How One Woman Recovered From An Eating Disorder By Embracing Her Period

By Divya G

Many women experience side effects from periods that can be incredibly triggering. However, learning to live with them can be highly satisfying. For women with an eating disorder, it can be even worse. People who’ve experienced these complications will tell you how recovering from it takes a lifetime. There’s absolutely no magic word that can cure eating disorders; it’s a journey that one must learn from each and every day.

Why do we mention this? Well, periods and eating disorders don’t usually “get along.” For starters, your nutritional intake can severely impact your menstrual cycle. And, even then, going through monthly changes can have severe consequences for those who are overly conscious of their body image.

One woman, Emily Bashforth, shared her story about how she learned to live in harmony, thanks to her period. She described her period as a blessing in disguise through which she found ways to embrace a monthly change. Moreover, it taught her the importance of listening to her body and self-care.

Emily suffered from anorexia for over ten years. Her negative body image only got worse with each cycle. It triggered deep-seated fears that she was already battling. Bloating made her feel like her body changed overnight. Uncontrollable cravings for sugar and carbs were antithetical to her anorexia. Top it off with cramps and fatigue that would keep her from exercising, and it was a monthly nightmare.

ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

So, how did she change it? She learned to listen to her body and understand its changes every month. For example, cravings don’t mean undermining diet plans, and taking time to rest when you’re tired doesn’t mean you’re not exercising regularly.

We normally think of periods as something to dread, but reading about stories like Emily’s gives us a new perspective on how much our bodies can do for us, both physically and mentally.