Husbands And Boyfriends Share Lessons On How Humor Keeps The Romance Alive

By Jhoana C

Life is already challenging as it is and the last thing we need in it are people who are too serious, people who can’t take or make a joke or two, and people who think that things are always about them. This is why you need to choose your life partner carefully. You want someone who can laugh at themselves and who finds humor in everyday things. They will make life situations lighter and you’ll surely be spending countless years together, happy and satisfied. We have some examples here for you which will convince you that a sense of humor is an indispensable ingredient to a happy life. Scroll to the bottom and laugh your hearts out. These photos will convince you that sense of humor is necessary for a life partner.

#1 Be careful with the hangry wife

Ask anyone who’s worked in food delivery service and they will be the first to tell you that they have gotten some weird instructions from customers! You can never say that food delivery is boring, and we have proof for you.

Image courtesy of ruffmuf/fImgur

Just read these instructions from a husband who made the mistake of not ordering food on time and now he’s fearing that his life might be in mortal danger because we all know what atrocities hangry wives are willing to commit.

#2 No to landscape photos

If you’re into photography you must have already heard about the art of taking landscape photos. After all, they are some of the most popular types of photos. This woman’s husband, however, seems to think that her photos are particularly not interesting.

Image courtesy of riceisright56/Reddit

So he made it a point to spice things up by editing her photos and in one of them, he put Godzilla right on top of the waterfalls she was taking a picture of. Don’t know where he got the idea but we agree with him. Godzilla makes any photo less boring.

#3 We love this dad’s sense of humor

Being away from your family can take a toll on you, especially if you’re someone who’s used to having your wife and kids around. Being without them is not only unusual but it’s pretty lonely. This guy had an entire week to himself.

Image courtesy of MrGummySlut/Reddit

His wife and children were on a trip so he thought he’d make them remember just what a wonderful dad he is when they come back home. How? By embarrassing them at the airport, holding a sign that said he’s waiting for his mail-order family. We sure hope his sense of humor runs in the family.

#4 Just like a little kid

If you had children, you probably noticed the time when they went through the phase of liking the box so much more than liking what’s IN the box. It’s not only children who go through this space, parents do too.

Image courtesy of shewholaughslasts/Reddit

This wife just had to document the moment her “eldest child” started discovering the magic of empty boxes and boy does he look happy. We can tell by the way his feet are positioned outside the box. He’s having the time of his life!

#5 It sure feels great having a Scooby-Doo cast member as family

We’d like to ask this guy’s wife how it feels like to have a cast member of Scooby-Doo as a family. Do people constantly stop them in their tracks to ask for an autograph? Or do people pretend to not know them?

Image courtesy of ImJustSomeChick/Reddit

This wife wasn’t quite convinced that her husband was Shaggy until her grandchild pointed it out to her and we say we agree with the kid. He is Shaggy all grown up to be a grandfather and husband. Nothing can convince us otherwise.

#6 Accidentally in love

When Shrek made it to theaters, it was revolutionary. It changed the way people thought of love stories and it made people realize that not only princesses and princes should have happy endings and not all good-looking princes and princesses are good.

Image courtesy of Zeehammer/Reddit and Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

This woman’s boyfriend must love Shrek so much that when she posted a photo of her and her beau looking all lovey-dovey, he decided to respond with his own version of what a couple should be by posting a photo of Shrek and… Donkey?

#7 Is this the new way of surfing?

We’ve always been told that when we choose a partner for life, we go for more than just looks. After all, looks fade. What will you do with someone who’s no longer as good-looking as they were when you first met?

Image courtesy of dcsarq/Reddit

What qualities or characteristics do you look for in a guy? For us, a sense of humor is of utmost importance. We want someone who’s not boring, someone who can send us into peals of laughter, and someone who knows how to surf the innovatively, like this guy!

#8 Way to make good use of a photo frame

What’s the point of buying a photo frame if you’re not going to use it? You want to showcase some of your best pictures, right? Such as that memorable trip to Turkey or your baby’s first photo after being welcomed into this world?

Image courtesy of baritone39355/Reddit

This wife must have gotten so busy that she bought a photo frame but forgot to put anything in it. It was just hanging on the wall, empty. So, this husband thought it would make good use of his time to decorate the photo frame for his wife as a surprise. That’s a sight to wake up to.

#9 We have to admit we’d be distracted while working if we got this

If you were a big fan of Are You Afraid of the Dark when you were younger, we’re sure you’d love his version but this is the darker side, Are You Ready to Go in the Dark. We love husbands and boyfriends who have a sense of humor.

Image courtesy of larebear2/Reddit

This guy passes our funny test with flying colors because just look at what he did! He sends his wife funny pictures while she is at work. It’s good to be entertained good-naturedly when you’re drowning up to your neck with work.

#10 The couple has a new pet

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, such as this couple suddenly becoming parents to a pet frog they never knew they needed in their lives. For the past 30 days or so, the frog has been diligently making an appearance on their walkway.

Image courtesy of MerRich_/Reddit

So, they did what any sane couple would do and that is to adopt the frog as their very own baby. The boyfriend even had a clever and funny idea of commemorating the important occasion by taking a selfie with their new family member.

#11 Funny but terrifying at the same time

If you’re someone who is suffering from coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, this is not the guy you should be married to because although he has a rocking sense of humor, it can also get sick sometimes. What you see in the photo is his way of catching his wife unawares.

Image courtesy of csalasrn05/Instagram

The sight of a murderous and crazy clown is not something you want to encounter at 4 am when you wander to the bathroom feeling an urgent need to relieve yourself. There’s funny and there is borderline crazy, and this one belongs to both categories.

#12 Great way to welcome another addition to the family

A baby is always a blessing and welcoming the arrival of the newest addition to the family requires announcement. Everyone should know the good news so that it can be celebrated and this couple did it in a hilarious way.

Image courtesy of tyleryoungblood/Reddit

The wife looked so thin after childbirth that she looked like she didn’t go through pregnancy at all. Some women have all the luck while most of us just have the fat! The husband jokingly said that he looked like he was the one who had just delivered so they decided to swap and we super love their photo!

#13 The husband who does exactly what he’s told

If there’s one thing most women wished they could have, it’s a husband who does exactly what he is told but sometimes this can backfire in a big way. What if you were giving him subtle hints but he took them as instructions?

Image courtesy of freehorse/Reddit

Well, that’s exactly what happened here. After childbirth, this wife told her husband that she wanted nothing more than crappy earrings. Well, for women that’s code for “get me something really nice and expensive,” but some men prefer to take things very literally.

#14 What are you looking at?

Don’t you just hate it when your husband starts acting like the guy in the photo? As if they can’t believe what they are hearing or seeing? Well, we can perfectly understand the wife in this situation because we’re not a fan of this too.

Image courtesy of guysir/Reddit

The wife should have known that this was going to be part of the package when she signed on the dotted line to marry this guy but at least she can look at the bright side and say that her life never has to be boring.

#15 How hard can it be to label leftovers?

If you hate sharing food with your wife, labeling is the surefire way to prevent her from getting her hands in your goodies! This wife thought that her husband would be nice and helpful enough to label the leftover food.

Image courtesy of rachels_texorcisms/Reddit

She asked her hubby to label the leftover and by that, she meant writing what’s in the food container. Her husband thought it would be a good idea to label the food according to who owns it and yup, all the food is definitely not Rachel’s.

#16 The wife really needed the book

Wives shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit that they don’t agree with their husbands most of the time. Ask how often they roll their eyes at what their husband just said and you’ll understand. However, this is one occasion when we side with the husband 100%.

Image courtesy of petunia-pineapple/Reddit

We are confused why the wife is even wondering why her husband gifted her the book when she needs the help of not less than Marie Kondo herself. Look at that mess! We don’t want to be judgmental here but she could use the book.

#17 Not the kind of flower we had in mind but…

What is the one thing most guys give women during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other important celebrations? It starts with the letter F. No it’s not fruit and it’s not food, although a lot of women do love receiving food.

Image courtesy of dc_IV/Reddit

It starts with F and ends with R. This guy’s guess is not that far off but the only problem is it’s not quite what his wife had in mind. He might have honestly committed a mistake or he’s just trying to put a little humor in the situation but we kinda dig that he got a variety of flours.

#18 What a memorable day!

For most of 2020 and 2021 people worked from home so once the situation improved and employees were asked to go back to the office, it was quite a shock for a lot of people because they were already used to working while in their pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand.

Image courtesy of dennis1798/Reddit

This guy wanted to commemorate the momentous occasion when his boss can resume looking over his shoulder while he worked on his computer. He took a photo of his first day back at work just like how most parents would take a picture of their child’s first day in school.

#19 A mop of hair

Some babies are born with a head full of hair while others are born as bald as can be but regardless of which category babies belong to, we all love them nonetheless. They are cute and adorable and we just can’t get enough of them.

Image courtesy of gorandmaddy/Reddit

This baby doesn’t have so much hair, but don’t worry, because his dad has the perfect remedy for it, his mother’s hair. His mother is suffering from postpardum hair loss issues and the hairbrush has so much hair, it can make a baby wig.

#20 This would certainly tickle us

If you’re ticklish, you better tell your husband not to do this to you or you could end up kicking him in the face, causing a bleeding nose or other injuries. This husband must have been so bored that he found it a good use of his time to draw on his wife’s foot.

Image courtesy of hornyobama123/Reddit

It’s obvious he is no Picasso but we’ll applaud him for his effort. At least he tried. We’re wondering how long it took him to complete this work of art and we have to say he made a perfect likeness of Sid from Ice Age.

#21 He’s quite close

Some people have a great sense of humor and others are very good-looking but can’t make you laugh at all.  If you’re going to spend a great part of your life with someone, it better be a person who doesn’t take things too seriously.

Image courtesy of Kaitlin_Orsted/Reddit

Blessed are women who have husbands or boyfriends who try their very best to make them laugh, such as this lovable guy who made a navy seal just for his wife. He got it right; we like that chubby seal. He’s cute.

#22 How can you slice a pizza like this?

One look at this pizza and we are shaking our heads. How can you slice pizza like this? This is an atrocity and we know plenty of people who are going to be so upset and irritated when they see this.

Image courtesy of yellowbythedozen/Reddit

If you like things perfectly symmetrical, we can only hope that you don’t end up with a husband who likes to prank you with unevenly sliced pizza. We’re guessing the wife asked for “just one slice.” But the husband knew better.

#23 We can tell she likes the t-shirt

If you have ever had a husband or a boyfriend who’s into gaming, you know that they can spend hours on end in front of the computer and playing their favorite game or games. This lady was into it initially but as the years go by, you can tell that she’s not so into it anymore.

Image courtesy of Astrix13/Reddit

Her husband started gifting her with t-shirts of his favorite game, and each time he took a picture. More than a dozen pictures demonstrate just how “happy” his wife is, from the days when there were only two of them until they had two children.

#24 Human and felines bonding

If there are children in the house and it starts getting too quiet, you better be suspicious because something is going on, something you don’t want to happen. The same thing applies to households when there are kittens and men.

Image courtesy of mishalaluna/Reddit

A case in point is this photo of a guy and the felines he is supposed to be watching. It seems that it’s the other way around and the felines and the dutiful watchdog are watching over him as he sleeps.

#25 The new currency

This wife must have a habit of going through her husband’s wallet all the time so he decided to teach her a lesson with humor. How happy or upset would you be if you’re in search of money and came across bills that won’t even be able to purchase cat food?

image courtesy of deyannabanana/Reddit

This wife thought she hit the jackpot but what she got was a zillion dollar bill with her cat’s face on it. At least her husband made an effort and didn’t print a random cat’s face on the paper bill. He must think he’s funny but we guarantee that the wife isn’t laughing.

#26 Pandemic? No problem

For most new parents, the pandemic robbed them of the opportunity to celebrate the new addition in their lives in the company of family and friends. Gender reveals and baby showers had to be done virtually. (“Can everyone mute themselves?!”)

Image courtesy of Kostrom/Reddit

This guy and his fiancé found out they were expecting a little bundle of joy on the 5th of May but since most of the world was in quarantine, they couldn’t celebrate much but he still found a way to mark the memorable occasion.

#27 Photography skills to the highest level

Ah, husbands and their photography skills. We don’t mean to be sarcastic here,; some significant others do have enviable Instagram-worthy photography skills and we can only wish to have the same level of talent but not everyone gets to be lucky.

Image courtesy of bethrotull73/Reddit

This woman, unfortunately, doesn’t belong to the lucky group. She asked her husband to take a picture of her with their new family member, a chick. Hubby did a good job of making it look as if the chick was a part of her, though!

#28 Do you like the boat names?

This guy named his boats and although a lot of people who have seen them have lots of laughs about it, his wife wasn’t impressed. We can understand her but we have to be honest here; we found the names very funny too.

Image courtesy of CountryBoyCanSurvive/Reddit

Cirrhosis of the River? Bass 2 Mouth? These names are gold! Not only does her husband have a very good sense of humor, but he is also very clever when it comes to wordplay. This is exactly what everyone needs, a daily dose of hilarity.

#29 An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Graduating from medical school is a phenomenal achievement because not everyone can deal with bodily fluids and not everyone has the persistence and determination to study for years. So, when this couple graduated, they just had to commemorate the occasion.

Image courtesy of Neuromancy_/Reddit

There’s a saying that goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and they decided to put their own spin on it. Look at them looking deathly scared by a bowl of apples. These are the kind of people we want as friends!

#30 Hubby has too much time on his hands

A lot of people have had too much time on their hands during the pandemic so people saw an insurgence of green thumbs, crafters, and pet parents. We say, do what you need to do to cope with the unusual situation we have been faced with.

Image courtesy of hamstertalk/Twitter

This woman’s husband focused much of his attention on their cat and he even made a sign for their fur baby. The motion sensor sign would light up every time the cat relieves itself, not that they needed it at all. Nice touch.

#31 Let’s go truck or treating

No, you didn’t read the statement incorrectly; it’s truck or treating, at least for this couple. This guy was told by his wife that he was too fat to go trick or treating as a fireman, but the joke’s omn his wife. He’s gonna go as whatever he pleases to be.

Image courtesy of jefferson_wilkenson/Reddit

His wife told him he should go as a fire truck instead of a fireman but he found a clever way to combine both so they could both be happy. Look at him ready to go truck or treating! We have to say, we love his outfit.

#32 Excited to go back to school

Now here’s a picture of two people who are both excited to go back to school. What? You can’t tell they’re ecstatic? Look at their faces! Don’t they seem elated to you? Their excitement is so palpable and we can feel it in the air.

Image courtesy of Snipsthetips/Reddit

The not-so-little girl is starting 5th grade in school and the dad is starting his Master’s program and he is dressed to the nines. We especially like his Frozen lunchbox and his vibrant cap. We all need color in our lives.

#33 What a sight to come home to

What would you do if you came home to this sight? Would you be alarmed and immediately call the police? Most people would probably do if they came home to a “shark”-infested home which was not so when they left in the morning.

Image courtesy of ThingsWeSasy/Imgur

This girl’s boyfriend sure does have a good sense of humor and we’re certain women all over the world end up with people like him. We’d sure love to see a pair of sharks ironing another shark. Must be fun working at Amazon.

#34 When you ask your husband to help you write messages on Christmas cards

We have always loved receiving physical cards and letters from friends and family from all corners the earth, and although the world has become digital in the last few years, we hope the tradition of sending cards and letters continues for generations.

Image courtesy of sorrygordon/Reddit

This woman wanted to keep the tradition alive and she must have been busy writing messages on other cards that she sought her husband’s help. However, the messages he wrote weren’t what she expected at all but surely they entertained the receiver.

#35 Don’t get your husband label makers

Label makers are lifesavers and we don’t have to explain why. There are plenty of things in the household that looks alike and mixing them up could lead to serious consequences. Consider powdered sugar, baking soda, and cornstarch as prime examples.

Image courtesy of BryttaBee/Reddit

Labeling things make identifying much easier and faster. This woman’s husband obviously got trigger-happy with the new label maker and he just had to label their cat too. That’s helpful because, for a moment, we thought it was a parrot. Silly us.

#36 That’s one expensive toy

Life will be much more tolerable if you have a sense of humor because let’s face it, it’s not going to be a walk in the park most of the time. We’re going to be faced with serious problems and a good sense of humor is an important coping mechanism.

Image courtesy of Fryeer/Reddit

So, when this woman’s dog had to be operated on because of ingestion of a foreign object, they had to spend a huge amount of money for it. Instead of being sore about all the expenses, her husband made a décor out of the foreign object.

#37 The best family photo

Why settle for boring family photos when you can think out of the box like this guy and take pictures that will impress everyone, put a smile on people’s faces, and make you a serious contender for the world’s best dad?

Image courtesy of EtuMeke/Reddit

This dad doesn’t need any pointers from anyone because he sure knows how to do it right. Look at that kung fu-esque pose! That’s something you don’t see every day and that’s something most people don’t think of when family photos are concerned. A for originality!

#38 Near, far, wherever you are

Husbands are a wife’s greatest support system and for a family to be happy, both husband and wife have to be happy with each other and this means tolerating each other’s quirkiness and temperaments. This husband has a sense of humor that we hope his wife appreciates.

Image courtesy of dwkeith/Reddit

His wife asked him to help label her contact lenses and she didn’t hear any complaint from him whatsoever but he did have a lot of fun in making sure that his wife laughs every time she reaches for her contact lenses with the quirky labels.

#39 Jump right in!

Does your household include a cat? We all know that they can bring so much love and satisfaction to our lives, especially when they are cared for and loved. What’s even better than having one is having your significant other love your cat just as much as you do.

Image courtesy of themysteriousgap/Reddit

This boyfriend certainly loves his girlfriend’s cat and he loves it so much that he brought it bathing with him in the pool. Look at them together! They look so cozy and happy with each other that they better frame and hang this one.

#40 Taco and Belle

No doubt about it, Taco Bell is one of the most recognizable fast-food chains in the United States. Everyone knows it and everyone has eaten their food and we are inclined to think that majority enjoy it, this guy especially.

Image courtesy of CrazyDrakes/Reddit

He loves Taco Bell so much that when his wife told him that she would like to go as the Disney rincess Belle for Halloween, he thought that he’d go as a taco. Well, bro, you and your lady just won Halloween.

#41 Life imitating art

This is a case of life imitating art. Are you also like this guy who loves to do hilarious things to their wives or girlfriends when they are fast asleep and unaware of all your shenanigans? Would you as a wife be pleased if this happened to you?

Image courtesy of Iwasnotexpectingthat/Reddit

We guess we would be splitting our sides if we saw this photo that’s an imitation of The Creation of Adam because he has got some talent. Life with this guy is probably never boring. Just don’t get caught sleeping!

#42 The case of the googly eyes

In the early 2000s, the googly eyes trend called “eyebombing” started. It’s when people stuck googly eyes to random objects. This fellow seems to be late to the trend as he has only started now, but googly eyes are still funny.

Image courtesy of Brkiri/Reddit

Here’s his attempt, sticking googly eyes on people and animals in magazines. To some people, this may not be pleasing but this is much less harmful compared to pranking wives with bathroom clowns. Plus, the world could always use more googly eyes.

#43 Can the wife guess what she’s getting for Christmas?

When you look at the presents lovingly wrapped in this photo, can you tell exactly what the wife is getting for Christmas? Because we totally can, thanks to this guy’s talent in gift-wrapping, and we’re not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Image courtesy of mowa111/Reddit

How upset would you get if you asked your husband to help you wrap gifts and this is how he did it? His gift-wrapping skills leave something to be desired but if you want to inject a little humor into the situation, he’s up to the task.

#44 How small do you want your coffee table to be?

When you ask your husband to do something, always keep in mind that they don’t do very well when it comes to clues; better to spell it out for them. Don’t be like this lady who told her husband she wanted a small coffee table without any specifics.

Image courtesy of jcmatthews66/Reddit

Give your husbands measurements. Whether in inches or centimeters, it doesn’t matter as long as you have something concrete for them to refer to. Unless you want to end up with a tiny coffee table which you will have trouble using.

#45 A hilarious way to get your wife to come out of her cave

If you think that only men have caves, you’re mistaken. Women also have their caves and sometimes they don’t want to come out. If you’re in such a predicament, do what this guy did and we’ll guarantee you’ll be seeing your wife’s head out the door in no time.

Image courtesy of dpu80/Reddit

Of course, a cup of coffee is a must, as well as her favorite bag of chips. If you have her favorite soda or snack, that’s a bonus because chances are you’ll get better results. Not sure how to go about things? Consult this guy for the best results.