How to Prevent Chestne

By Ruby M

Our face is not the only part of our body that suffers from the dreaded and unpleasant throws of acne. Acne affects the thinner and more delicate parts of our bodies – and places where the skin is prone to becoming oily. For us ladies, the underneath of our breasts and chest area can also become acne-prone. We call this chestne – and it affects us especially in the summer months, where we tend to sweat more often – and when we actually want to show off a little bit of skin and wear our favorite tank tee, but it may be too embarrassing showing off all that chestne. So ladies, here is a list of our best ways to prevent chestne. You’re welcome!

Image Courtesy of: Mayo Clinic

Always wash your neck and chest when you wash your face

Your neck and chest have similar skin to that of your face – and should therefore also be given the same loving care that you give your face daily. Washing your neck and chest will cleanse those areas, making them less prone to breakouts.

Mask Downwards Too 

When you’re pampering your face with your favorite mask, add some to your neck and chest too. Using a mask will replenish and hydrate your skin, keeping it fresh and clean.

Detox – Inside and Out

Breakouts can often indicate that our body needs a good cleanse. Some great natural body detoxes are drinking hot lemon water, mint, and cucumber water – or coconut water! You’ll sweat those toxins right out.

Exfoliate Regularly

Much like the face mask, when you give yourself your weekly facial exfoliation, make sure to exfoliate your neck and chest as well to cleanse those pores all the way down!

Use Fresh Linen

The longer you use the same pillowcases and linens without swapping them out for fresh, clean ones – the longer your dead skin cells gather on those surfaces. If those dead cells get back into your pores – your skin will become blocked and more prone to breakouts. So make sure to change the bedding weekly!

Image Courtesy of: Phil Jude/science Photo Library