How To Feel More Motivated

By Ruby M

Global events, national disasters, and personal challenges can sometimes feel too heavy, and we find ourselves demotivated. The longer we are in a slump, the harder it is to pick ourselves up. Sometimes, it all feels like too much, and we avoid dealing with our issues instead of facing them head-on so that we can feel motivated and ready to tackle each day. If you’re in a slump, here are some ways to get yourself out of it:

Baby Steps

If you’re struggling to get started, it may be due to how big your goals are. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and trying to reach your goals in one day is unrealistic and stressful. For example, if you want to finish writing that novel you’re dying to publish, start by planning out one chapter at a time instead of focusing on the whole book. Focus on the first step or two instead of the whole mountain. That way, when you set each goal and reach that goal, you will feel more accomplished and motivated to continue.


Feelings of demotivation can be caused by a lack of blood flow and overall feelings of anxiety and stress. Regular exercise has been directly linked to lower stress levels and feelings of depression, meaning that it will increase healthier, happier, and more motivated feelings to get what you need to do, done! 

Image courtesy of Unsplash/ Shoeib Abolhassani

Practice Self-Care

Following a self-care routine will not only make you feel more grounded and happy with your physical appearance, but it will do wonders for your mental health, too. If you’re feeling good mentally and physically, you will likely feel more productive and motivated. 

Positive Lifestyle

A positive lifestyle means removing all negative thoughts, people, and clutter from your everyday surroundings. Please get rid of old clothes, books, and unused items lying around the house and replace them with things that make you feel lighter and more enthusiastic about getting your day going. Move on from toxic relationships and friendships and fill your life with a healthy and positive mindset.

Image courtesy of Verywell/ Bonninstudio