Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: 40+ Hilarious Memes All Females Can Relate To

By Amy M

Welcome to the female experience! You can thank “Messy Women,” a popular Instagram page, for creating all these hysterical memes that encapsulate what it’s like being a woman every day. From boy trouble to interactions with your bestie, these scenarios will have all women collectively retorting, “Same!”

Though it often seems like women have it all together, the truth is they don’t, which is perfectly fine! Half of the time, you will feel like you can conquer the world, while on some days, something as simple as not finding the perfect outfit will leave you feeling defeated.

These memes will show you that you’re not alone. And even if you’re not a woman, there are a couple of them everyone can relate to, so don’t leave just yet. Scroll on for the giggles, sighs, and downright ROTFL moments!

Look of Love

Attention all males; this is how girls make the first move. They will stare into your soul until you approach them. This look will let a guy know you’re interested. Or it could backfire on you and creep them out, so find a balance! Either way, they’ll notice you.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Of course, some girls have the courage to approach a man and speak to him, but this seems to be the popular choice when it comes to flirting. If you’re in doubt, just ask any female how they got their significant other to ask them out.

Professional Stalker

When it comes to finding a potential crush’s social media, a girl will turn into a full-fledged FBI agent or the absolute expert, “Joe Goldberg” from You. The Bureau should consider employing more women because they can find anyone at the drop of a hat!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

They don’t even have to know much about the person to find all their socials. Just give them a first name and watch in awe as they sink into a social media deep dive! You will have your crush’s Instagram in a jiffy and even a brief dating history if you’re lucky!

Luggage Galore

For a two-day trip, you better believe that most women will be packing their whole closet! As they say, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Trust us, those are wise words to live by.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Though the whole overpacking thing may be true, it’s impossible for someone to bring this much with them. As much as some of us would love to, no car or plane would be able to carry this, so we’ll have to make do with our 5 suitcases!


Voluminous hair? Yes, please! But we’re not talking about this kind of volume. This looks more like a frizz ball mess. The reason why people wake up with their hair like this is that there’s a lot of friction caused by constant movement on a pillow during sleep.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Swap your cotton pillowcases for a silk one. Your hair and skin will thank you. It’s also better for your hair to be tied up, preferably with a silk scrunchie. With these, there’ll be no more friction or breakage of your precious locks. You’re welcome.

Best Friend Knows Best

Every girl has that one guy their best friend absolutely loathed because they were aware of all their shady antics. After all, they’re not the ones blinded by love, unlike their pal, who can’t see the wood for the trees! Sometimes your bestie knows best.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

We all deserve respect, so if someone’s treating you badly, you can always expect your best friend to step in and ask you to dump and block him. It’s always your choice, though. It’s just so infuriating and frustrating to see your bestie suffer at the hands of a player.

Makeup Struggles

Are you up for a challenge? Go out and try to find your perfect foundation. Here’s a tip that you might want to make a mental note of; instead of chucking that foundation, you can use the lighter shade as a concealer or the darker one as a contour.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Before purchasing a whole bottle of pricey foundation, put some on your jawline to see if it matches your skin tone. If you don’t want to walk out of a store with fifty different swatches on your face, then you might want to consider purchasing a color-changing foundation.

Dessert Stomach

There’s always room for dessert! We firmly believe that everyone should ‘finish strong with something sweet after every meal. To quote the author Sarah Ockler, “I’ve never met a problem that a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.” That rings so true!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Did you know that “dessert stomach,” better known as sensory-specific satiety, is real? In simple terms, you’ll want dessert because you’re brain is bored with the meal you’re eating and craves a different taste and texture. Gotta love science! Who else is craving a sweet treat now?

All Bundled Up

Just like this sly kitty, almost everyone has had those ‘crazy’ days when you decide against going outside and instead spend the entire day curled up in bed. When someone is in their fortress of solitude, aka their bedroom, and in this state, good luck even getting a text back from them!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Would you rather go out with friends or chill in your cozy bed? If you chose the second option like us, kudos to you. You can grab a couple of snacks and watch a Disney movie or just scroll endlessly through hilarious memes! That definitely sounds more fun than going to a party.


There’s something really entertaining about watching and listening to private conversations. Actually, it’s a big reason why some people even consider going out! The second you hear someone say something like, “Girl, you’ll never guess what happened,” your ears automatically tune out everything else!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

But you shouldn’t eavesdrop in an obvious way. Strategize! Plug in your earphones without playing anything, and then listen. If you just sit there staring blankly at a wall, then they will definitely know you’re hearing everything they are saying.


Now this is what we call a memorable yearbook quote. We’ve probably all come across some not-so-nice people in our lives, but high school is where you will meet a lot of, like the quote says, snakes. So this is spot-on.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

There have been a lot of hilarious yearbook quotes shared on the internet, but this one takes the cake! If you’re a Potterhead looking for something to write in your yearbook, may we suggest you use this? You might offend some classmates, but it’s a risk worth taking!

Ugh! As If!

To quote “Monica” from the hit show Friends, “Welcome to the real world; it sucks. You’re gonna love it!” In this case, we’re talking about the world of dating and how it’s not that easy to find someone that you really like. This, our friends, is the reality.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

When you like someone, they don’t like you, and vice versa. It really is so frustrating. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you can’t force someone to like anyone. But don’t worry, people, one day you’ll find you’re Prince Charming. But first, you’ll have to give someone a chance.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Taylor Swift once said, “Sometimes in life, you have to be your own best friend.” When no one comes through for you, throw on your favorite PJs and a beauty mask and watch your comfort movie. Trust us; you’ll instantly feel better. You can even talk to yourself. Don’t worry; it’s not weird.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

It’s important to have days when you just hang out alone. You’ll learn so much and even realize that it can actually be fun to enjoy your own company. If you are introverted, this is the absolute weekend plan to chill and recharge.

Shop Til You Drop

Ah, retail therapy. Sometimes it’s better than actual therapy! No? Oh well. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of stressing about work and other things, all we had to worry about was how we were going to get all our bags to the car without dropping them?

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

If you follow in this girl’s footsteps and shop till you drop, you will have more than dirty bags to worry about. Your bank account could be drained, and you could end up in a tight spot like “Carrie” on Sex And The City. So, only risk this if you have a “Mr. Big!”

When Nature Calls

It’s literally the worst when you’re just about to sleep, and all of a sudden, you need to use the bathroom. We all know it’s really bad to hold it in, so you get up furiously and storm to the toilet like angry little Tom here.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

When nature calls, you can’t ignore it. The problem is, it seems to come calling at the worst times, like when one is all warm and snuggled up in bed on a cold night. Or when you just wore a stunning jumpsuit for an important work event you’re late for!

Stay-at-home Dating

It seems pretty reasonable to sit at home and wait for the love of your life to knock on your door when using dating apps. At least that’s the kind of reality we wish we lived in! Meeting people the old-fashioned way, like in a coffee shop, doesn’t work out too well these days.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

There’s actually a story that someone shared on social media about how they met their significant other without leaving their house. Their TV broke, so they called a repairman. Long story short, they hit it off, and now they’re married. Frankly, that’s an introvert’s ideal meet cute!

Phone Addicts

Everyone’s favorite pastime is mindless scrolling on social media. Are we right, or are we right? Some like to claim that they’re rarely on their phones, but your screen time doesn’t lie. We should all try to get out into nature without technology. Oh wait, but how would we take a pic of the sunset?

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

In the olden days, kids would play outside, host a make-believe tea party with friends, and people sat at a dinner table without getting distracted by their phones constantly beeping. Times seemed simpler. But still, without technology, we wouldn’t be able to watch TikTok videos, laugh, and learn things.

How to Lose a Therapist in 10 Days

Therapists are like friends that you pay to listen to all your problems. Relationship issues are probably the number one thing discussed in these sessions. After months of talking about the same thing, there’s one thing therapists don’t want to hear, “I texted my ex.”

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Your therapist didn’t study for years and give you advice to better yourself just for you to say that you messaged your ex-flame. Because they can’t say things like “Your ex is trash,” as professionals, watch out for their facial expressions to see what they really think!

Bestie Dreamhouse

Suppose you were granted three wishes; do you have any idea what you’d pick? And you’re not allowed to say more wishes! We bet one of them would be to have a house next door to your best friend with a tunnel that connects the two.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

It would be so cool to build something like this! If you want to have a sleepover with your bestie or borrow a top or makeup, you don’t have to travel far. So, casually bring this up during the next weekend hang out with your friends and see what they think!

Money Man

According to studies, you fall asleep quicker when you’re lying next to someone you love. Now imagine how fast you’d fall asleep if you were lying beside, say, a box of pizza or a stack of cash shaped like your dream man!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Sleeping next to this might be better than a real person. At least there’s no snoring. But in all seriousness, that’s a lot of dough. No wonder she wants to sleep next to it to protect it. This trumps sleeping next to a snuggly teddy any day.

Dream Telepathy

If someone blocks you on all social media platforms, just look up this Youtube video. The tutorials on there are usually helpful and easy to follow, so this could be as well. Watch, take notes, and you could be visiting your ex in their dreams in no time!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Honestly, we actually don’t think it would be a good idea for people to know how to do something like this, if it’s even possible. If people harass others on social media, then they’d definitely have no qualms about popping into someone’s dreams all the time. No thanks!

Disappointed but Not Surprised

The reality of life is that relationships aren’t perfect, and they often don’t work out. Dating nowadays isn’t like what our grandparents experienced. Plus, it’s not like anyone has stood outside our bedroom window with a boombox above his head to declare their love! Anyway, now all they do is disappoint us.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Most girls grew up watching fairytales, so somewhere deep down, we hope to find a prince who’ll sweep us off our feet. But sadly, ladies, we were lied to. Well, we don’t want to sound too cynical, but just don’t settle.

This Is What True Friendship Looks Like

Those who take the time to send their friends a positive message when their life is in shambles are the best. We think people who have many issues actually make the greatest therapists because of their life experiences, wouldn’t you agree? Plus, taking the time to help someone out can also make you feel better.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

We’re all guilty of telling someone to cheer up while we’re all puffy-eyed. No one’s life is perfect, and the world is a bit messed up, but if we all continue to send out encouraging messages and positive vibes, we can make the world a better place. Or at least our friends’ lives.

One Friend Equals Quick Replies

There are people who are on multiple group chats and have ten friends they talk to online, but there are also some who just have one close friend they talk to daily. As such, it’s easy to respond to them at the speed of light!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

People find it strange when you reply too quickly. So we often time our responses even if we have time to reply. But if you’re messaging your best friend, then it’s fine to respond to them straight away because you don’t care if they judge you for seeming like you don’t have a life!

True Heartbreak

When you’re wearing a snazzy outfit, it’s crucial that you get a pic for the ‘gram. You could literally scream if you came back home and changed into comfy clothes, only to realize that you forgot to take a picture in your nice outfit that you probably won’t wear for a while.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

If you’re upset that you didn’t take a pic of your #OOTD, then you can either wear it again to another function, or you can throw it on at home and capture a few snaps. It’s never the same, though.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Some days when life gives you lemons, you don’t really feel like making lemonade. You just want to give up and lie on the floor. The most you can do is just cry it out. But remember to get up again and continue to live your life.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Breaking out, gaining a little bit of weight, being broke, and not knowing where your life is heading can feel like the end of the world. However, as much as that may suck, remember to give yourself a little grace because you’re human.

Eager Beaver

‘Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.’ As much as we may try to play cool, that’s what pops into most girls’ heads when they’ve met someone they really like. It doesn’t take much for some people to fall head over heels. Just a simple “Hey” from the right human can make us melt!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

It really is easy to get attached to someone. We’re pretty certain most people would admit that they had envisioned a future with someone they had only been seeing for a week or even someone they’ve walked past and found attractive! Feelings are strange, powerful monsters!

Relax, Refresh, Recharge

Author Anne Lamott has a great quote that we should all remember, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” So just sit, chill, paint your nails, and put on a cucumber eye mask.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

After you have taken some time for yourself, then you’ll have the energy to tackle all your other responsibilities. If you’re not feeling up to facing the world, that is perfectly alright. As the quote said, you need to unplug and recharge.

Next Stop: Insult Central

“Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” That’s a lovely quote by Lisa Weed, but it isn’t always true. Spending time with loved ones can be all fine and dandy until they start with the insults.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

The one thing that family does best is criticize. Well, not all families but most. Occasionally, one needs a break from the comments about your friends, weight, and interests. That said, good luck trying to avoid them without being considered rude!

Toxic but Loyal

Every relationship requires trust and loyalty. So even if you’re a bit toxic, at least you know that you’re not unfaithful. Just kidding, though. Being toxic is almost just as bad as cheating because you’re still hurting your significant other.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

It is human nature to have a good and a bad side. No one is perfect. But if we continue to work on ourselves, we will sleep like logs knowing that we are loyal and also free of toxicity! Wins all around

Add to Cart

Online shopping is frankly one of the greatest inventions of our time. You can just sit in your bed and order whatever your heart desires. There’s so much cool stuff available, like décor and clothes. Please don’t get us started on shoes! It’s so fun to scroll through everything and just add it to cart!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

When boredom hits, some people either snack or shop online. You might spend all your cash shopping online, but you’ll have packages to look forward to being delivered, which is always super exciting! We bet most people reading this have a package on the way!

Assistant > Boyfriend

If a guy says he wants to be more than friends, you can tell him you can either be best friends or he can be your assistant. We’d go with the second one. If they agree, then score. You’ll have someone to fetch your dry cleaning, lattes, and everything else an assistant does.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Instead of flat-out saying no to a guy asking you out, use the “you can be my assistant” response. He might be willing to if he really wants to be around you. Try it out one day; you have nothing to lose.

Spill the Tea

We love drama, how about you? When people say they love drama, they don’t mean they welcome it into their lives. Most just love to hear about other people’s problems. When someone has gossip to tell, your immediate response is usually along the lines of, “Spill the tea!”

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

People have come up with a whole bunch of sayings to let someone know that they want to have a gossip sesh. There’s what’s the spice; Let the cat out of the bag; Spill the beans, among others. But ‘spill the tea’ is the most popular, and with good reason.

Why Are You Yelling

No one wants to admit that they are in the wrong in an argument. Just hit them with the waterworks or the “ok, but why are you yelling” and you won’t have to say those two dreaded words, “You’re right.”

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Couples have disagreements, which is normal. What isn’t is if they raise their voice all the time. If you remain calm in an argument, even if you were wrong in the first place, you’ll be the real winner. Yelling is just a waste of energy.

Live, Love, Laugh Really Loud

There’s nothing better than a hearty laugh when you find something funny. Ladies, don’t worry about what you sound or look like when you laugh. Just throw your head back, cackle, and snort! It’s one of the most exhilarating feelings.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

If you’re more inhibited, it’s ok to just cover your mouth and giggle quietly, but it won’t be half as much fun. That said, there are people who can just bring out that mouth-wide-open kind of laughter, even if they are normally subdued. Where do you fall?


This has us in stitches because it’s so true! You will know a guy is about to go in for a kiss when they get all serious. Sorry to all the men out there, but this was confirmed by so many girls all over social media.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

It actually trended on TikTok, so watch it when you can; it’s hilarious! Plus, it’s not only girls who are making fun of how boys look when they kiss. Guys have even joined in on the trend to poke fun at themselves. At least they’re being good sports about it.

Communication Fail

Guys should know that sometimes when their girlfriend says one thing, they usually mean the opposite- that’s dating 101. For example, if a girl tells a guy to stop calling them after a fight they had no business starting, they actually want them to spam their phone with calls.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

If we all started being more direct, relationships would be a thousand times easier. But then, it wouldn’t be half as much fun! Maybe just don’t say anything instead of asking them not to call you. Either way, the waiting always sucks.

Solitude Sweater

Don’t feel like talking to anyone until you’re in a good mood? Then sit in solitude in a cozy sweater. We don’t mean that in a conventional way, though. Put your head and feet through the armholes. Why, you ask? Because it looks like fun!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Wait, we also have to mention how hard this looks to get out of. When you finally manage to get out of that thing, you’ll be in a bad mood all over again. Also don’t forget to have a cup of coffee, that usually helps with making you feel more sociable.

Two Personalities

Some of us are out here living life with two personalities that are night and day. Some people actually have like a hundred different sides, but we’ll just talk about the two. One minute someone can be like “Enid,” all bubbly and talkative, and the next, they’re quiet and broody like “Wednesday.”

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Some people might think that you can only either be super chatty and outgoing or quiet and reserved, but one person can be a bit of both. It depends on the day, your mood, and, most especially, who you’re conversing with.

Overthinking Nightmare

Overthinking is the worst! You lay in bed at night and think endlessly about how you’re overthinking, and before you know it, it’s six in the morning, you haven’t slept a wink, and you’re still lost in your own world. What a nightmare.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Your health can suffer as a result of overthinking. Try meditation, drawing, dancing, or any other way to distract yourself from overanalyzing. It’s challenging to stop those thoughts from creeping in at night, so you can also try playing a show in the background to distract your mind.

Story on Repeat

The one thing a girl views the most on Instagram is her own story. We often do this to try and imagine what it looks like from another person’s point of view. Plus, sometimes the song you picked is really catchy, so it’s fun to view it over and over again!

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Sometimes it takes two hours to find a song and the perfect picture to post. So might as well look at the results of your hard work a billion times before it disappears! If you’re wondering why someone is smiling at their phone, just know they’re looking at their IG story.

The Perfect Weekend Doesn’t Exi-

When you are having a tough week, who are you gonna call? Your bestie! All one really needs to do to keep the stress at bay is order some pizzas and chill with a close friend till the sun goes down.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

During a long stressful week, it is important to make plans to look forward to. Knowing you’ll be meeting up with a friend on the weekend to eat pizza, complain, and catch up about random things in your life will definitely get you through any mundane workweek.

The Camera is the Problem

Listen up, ladies. The camera is the problem, not you. Cameras, especially at a close range, can distort features by making certain parts of your face look bigger than they actually do in real life. So always keep in mind that cameras don’t always do you justice.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Someone once said, “If a camera can’t capture the beauty of a sunset, how can you expect it to capture the beauty of you?” What a wonderful quote. So remember to practice self-love. Channel your inner queen in the mirror every day and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.”

The Things We Do For Love

If a guy bores you to tears, we don’t suggest that you don’t pretend to be interested in what they have to say. Because if you do end up marrying him, you’ll be stuck listening to his dull stories for a very long time.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Even if a guy is really attractive, it is not worth sitting for hours listening to their boring story. Rather, choose a guy who can make you laugh out loud till your belly aches. Now that is someone who’s marriage material.

Jumping For Joy

Every girl dreams of the day that a guy will respond to the story that they posted for them. Usually, that never happens, but when it does, this is always the reaction- extreme excitement and disbelief. You never know; it could happen to you too! Just keep posting.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

If you want a guy to respond and get his attention, consider posting something that they’re interested in, like their favorite sports team. But a photo of you should also pique their interest. If not, then they’re a lost cause. Moving on swiftly!

Just Sitting There Like…

If a guy makes a valid point and proves you wrong, and you don’t want to acknowledge it, the best way to do that is by avoiding eye contact. It is probably also a good idea to cleverly change the subject.

Image courtesy of messywomen/Instagram

Just remember, if you play it cool and look cute, you can get away with just about anything as this scenario demonstrates. Giving them the old puppy dog eyes. Those always work like a charm. Try it out the next time you’re in an awkward situation.