Marrying MacGyver: 35+ Funny Hubbies And Their Creative Life Hacks

By Violet H

Charming, intelligent, reliable, and consistent—these are some of the things we want to see in men. But guys can change from being that responsible adult we ladies depend on to a kid in seconds. Sometimes it’s adorable when he’s the “youngest in the family,” but most of the time, you just want to pack him up and bring him home to his mom.

Not that we have anything against acting goofy; it’s just that it has to serve some purpose. For example, showing off his cooking skills in the kitchen by cooking leftovers, earning crypto by mining with his videogame card, babysitting the kids by playing the quiet game, and other ingenious tricks. It all boils down to creativity. Nothing is sexier than a guy who knows to sharpen his material to meet our needs.

Safety Hazard

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. You’ve got the hissing steam, the unforgiving boiling temps, the oil splatters, table corners, and onions. Man, those onions make you tear up faster than seeing Tom Hank lose Wilson. How do you deal with dicing onions? This hubby thought he’d go for a swim!

Image Courtesy of Laguia Delvaron

Some guys just can’t bear to be seen crying. We wouldn’t mind, in all honesty! We’d head for the first aid kit and then ask you where your boo boo is. We’ll nurse you for a while. Now let’s stop the bleeding!

Fixing the Night Shade

Having the nightshade malfunction is one of a girl’s worst nightmares. It’s a must on your side desk when reaching for that glass of water, or for that mascara tint, or for the handheld mirror to check if your eyes have reduced puffiness. When they break, you’d be left considering if you’re going to spend a couple of hundred dollars or switching sides with your husband.

Image Courtesy of Izi smile

Who wouldn’t be pleased with this improvisation? You not only get to show off your taste in alcoholic beverages, but you also get to reuse your very nightshade – the one you’ve been using for years. A bonus is that he has raised it to higher heights. That means you have more space to wade your hand around when reaching blindly through your bedside table.

Heavy Duty Whisking

We can rely on men to cook pancakes for us for the most part. They are not rocket science. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, whisk them well, and fry. However, what can you expect if your man is a handyman? He gives the whisk a little horsepower, obviously.

Image Courtesy of Izismile

If we were to wake up to this, we would have broken out laughing. Then we would have requested a live demo and maybe insist that we both use some goggles. Honestly, this trick probably creates the best batch of pancakes that we have ever seen.

Decluttering the Disinfectants

Don’t you just despise when all of your cleaning products are cluttered in one cabinet? Sometimes, fluids spill out of the tubes, they become all sticky, and some of your money is wasted. To keep these items more orderly, this man hung a shoe rack on the back of the laundry door.

Image Courtesy of Mckenzie – Apartments

Now, you won’t have to crouch down to locate a disinfectant to do more back-breaking cleaning tasks around the house. Simply browse at the items, all within eye level, and then pick the one that you need. Props to this guy made his lady’s life a lot easier.

Long Distance Cooking

We need technology in this modern world. You can use it to entertain, educate, communicate, or monitor someone or something. In this instance, it’s all of the above. You just need two gadgets; home wifi and a countdown system. This is perfect for the gaming husbands.

Image Courtesy of @GeorgeTweetings/Twitter

You won’t hear the timer go off if you’re gaming on the floor above. By the time you remember that garlic bread, it might be up in flames or burnt to a crisp in the oven. It’s best to check up on that garlic bread every few minutes in real-time. But this guy found a genius way to keep tabs on both his bread and his video game.

Clearing Visibility

One of the most daunting tasks in the winter is having to scrape off snow from your car, especially if it’s early in the morning. And, you may have to do this every time you go out. It takes up too much of your time, and it’s a lot of effort. What do men do to cope while ensuring visibility?

Image Courtesy of Green Lemon Me

They only clean off the driver-side section of the window. You’re the only one who needs to see the road, right? Everyone else can sit blindly in the dark. They’re just passengers…but you, you are the captain of this exploration! One brush for man, lots of time saved for humanity!

Scootering Past the Age Limit

This is relationship goals if we ever did see with our two eyes! We hope to find someone who is as crafty as this fella. It’s safe to expect that our bodies will decline with time, but our love for our partner won’t. So to get somewhere fast, like the follow-up check-up, grandma thought of using her scooter as grandpa’s sleigh.

Image Courtesy of Social Tech Junkie

Say, what’s the max speed for these folks? We would have amped it up and made sure that our hubby wore a helmet and knee pads. Anyone that gets in their path will be met with a curtly “Get outta the way!” This only proves that some relationships get better with age.

Chillin’ From Bed

There are a lot of days we don’t want to get out of bed. It would be nice if men did all the housework for us and even threw in a kiss or two without any judgment for our morning breath. When this woman fancied a drink to spruce up her morning, her man created the niftiest device for her to enjoy it.

Image Courtesy of On the Bright

Well, what did you have in mind? Of course, it had to be an extremely long straw. Insert one end inside the other and then use tape to secure them. This takes us back to our childhood when we received extendible drinking straws from birthday parties – those that we could loop around and be fascinated with for hours!

Closet Space

This man redid the bedroom, painted the walls bare white, and then hung some foldable stools to function as a closet. Never in a million years would we have thought that a stretcher, the least used part in a chair, could function as a clothes rack.

Image Courtesy of Life Storage

And the seats can function as a top shelf! Now we don’t have to spend loads of money to have a handyman build a clothes storage unit, especially when we don’t have the space in a room to do so.

Setting the Mood

This husband wanted to spend a romantic evening with his wife. He set the mood by playing some music and gazing at her face illuminated by candlelight. The problem was that he had run out of candle holders to place them on. Now, how can we keep this mood alive?

Image Courtesy of DIY Any

Put the wax in citrus rinds! It’ll give off the perfect zesty smell, and it will burn for hours. It’s also inexpensive and creative. The best part is that the fruits you eat will determine the sweetness of your love juice. Get it on, lover boy!

Family Picture

If you want to be included in the family picture, but you are worried about who is going to take it, it’s best to take out that full-length mirror. Clean it up really well, and make sure that you’re taking the picture in a well-lit area. Now, have someone hold it up at the perfect angle.

Image courtesy of Malaking Daks/Facebook

If all else fails, they could have just used a camera timer. Just place it on a tripod and then set the standard time, preferably 10 seconds. Guess no one was techy enough to use that feature. But all is well. Dad was included in the picture, and everyone’s smile was aglow with anticipation.

Cooking like a Pro

It turns out that we can be more efficient in the kitchen. Use that food warmer in the bottom layer of your oven—Cook appropriate servings by measuring spaghetti through the hole in your ladle or spoon. Or, using the same principle, soften your butter while cooking macaroni shells!

Image courtesy of hacks/Pinterest

Isn’t that nifty? Now, all that’s left is to prepare the cheese sauce! We could prepare the powdered type, but we’re feeling adventurous. That’s why we have the butter fairly runny. Soon we’ll be whisking it with flour. Then we’ll be adding salt, cheese, and garlic powder!

Kitchen Furniture

We seem to be getting the hang of it now. So, to create something new, we have to use an object with a particular function for another task. For example, sponges soak up water, but they can be used as an ice pack if you freeze them. And ables of a particular length can function at higher levels if you pile them up like this.

Image Courtesy of hacks/pinterest

Voila, you have a kitchen countertop! Just make sure to fasten the adjoining parts so that they won’t take a tumble. Use it for light work, and it’ll last as long as marble countertops. Now, you can work efficiently.

Manly Shopping

We understand why men want to lock and load the groceries. They want to carry them from the truck to the house. Having to travel to and fro with some degree of weight is exhausting. But believe us, this problem is manageable thanks to this guy.

Image Courtesy of Snap Guide

This woman’s hubby used a carabiner to put the bags altogether. He could probably do some bicep reps, too. If it were other guys, they would have also made a video of themselves and uploaded it on social media. Not that we’re complaining, they deserve the praise!

Securing Your Insides

When your man is out on a morning run, he will place his keys, phone, and money in his pockets. The downside to this is that he won’t be able to jog properly. He’ll worry about the weight dragging his shorts down. That’s a stifling thought. So what did this guy do? They put a rubber band around the inside of their pockets.

Image Courtesy of Alec_CBF / Reddit

That will keep the items from jiggling in your pocket. Second, you won’t have to worry about any of them getting lost, especially if you’re on a high-intensity run. Third, the weight won’t drag your shorts down.his time, and you can adjust accordingly.

Brainy is the New Screw-me

We need a little alcohol to take off the edge after a long week of work. We’ll probably head off to the local store and buy a whole bottle of liquor for everyone to share. But given our headache and our temporary forgetfulness, we might forget some necessities – say a corkscrew, perhaps?


We can deal with the lack of wine glasses, but the lack of a corkscrew is easily fixable using air pressure and simple machines. You can use a blow torch or lighter to cause the cork to pop out of place or use a power drill and a nail like this guy.

Treats on a Stand

Who doesn’t love being served dessert? On weekends, this hubby often makes them for his family. What kind? Ice cream! Just the thought of it makes us drool, and that chocolate syrup is the perfect topping for the iced treat. But you need to serve them quickly.

Image Courtesy of

Fortunately, he used the egg tray to hoist those cones up. Maybe he could put different toppings in each of the holes. That way, everyone can personalize their cones. Maybe put some sprinkles, Oreos, cookie dough, marshmallows, nuts, or M&M’s on the top. Would you try this at home? We would!

To Each Her Own

Some women prefer bowling to the movies. Others prefer a grand gesture to a handwritten letter. On Valentine’s Day, men should be sensitive to these preferences and appease their queen’s cravings. Men like this super thoughtful one.

Image Courtesy of One Dio

What’s even better is receiving both! But she’s not complaining. Do you think he ate the chocolates first then gifted her with a combo deluxe? Or did he save those for dessert at home? Either way, we’re antsy to know, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be gifted the same degree of attention next time.

Inexpensive Laundromat

What do you do if you don’t have an iron? You could buy a steamer, but it wouldn’t be worth it if you only need to use it once in a while. Let’s face it; steamers consume a lot of electricity. So what do you do? Grab the pots and boil some water.

Image Courtesy of Context Reverso

Hang that blouse on one of the shelves’ handles and then leave it there for a couple of minutes. Make sure to pour as much water as needed, but don’t do this while cooking. You don’t want your shirt to smell like chicken broth.

Lego Cable Holder

Those cables are so infuriating. If you place them in one container, they’ll get all tangled up with each other. Having to untangle them seems longer than the time you spend charging your gadget. Second, you oftentimes lose a cable. Where do they fly off to? And why do those ends easily break?

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/Pinterest

This man has a fondness for Lego toys. Seeing his damsel in distress, he thought of creating one that would serve her some purpose. Do you think she was the goddess in the lego stand? Do you think she has a fondness for a bed of flowers? We think so, and this is bound to catch the envy of any woman alive.

No Mess Coffee

It’s morning time, and maybe you need coffee to go or served in a mug while you read your morning paper. But what if your machine broke? How could we ever cope with such a disaster? This husband had thought of using the car oil funnel as a pour-over filter.

Image Courtesy of Imgur

But of course, he made sure that the funnel had been cleansed thoroughly. It must have taken him several rinses, but at least you’ve got the perfect cup of coffee brewed for you. If there’s any aftertaste, you can credit his effort.

Toasting Leftovers

It’s interesting because you could save a couple of square inches of space by reducing your kitchen’s number of electronic gadgets. Oftentimes, a mechanical glitch will do it for you. The good news is that you could choose to buy or not to buy a replacement.

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/pinterest

See, most of these gadgets have multi-function purposes, just wait on your bae to discover them for you. The plus side is that these were often made to do multiple. You wouldn’t have to waste money buying a replacement microwave. Or, you can heat your food in a skillet.

Hand me those Sweet Crumpets

You can never be too prepared to forget a few things on your list. Sometimes, it’s dog food, milk, or cereal. The more basic, the more easier it is to forget. While pushing your cart, it’s easy to miss the buns you would need for the perfect burger.

Image courtesy of husbandsnapchats/Pinterest

But that’s okay because our husbands are pretty nifty when it comes to missing supplies. They aren’t just good with handy work, but they’re also great at cooking up a batch of crumpets out of the other items in the cupboard. Just in case you’re wondering, these are kind of like pancakes without the sweet taste or the baking soda component.

Storing Leftovers

One way to save up on space in the fridge is to make sure that you have no leftovers. That way, you won’t have to separate the contents of your meal – perishables from the non-perishables. Just in case you have any, then store them like this husband did.

Image courtesy of husbandsnapchats/pinterest

At least paster will be immersed in the sauce and bursting with flavor. You can add a few more noodles and share the treat with your wife. Second, you get to save up space, and you’ll only have two things to clean after consumption – that jar and your fork.

Saving the Paint

Let’s face it. Men know their toys. They may not be of much help around the kitchen or with the kids, but you can rely on them to maintain gadgets and your car. This husband knows his wife’s shortcomings – her parking. So, he came up with a sly way of ensuring that the car’s paint stays intact.

Image Courtesy of One Dio

Secure a yoga mat around the pole, and then anchor it there. Now you can sleep soundly knowing that there’ll be no scratches or chipped paint. That will also keep a few thousand dollars in the bank account. Maybe afterward, you can be more patient and teach her how to drive as well as you.

Organization Level : Manicurist

One of the best ways to show a person you love them is through initiative. It tells us that you’re paying close attention to what we do and that you want to ease our workload without us asking for help. A girl’s life can be complicated, and pitching in some effort goes a long way.

Image Courtesy of Izi Smile

Guys, you better take note of these examples. These are the kinds of piecemeal efforts that we look for on our regular dates. Plus, you’re showing off how much help you are around the house. That’s how we can imagine a future with you. Don’t worry. We know how to pick up our end of the bargain.

A Little Privacy

The bathroom is the only place in the house where you can enjoy some me-time. You could lather up the soap bubbles, light some candles, and enjoy a glass of wine. Maybe you ought to put more locks around the house to keep your kids out, just for a few minutes. Another foolproof method is to use this.

Image Courtesy of Life Hack Org

Hang on to that belt buckle tightly to keep the intruders out. It’s okay. They’re safe with mom. It’s just a couple of minutes while you build on your masculinity. Nothing beats this degree of solitude on the toilet bowl. If only your kids didn’t take after your level of persistence.

Quick Drying

You could save hundreds of dollars if you wash your car by yourself. It’s tiresome, but you wouldn’t want anyone else to handle your baby, right? Plus, no one else can do a better job at vacuuming the insides. So, what’s this guy’s neat trick to hasten the ritual purge?

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/pinterest

We are blown away. That is a cool trick to keep your ride free from water stains. Plus, letting it airdry can take so long. You still have to wax on, wax off, as Mr. Miyagi insists. Just a couple of minutes of exertion will do the job.

Out with the Trash

You know what type of household you have based on who takes out the trash. It’s matriarchal if the guy takes it out all the time and patriarchal if the kids do. Queens never dirty their hands with this task. They’ve already got the kitchen and laundry covered.

Image Courtesy of Dump A Day

Creep at 3 mph, steady the bin by the corner and amp it up to 70 mph. At least this way, no one’s doing rounds to and fro; just a balancing act. His biceps have it covered. He needs speed when work calls. With that rate of #quickthinking, it’s no wonder he won her over.

One Smart Monkey

There are times men are just unbelievable. You tell them one specific thing, and then they do another. It’s like they come up with the most ingenious ways of pissing you off. Marry one, and you might know what we are talking about.

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/Pinterest

Facepalm. What exactly did we say? Maybe we should have been more specific. Then again, if it’s too many details, men overheat, and their operating systems fry out. Oh well, for the most part of this list, we can’t seem to imagine a world without them.


You could save tons of money to buy the best quality laptop, but that won’t guarantee durability. Users, especially MacBook Pro consumers, complain that the laptop’s hinges break easily. They didn’t even enjoy their money’s worth, and they’d have to spend a thousand more dollars for repairs. So, what can you do?

Image Courtesy of demon Kyoto / Reddit

Tape a frame with a stand to it. After all, it doesn’t deserve to be recognized. If someone asks you what brand your laptop is, save them some trouble. Tell them to buy anything but this particular brand. Better yet, refer them to your dad. He was able to fix your laptop for you.

Toast, anyone?

A toaster is one of the essentials of an American home. It’s understandable. You want some peanut butter and jelly for breakfast every day. It’s the perfect source of complex carbohydrates and sugar to start the day. It’s just that, what do you do if the toaster is irretrievably broken?

Image Courtesy of Buzz Feed

Place a slice of bread on top of your whisk and then heat it over the stove. You’ll get a nice crisp around the edges without burning your hands. What a great way to start the day, with loads of help from your husband. Now that he has made your morning, how about making his evening later on?

Waiting by the Car

If you’re craving a midnight snack, have your husband fetch some for you. He’ll obligingly take the car keys and then go for a ride. Have him pick up a couple of other necessities in one go. To keep the food warm, one hubby thought of using the seat warmers. After all, if his woman is pleased, he’ll get a treat later.

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/pinterest

Ingenious right? Now, no one has to reheat the pizza or chicken wings by the time he gets home. It’ll be straight to the table for your eating experience. Give him a couple words of praise. He deserves it. Now, we’ll apply the same lifehack every time we get food to go.

Nursing a Boo Boo

Women have an odd way of spending money – they will wear the fanciest shoes, accessories, and clothes, but they’ll save on essentials like bandages. Oh yeah, when it comes to self-care, they might prioritize attractiveness over tissue regeneration. Care to disbelieve? Take a look below.

Image Courtesy of husbandsnapchats/pinterest

Never mind that it has come undone, and that grime has stuck to the linings of the band-aid. You could get another one, but you want to save up on a few cents. You would prefer going to the hospital to have the doctor look at it instead of letting your skin heal on its own.

Having the Basic Goods

Dating can be quite expensive. If you keep track of your finances, you’ll find that the money spent for cinemas and takeouts could be money spent for a week’s romantic and well-thought-of dine-ins! So, instead of buying us a bouquet of roses, how about something more suited to our taste?

Image Courtesy of Independent Online News Reporter

You know he’s marriage material if he’s this practical. Let’s face it – we’d love to be swept off our feet, but we would rather that degree of consistency be shown in the kitchen. We’d love to come home to a man who knows how to sautee those vegetables.

Save the Small Talk

You hate company picnics, but you have to go to them to show you care a little but. After all, they have been feeding you, putting the clothes on your back, paying your mortgage while you fiddle at your desk for most of the day. So, to keep things safe, you have to bring your wife. Or, you can wear a shirt that says…

Image Courtesy of Blogger Punit

You can down your beer at tolerable levels and then repeatedly point to your chest. Save the small talk for the higher-ups. All you want to do is grill some steaks and watch the children play. Have your wife come over to boost your morale from time to time.

Slurping while Tanning

When you’re lying on the beach trying to tan, you might frequently take a sip from your drink to keep your mouth from drying. So what can you do? To keep from overheating, slip a straw through the slits of your chaise lounge and relax.

Image Courtesy of Happy Facts Me

A good indicator that you should turn to the other side is when you have consumed your mojito drink. Now, it’s time to turn on your side! Nifty right. You have a refreshment and timer in one. That’s a great way to stay hydrated under the sun.

Santa’s Retreat

The holidays can be exhausting. Don’t get us wrong. We will never tire of candy canes or Santa coming over for a visit. It’s just that unpacking and then packing decorations can be time-consuming. And that Christmas tree – we have spent hours designing its layout.

Image Courtesy of Laguia Delva Ron

Perfect! Now every detail is perfectly in place for Christmas in 358 days, and it’s sealed off from dust! Why hadn’t we thought of this before? Just make sure that it’s a recyclable tree; otherwise, you have basically contributed to the problem of waste mismanagement.

Watching In Bed

If you have ever watched a movie from your phone, you will be startled by its impact on the bridge of your nose if you fall asleep. Well, what can you do? You aren’t allowed a TV in your own room. It’s only allowed in the living room, and even that is off-limits past 9. Strict house rules say the miss.

Image Courtesy of Lowering the bar

If you want, you can lay by the side of your bed, place the phone atop a clear desk, and then watch a movie from below, just like this. That way, your facial integrity stays intact, and you can doze off. No worries, right?

Honey, I’ve Caught Some Supplies

This is another alternative to reducing the trips to and from your car after a grocery run. Sometimes, goods may have been compressed in one bag, that it’s impossible to hook them on. Better reach for that pole, and spike those plastic bags. Pull and haul. Tell your wife you’ve caught fresh supplies.

Image courtesy of Huff Post

Even with this life hack, it seems like his husband has got multiple trips to take across his yard. He could call on his wife to help him, but that might get him in trouble. Besides, she’ll be doing the unpacking to make sure everything is accounted for.

Eat and Discard

One of the few things we hate when dining in is washing the dishes. You have gone through all the trouble of taking care of yourself and your partner, but now you also have to deal with the mess. How could self-care be so unattractive? If only there were a way in which we wouldn’t have to deal with dishwashing.

Image Courtesy of Be Me This

This hubby thought of lining the dinner plate with plastic wrap. That way, all he has to do is consume the food, loosen the cling wrap, and then discard. We mean, it’s bad for the environment, but it saves up on time. It’s a good alternative to when you’re so tired.

Quick Chilling

What do you do if you bought bottled soda stored in the grocery at room temperature? There’s no use fuming about it. You were craving for a Dr. Pepper. That’s why you had gone out to buy one. But there were no chilled ones, and you want to consume a chilled one STAT. Get a piece of tissue, wet it under running water, and wrap it around the bottle.

Image courtesy of New Small Joys TV

Then place it in the freezer. Within a couple of minutes (and we suggest you count them), you’ll have chilled soda perfect to taste. It’s not too cold to numb your tongue, but it’s cold enough to satiate your taste buds. That’s a hack in cooling time. Tell your friends about it! You’re welcome!

Dining before the Telly

You can’t miss your favorite TV show and skip out on dinner. If you don’t eat the food right away, your cat might help herself to it. Either that, or it’ll be too cold for your taste. So, what can you do to keep yourself from spilling food all over the living room floor? Buy a lap desk?

Image cortesy of img FLIP

Better yet, just use your toilet seat as a tray table. The dish will be perfectly hoisted around your shoulders, and with a little muscle memory, you can slice your steak without having to look at it. Just keep your eyes glued to the telly. Go ahead, try it! But don’t go eating soup because you might end up with a load too heavy to carry.

Disclaimer: This article was originally posted on Politically Corrects and has been reposted here with permission.