Give Your Bras Some Love

By Ruby M

Ladies, your body is a temple, and your breasts are one of the most important and fragile parts of it – they need to be handled with care. That means ensuring that the bras you use are right for your body and kept in a good and undamaged condition. Bras are precious and highly important to maintain a good posture and healthy breasts. If your bra doesn’t fit you properly or is falling apart, it is not good for your health and can even displace breast tissue. Here are some tips for caring for your bras to ensure their longevity.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Casee Brim

Strictly Hand Wash

We know that you have a busy schedule, or maybe you might hate hand-washing, but putting your precious bra in the washing machine can cause far more damage than you might think. The padding can become misshapen, and straps can get mixed up and tangled in the array of clothes which can cause them to stretch and distort. Washing your bras in the machine can cause your bras to deteriorate more rapidly, meaning you’ll have to go out and buy new ones more often than if you wash them by hand.

When to Wash

Wash your bra after two or three uses, not every single use. Like jeans, bras can be worn more than once before they need to be washed. They are undergarments, but not underwear and are not subject to smelling after just one wear. What’s a great system is to rotate two bras at a time by wearing one for a day, then another the next to give your bras space and time to spring back into place – especially if they are padded.

Never Put Your Bras in the Dryer

The tumble dryer is like a bra’s personal hell. The heat causes the elastic to warp, the underwire to distort, and the straps to stretch. It can also cause the fabric to become misshapen, stretched, or even shrink. The best way to dry a bra is like a piece of lettuce – gently absorb all of the excess water by pressing the bra in between a towel, never wringing your bra, and then hang it up gently on a clothes horse or washing line to dry. Never hang your bra up by the straps because the extra weight might cause the bra to stretch.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ u/BeautifulBoobies49