Is It A Girl Or A…Tractor? 35 Pictures That Will Change Anyone’s Mind About Gender Reveal Parties

By Jhoana C

Since the first “gender reveal” party, which took place over a decade ago, the demand for over-the-top reveals has skyrocketed. It seems that parents-to-be everywhere want to one-up each other when it comes to the most innovative and newsworthy gender reveal party.

Well, if you want newsworthy, how about the couple that used a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” during their party and ended up causing a wildfire? They are now facing a couple of manslaughter charges. Not an auspicious beginning to their baby’s birth, right?

Well, people all over the internet agree that gender reveals have crossed the line. They’re not cute and original anymore; they’re dangerous and unnecessary. Do you agree? Are you team gender reveal or team no gender reveal?

If you can’t make up your mind just yet, you might want to look at this gender reveal list.

Way to misunderstand gender reveal parties

Gender reveal parties are supposed to be a fun way to let the world know if the new addition to the family is going to be a boy or a girl. We don’t know why it has suddenly become a thing but to each their own, right?

Image courtesy of 27alternateaccount27/Reddit

People should remember that gender reveal parties are not for the guests to reveal what their gender is; everyone knows that already. This is a funny joke, for sure. After all, who would show up at a gender reveal party naked?

We’ll never look at tacos or hotdogs the same way again

Why do people need to get food involved in their gender reveal parties? We have nothing against serving food at parties. Lord knows that’s one of the main reasons we even go to parties, but we mean using food to symbolize the unborn child’s gender.

Image courtesy of peanutbutter-gallery/Reddit

This is the perfect example. Using the hotdog as a symbol for boy parts and a taco to symbolize girl parts? Plenty of people love tacos and hotdogs, but we think they will feel differently after seeing this gender reveal party.

Here we go with the sexist cakes…

Being sexist means showing prejudice or discrimination against a particular gender, be it male or female. This cake is sexist on a whole new level. Why is the male side not allowed to be decorated? Why is it more plain compared to the female side?

Image courtesy of tmobilekid/Reddit

And no, girls don’t need ribbons and pretty things all the time. Girls are capable of becoming police officers, sheriffs, medical examiners, basketball coaches, and all other jobs traditionally thought of as strictly for males. Girls don’t need to be “girly” all the time.

This was a terrible idea

If you’re going to have a party about your baby’s gender, you might as well show people that you made an effort. Don’t do it half-heartedly. For the love of all that is holy, don’t do what these people did!

Image courtesy of PM_ME_YOUR_HARIBO/Reddit

It’s not necessary to always get a cake as most people do. You can let your creativity and talent shine – but don’t get a pizza and use olives to spell out the baby’s gender because it’s just embarrassing. You can do better than that, surely.

What kind of baby is this?

Some people have gone overboard with these “gender reveal” parties, and we don’t mean that in a good way. Sometimes, it’s just scary and downright inappropriate. This gender announcement started with a big box; most of the time, we know what comes out of big boxes.

Image courtesy of nbridges77/Reddit

After counting down, someone popped the smoke thing, revealing to everyone that the baby was a boy. But that’s not all! Someone in a creepy baby suit came out of a box. It’s safe to say that this is going to give nightmares to anyone at this party.

Are you OK with animals being used for gender reveal parties?

Most people are ok with ostentatious decorations at parties as long as they do not harm the environment. However, they are not ok with using animals as props at silly gender reveal parties. We share this feeling. Let the animals be!

Image courtesy of ButtDialNotBootyCall/Reddit

Look at this dog who was a victim of a gender reveal party. He still has the remnants of blue dye with the word “congrats,” so probably the baby is a boy. Obviously, the people who were supposed to be taking care of him weren’t doing their job, so he ran away!

Again with the sex!

Yes, people who attend gender reveal parties are there to find out and celebrate the sex of their baby with the soon-to-be parents, but the joke has been used too many times that it’s no longer funny anymore. Yes, we know people are there to find out the sex!

Image courtesy of Lemongrass29/Reddit

However, that doesn’t stop couples from using “We’re Here for the Sex” on their banners and cakes. The proof is the photo above. And why are girls always pink and boys blue? Colors shouldn’t have sex; they should be for everyone.

Girls can grow up to do more than just wear heels

Here we go again with the sexist cakes and beliefs. This cake says “Wheels or Heels.” First of all, is it necessary for the words on the cake to rhyme, even if it doesn’t make much sense? This cake implies that men are better drivers than women.

Image courtesy of doubleasweets/Reddit

This perpetuates the belief that women are bad drivers and are only good at looking fashionable. Don’t you agree with us? Some men’s shoes come with heels; some women are really good at driving. And some are even professional racing drivers.

Who would want to eat this gender reveal lasagna?

It’s typical for gender reveal parties to have cakes. According to lore, during the first gender reveal party, thrown by an LA blogger named Jenna Karvunidis, they cut a cake with ink-frosting to announce the sex of her unborn baby.

Image courtesy of @itsbostoncream/Twitter

But this person thought it would be good to innovate and use a lasagna instead of a cake. To her, this lasagna looked like a “massive success.” If your lasagna looked like that, we highly doubt anyone would enjoy eating it or call it a success.

The poor dad!

Just look up gender reveal parties on YouTube, and you’ll see lots of funny videos. Most of the time, parents don’t really plan on being funny, but things don’t go according to plan. Usually, if there’s colored powder involved, funny moments will ensue.

Image courtesy of x3lala/Instagram

This couple was really happy with their pregnancy, as most first-time parents are. They threw a lavishing gender reveal party but didn’t expect that this would happen. The wind blew right they popped the baloon with the blue powder. The mom looks happy, but we can’t even see the dad!

This should have gone right to the bin

It seems that these morbid and hideous baby suits have found their way to all sorts of parties, not just those concerning gender reveals. Personally, we loathe them and have a strong feeling they’re going to give sensible people nightmares.

Image courtesy of Mother-of-4-dragons/Reddit

This was seen on a website advertising all sorts of used things. The owner says that two of these used hideous baby suits are on sale for only $200. What do you think? Is the price reasonable, or would you try to negotiate with the seller?

He must be nervous AF!

We don’t want to be mean, but this photo is hilarious. Somebody messed up the gender reveal party big time. During these kinds of parties, people only look out for two colors: blue or pink. Blue means the baby is a boy, and pink means the baby is a girl.

Image courtesy of @Stra8Savage80/Twitter

We don’t know what happened behind the scenes of this gender reveal party. Instead of blue or pink, they ended up with black, which obviously left the black guy in the picture quite nervous. They may not know the gender of the baby, but at least they know who the father is.

Gender reveal or bachelorette party?

If you thought that using animals in gender reveal parties is tacky, wait until you see this one! Instead of the conventional cake, balloons, or confetti, this couple thought they would take things up a notch. But the results were not as expected.

Image courtesy of LianLian027/Reddit

They decided to hire a person for their big reveal. But they didn’t hire just any kind of person; it’s a guy wearing only his underwear with his body entirely covered in pink paint. And there’s more! He’s about to bust moves like he’s one of the actors in Magic Mike.

Now on to more sexist cakes

This photo proves that dads always get the worst end of the deal. If the smoke or powder doesn’t fly directly onto their faces, they fall on the ground and hurt their ankles. But maybe this dad was the one to blame for his injury.

Image courtesy of Luke Kenton /

If anyone can explain to us what he was trying to do, we’ll gladly listen. It seems like this first-time dad had one too many beers and thought it’d be fun to kick the smoke. It makes us wonder if he was happy or sad to be having a girl.

More bad cakes to roll our eyes at!

Ah, bad cakes. There’s an endless list of them, but here is a compilation of some shared by wonderful people on the web. First, if you’re going to spend money on gender reveal parties, you might as well spend some on a baker with talent and a sensible head on their shoulders.

Image courtesy of @patienceinbee/Reddit

You wouldn’t want people to remember your gender reveal party for all the wrong reasons, including a badly-baked or designed cake. A baby’s bum is not appropriate, no matter what kind of party it is, and we don’t even want to start with the other cakes in this photo.

The baby could be anything

What can be worse than getting a poorly baked cake for your gender reveal party? Getting a cake with two genders on it, for sure. Well, unless you’re expecting twins of different genders. But that’s exactly what this dad-to-be got, and we understand why he isn’t happy.

Image courtesy of jeremyice929/Instagram

We’re sure such a cake would wipe the smile off your face if you were one of the parents-to-be. Perhaps the baker didn’t understand the assignment or was preoccupied with too many things that he messed up his cake order. That’s one less customer for you, pal.

So, what’s the gender supposed to be?

Couples should only let people they trust handle their gender reveal parties to prevent disastrous outcomes like this. This couple got a reveal party that didn’t reveal anything at all, but this could also be a premonition of their baby’s future sex.

Image courtesy of Inside Edition/YouTube

Why would you put balloons of all colors in a box that’s supposed to reveal the baby’s gender? Beats us. Sometimes there’s no way to tell what people are thinking. Maybe their friend has a grudge against them; this is the low-key thing of getting back at the couple.

Another group of bad cakes

Why do people have to pigeonhole babies to blue or pink, heels or wheels, ballerinas or boxers, and so on and so forth? Babies can do so much when they become adults. Women can wear heels and be race car drivers.

Image courtesy of @ChurchCarlton/Twitter

They can also be ballerinas and play football for recreation. People don’t have to be so narrow-minded, and this should be reflected in gender reveal parties. We’re hoping to see gender reveal parties that don’t relegate baby girls to tiaras, tutus, and heels. By the way, those aren’t even genders.

A premature gender reveal

Sometimes getting tiny kids to help you with chores at home gives them the self-confidence to tackle tasks at school and in the outside world. However, getting them to help can sometimes end up in a disaster, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Image courtesy of Chanelle Mendoza/Facebook

This kid was helping his mother move some “gender reveal party” items to the party location. While she carried them, he sneakily popped one of the balloons, and out came pink confetti, ruining the surprise for everyone. How would you feel if this happened to you?

Whatever you do, don’t get pizza involved in your party

If the last entry about pizza in gender reveal parties didn’t deter you, we sure hope this one will. Pizza has no business at your party unless it’s for eating. If you want our honest opinion, you’re better off with a cake.

Image courtesy of teachingadventuresin3rd/Instagram

Honestly, what even did they try to accomplish with this one? There is literally nothing to let us know the baby’s gender. If this was supposed to be a gender reveal party, we’re sad to inform this family that they revealed absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s a binary code?

The No-Gender Reveal Party

We’ve talked so much about gender reveal parties that it’s high time to discuss the exact opposite. We’re talking about “no-gender reveal parties.” Albeit unintentional, this couple’s party went from gender reveal to no-gender reveal. Why? Because whoever baked the cake somehow forgot to indicate the gender.

Image courtesy of maxpmusiq/Instagram

So, is it trucks or tiaras for this one? The baker certainly didn’t want people to know, so she kept it to herself, much to her customer’s dismay. Or maybe this was her way of letting the parents-to-be learn that trucks and tiaras aren’t actual genders.

Monster trucking

Choosing a monster truck for your gender reveal party inadvertently lets everyone know your baby’s gender because no one will choose a monster truck if their baby is going to be a girl. Please, do tell us if you disagree and why!

Image courtesy of tristanengland_/Instagram

Monster trucks are quite gender-specific – if you believe that girls like delicate stuff and boys like wild stuff. Just look at the vehicles and the drivers! However, it’s possible that the mother loves monster trucks so much that even if her baby is a girl, she’d still choose this method.

This unconventional cake…

One common thing about gender reveal cakes is that the “it’s a girl” side has more embellishments and detail. The “it’s a boy” side mostly has a stereotypical symbol for boys and a lot of blue shades, so we were surprised when we came across this cake.

Image courtesy of Shanefromdownunder/Reddit

Once again, straight couples use random symbolisms to represent their unborn child’s gender. Instead of going for the typical (and only genders that actually make sense) boy or girl reveal, they choose this senseless stuff. A buck or a doe? We sure hope the woman isn’t pregnant with either.

The gender reveal party that got out of hand

Aren’t gender reveal parties tamer and supposed to have a lot less alcohol compared to other kinds of parties? It seems that this guy got drunk way over his head or was too excited to know his baby was going to be a boy that he ended up crashing his car in an establishment.

Image courtesy of Guinness2can/Reddit

You’re looking at a lot of trouble. Not only did the driver damage property, but it’s also possible that aside from his own, he put other people’s lives in serious danger. We just hope it wasn’t the mom-to-be who was behind the wheel.

A reveal that doesn’t involve animals

As we go on with the list, you’re going to see a lot of gender reveal parties that mindlessly involve animals, so, for once, we’re happy that there’s an entry here that doesn’t involve a pizza, a cake, or a helpless animal being used as a prop.

Image courtesy of vadlmaster/Reddit

Although this is not an original concept and has been used so many times, there’s still something to be grateful for: the safety of animals. Nothing much has to be said; the picture paints a thousand words or three, “It’s a girl!”

Why do people need to get hippos involved?

Although this is pretty original and doesn’t involve any cake, pizza, or smoke, this party idea still doesn’t sit right with us. Maybe it’s the fact that they used a hippo for their gender reveal. We’re sure that they didn’t harm the hippo, but leave the poor fellow alone!

Image courtesy of xyssa.jada/TikTok

Judging from the second picture, they’re having a baby boy because of all the blue coming out of the watermelon. However, the red juices flowing down can be confusing. If you saw this, what would be your first guess? Boy or girl?

When both genders look the same…

The person who designed this pin couldn’t even be bothered to make a few distinct differences on the faces of the baby boy and girl. As a matter of fact, it’s the same baby designed with bows, a string of pearls, a basketball, and a headband.

Image courtesy of mybfmademegetit/Reddit

Frankly, the design makes people think that the parents-to-be are having a girl and the gender reveal party is just to decide her future interests. This is why you should always check the designs before allowing the designer to get started on the production.

Girls can do more than just look pretty

Women have been successful in the fields of aeronautics, science, mathematics, and more. Women all over the world have become heads of state and have managed to achieve things that men haven’t, so why do people still think a woman’s only job is to look pretty?

Image courtesy of teebiv/Reddit

Here is another cake that implies that girls should only look pretty and aspire for nothing more in their lives, while boys can play sports and have plenty of fun doing so. Seems like this is something we’ll keep seeing for a long time.

See ya later, alligator

If you thought you’d seen everything in gender reveal parties after seeing the hippo, we’re here to tell you that you’re mistaken. Lots of animals are still being used at these gender reveal parties. To make things original, this couple must have thought, “Why not get a gator involved?

Image courtesy of Dlatre/Reddit

This is not only reckless but dangerous! For the life of us, we don’t understand why the husband even let his pregnant wife get close to the gator. Was the chilling in the swamp, so they gave it a job? If we had to guess where this happened, we’d instantly say “Florida.”

What the duck?!

This cake is not as outlandish and sexist as the others, but many people were not pleased with the profanity that the cake was trying to reference. Was it really necessary? At least we can be happy that the cake has no bows, glitters, or guns.

Image courtesy of gingersnapbaking/Instagram

But after all the alligators and hippos on this list, most people would close one eye and give this cake a pass. It’s something refreshing compared to heels, rifles, ribbons, guns, wheels, and glitters. There’s still room for improvement, though.

Why do we have to get nuts involved?

Nuts are well-loved all over the world, except maybe by those with nut allergies. Whether you like this food or not, there’s no need to get nuts involved in gender reveal parties. Why? Well, maybe it’s because some puns are just inappropriate.

Image courtesy of urvipanda/Reddit

In order to make their parties over the top, some people have resorted to littering, causing fires and serious bodily harm. You’d think that such parties will stop at some point, but their popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Sometimes, the wording can be so wrong

Have you had too much of gender reveal parties at this point? Because we have. We don’t get the appeal of these parties. And why are people so eager to jump on the bandwagon with their cakes and balloons and smoke?

Image courtesy of featherwolf/Reddit

If you don’t plan well enough, you might end up with a sign like this. Anyone who reads this and doesn’t know the context will probably think this is an adult party. Look, we get that you want to celebrate your baby’s life, but there are other types of baby parties for that.

The craziest idea ever!

If you are going to throw a gender reveal party and you’re looking for ideas, here’s one that probably won’t please you but will likely intrigue you. Some parents throw these parties ironically, and their ultimate goal is to mock parents who take gender reveal parties seriously.

Image courtesy of @monicaorrantia / Instagram

Instead of popping a balloon or whatever, they had two cousins dress up as these giant monster babies and fight to the death. Well, not literally, obviously. The whole thing was messy, but it was just a staged fight. The baby girl won, indicating that the couple was expecting a girl.

He’s invisible!

This next image is not necessarily a gender reveal party fail. The celebration was going just as planned, and everyone was having fun. The plan was to cut a slice of that beautiful cake to reveal the gender, and everything was going okay until this happened.

Image courtesy of @kislenemoraes / TikTok

Before the parents had a chance to cut the cake, this adorable dog sneaked to the table and got his own piece of cake! He ruined the surprise because he revealed the baby’s gender before the parents could! But he’s so cute that we forgive him for this!

What if the little boy wanted a bikini instead?

Sometimes, we think we have everything planned. The things we want to do, and when we want to do it. However, sometimes life disrupts our plans, and we end up with something we didn’t initially plan for, so we have to improvise and deal with things as best as we can.

Image courtesy of bake_decorate_eat/Instagram

This cake would have been cute if it wasn’t so sexist. So, what’s going to happen to the parents when their little boy suddenly wants to wear bikinis? Or their little girl suddenly wants to wear board shorts? These seem like the kind of people who’d be upset if their kids