and excited for her take on the Disney princess. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

She might not look like the traditional version, but we believe she is just as much a princess as her character. Not only has she shown admirable strength in the face of the backlash towards her, but she has been graceful through it all. Because of that, we think she’ll pull off the role magnificently.

Naomi Scott As Jasmine

When Naomi Scott played Princess Jasmine in the live-action “Aladdin” film, everyone loved her performance. She embodied Jasmine perfectly. And this reimagining again proves just how perfect she was for the role and how right it was for her to be cast in it. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

She portrayed Jasmine’s fierce spirit and strength magnificently. In addition to that, she also had a great set of pipes to pair along with it, which made her “Speechless” song so iconic. Now, it’s difficult for us to imagine Jasmine as anybody else. 

Lucy Hale As Mavis Dracula

In the “Hotel Transylvania” films, Mavis Dracula, the daughter of the famous vampire, was voiced by Selena Gomez and she was great for the character’s voice. When it comes to looking like the character, though, Lucy Hale looks a lot more like Mavis. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

With the way the artist reimagined her as Mavis, she looks dark and mysterious. She doesn’t have the quirky and playful way the animation made her like but this look makes her a lot more interesting. What do you think about it?

Margot Robbie As Elsa

The artist already did a reimagining of Margot Robbie as the ice queen from Arendelle but, before that, she created this reimagining. Apparently, she wasn’t happy with it so she made another image that embodied both the character and the actress more. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

We got to say, though, both are so good. While the other image showed Margot Robbie as Elsa in a more elegant and mature way, this one leans more closely to the animation. And they’re both done so well. Which one is your favorite?

Rami Malek As Jafar

Before Rami Malek wowed the world with his performance as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he actually played one of the vampires in Twilight, who joined Bella and Edward’s team. And back then we all got to see him in a more cunning role.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

Although he was on the good side, it was obvious that he would have made quite a great part of the villain team. With his devious looks and his ability to masterfully create an interesting and complex character, we think he’d make a great Jafar.

Eva Green As Maleficent

Eva Green is one of those people who has this cartoonish look that makes her memorable in whatever roles she plays. Take her role as Miss Peregrine, for instance. It’s hard to forget her performance, and with the way she looks a lot like the animated Maleficient, she could also book this role. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Entertainment Press/ Shutterstock

With her already dark looks, it’s not hard to imagine her playing the evil fairy who curses an innocent young girl to die on her 16th birthday. Angelina Jolie did a great job as Maleficent, but Green’s reimagining is giving us the chills.

Alyssa Milano As Ariel

Ariel is a pretty popular princess on this list, and the reason for that is because she’s the favorite princess of the artist who made all these. In addition to that, Alyssa Milano is also one of the artist’s favorite actresses, so it only makes sense to combine them. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

As it seems, the artist didn’t make the wrong decision here. Milano looks great as everyone’s favorite underwater princess. Her charming smile is perfect for Ariel’s bright personality. Also, she looks fantastic with red hair! She’s definitely a top contender for the best Ariel reimagining.

Amber Heard As Alice

No matter what has been said about Amber Heard in the past few months, we can’t deny that this reimagining of hers is actually pretty great. She has Alice’s blonde hair down and she also has that look of adventure and curiosity on her face.

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Ovidiu Hrubaru/ Shutterstock

In this reimagining, Alice loses the childishness of her looks, but that’s okay. Seeing Alice a little bit grown up and going back to Wonderland would be a nice story. We’re not sure everyone would agree on Heard but for this reimagining, she looks great as that version of Alice.

Chris Hemsworth As Zeus

The handsome Chris Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Universe and he’s done a fantastic job playing the Norse god. Since Thor is the god of thunder and Zeus is also the god of thunder, it only makes sense, right?

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ DFree/ Shutterstock

Just imagine if he plays Zeus and then Tom Hiddleston goes on ahead and plays Hades, just like they did with brothers Loki and Thor. Oh, that would be marvelous, wouldn’t it? Their team-up is just amazing and we love the love-hate relationship they have going on.

Freya Allan As Cirilla From “The Witcher”

We know that “The Witcher” isn’t really part of Disney and has a storyline that will never be considered Disney-rated. But this reimagining of Freya Allan as Cirilla is just too good to not mention. Now, we can’t see anybody else as the princess of Cintra. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Cubankite/ Shutterstock

Fortunately, this image of Allan as Cintra won’t just be an image because, in the show, Allan actually does play Cintra and she has done a terrific job at it. At just 18 years old, she is making her mark in the industry, which makes it obvious she has a bright future ahead of her.

Henry Cavill As Geralt of Rivia From “The Witcher”

When Henry Cavill came out as Superman, the world was just amazed at how perfect he was for the role. Not only did he have the looks to play the superhero, but he had the dedication. Now, though, it seems there’s a more perfect role for him. 

Image courtesy of Helen Morgun/ Cubankite/ Shutterstock

Cavill is really the perfect fit for Geralt of Rivia and not just because he’s all muscular and can look very intimidating. It’s because of his total commitment to the role. Apparently, he’s such a fan of the story that he knew everything about his character before even shooting the Netflix show.