Healthy Self-Talk

By Ruby M

It’s hard not to feel inadequate in a society where social media, magazines, and even movie posters illustrate perfect bodies and skin. But these bodies are not realistic. Sure, it’s easy to compare yourself to the bodies of your peers and the bodies of the friends you have on Facebook and then look at yourself in the mirror and pick at every imperfection, piece of cellulite, red skin, and “flabby” areas but, these negative thoughts do more to your mental health and self-esteem than you realize. Instead of focusing on all of your ”flaws,” you should be focusing on all the positive aspects that you love about yourself. Here are some reminders for the next time you are feeling blue about your body.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @TheHazelHayes

Building Boundaries 

If you’re following somebody on Instagram who has a supermodel body that makes you feel disgusted with your own body every time you see their latest post – unfollow them! If you have a magazine in your bathroom filled with articles on getting rid of cellulite or stretch marks, and that makes you feel self-conscious about your stretch marks or cellulite – it’s time to get rid of that magazine! By removing these triggers from your life, you create healthy boundaries that allow you to focus on loving your body instead of dreaming of having somebody else’s.

Make a List

Keep a top-ten list about everything you love about yourself and refer to it when you’re feeling down. Maybe you love your dimples or freckles or the little curls your hair makes after you’ve brushed it. Maybe you have an awesome sense of humor, or your gaming skills are other-worldly. Keeping a list of the things you love most about yourself and reminding yourself of these qualities will help you overcome those negative thoughts and keep the positive ones at the front of your mind. 

Stop Equating Your Value With Your “Flaws”

You need to stop yourself from comparing your worth and value to the pimples on your face or the fat on your thighs. You are incredible just the way you are and are not bad or ugly because of your imperfections. Imperfections make you human, so learn to embrace and accept them instead of knocking yourself down for them!

Positive People = Positive Life 

The people you choose to invite into your life are the people who will affect your mood, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. If negative people with negative thoughts constantly bombard you, you will find yourself mirroring those thoughts. So instead, cut the negative people out and spend more time with people who make you feel good about being alive!

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @selfworthorig