Not Liking A Mother-In-Law Is So Yesterday, The Latest Is Sassy Sibling In Laws

By Abigail T

All relationships are bound to get complicated with time. You’re dealing with another person with different personalities, opinions, and values. With friends and acquaintances, if you don’t mesh well together, there’s no obligation to keep up the charade. But with family, it’s not so easy.

When you get married, you’re not only committing to that person; you’re also joining their family. While we would like for everybody to just exist in peace, there’s no denying the fact that sometimes, you don’t get along with your spouse’s family. It’s not that you hate them, it’s just that they make it a little challenging to love sometimes. Today we’re talking specifically about siblings-in-law. Relationships with your actual siblings may be rocky at times, but siblings-in-law just take it to a whole new level. Here are just some nightmare in-laws which have us praying that we won’t end up with the same kind!

Inconsiderate in-law

Sometimes, people’s priorities are different from yours. While your focus is to stay safe and healthy during a pandemic, others may only be thinking of having a good time. But these differences shouldn’t be a reason to be rude to family.

Photo courtesy of Djflobito/Instagram

Can you believe the groom kicked his own brother out of the wedding party? He wasn’t even the one being asked to wear a mask all night! It looks like the wedding itself meant more than having his family there.

Loan Snitch

Loans, especially car title loans, have a whole host of problems with them. But, we won’t get into that now. What’s important here is that this person had taken out a loan and, judging by the preamble, was late on the payment.

Photo courtesy of Active_auto_groups/Instagram

It’s one thing to rat out your family member like that, and it’s even worse to cash in on the opportunity. Was the brother-in-law so desperate for money, or was he so petty that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity?

Baby name drama

When you’re about to become parents, one of the many things you prepare is a list of baby names. It’s expected that friends and family accept whatever name you choose. It’s your baby, after all. But this family isn’t like that.

Photo courtesy of Pnrprgn/Instagram

Sometimes parents and siblings-in-law alike will judge you for your baby name choices. In some cultures, grandparents even have the right to give one name to the baby, so you end up with a kid with three middle names! We can understand how this is frustrating for the parents.

When will the body-shaming stop?

If there’s anything you can guarantee to happen at a family gathering, it’s your in-laws commenting on your weight. You’re either too fat or too skinny; they can never be satisfied with your size. Read what happened to this person when they left their pants behind at the in-laws’.

Photo courtesy of Myweight.isover/Instagram

Sure, this joke wasn’t made directly to the person’s face, but it was still body shaming — making fun of someone’s size like that. When will families learn that it’s not okay to comment on other people’s looks, especially their sizes?

Disapproving sister-in-law

You know how, at traditionally Christian weddings, the pastor gives a chance for anyone who doesn’t agree with the union to “speak now or forever hold your peace”? Some people hold their tongue, making it a nightmare for the couple forever.

Photo courtesy of Esko.t.v/Instagram

If this sister-in-law had a problem with her brother marrying his now-wife, then she should have spoken at the wedding. She should have said something even before they got engaged! It’s a little too late to express her disapproval now.

Make it make sense

Some people are just so insecure that they get jealous whenever someone gets close to their significant other… even if that someone is literally a blood relative. This person’s sister-in-law accused her of being in love… with her own brother.

Photo courtesy of Theillierecyrielle/Instagram

Maybe the sister-in-law is just jealous of all the time she spends with her son. But it makes sense she sees him often — she’s the boy’s aunt. If this sister-in-law really is envious, why doesn’t she spend more time with her own son?

Whirlwind wedding

Sometimes people get married to cover up a pregnancy. It’s a common thing that happens, though not as much nowadays. If this is the reason for a union, it’s a whirlwind wedding. Get engaged, get married, and go on a honeymoon anywhere between a month to three months’ time.

Photo courtesy of Bestesahan/Instagram

Unfortunately, this bride had to share the lead-up to the big day with another girl. She even had to give up getting married first, all because her brother and his fianceé didn’t want anyone to know they were pregnant. And when the ceremony finally happened, everyone knew.

Thrifty to a fault

We all know someone in the family who talks a big game but can’t pull through. This is usually tested when money is involved. A minor car accident between this person and his brother-in-law resulted in a lot of resentment between the two men.

Photo courtesy of Tuneddrivers/Instagram

The one who crashed the car should have just taken the insurance money so that none of this drama could mess with the family. Trying to save money at the cost of the relationship is a little bit of a stupid decision, if we’re being honest.

Stealing the thunder

When you find out you’re pregnant, you want to tell the world immediately. Thanks to social media, you can actually tell everyone almost right away. Pregnancy announcement posts are common, and it gives a chance for people to congratulate the happy couple.

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn._golding/Instagram

Sadly for this new mother, her sister-in-law beat her to her own pregnancy announcement. It’s not even her baby! Why would she even want to announce it? She totally stole the mother’s thunder and ruined her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So rude!

Not a big deal

Reading all these stories just shows us that people can be incredibly inconsiderate and selfish. A honeymoon is something newlyweds look forward to, no matter what the situation is. You can’t just tell them to miss it and that it’s “not a big deal.”

Photo courtesy of meeruisland/Instagram

This couple could watch a livestream of the christening or see photos on Facebook. But they won’t get that first day of their honeymoon back. So maybe this sister-in-law should reassess the priorities here and let this couple actually go on their honeymoon.

Crazy behavior

There are many ways family members are there for each other. Sometimes they provide emotional support; other times, it’s financial or even material support. Borrowing things from family members is pretty common practice. But the correct etiquette is always to give back what you borrowed.

Photo courtesy of Happierinthekitchen/Instagram

This in-law had some nerve borrowing something and selling it! She didn’t own it, so why does she get to sell it? Also, it’s not like it was a notebook or a pen that she borrowed. Mini fridges aren’t cheap, though she must have known that… What kind of person does this?

Can’t lose

We all know someone who can’t lose. Whatever the occasion is, they always have to one-up you. If you start dating a lawyer, they bring home a hedge fund manager. If you buy a new car, they buy the newest model the next day…

Photo courtesy of Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

… if you announce your pregnancy, they’re miraculously pregnant, too! Wow. Why can’t this in-law just be happy and let her family member have her moment? It’s not every day you can announce a pregnancy. Not everything in life is a competition!

Family trip gone wrong

Christmas should be a time for warmth and love. It’s a time when families come together and celebrate. But for many families out there, Christmas isn’t associated with all these things. Instead, it’s always filled with drama, trauma, and tears.

Photo courtesy of Kristywicks/Instagram

Robyn here was caught undressed, and her sister-in-law wouldn’t leave the room. In our opinion, Robyn did the only logical thing to do when caught in a vulnerable position. But for her to be berated the next day isn’t right. It’s clear whose side the mother-in-law is on.

Another disapproving sister

Family blessing before a marriage is a big deal for most people. You want your spouse to get along with everyone and for everyone to accept them into the family. Otherwise, you’ll end up with disapproving family members like Carol’s sister-in-law here.

Photo courtesy of Suchita.kothari/Instagram

This sister-in-law had no right to set Carol’s husband up with any woman, much less giving away their home number to strangers. Isn’t it clear that they’re married? We can only assume that this sister somehow disapproves of her brother’s choice of life partner.

Visit and run

Weddings are supposed to be a happy occasion for both sides of the family. It’s the union of not only two people but two families. The last thing anyone wants is for there to be a thief in their midst!

Photo courtesy of Barbara_stanislawska/Instagram

This family wasn’t expecting it, but as it turns out, one of their own would dare to steal from them. It was very bold of this in-law to steal the wedding china right from under their noses. Lucky for her, Lynn was forgiving.


It’s often said that holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. This seems to be what Alexandra’s sister-in-law was doing. For some reason, she was jealous of Alexandra and her career, and held that against her.

Photo courtesy of Mydukeswoodhome/Instagram

Instead of being happy for Alexandra since she was able to return to work after a year of taking care of her newborn, this sister-in-law decided to give the entire family the silent treatment. Now the relationship will be difficult to fix.

The worst gift-giver

We understand that some people’s love language isn’t gift-giving. That’s completely fine. But for Christmas, the least you can do is put some thought into what you’re giving your family. Don’t just gift them anything you have lying around in the house.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie.islas/Instagram

The only way we see this git being meaningful to the recipient is if the person receiving this gift is actually struggling with providing for themselves. But to give someone who’s well-off a box of used food staples? Where is the Christmas spirit in that?

No wonder they ended

Having a mentor comes with its benefits. You get to learn valuable life lessons and skills that you can use to move forward in your career and in life. But sometimes, you also develop a little bit of a crush, even if you are in a committed relationship with someone else.

Photo courtesy of Eatandcookwiththesisters/Instagram

This girl made it just a little bit obvious that she would rather date her mentor than her current boyfriend. No wonder that was the first and last time she stayed over. That boy deserves better than someone who constantly compares him to another man.

The green monster

It looks like jealousy is a big part of any kind of in-law relationship. There’s a reason why this particular jealous woman is now the ex-sister-in-law. Her jealousy got the better of her to the point that nobody wanted her there anymore.

Photo courtesy of Ruegge/Instagram

This story just gets more ridiculous the more we read. We’re glad this family is now rid of such chaotic energy. The relationship between her and everyone in that family would have probably been even more disastrous had it continued.


Some people just don’t know how to say thank you when given gifts. For them, there’s always a catch. Whether this is just genuine ungratefulness or a trauma response, we don’t know. But it can be very annoying for the gift giver.

Photo courtesy of Nolanium/Instagram

This person went out of their way to make sure that their brother-in-law got a personalized gift for his birthday. The WWE star even carved out time to record the video. And how did the in-law react? He wasn’t even impressed!

Another thunder stealer

Okay, what is with sisters-in-law and announcing pregnancies before the actual parents get to do it? This is the second story where a sis-in-law steals the parents’ thunder. And even worse, she didn’t even edit out the medical information from the ultrasound photo before posting!

Photo courtesy of KRISCARRIER3/Instagram

This is so not okay. She had no right to do this because it wasn’t even her baby! The least she could have done was apologize and take down the post, but she didn’t even do that. Also, if she was so excited to be an aunt, she should really spend more time with her nephew.

A little triggering

Fertility issues can either strengthen family ties or break them. There’s no better story to prove it than one from this family here. We understand how a pregnancy announcement may have upset the sister-in-law who was struggling to get pregnant.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato

However, the way the entire family protects her and indulges in her avoidant attachment style doesn’t help the family relations. This couple deserves people to be happy for them and celebrate their child. It’s sad that they have to tiptoe around the sister-in-law for so long.

Overstaying their welcome

One person’s personal life choices are not for other people to judge. If this couple decided that they want to have a transient lifestyle, then all that their family can do is accept it. However, there are limits and boundaries to these kinds of things.

Photo courtesy of K2vintage/Instagram

The worst kind of guests are those who overstay their welcome, and wreck the place in the process. Even family isn’t entitled to everything in your house. If they said a week, they should have stayed one week and treated the house with respect.

Thanks for nothing

When you have your own family, there are many decisions to make. For example, choosing where you’ll live. Are you going to stay near your parents? Move out of town? Out of the state? Or even out of the country?

Photo courtesy of Coast2coastmilsos/Instagram

This family uprooted and left a place they loved in order to be with the husband’s sister. It’s only fair to want to live near family. But they literally moved for this sister, and she up and moved after six months? This couple should have stayed in Hawaii!

Surely this is negligence

Sometimes families decide to take a trip together, and other times it’s a trip specifically for the grown-ups. When it’s the latter, the issue is always finding someone to leave the kids with. Often, people pay for babysitters, depending on how young the children are.

Photo courtesy of Bigbullyythor/Instagram

This in-law is such a nightmare! Imagine leaving an 8-year-old with just a dog in the house! Sure, the dog can act as a guard dog, but s/he can’t take care of an injured, ill, or hungry kid. How did this arrangement make any sense?

Keeping it private

People in relationships don’t need to prove to anyone that they’re in a happy relationship. Sure, some may choose to share more about their partners on social media or talk about them with friends. But these things are in no way necessary for a healthy relationship.

Photo courtesy of Amy.and.ellis/Instagram

Some people just love to find things to gossip about. There’s really nothing there, sis. If you’re trying to take down your brother’s relationship, you have definitely failed. Maybe try not to assume things about other people’s relationships for a change.

The gossip

We all know that one person who loves to talk smack about other people. It’s more tolerable if it’s someone whose word doesn’t matter to you. But when you’re related to that person, and they constantly gossip about you, it can get frustrating.

Photo courtesy of Vivianfoxphotography/Instagram

Accusing someone of having a drinking problem just because they drank that one time isn’t the best thing to do. If you have a problem with someone, best to just talk it out with them instead of trying to tear down their image.


The dictionary definition of a housewarming is “a party celebrating a move to a new house.” It should be filled with conversation, house tours, food, and drinks. A housewarming is definitely not a renovation. But it seems like this sister-in-law has those two things mixed up.

Photo courtesy of Brightdaisahead/Instagram

Either she doesn’t understand what a housewarming is, or she’s just looking for people to do free labor for her by masking the renovation as a party. This person is smart, though. Once she found out what the event actually was, she just didn’t go.

Another thunder stealer!

Ah, yet another sister-in-law who couldn’t let the new parents have their moment. Just look at what this in-law did when a new pregnancy was announced. Instead of commenting with, “Congratulations! I love you guys!” this is what she did:

Photo courtesy of Edenxhopkins/Instagram

Listen, lady. Your kid is five years old! You had your moment; now let your family have theirs! It’s not that hard to just be happy for someone without having to prove that you’re happy too. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Anything you can do, I can do better

There’s always someone in your life that makes everything a competition. For whatever reason, they just feel the constant desire to one-up you at everything. People like this make living really frustrating. Why can’t they just stay in their lanes?

Photo courtesy of Hannahgrieser/Instagram

We can really feel the frustration in this person’s tone. It’s annoying that they have to even think twice about sharing their hopes and dreams for fear that the sister-in-law might get to it first. This in-law seriously needs her own set of goals to work towards.


Here’s the thing. If you don’t like your brother’s girlfriend, then just speak up. Give him reasons why you don’t like her and be open to input. Don’t try to manipulate your family into thinking that the girlfriend is crazy just so you can get what you want.

Photo courtesy of

Sometimes we wonder what goes on in people’s minds when they do this. They’re ruining other people’s image and reputation, and it doesn’t even guarantee that they can get what they want out of it. It’s truly such toxic company.

The one that does no wrong

Oftentimes, families will have that one family member that does no wrong. It’s not that they literally do no wrong; it’s just that they have too much power and are, therefore, too intimidating for other people to confront them about anything.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar_ahboy/Instagram

This sister-in-law seems like one of those people. There is no getting through to her because everyone just tiptoes around her. You would think that her own brother might be able to talk some sense into her, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

We ain’t saying she’s a gold digger

People choose to marry for different reasons. While we would like to believe that our spouses are with us because they love us, sometimes their intentions aren’t as pure. Here is how one sister-in-law behaved at a parent’s deathbed.

Photo courtesy of Krasimiramc/Instagram

The poor man has to be stuck with her for the rest of his life. This woman is clearly only in it for the money, and she can’t even hold back how thrilled she is to be getting a cut of the inheritance.


If this person had not included the fact that the brother-in-law is in his 30s, we would have thought he was 8 years old. The things this person did just don’t seem fit for a grown, 30-year-old man to be doing.

Photo courtesy of A.schmitzii/Instagram

Making himself vomit sounds like that could become unhealthy. Throwing the wedding cake on the floor sounds like a kid having a temper tantrum. You would think that, having siblings around growing up, he would have learned to share the attention.

Just for kicks

We do not understand people who deliberately do things to make others uncomfortable. There’s something wrong with them. Through all the stories we’ve seen thus far, why does it seem like in-laws just don’t know how to share the attention?

Photo courtesy of Sonita_harahap/Instagram

This poor woman just had to sit there as her in-law spewed lies about her. Even if she were pregnant, it’s nobody’s business! And it’s definitely not the in-law’s place to be announcing it. We’re truly baffled by this behavior.