Freshen Up Your Outfit With These Affordable Items

By Ruby M

The season is changing, and for many, it is becoming sunnier and warmer outside – that means it’s time to get rid of that old hoodie and pair of sweatpants and freshen up your wardrobe with some stylish outfits and get back out into the world – looking fashionable and glamorous, of course. Here are 5 super affordable items that will freshen up your wardrobe.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @Tshirt_Canada

Tees and tanks 

Sometimes all you need to make that jean jacket look work is a stylish tank or tee to wear under it and really make your outfit pop. There’s nothing quite like a comfy tee that fits perfectly or a tank that has a little something extra like some buttons or ribbon to really finish off an outfit.

Classic retro vibes (sunnies)

What better way to face the sunny weather than by treating yourself to a glamorous new pair of sunglasses? The classic, retro look is back and looking better than ever, with countless styles to choose from – there’s a style for every face. Sunnies are a great way to protect your eyes from the sunlight and make a great accessory to any summer outfit.

Matching undies and sleepwear

Ladies, let’s be real. Matching lingerie is sexy – and so is matching sleepwear. It’s enticing, alluring, and gives you a really desirable edge when going to bed, with or without a partner. There’s nothing quite like feeling confident and sexy in your own skin, and matching undies and sleepwear will boost that confidence sky-high.

Cell Phone Holder/ Purse

It’s sad to think that so many of us have a gorgeous outfit head-to-toe, but our tatty, worn, and outdated cell phone covers often ruin the look. So why not invest in one or two cell phone covers that double as your purse or credit card holder? A sleek white or black leather one would match any outfit and be a really great replacement for the half-broken one your phone might be wearing.


They’re gentler on your hair than elastic. They come in a variety of colors and materials, and who doesn’t love finishing off that look with stylish yet elegant hair scrunchie? Scrunchies are also super affordable and are a must-have for all you ladies looking for something soft but sturdy to keep your hair out of your face as you take on the day.

Image courtesy of: The Makerist