Sea Gulls Or Beach Chickens: 45 Ingenious Names Kids Gave Random Things

By Farah J

Kids may seem annoying or whiney at times which can be frustrating and leave you in desperate need of a quiet place devoid of them. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, relative, or someone whose career revolves around children, you know this feeling all too well.

Other times, however, kids say things out of the blue, which can make you question your whole life! Their imagination runs wild when their heads are filled with curiosity about everything around them (which is almost all the time). Sometimes, they innocently pipe in and end up being hilariously accurate about their vision of the world.

Undoubtedly, children are smarter than they often get credit for. So, when a man shared the story of his niece calling the aquarium a “water zoo,” people from all over chimed in about their experiences of children aptly naming random stuff! Here are the top 45.

Heaven parties!

They say that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. But we believe that only children can see the good in bad situations. Their way of viewing things is amazing and quite eye-opening if you ask us. They even make funerals feel less sad.

Image Source: Richardburan / ig

This person’s granddaughter went to a funeral where a coffin sat at the front while mourners gathered all around like it always is. Her granny must have told her that their now-dead relative was up in heaven, seeing as the little one blurted out, “so, it’s a heaven party!” 

Panic water

Can you guess what panic water would be? Yes, tears! You figured it out right away, and it was not even hard to guess. This is why children should be hired to name things instead of adults because children’s visions make way more sense!

Image Source: Nikkilynnemerick / ig

Be honest; if you didn’t already know the word “tears” is used for water leaking from your eyes when you are panicking or sad, would you be able to tell what it meant? We doubt it. So, go ahead and replace tears with panic water in your dictionary.

The baby house

When it comes to pregnancy and telling your toddler that they are going to have a sibling soon, there is only one truth you can tell them about why your belly is so big. But there are numerous ways they can name your big belly.

Image Source: Piedad_crespin / ig

However, this little one takes the award for the most hilarious and adorable name for her mother’s pregnant belly: “the baby house.” Honestly, she is not wrong. Rather, she is more than right! She pointed out an easy way to tell your kid the good news.

Car doctor

Children are sometimes so accurate and on-point that they don’t even realize it when they randomly spill stuff from their magical minds. They don’t even know the level of impact they have on us. For example, we can never be the same after this.

Image Source: Oktiresacramento / ig

This person’s little cousin saw a mechanic and called him a “car doctor.” Yes! That’s what a mechanic does on a car: diagnosis, treatment, possible transplants from donors, checkups, surgical instruments, complicated diagnostic equipment, etc. Basically, everything a doctor does for a human.

Meat candy

Children’s curiosities and wild imaginations about the world make way more sense than those of adults. Adults’ creativity may come in handy in their work life, but when it comes to general living, kids are a lot smarter than we are.

Image Source: Behindthegaragebbq / ig

And we have proof of that. Beef jerky as “meat candy.” We dare you to tell us that “meat candy” isn’t what it is. It even comes in colorful wrapping paper! So, why complicate things with fancy names when you can create ease for everyone?

Water hungry

Why invent a new word for an obvious thing when you can make things easier for everyone and be right on point? Hire kids for this part of the process – they have innate superpowers for keeping things simple and precise.

Image Source: Jonathan adato

You see, when your body needs water, you say you are “thirsty,” when in reality, you are just hungry for water. This iconic kid forgot the word “thirsty,” so she simply said that she was “water hungry,” and everyone got the message loud and clear!

Wood penguins

What an accurate name – or a description, you could say – for an owl! Owls are the penguins of warmer regions: they walk like them, sort of look like them, and live in the woods, so shouldn’t they be named “wood penguins” instead of owls?

Image Source: Natureza_em_evolucao / ig

This parent forgot to teach her kid about the owls, so the child named the bird himself, and he couldn’t have put it better. This gives us the idea of letting kids name everything themselves for the first time and see what they come up with!

Food ATM

When you can’t remember the name of something, knock on the door of your inner child’s bedroom in your head and ask them. Chances are that they will tell you the most accurate words ever written in history. Adults only make things confusing.

Image Source: Tagmot / ig

For instance, what’s that machine called where you put in a card, and it gives you stuff? This person’s daughter couldn’t put her finger on the word “vending machine,” so she simply described it as a “food ATM” because that’s precisely what it is!

Vampire bugs

Whoever said vampires weren’t real and that they exist only in fictional stories was wrong. According to kids, they are very much real and around us. They may not be in the form you prefer, but these bloodsuckers are everywhere around you.

Image Source: Alvesgaspar – Own work / wiki commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Still guessing? They come in the form of flying bugs. Mosquitos! This person’s toddler called these blood-sucking parasites “vampire bugs,” and we can never see mosquitos the same way again. They suck blood and are mostly active at night. The accuracy!


Adults had one opportunity for this one, and they lost it. It’s hilarious how kids put them in their place with just one word. Showing them where they went wrong and even making them look silly in front of everyone. We adore our creative gems!

Image Source: theboard loon / ig

Whoever named them chopsticks instead of “chompsticks” is bound to feel guilty for eternity. They had this fantastic, shiny opportunity and were so close too! They forgot the “chomp” function of these sticks. This kid should be awarded a trophy for this much-needed correction.

Baby helicopter

If only the person who named the dragonfly had looked at it more closely – possibly with a pair of glasses because they certainly needed one – they could have seen that this flying bug looked more like a baby helicopter than a dragon!

Image Source: Philterpphotography / ig

A little kid did not hesitate to correct the name-giver’s mistake and called it a “baby helicopter” as soon as he laid eyes on that long-tailed bug for the first time. The name could not have been more accurate and true!

Animal jail

Time to face reality, adults. You cannot sugarcoat something so bizarre and think that you won’t have to face the consequences. Sooner or later, some kid will make you see how unintelligent you are, and you’re never going to be the same.

Image Source: Jessicafayesloan / ig

This kid called out whoever started putting different animals in cages in one place and then proceeded to invent an excusable name for it. The word “zoo” definitely sounds more palatable to people instead of “animal jail.” However, the latter is obviously more accurate.

People garden or funeral park?

Children may seem unintelligent when comparing them to adults. It’s how it’s always been. Naturally, we call adults smart based on their accumulation of wisdom. But who knew that children would make adults look stupid for naming a “people garden” a graveyard?

Image Source: Lisaphotolandscape / ig

This person’s two-year-old daughter went to a cemetery with him. She did not know that adults named this mysterious place with people buried in the ground a graveyard. She called it a “people garden,” and we think you’d agree that it hasn’t been called anything more accurate before!

Long sleeve pants

If you can call a shirt that covers your arms up to your wrist a long-sleeved shirt, you can call pants that cover your legs down to your ankle “long sleeve pants” – or “longs” for short, instead of confusing everybody by saying shorts and trousers.

Image Source: Y_b1696 / ig

Jeans don’t even make sense! This guy’s genius son calls full-legged pants exactly what they are. That is why children’s creativity and innocence should be encouraged for as long as possible. We can all agree that adulthood comes with plenty of disappointment.

Loud period

Sometimes, when we grow up and lose touch with our inner creative child, we don’t even think of little things with an open mind and go along with whatever we are taught. But kids see even the smallest of things for what they are.

Image Source: Jonathan adato

For example, who, if not a kid, would have thought of calling an exclamation mark a “loud period”? We have certainly felt so unconsciously at some point, but we have never been able to put it in the right words!

Raw toast

What makes things articulated by children even funnier is their innocence and genuineness. They can say hilarious things which leave us gasping for breath as we laugh while they sit there utterly confused! Which actually makes it even more hilarious.

Image Source: Rankos_kitchen_diary__ / ig

Let’s give you an example of a child who was trying to communicate his preferred breakfast to his mother. The little toddler wanted a sandwich on bread. Instead, he described it as “raw toast.” We just might start calling bread raw toast from now on.

Battle unicorn 

Children’s curious and creative little brains are a small window into the enormous, magical wonderlands in their minds. Sparkly, colorful unicorns are among the top ten things almost everyone adores when they are kids and dreams of getting for themselves.

Image Source: Johansmalman / ig

So, it was not very surprising when a child called a rhinoceros a “battle unicorn” because of its humongous figure and the lone, stone-solid horn on its head. The poor child had no idea how actual animal names work in the real world.

Party muffins

Someone give this kid a medal and a party muffin for coming up with a perfect name for a cupcake: “party muffin”! We know that cupcake is a pretty literal name itself – a cake in a cup. But “party muffin” sounds more hilariously accurate.

Image Source: Charleyshealth / ig

Not to mention delicious. This is what a cupcake feels like. Sure, it looks like a cake in a cup, but this adult name of a cake sounds dull, while “party muffin” is a name we believe everyone can easily agree on without going into a debate.

Jesus store

Sometimes, toddlers say something so random that adults need some time to process the whole thing. Their accuracy mixed with innocence is so genuine that we cannot think of it as we did before. Our lives are altered forever – in a good way.

Image Source: F_a_y_e_010591 / ig

What would be a better name for a church than “Jesus Store”? A holy place where Christians go to pray to their Lord and ask him for things. This kid’s innocence on this one is so pure even Jesus himself would approve of this new word for his home.

Beach chickens

Imagine seeing a seagull on a random beach for the first time and naming it “seagull” instead of “beach chicken” or even “sea chickens”! What more evidence do you need of how gullible human adults are (Get it? Sea-gulls, gull-ible??)

Image Source: Puzzle_of_life_ / ig

Whoever named it as such should take some classes from this person’s coworker’s genius little granddaughter about the names of birds and correct them globally. Seagulls look more like beach chickens than anything – oddly, it makes sense too!


Adults are known for making things complex, while kids do the opposite and display everything in front of you in simpler and easy-to-understand words and feelings. That is why adults should give credit to kids for being such great teammates.

Image Source: Jonathan adato

You most likely have seen or heard of a lot of instances where youngsters combine two words for ease of understanding. For example, adults came up with the name “hand sanitizer,” and one kid renamed it “hanitizer,” and everybody gets it!

The food maze

When we go to a grocery store, the first thing that we see is an entrance to a maze. With multiple aisles opening up in different ones and shelves full of food, grocery stores confuse the majority of us and leave us circling the same aisle three times!

Image Source: Shylah,ay / ig

This person’s daughter straight-up called a grocery store “a food maze” because why extenuate the truth? No lie there. Things would get confusing if the items weren’t arranged in the order they were in the last time we went there – a changing food maze!

Boo boo truck

We love how kids get excited when they see any kind of truck or van pass them, e.g., a fire truck, a trash/litter truck, a police car, or an ambulance. Some toddlers even imitate their sounds with their mouths when they see or hear one.

Image Source: Emsman112 / ig

This kid named the ambulance by the noise it makes: “boo boo truck”! It is as hilarious as it is on point. Since ambulance is such a long word – to speak or write – “boo boo truck” is now an option when you don’t feel like saying it.

Motorcycle boat

Sometimes, kids say the weirdest things, but for some reason, most of them oddly make more sense than adults! We give kids and their minds – those magic brewing cauldrons – a loud shout-out for their hilarious but precise way of viewing the world.

Image Source: / ig

Let us give you an example. This kid called jet skis “motorcycle boots” once, and we are going to think about it forever. Whoever invented the word “jet skis” when they could simply call them “motorcycle boats” must be so embarrassed right now.

Chunky air

We have heard children call different types of air with countless names that are as creative as they can be. For example, some kids called wind whooshy air or racing air. It’s impressive how creative and imaginative kids can be when trying to understand new things.

Image Source: Yoshi0511 / shutterstock

But never have we ever been slapped in the face with the description of humidity as “chunky air” and liked it. It’s shocking how incredible sense it makes. We have felt it our whole lives, but we’ve never heard anyone put it in words.

Light black

There’s light blue, light green, light every color, but how come when it came to black, they pitched in with the word “gray” for its lighter shade instead of “light black”? Who suggested coming up with a new word for “light black”?

Image Source: S_nature_living / ig

This person’s daughter said what needed to be said. She may have said it accidentally – which is likely the case because kids’ minds do these funny tricks just for fun, and they don’t even need to brainstorm for it – but “light black” is her legacy now.

Plane stations

We love how kids don’t give us insight into their esoteric minds for credit or payment. And now we have a genuine question. Why don’t we call airports plane stations? This person’s toddler cousin opened our eyes, and now they are brimming with questions.

Image Source: Lovelytop / ig

If airports are not called plane stations, then why aren’t train stations called train ports? They are the same things, so why give them different names? This is why adults shouldn’t be in charge of this kind of stuff. Kids’ minds make more sense.

A human kite

How do you explain to kids how paragliding and parasailing work? You tell them how someone can fly on a gigantic “kite,” right? So, knowing kids, they are going to come up with a hilarious name for parasailers instead of just saying that.

Image Source: Dudley228 / ig

Just like this person’s daughter, who perked up after hearing about parasailing and pointed at the picture of a parasailer, saying that it was a “human kite.” Because yes, that’s exactly what it is! Parasailing? No, we call it a human kite!

Pajama jackets

Have you ever questioned the people who made your night robes as to why they called their invention “robes” and not “pajama jackets”? Because after hearing this kid blurt out this hilarious name, we are curious why these aren’t called so.

Image Source: Mykela14 / ig

We know you know that “pajama jackets” make more sense to you than “robes” do. Actually, in French, “robes” means dresses. These are not dresses, so why name them as such? From now on, we are calling them pajama jackets!

A pasta cake

A kid called lasagna “a pasta cake,” and our lives haven’t been the same since. We may laugh at it as a silly name for the Italian specialty, but we can’t deny the truth, can we? It is what it is. 

Image Source: Plantbasedgingr / ig

We believe we should accept the fact that kids are right about everything, and calling a lasagna “a pasta cake” is just one example. Seeing as most of us can’t even spell “lasagna” correctly, “pasta cake” is the easiest way to refer to this delicacy.

Water trucks

It’s pretty amazing how kids manage to hit the bull’s eye by saying just one word that has the potential to change the rest of our lives. But it’s not at all surprising. Adults do things and expect something in return, even if it’s just getting credit.

Image Source: Odel_yeni / ig

However, kids’ brains do it just for the fun of it without even knowing! For instance, this genius kid called a fire truck a “water truck,” and we can’t stop thinking about it. Sure, it is used for fire, but the truck is filled with water, no?


Children have this annoying yet fantastic power to make us adults feel stupid for not coming up with better words or names for different things on this planet. Especially when the objects are practically throwing their names in our faces.

Image Source: Kirakiramusi39 / ig

For instance, why did a person name this bug a “butterfly” and not “beauty-fly” when nothing about that winged insect is related to butter but is full of beauty? This little gem brought the butterfly justice; we are so proud.

Salad tweezers

This person’s daughter calls tongs “salad tweezers,” and we couldn’t agree with her more! What does “tongs” imply? Nothing. Whereas “salad tweezers” make so much more sense! They look like tweezers, so why not just call them that in the first place?

Image source: Sac86738 at English Wikipedia / wiki commons / public domain

Plus, “salad tweezers” do the same job as regular tweezers do: “tweeze” out the salad from the salad bowl. We are going to apply this word in our normal daily life conversation whenever we talk about…salad tweezers. Maybe you should try it too.

Sky ghosts

The best thing adults have illustrated for kids is ghosts. A white sheet draped over something with circles for eyes. So, whenever they see something white and soft that floats in the air, their innovative minds imagine that it’s a ghost. 

Image Source: Dudley228 / ig

Some little thinkers have anointed white cotton candy as a ghost, while one even declared her mother in a white night dress a ghost! Similarly, this person’s son called clouds “sky ghosts” when he saw white stuff lightly floating in the air, like a ghost in the sky!

Mouth farts

There is this joke going around about burps that goes, “What did one burp say to the other burp? Let’s be stinkers and go out the back!”. Hence, this cutie toddler wasn’t wrong. In fact, he was more than accurate about burps and farts!

Image Source: Nicoleta Lonescu/ shutterstock

Only an imaginative thinker like this little child could come up with the word “mouth farts” for burps and confuse the heck out of his mother by saying, “I farted out my mouth”! From now on, we call burps “mouth farts” and farts “butt burps.”

Water dust

Do you know how our washrooms become foggy after a shower, and it gets really hard to see anything inside? Or when a half-empty water bottle, kept in the same position and in a warm, closed space, gets steamy bubbles inside it?

Image Source: Jonathan adato

It’s called condensation, right? Wrong. It is called “water dust” because that’s exactly what it is, no lie there! Just like a sandstorm. This Megamind kid opened our eyes, and now we can see even through this “water dust.” This is epic!

The story behind sleeping eyes

How many of you view dreams as “the story behind the eyes when you are asleep” instead of merely “dreams”? If you are the latter, chances are that you have entered adulthood, and your inner child is crying somewhere in the corner of your mind.

Image Source: Lynnhendrickx / ig

This innocent little gem saw a dream and was so eager to tell it to her elder cousin, but she didn’t know that adults call them dreams and not “the story behind my eyes when I’m asleep.” Such a big disappointment! 

Forever sleep

Death, especially of a loved one, is a hard thing to recover from. Things feel gloomy and dull for a long time after that. With sad faces and grieving tears all around, it gets quite difficult to see the positive side of life. 

Image Source: Casafilipe/ ig

That’s why kids are around us. They help us see the little things we often miss during our struggles. For example, this kid didn’t know how to communicate his thoughts about the death of their grandfather, so he simply said that he was in his “forever sleep.”

The appetizers

A movie at the cinema and a buffet dinner at a fancy restaurant couldn’t be more different. Which is why adults gave them different names. Except, this brilliant kid somehow merged both those things and called previews “appetizers,” because why not?

Image Source: Casafilipe / ig

If you look into it, a movie has all the parts of a buffet dinner. For example, previews are the appetizers, and post-credits are the desserts. Giving them the same names also makes one thing funnier: grab your appetizers, people, “appetizers” are starting!

Syrup fries

French toast fries are the loveliest breakfast. You can eat them at any time of day, and we always enjoy them. Sorry, our bad. We meant to say “syrup fries” and not “French toast fries.” Thank you for correcting us, you genius seven-year-old!

Image Source: Torontoflameworking / ig

After such an accurate description of this delicious snack, we wonder why we called it “French toast fries” in the first place. It does not even make any sense! With syrup fries, we know right away what you are talking about.

Finger elbows

Give us one reason why knuckles should not be called finger elbows. This kid did a terrifying thing: he challenged the knucklehead adults with the demons they were trying so hard to hide by avoiding the consequences of their actions.

Image Source: Jonathan adato

This person’s son innocently went and unveiled the illiteracy of whoever came up with the word “knuckles” (and knees, too) for the obvious “finger elbows.” If the joint of an arm is called an elbow, why can’t the joints of a finger be called a “finger elbow”?

Snake turtle

Take a wild guess about what this hilariously accurate kid called an octopus. A snake turtle! That’s exactly what an octopus looks like. With a humped body and limbs like snakes creeping out in every direction, an octopus should be called a “snake turtle”!

Image Source: / ig

Yes, we know that the name octopus originated from its eight limbs because “octo” means “eight.” However, this kid is not wrong, either. An octopus sure does look like a cross of a turtle and a snake! You can not look at the octopus the same way again.

Spanish grilled cheese

If you are from Spain or have ever been to any place where Hispanic culture is popular, you may have heard about the famous “Spanish grilled cheese” – oh, we mean, “quesadilla.” This kid described it as grilled cheese in a tortilla!

Image Source: Nuts.121 / ig

The main Spanish dishes, you would see, use tortillas instead of bread or dough. So, naturally, their delicious, mouth-watering quesadillas look like Spanish grilled cheese. This genius kid could not have been more right with their apt description of the dish!


The word ponytail was invented after someone with long straight hair caught their hair in an elastic band, and it looked like a pony’s tail from behind. But initially, this was the case only when people with long hair tied it up.

Image Source: Azusa1984 / ig

But this little girl pointed out a clear fact that short hair tied in a band doesn’t look like a pony’s tail from behind. Rather, it looks like a bunny’s tail which is why they should be called such. No lie there!

An unfunny joke

If we could put together everything kids have named themselves or described on their own, we would probably make the best-selling book in history! Before you correct or teach your kids something, maybe you should wait for them to come up with a name.

Image Source: Scirocco26_kaiz / ig

We can assure you they will leave your mouths hanging, throats barking with laughter, and eyes filled with tears of joy. For example, this kid described a cricket’s chirp as “the noise when someone tells a joke, and no one laughs.” Kid, believe us, everybody laughed at yours!