Make-Up Artists Utilizes Her Lips To Show-Off Her Creativity!

By Divya G

From out-of-this-world spooktastic changeovers to mind-blowing visual fantasies, you have indeed come across artists using the human face as their most fabulous canvas. These make-up artists have created some of the best works that have taken the internet by storm.

Image courtesy of vladamua / Instagram

Introducing: Vlada Haggerty

This is precisely what Vlada Haggerty, a Los Angeles-based photography and make-up artist, is currently doing. But instead of using the face, she shows off her creativity and talent through her lip art. Each of the opulent appearances is extraordinary, and some of the art is adorned with beautiful gems, metallic sheen, and glittering sequins.

Vlada has proved herself to be the master of lip art as she has created [still creating] museum-worthy appearances. Every haute couture displays Haggerty’s boundless imagination and incredible skills, from hand-printed motifs to individually placed sequins. 

Going Head To Head Against Kylie Jenner

Some of her works even feature inspect-inspired trinkets that look like crawling from the bejeweled mouths. Among all the other lip arts she did, one look, the “Liquid Gold Drop,” gained popularity. The look became so famous that Haggerty and Kylie Jenner landed in hot waters. 

The truth is, Haggerty posted her “Liquid Gold Drop” image back in 2015 on Instagram. But similar pictures started to show up on the lip kits of Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner was accused of stealing her work, and Haggerty is also in the process of suing Guess, a fashion brand, for utilizing her “Liquid Gold” on their t-shirts.

Image courtesy of vladamua / Instagram

Ending Note

Despite all the problems Vlada is currently going through, she uses her skills and creativity to make unique and beautiful lip art for her fans.