Facts About Taylor That Every Swiftie Should Know

By Ruby M December 29, 2023

From her childhood tales to her quirky taste in home decor, Taylor Swift, the superstar, never fails to sprinkle a little surprise into our lives. Despite pouring her heart and soul into her music and lyrics, there’s still a treasure trove of Taylor trivia that even the most dedicated Swiftie hasn’t unearthed.

Taylor Swift’s journey from a country sweetheart to a pop sensation has been one heck of an evolution, and it’s a rollercoaster ride we can’t get enough of. With every album drop, she shape-shifts like a musical chameleon, keeping fans and critics alike guessing what’s next. It’s not just her melodies that have us hooked; it’s her one-of-a-kind style and personality that have us singing along.

So, gather your guitars and kitty cats because we’re about to venture into the uncharted corners of Taylor’s world. This is Taylor’s life, Taylor’s way. So, get ready to shake it off and dive in!

Lost Love – She Has Over 20 Songs About Her Exes

Our singing sensation has penned a treasure trove of over 20 songs inspired by her former lovers, ranging from Harry Styles to John Mayer and even the short-lived spark with Taylor Lautner. Taylor’s musical genius shines as she gracefully weaves her love, heartbreak, and raw emotions into her tunes.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

One thing’s for sure: our musical virtuoso has built an entire empire by mining the gold from her past relationships. These songs have been the rocket fuel propelling her to the ranks of the fourth most accomplished female singer in history.

Her Namesake – She Was Named After James Taylor 

Are you ready for another delightful little nugget of information about Taylor Swift’s life? This one might come as a bit of a surprise. Did you know that Taylor’s parents are avid admirers of the legendary Rock and Roll singer James Taylor?

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Such admirers, in fact, that they decided to name their daughter after him. Along with the name, Taylor inherited a similar career path, and in a heartwarming twist, the two had the opportunity to share the stage together at a benefit event in 2011. How thrilled her folks must have been!

Bosom Buddies – She Still Has Her Childhood Friends

A celeb’s authenticity shines when they keep lifelong friendships alive. Take Taylor Swift, for example. She has stayed super close to her childhood friend, Britany Maack, and even got the honor of being her maid of honor back in 2016!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

Sharing a heartwarming group photo from the wedding, Taylor reflected, “I’ve known her since I was just ten days old, and him since kindergarten. And now, they’re married, and I couldn’t be happier serving as the maid of honor. Congratulations to @britmaack and Ben!”

Her Best Friends Have Fur – She Has Three Cats

Taylor Swift is a devoted feline enthusiast, sharing her life with three adorable furry companions. Her senior cat is named Olivia Benson, a tribute to the iconic character from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Following suit, her second feline companion is named Meredith Grey, drawing inspiration from the renowned figure in Grey’s Anatomy.

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

In a heartwarming gesture, in 2019, Taylor welcomed a new addition to her pet family, a rescued kitty named Benjamin Button, adding an extra dose of cuteness to her household. We love how they all even have their own last names!

Self-Made Riches – She’s Made the Richest Self-Made Women Under 40 List

Last year, in 2022, Taylor Swift achieved a remarkable feat by achieving the third position on Forbes’ esteemed “Richest Self-Made Women Under 40” list, with only entrepreneur Lucy Guo and the affluent Kylie Jenner in first and second place. Wow!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

With a jaw-dropping net worth of $570 million, Taylor Swift’s financial success is like hitting the jackpot in the superstar sweepstakes. It’s not just a testament to her profound influence on the entertainment scene, but also a sparkling trophy showcasing her extraordinary achievements over the past decade.

As a Musician, She Can Really Bend Those Notes – She Has Double Jointed Elbows

During an enchanting Vogue 73 Questions interview, Taylor spilled the beans with her signature candor and let us in on her secret: she’s got double-jointed elbows! Yep, that means she can bend those arms further than your average person, adding a fun twist to her already impressive repertoire of talents!

Image Courtesy of: Instagram/taylorswift

This hypermobility in her joints is a little quirk that affects about one in four folks out there. It’s like a delightful sprinkle on top of Taylor Swift’s already long list of distinctive qualities and talents, making her personality even more vibrant and multifaceted!

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