Proof That Girlfriends Take Better Pics Of Their Boyfriends Then Their Men Do In Return

By Ana J

In the era where social media dominates almost everything we see on the internet, nearly everyone with an Instagram or Facebook account dreams of having someone in their lives that are gifted with an excellent sense of photography. However, this is far from most people’s realities. In fact, most people have posted a lot of embarrassing photos that their friends took. Or worse, a collection of them against a pretty landscape in a weird position with an even weirder facial expression.  This is so common that there’s a whole collection of partner disputes where one partner takes nice holiday pictures while the other always captures the other one in the worst angle possible! We curated a selection of 45 photos where couples publicly aired out their frustration of this discrepancy. 

Boy vs. boyfriend

In our first photo, Twitter user @LukeDunky seems to complain about his boyfriend’s photo-taking skills. However, we are not sure if his skills are the best either! Although his boyfriend isn’t making a face, is he presented in a better light, perhaps?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@LukeDunky

While it’s excellent that his boyfriend is following the recommended measures and wearing a mask, is this really the best lighting? Could this be his LinkedIn photo or a profile pic? Probably not. Maybe both of them can take a photography class for each other!

Girl vs. turtle

Now, this next one is an apparent discrepancy! While one of them took a photo of the other with a turtle to be shared on all social media for friends, family and to be printed for the grandparents for an extra special memory…

Image courtesy of

…the other person took the photo to be discarded. Frankly, it’s useless except for this meme to make a contrast! Only one of them needs a photography course. It’s not the person from the second picture! Poor girl. Hopefully, someone took a better one.

Boy vs. girl

Again, we can clearly see from this one who got the short end of the stick. While the boyfriend got at least one social media post out of the night, she, however, only has landscapes to post now. Or one lonely cocktail.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@ktyfbn_

She’s blurry in one photo and awkwardly positioned in the other. We hope the boyfriend learned his lesson after being publicly shamed on Twitter. Or maybe he didn’t because the trend goes on and on. It’s quite a common problem, actually.

Girl vs. boy

Again, here is a clear difference between the two. Should most boyfriends take a photography course? If any of our readers have an approach to recommend for these poor souls, let us know. We are sure their partners will thank you.  

Image courtesy of Twitter/@AbbeeHanlon

He’s left with a photo for all platforms, while she can’t even reuse this one for a story! Yikes. Well, maybe she can master a self-timer for their next holiday. Or threaten to stop the good photo supply. Whatever works. 

Jay vs. boy

Twitter user @punkofcolor, who describes themselves as a punk poet and artist, made their own meme about the boyfriends taking pictures phenomenon. Jay is an artist, after all, so their picture would naturally be the better version out of the two.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@punkofcolour

However, is this much better? Maybe their boyfriend is an artist, too, and this is just a misunderstood piece of art. Perhaps, this is how he sees his partner before coffee? We suppose he would have to tell us about the reasoning behind it. 


In this series, we mostly found significant discrepancies. Most of the time, they are obvious. One person has a fantastic photo for all platforms. The other can only trash it or make a meme about it. However, sometimes maybe the difference…

Image courtersy of Twitter/@EwdatsGROSS

… is just in the eye of the poster! Twitter user @EwdatsGROSS posted, “photos I take of my boyfriend vs. photos he takes of me.” But for us, they both look like they just got out of bed, with one person being in the middle of breakfast.

And again…

Again, sometimes the difference is just in the eyes of the poster! We don’t know in what context these individuals would like to use these photos and what’s the beef between them. At least one of the photos can be…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@vaish_navy

… a stock photo called “girl gets stuff from the fridge.” While the image that was taken by the girlfriend clearly has portrait mode on, it is taken at an awkward time. Maybe both of them could choose better timing.

Boy vs. boyfriend

Now, we are back to the apparent differences. One side carefully chose the angle, the lighting, the pose, and the moment perfectly. The other, not so much. Although, maybe there was an attempt at composition with the backpack and jacket placement.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@tweetsbyarthur

However, one Bored Panda user pointed out that the photo on the left is edited, so maybe with some retouching, the one on the right can be used other than the meme? We’ll give it cute story material with light retouching!

Model vs. The girl from The Ring

You should probably be able to sue if you can make your partner resemble a character from a horror movie while they make them look like a model! There must be some sort of a couple’s court for this situation.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@babydesneige

He looks like an influencer about to post an outfit check on their Instagram. In return, he made his girlfriend look like she just woke up from the dead and stepped out of the house for the first time in a while to get some sunlight! Grounds to sue.

Girl vs. Boy

Following the trend. This one is not as bad as the previous one. However, the difference is clear. One is a postable photo, the other, well… it’s something. We can’t quite figure out what, but it’s something. Maybe a reaction?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@sademmahours

It could be used as a reaction meme. Although, it’s probably not what she was going for as there are plenty of those to go around. People don’t seem to wake up wanting to be a meme unless they are a corporation. 

Girl vs. Boy vs. Ice cream

You know, while we can see where the girlfriend is coming from, we have to put this one in the category of, you didn’t do that great either. While one picture is clearly more useable, it’s not entirely post-worthy…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@newestnihaad

… for all platforms. His face is almost gone. The composition is a little odd with the shoes and all. But, that aside, it’s not comparable to the second photograph! Unless, again, you are going for the meme-able photos, which would make the picture on the right perfect.


While again, we can see a stark difference in the picture-taking ability of one partner, is it truly hard to take good photos if a dog is in the picture? Dogs make everything better, possibly even a blurry image.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@jazzz_howard

Maybe the boyfriend had an excuse. The picture on the right is taken through two lenses. Perhaps the poor lad was trying to show her how he sees the world without them! No idea. But 10/10 for the dog!

More dogs

Honestly, both of these photos are close to perfect because they both have a dog! However, the problem we have with the picture on the right is that the dog’s privacy has been invaded! Did anyone ask for consent?

Image courtesy of

The poor pup was caught in a very intimate act. No one’s privacy should be invaded in such a manner! We take off points for both! For the boyfriend who took it and the girl who posted it, send that cute puppy our way, please!

Girl vs. a sandwich

Twitter user @freddysmells420 joined the trending conversation. This one seems a little staged to us. It looks like many of these are taken on the same day for the purpose of the meme. Are poor boyfriends just bad at taking pics…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@freddysmalls420

… or is it for the clout? Anyway, we hope the meme didn’t cause any accidents. The picture on the left seems to be taken in the middle of the right. The one on the right, luckily, isn’t! Don’t die for the meme.

Witch vs. Podcast

This pair is pretty funny. In all fairness, the girlfriend’s job was already set up pretty easily! The boyfriend had to capture a whole once-in-a-year outfit that she probably planned for a while! It’s not just any moment. While it’s not an excuse…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Gameonysus

… it does make for funny content. Hopefully, someone else captured the essence of her Halloween outfit that night. Anyway, maybe this one isn’t fair since it’s not on equal casual picture terms. You can be the judge of that.


Well, this one seems on pretty equal terms, and there is a clear loser and winner dynamic. Although, let’s say some of it could be blamed on the natural light and the setup. But the counter-argument would be that…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@CarolineMPoole

… there isn’t much natural light on a plane, so the picture on the right should have been a success if it had been taken at the right moment. And if we are completely honest, they could have moved some of the garbage from the left picture.

Oh, the light

This one has a similar vibe to the last couple. It seems like the main issue might be timing for the less gifted partner in taking pictures. They seem to have good setups leading up to the moment but somehow…

Source: Bored Panda

… they choose the wrong moment to snap the photo! Unlike the boyfriend, the girlfriend knows how to pick the moment. The boyfriend chose an interesting composition. The idea is there, but the execution, not so much. Maybe more than one take is the key.


This one is a classic of partner vs. the other partner picture. There’s a clear difference, and one is just way more usable and universal than the other. We would say it’s a boyfriend vs. girlfriend dynamic thing, but…

Image courtesy of Twitter/abcelya

… we saw some boyfriends who do it to their boyfriends! So, we will just say it’s a boy thing. Obviously, not all men. But most. We’re on number 18 here, and it’s just boyfriends doing it so far.


Anyone who can provide counter-evidence to our observation, you should come forward. But so far, we have damming evidence that one gender is statistically worse at photography! At least, the casual photography for inspirational social media posts.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@paigemosolle

Here we have another boyfriend called out for his poor social media photography skills. He had everything; the waterfall, the scenery, the light. But he chose not to focus on the camera. It’s one tap, mister, come on! How hard is it to focus on a smartphone camera?

Boys will be boys

The evidence is just mounting. This time it isn’t even the focus, just the moment. However, it does appear he at least took more photos of her. We hope this isn’t the only one. Maybe there needs to be…

Image courtesy of Twitter/@sudieraeEp

… another sub-movement for women’s rights! The women and some members of the LGBT community need to send their boyfriends for a collective casual photography class coupled with an introductory patience course to wait for that decent shot. Decent would be enough.

Oh well

Now, we think this one might be just about the perception. While one photo has better colors and balance, are both really useful for more than just a story? Or a picture within an Instagram album or photo dump?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@LeBordelDeMaVie

We are not sure, but you can be the judge of that. We think this girlfriend hopped on the trend without properly sifting through all the photo examples. It might not be the best. Nice burrito pose, though. 10/10 for the blanket.

Oh well

Here’s another one that’s kind of unfair. We get that the photo on the right is blurry and unusable. However, is the lighting really the best on the image on the left? Probably not. In all fairness, the light isn’t natural.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@EhresmanKatya

However, the girlfriend did not show us some social media post masterpiece here either. It’s just an ok picture vs. a bad one. Not much of a polar opposites situation. Still, though, they get a participation trophy! Thanks for the material.


Now we are back to the classics with this one. It is a polar opposite situation. The only thing we could spot that would take away from it is that light blurs all background on the picture on the left.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@delilahhmartinn

However, the one on the right is so blurred and unusable that we can’t cut the boyfriend some slack here. Sorry, boyfriend number 23. We rule this one in your girl’s favor. In our court, you get sentenced to a photography course!


It wouldn’t hurt if both of them looked up to see what was going on. Just for this big date no-no, we have to say this is one of those posts in the middle. Neither of them are exceptionally gifted, but let’s say…

Image courtesy of @Twitter/doreemaefasola

…at least the composition of the photo on the left is better. However, we have to cut the image to the left some slack for the comedic effect. So this one would be bad vs. mediocre. Apologies. Maybe look up next time!


This one might be farther apart than couple 24. However, we still have to place them in the middle. The difference between the two pictures is not particularly shocking. Both are pretty dark, and the light is not adjusted.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@kwistun

Maybe the face is more visible in the photo on the left, which gives it some extra points. However, we wouldn’t sentence this boyfriend to a photography course just yet. Maybe both of them could look up tips online instead.

Girl vs. boy, again

Now this one is a classic polar opposite. It’s grounds to sue for the lack of postable photos. No excuses here, boy! Look at those colorful tea boxes on the right. What a missed opportunity.  It could have been a lovely picture.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@cshake98

But instead of a lovely picture, the focus is on the waffle! While the waffle does look fantastic, your girl should be the priority. Waffles come and go, but love is forever. But resentment will also carry it’s weight whenever she sees all the lovely pics you have!


This one might be a classic if the photo on the left wasn’t taken from such a distance. However, maybe the photo on the right is so badly taken that it can make up for all of that. What do you think?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@BrittanyRenee33

In any case, we’ll count this as more evidence that one seems to be worse at casual photography. But maybe both of them could look up some basic tips. Well, one needs a little bit more help than the other.


While the light is not the best in the picture on the left, this one is still a classic since the one on the right is so bad. Also, the poor light on the boyfriend’s photo could be attributed to the camera and not the photographer.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@vakare_xx

However, the boyfriend has no excuse for his girlfriend’s photo! It’s too blurry and too close to the window. Where was this taken even? Basic tip: take pictures facing the source of natural light, not against the background of it. You are welcome.


Ok, but how do we know it’s you two? While we get your point, Twitter user @monetmcmichael_, but wouldn’t it have been better if you removed some of the ski gear? You both look like ski robots a little bit.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@monetmcmichael_

We will give the girlfriend extra points for the composition, the effect, and the fabulous line of light in the background. We take off points for the boyfriend for cropping her out of the photo and focusing on the dead trees. You can’t even see her ski equipment! 


Ok, this one is a clear example! Look at that light on the photo on the left. It’s perfect. That picture is just album cover-worthy! That’s a picture you show to your grandkids, and they go, “Wow, grandad was hot.”

Image courtest of Twitter/@LostCyberChild

The picture on the left is not the worst one we’ve seen in this collection. But, it’s far from the best! So, sorry, boyfriend. You should take some tips from your girl. She’s a professional. Or at least borrow her camera. 

Too close

Ah, here we have another classic and another couple for the evidence against a gender and their photography skills. While we complained already about photos being taken from a distance, now we are complaining about the opposite. Why is there no middle ground?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@laurenkysx

Sometimes you have to take a step back. The picture of the girlfriend on the left is taken way too close. It could have been a nice one with the neon background and all, just like the boyfriend’s picture. But, boys have other plans.


Now, both of these pics are not focused. We get you, Twitter user @_tori_, but don’t go criticizing someone’s skills in public if you can’t take the criticism back. While we see your point, you are not a saint here either.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@_tori___

We do see the light across from you blocking your whole shape, not just a part of your face. However, we have to cut him some slack because he did take the picture from an ok angle, and his is from a weird angle. 


This poor girl has a whole collection of bad photos her boyfriend took. From Twitter user @Rachel_164’s post, we can draw that she makes them yearly. That’s at least what she wrote, and we are inclined to believe her.

Image courtsy of Twitter/@Rachel_164

Given that this is the 33rd boyfriend photography complaint, we believe her even if she was just joking. What’s worse? It seems like this was all in a once-in-a-lifetime holiday setting. So good luck replicating them!

Not all men

We can’t just generalize about a whole gender. There seem to be some men who have decent photography skills. Their male partners, however, not so much. Some men just can’t take a postable photo if their life depended on it.

Source: Bored Panda

Look at that scenery! It’s a long hike with beautiful landscapes. Yet, what the poor boy gets is a flop; An awkward pic of him turning confused. Maybe he could make the best out of it. Like, besides posting it as a meme, ask Twitter to fix it.

On the other hand

On the other hand, these two are not miles apart. Now, don’t get us wrong. Clearly, the boyfriend is the less skilled one here, but we must wonder if all of these examples are so far apart. Is it miles?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@kcberryyy

You know already we are not fans of pictures where one is looking at their phone. We just don’t think they are widely usable—also, we kind of like the grass backdrop and the setup on the picture on the right. We see where he was going with it.


Ok, usually, we would not condone looking away from the picture. But this one on the left is pretty cool. We have to say. The colors fit in, and it makes sense. We have to say these two are miles apart.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@BateyAudrey

In the picture on the right, the light is off, the girl is blurry, and it just doesn’t fit as well as the other one. We can see that this couple is artsy, and they like to play with light.

Another one

When DJ Khaled releases a music video, he says his catchphrase, “Another one!” And here we have, in fact, another one. There is a clear difference between these two pics—what a lovely photo on the left. Everything is there.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@lydialudden

She used a minor edit to make it faded, his shirt matches his eyes, and the background is pretty neutral. On the right, however, yikes. Poor girl got the short end of the stick here. Send that boy on some introductory course!

Miles and smiles

While we can see why the girlfriend would be upset at the difference since her photo is blurry, did she set all the elements right for the boyfriend’s pic? We’ll place this couple in the miles apart category.  However…

Image courtesy of

…we have to say that both of them could learn a thing or two about the placement of objects in a photo. Which fades, pun intended, when you compare the two of them. At least one of them can get a non-blurry picture!

Another one

At this point, by couple 39, we are wondering the same thing as Twitter user @stayflyjess, “what is wrong with men not knowing how to take the most simple of photos?!” An exclamation mark after the question mark is very much necessary.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@stayflyjess

This is a classic example. Jess even says her boyfriend doesn’t even plan to post these anywhere! Can you believe the injustice? Poor Jess. We are with her on this one. That man owes her a few social media posts, for sure.


Let’s face it. Couple 40 is undoubtedly no Jess and her boyfriend material. We won’t get too mad here now. Sorry, Twitter user @candaceet, this will come as a surprise, but your boyfriend is better at selfies, it seems.

Image courtsy of Twitter/@candaceeet

Now, you might not like that you were not in on the selfie, but the photo seems more focused than the one beside it. Candace’s photographs are a little blurry, and one of them is even obscured by the tent and the table. Not great.


After seeing many of these examples, while we are getting bitter at the boys and their skills, we have to cut them some slack, too. Sometimes, it’s not just their skills, which are not great as we can see already.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@palepalestinian

But are all girlfriends really photography whizzes? We’d say no. It’s a fact most of them take more decent photos, and some of them take amazing photos. But sometimes, it’s just a more decent photo. Like now. Apologies, Twitter user @palepalestinian.


Like, for example, both of these are cute intimate photos. Are they genuinely indicative of one’s photography skills? They both seem to be taken for private collections. Sorry, Twitter user @sophiejml, but both of you are adorable! Final verdict.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@sophiejml

Now, if this was a vacation photo against some once-in-a-lifetime background, maybe we would have different feelings. But these are both taken in your home, in intimate and private settings. We think this boyfriend can get away with it.

Another one

This couple, on the other hand, is a classic example. No excuses for this boyfriend! Mainly because this is not the first time Twitter user @cshake98 is on our list. And it’s probably not the first time this poor lady was robbed of a good picture!

Image courtesy of Twitter/@cshake98

Will he ever learn? Maybe if she calls him out for the third time. Third time’s the charm, so they say. If we do some mental gymnastics, we can say he was dealt a lousy hand taking a photo against the light source. But come on!

Another one

Patience seems to be the critical element lacking in boyfriends taking pictures. We know all those memes of boyfriends allegedly left outside of Target or TJ Maxx waiting for hours. But is it truly hours? Would you trust these men to wait for anything?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@cemberella

After seeing all of these pictures and memes of how bad they are at taking photos, we are not sure they have the capacity to wait for hours! It’s probably minutes that seem like hours to these impatient creatures. He couldn’t even wait for her not to blink!

Last couple

We leave you with this couple. We saw plenty of boys being called out for their photography skills by both genders! Leading us to conclude that not all men, but it appears, most men are not great at photography, unfortunately.

Source: Bored Panda

We’ve also seen some examples where it’s just a matter of perception, like this one. Sometimes, the other partner thinks their photography skills are much better, but they might be only slightly better or sometimes almost equal. You decide where you stand with your partner.