Kourtney Kardashian’s Tips On Staying Healthy While Eating Out

By Divya G

Kourtney Kardashian and her dedication to staying fit and healthy are widely known and admired by fans. And if there is one thing that all her fans want to learn from her, it is to remain on track and eat clean. She shared that she does keto for kickstarting her summer body and intermittent fasting before getting dressed for any event. Read on to know about Kourt’s tricks.

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Kourtney’s Take On Eating Healthy Snacks 

Kourtney is not against snacking but she keeps it healthy at all times. She is hooked on snacks like her homemade avocado shake. The important thing here is to remember to eat quality food. It is better to eat heavier meals and carbs early in the day instead of finishing off with a huge dinner.

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Kourtney’s Trick On Eating Out Healthily 

Kourt admitted that it is hard to order food when she is trying to eat right but is going to a restaurant. She says you can order a bowl of vegetable soup and that will taste amazing on reaching the table. Naturally, you would rather go for a burger and French fries. But the point is to make a wise choice, and you won’t feel bad after the food arrives. 

So, remember her advice and practice self-control when eating out. You will not only feel better after dinner but also save money by stopping yourself from over-ordering. You will not have to stop going to a restaurant altogether only because you are trying to eat healthily.