35+ Overeager Beauticians That Could Use A Lighter Touch

By Farah J

Well, well, well, it looks like someone got a little too trigger-happy with the contour brush! We all know applying makeup is an art form that requires a certain level of skill, and sometimes things can go seriously awry. And when that happens, the internet is always ready to pounce! 

We’ve seen it all, from wonky eyebrows to lipstick over-dos that look like toddlers got their hands on colored markers. Whether you’re a makeup pro or a novice, you will appreciate the sheer comedic value of these cringe-worthy fails.

The makeup artists had one job, and boy, did they fail spectacularly! Prepare yourself for a mixture of cringing, giggling, and gasping as we delve into the realm of makeup and explore these failures that will undoubtedly leave you scratching your head and questioning the thought process of these artists.

When life gives you oranges

Have you ever seen the skin shades of those people who have been hit with a tanning gun gone haywire? And don’t get us started on those makeup “artists” who take a gorgeous human being and turn them into a walking, talking orange Cheeto. They seriously need to reassess their career. 

Image Source: goldieoldie/reddit

Looks like the makeup artist for this gal took some serious inspiration from Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. They must have been feeling adventurous that day and decided to use her as a guinea pig. On the bright side, her foundation shade does match her outfit perfectly!

Cat nose contour

There’s nothing wrong with a little contouring to enhance your natural features, but you must up your makeup game when you’re out here looking like the Grinch or a stray alley cat. Remember, you want to enhance your beauty, not turn yourself into a wax museum figure.

Image Source: cr0nut/reddit

Let’s break this down: the eye makeup? Stunning. The foundation? Flawless. The lipstick? Chef’s kiss. But when we look at that nose contour, we’ve got some problems. It’s so sharp that it nearly looks like a cat’s nose! Time for the artist to rethink her contour strategy.

Makeup or mudpack? 

We’ve all seen that one person who looks like they just took a tumble in a muddy field, right? Well, that’s exactly what comes to mind when we see a “muddy” makeup look. It’s as if the artists love experimenting with bold makeup styles, but there’s a fine line between bold and bad! 

Image Source: Low-Ladder-6265/reddit

It’s like the artist was trying to achieve that “natural no-makeup-look” look but ended up looking like they were channeling their inner Picasso on someone’s face. We’re talking smudges, streaks, and just an overall hot mess. And don’t let us start with those eyelashes!

Two-toned streak

While doing your makeup, remember less is more! Keep it natural and enhance your features, don’t cover them up or alter them completely. Take a deep breath, embrace your unique features, and remember you’re already a work of art. No need to be transformed into a two-toned synthetic being.

Image Source: Kitwanorreen/reddit

Looks like this makeup artist was trying to sculpt a masterpiece out of this woman’s face but ended up using clay instead of makeup! We’re talking two-tone madness, the upper half in medium brown and the lower half in white ash brown. Sorry, not sorry, but this look is a total fail.

Mannequin horror 

The art of contouring! It can enhance your features and give you that coveted chiseled look when done right. But when it’s done wrong, let’s just say you’ll look like a life-sized Barbie doll. At least you’ll have an excuse for looking like plastic!

Image Source: vintagepop/reddit

The makeup artist created perfectly sculpted cheekbones and a sharply defined jawline; there’s not a single pore in sight. But let’s be real-it’s like they dipped her face in a plastic vat. Some would say they used a paint roller instead of a makeup brush!

Stick-on eyebrows? 

Let’s talk about eyebrows, shall we? They are like the curtains to your eyes. They frame your face and give you that extra oomph. But when your eyebrows start taking over your entire face, it’s time to step back and rethink your life choices. 

Image Source: SocietalLeader/reddit

Look who’s raising their eyebrows! It seems that the artist went a little too far in the quest for the perfect arch. Maybe they were going for a “surprised” look, but instead, she ended up looking like she saw a ghost. Time to hit the books on basic makeup techniques, dear artist!

Hairy caterpillars on eyelids: a fashion 

When it comes to lash extensions, bigger isn’t always better. Sure, they might make your eyes pop, but if they’re so long that they can be used as a broom to sweep the floor, it might be time to reconsider.

Image Source: tanookittie/reddit

Looks like the makeup artist here went all out with those lashes! They are so long and voluminous that they can create a mini windstorm whenever the person blinks. It is like having two caterpillars resting on their eyes- no thanks!

Shocking (pink)

Have you ever seen a makeup look that is so colorful it could put a rainbow to shame? The eyeshadow and lipstick got into a fight, and both decided to declare war on the person’s face. There’s nothing wrong with a little pop of color-but too much, and you’ll look like an alien!

Image Source: KatieVBa/reddit

Did the makeup artist here try to color coordinate this makeup using a magic 8-ball? These glittery eyes, smokey eyes, or whatever they are, are definitely not complimenting those shocking pink lips. Seems like the artist used the person’s face as a canvas for a Jackson Pollock-inspired masterpiece! 

Color her confused

If you don’t want to end up looking like a clown in a horror movie, make sure to choose the right shade and blend like your life depends on it. And don’t go painting the rainbow on your eyes unless you want to scare away your friends. 

Image Source: Thatonebasicchick/reddit

Seems like the makeup artist took inspiration from a boxing match and a chimney sweep to create this look! And the foundation was applied with the finger painting technique without any blending whatsoever. Time to hit the reset button on those skills, MUA! 

A kid with markers is on the loose.

Have you seen makeup fails on the internet where a person transforms into a clown? Some makeup artists seem to think they are the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality, it’s like he/she is channeling his/her inner circus performer.

Image Source: tiddymeat6969/reddit

It looks like the makeup artist used a box of Crayola crayons to color this woman’s face! Or maybe her little kid decided to doodle on her while she was napping. Either way, we hope she doesn’t accidentally melt her face off when she tries to take it off!

Mamacita living in 1923

We all have seen those artificial jet-black brows that could double as a Swiss army knife-sharp, pointy, and ready to take on any task. And what about those huge spider-type eyelashes? They look like they could cause a breeze every time a person who’s wearing them blinks! 

Image Source: serotoninpleaseee/reddit

Looks like this lady’s makeup game is on point, but it’s a little too sharp for comfort! Her spider lashes are so long, they could weave a web in seconds, and those knife-like brows? We bet she could slice through a watermelon with one wrist flick!

Everyone’s yellow

There are many different foundation shades; if used incorrectly, they turn a person into a completely yellow-colored being! The people seem like they have been dipped in a vat of yellow paint. We don’t know about you, but we prefer my foundation to match my skin tone, not my cheeseburger.

Image Source: samk355/reddit

Is the makeup artist here trying to create another Simpson? The girl needs to see herself in a mirror straight away before she gets mistaken for a domestic canary bird! And the makeup artist seriously needs to brush up on her foundation skills. 

Orange face

When you are on the hunt for the perfect foundation shade, make sure to choose one that matches your skin tone, not turns your skin into a fruit salad. You want to make yourself attractive rather than turning yourself into an orange or a lemon! 

Image Source: miss_chanandlerbongg/reddit

This lady’s makeup artist must have been binge-watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory lately and thought it would be fun to turn their client into an Oompa Loompa! Someone needs to remind this artist that makeup is not a cosplay costume and to stick to making their clients look fabulous in the real world.

Side “burns”

There’s no harm in getting creative with makeup, but let’s not go overboard and turn ourselves into a walking nightmare. So let’s take a step back, re-evaluate our choices, and aim for a look that’s a little more “wow” and a lot less “what the heck.”

Image Source: howdoesredditworklol/reddit

This girl’s MUA turned her into a walking disco ball with those flashy blue LED lights! But let’s be real, with those lights, she’ll never lose her friends at a party! And what about those brown sideburns and eyebrow size? Seems like the artist was using a paintbrush instead of makeup tools.  

Slick and greasy

Have you seen those “I just dunked my face in a deep fryer” makeup looks? They’re so shiny you could see your reflection on their forehead! These makeup artists are masters of the “Vaseline” look. Don’t forget to bring some sunglasses when you’re around them!

Image Source: nqki/reddit

The foundation looks great, and the eyeliner is on point, but that oily glow could be doing better. It seems like the MUA went a little overboard with the oily bronzer and shiny highlighter. Let’s call it a “beauty blooper” and move on!

Shiny fish skin

Lipsticks are those magical wands that can transform your look from “meh” to “mwah” in a single swipe! You can unleash your inner diva with a sultry red or be a pretty princess with a soft pink. The options are endless, and the power is in your hands, or lips especially! 

Image Source: esoterica120/reddit

These lips look like the MUA took the “natural” lip trend to the next level and decided to go for a “rotten avocado” shade. Or maybe they were inspired by a swamp creature? While we’re all for embracing our inner animal, let’s steer clear of amphibian and reptile-inspired shades for our pouts!

Super cakey bride

Every good makeup artist knows they’re in trouble when the foundation is so thick and cakey that it could double as a construction material. You don’t want to be mistaken for a traffic cone, or worse, cause a traffic jam! Let’s stick to shades that actually match our skin tone, shall we?

Image Source: classicspoonbill/reddit

Why is this “makeup artist” giving the bride a frightful makeover? Her face looks like she’s ready to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let’s pray that her wedding is not on a hot summer day, or else it will be a makeup disaster for this bride-to-be! 

Cake smash!

Let’s take a moment for those eye makeup looks that make us cringe! You know, the ones where the eyeshadow is piled on so heavy that a person’s eyes have changed entirely. We all have our makeup mishaps, but when it comes to bad eye makeup, it’s a whole new level of catastrophe!

Image Source: jennapops/reddit

This makeup look is as if someone got into a fight with a rainbow and lost! If they want it to be a cake smash look, then at least make sure it’s an actual cake! Was the artist trying to be Van Gogh or what? 

Photoshopped lips?

Lipsticks are the cherry on top of any outfit. You could be wearing a potato sack, but as long as you’ve got a bold and beautiful shade of lipstick, you’ll look like a million bucks! It’s like the final stroke of an artist’s brush bringing the whole look together. 

Image Source: xenleah/reddit

The artist has done a great job with those mesmerizing eyes. However, the lips here look like the girl kissed a fire engine! Her makeup artist didn’t even bother to correct the angle to match the position of her face. 

Overlayered much?

Putting on makeup is like seasoning a dish – you don’t want to go overboard and ruin the whole thing. We want to enhance our natural beauty, not cover it up with layers of foundation and powder. So let’s embrace our unique textures and remember natural beauty always shines through!

Image Source: Watthefuq882/reddit

Let’s hope this makeup artist wasn’t aiming for a “cake-face” look because they definitely achieved it! It looks like they used enough product to frost a whole cake, and now even the poor girl’s eyebrows are stuck in a sticky situation!

“Nude” cake lips

Let’s talk about these “nude” lipsticks, one of the top trends in the makeup industry right now. Sure, they can look great on some people, but not everyone can pull off the “barely there” look. We don’t want to end up looking like aliens, now do we?

Image Source: Born_End_584/reddit

We are wondering if she knows her lips look drier than the Sahara desert, and we’re pretty sure they could use some hydration. Maybe it’s time for a natural lip color or a good lip balm to give those lips some love.

No, thanks!

Some makeup artists are going all “Angry Birds” with bold and fake eyebrows that look like they were drawn with a permanent marker. Let’s not get caught up in this trend of overdone brows; rather, embrace our natural brows.

Image Source: jayxyee/reddit

A Barbie doll has more realistic eyebrows than those done in this photo! Even Ken would be shaking his head in disappointment. Maybe next time, the artist should take some inspiration from the ‘before’ photo and let those natural brows shine!

Crispy and shiny

We all want to look like we have flawless skin, but piling on foundation like it’s the icing on a cake is not the way to go. You don’t want to end up looking like a dried-up mud puddle with cracks all over, do you?

Image Source: amyjonescurvemodel/reddit

It seems like the artist’s idea of “less is more” is “less is a bore” because that’s a whole lot of foundation and highlighter on her face! Let’s give her skin some room to breathe, and we’ll all see her natural beauty shine! 

Brightest morning star

There’s nothing wrong with a little creativity while learning makeup techniques. But when your work looks like a walking disco ball, you might need to step back and learn from your makeup mistakes. Remember, less is more unless you’re going for the circus look!

Image Source: heretofillthevoid/reddit

It looks like this woman’s makeup artist literally turned her into a morning star so that she could audition for the role of Ramandu’s daughter, also known as a blue star in Narnia Part 3! Except, now she can be the brightest, pinkest star! Maybe she should apply for some other Hollywood fantasy roles!

Types of chimney brushes

Mascara is a makeup item that is used to enhance our natural eyelashes with just one stroke. But if we use fake and dramatic lashes on our eyes, it looks like we are auditioning for a role in a Muppet movie! After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than natural lashes. 

Image Source: aliveintheam/reddit

Seems like we’ve got a new product line in town – the chimney brush-inspired range! The “Beamer” and the “Quinn” ones even surpass the innocent Tarantula spider! And who needs mascara when you can have spiky tarantula lashes that double as windshield wipers?

Spider legs

Mascara is like a fairy godmother for your lashes, giving them a magical makeover with just a flick of a wand! With just a few strokes of her magic wand, your natural lashes are transformed into masterpieces. No more looking like you have a family of tarantulas living on your eyelids.

Image Source: aliveintheam/reddit

Looks like the mascara in these promotion photos is trying to lure in some unsuspecting insects! The last photo is like a full-on carnivorous plant! Maybe the makeup artist should stick to the basics of mascara application instead of going for the “fly trap” look.

Panic at the makeup salon

Don’t even get us started on the wrong foundation shades and hacks used by makeup artists at salons. It’s like they are trying to sabotage our faces. Like, c’mon, hello! Do better! We want to look our best, not like a white cake face. 

Image Source: MrMush48/reddit

Let’s be real; this makeup artist needs to take a step back and ask themselves, “Am I trying to paint a portrait or do makeup?” They’ve got enough foundation on this poor girl to build a house! And that highlighter? It’s shining brighter than the sun, and not in a good way!

Orange is the new brown.

Have you ever walked out of a salon looking like a pumpkin spice latte because the makeup artist didn’t know how to match your skin tone? And what about those cakey, thick foundation and plastic looks they make? Yep, been there, done that!

Image Source: more-asbestos/reddit

Looks like this woman’s makeup artist was inspired by the colors of a sunset but forgot that she’s working on a human face and not a canvas! The foundation shade is so off, it’s like the land, and the sky decided to swap places.

Inner eye high(est)light

We are all for a good glow and a pop of color, but sometimes makeup artists take highlighting to a whole new level. It’s like they are a searchlight to illuminate our cheekbones. We could guide a plane in for a landing with some of that highlighter! 

Image Source: cuziluvmakeup/reddit

Whoa, it looks like she let a toddler loose with some fingerpaint on her face! And those eyelashes, are they trying to take flight or what? She needs to dial it down a notch and let her natural beauty shine through.

Vanilla with a dash of sunny orange

Is there anything more frustrating than a makeup artist who can’t seem to get your foundation shade right or do your eye makeup justice? It’s like they skipped out on makeup school and didn’t bother to learn some basic techniques! Makeup is an art form, but not everyone can be Bobbi Brown, right?

Image Source: KingDonat/reddit

Who did this woman’s makeup? Call the police and arrest them! Her facial expression shows that she knows this disaster 100% and can’t wait to get home and wipe it off! Seems like the MUA blew her face into a flour barrel and colored her eyelids with an orange marker! 

Wedding wax figures?

Some makeup artists need to chill with their creative freedom and stop turning weddings into horror shows. It’s like they’re trying to create a new breed of monster out of the bride! We all want to look stunning on our big day, but some MUAs need to brush up on their skills.

Image Source: buttercupcentral/reddit

The bride in this photo needs to find a better makeup artist for her big day, or else she’ll end up scaring away the groom! All her bridesmaids look like they stepped out of a bridal magazine, but the bride’s makeup resembles a burnt orange! 

Cake breaks

Cakey foundation looks are the bane of every makeup lover’s existence. Like seriously, who wants to look like they have a layer of plastic on their face? And yet, some makeup artists seem to think the more foundation you pile on, the better. 

Image Source: BobbyPotter/reddit

Did this woman just get back from a visit to Madame Tussauds? Her foundation is so thick it looks like it’s made of wax! If she gets too close to a flame, she might start melting like a candle.

(Extra) overlined lips

The infamous overlined lips! When done correctly, they can give you a luscious pout that would make Angelina Jolie jealous! But when done poorly? It’s like a toddler grabbed a Sharpie and decided to give your lips a makeover. Not exactly the look we’re going for, folks.

Image Source: Designer-Peace2904/reddit

The overall makeup of this lady looks so ravishing and subtle, but what happened to her lips? The color of the lipstick is a totally gorgeous nude, but her MUA ruined the lippie by overlining. Looks like they got a little too excited and drew outside the lines on this one.

Blushes in orange

It’s 2023, and we all know that boys wear makeup too. But somehow, we’re still dealing with makeup artists who can’t seem to match foundation shades for guys. Like, seriously? It’s not like we’re asking for a rocket launch; just a little respect for our faces, please!

Image Source: Sens/reddit

It seems like even this Korean actor is ashamed of his makeup. His makeup artist literally colored him in a completely different color than his skin tone. His ears and neck show his natural skin color, but his face is flashing a pumpkin-orange color! 

Foundation wash

This cakey foundation is just like someone trying to sculpt their face out of a block of wax and forgetting to blend it in. That thick, heavy look that makes your skin look like it’s made of plastic! It’s not cute, it’s not natural, and it’s definitely not comfortable. 

Image Source: throwawaybin9991/reddit

Is the woman washing her face with this yellowish-toned foundation or what? Because the shade used is completely different from her pinkish skin tone. Moreover, is it a trend nowadays to apply foundation on the lips as well? 

Artificial sunburn

Who needs a pumpkin spice latte when you can have a pumpkin face? That classic orange foundation look is a fashion statement, right? Oh wait, no, it’s just a makeup mishap. But in all seriousness, finding the right foundation shade is crucial.

Image Source: Uglydumpsterfire/reddit

What in the name of bridal beauty is going on here? This makeup artist has taken the term “blushing bride” to a whole new level and turned her into a bright orange beacon! That artist might need to reconsider her occupation!

An orange glow

Have you ever watched a movie or some red carpet live screening and wondered why the actors’ faces looked like they were a completely different color than the rest of their bodies? Yeah, that’s what happens when makeup artists use the wrong foundation shades. 

Image Source: final_grl/reddit

His face and neck are glowing like they just got back from a tropical vacation, while the rest of his body is looking pretty pale. Maybe it is time for his makeup artist to invest in some better foundation shades!

Choco lip liner

There are some makeup artists out there who turn people’s lips into abstract art. You know what they say, “Think outside the lines.” Well, some artists take it a bit too seriously. We’ve seen lips that resemble Sharpie drawings gone wrong with thick and uneven lines. 

Image Source: hipporox/reddit

It looks like this woman’s makeup artist had a sweet tooth while doing her makeup. Either that, or they were trying to create a new lip trend inspired by ice cream cones. But let’s face it; the chocolate lip liner is not really doing her any favors.

Have mercy on the bride.

Buckle up for some wedding makeup mishaps! It’s supposed to be the bride’s special day, but some makeup artists are turning them into walking disasters. We’ve seen everything from clown-like contouring to eyebrows that look like they were drawn by a toddler.

Image Source: SchwiftyEmmmmy/reddit

In retrospect, this lady might have been better off with a DIY makeup job on her big day. Her friend’s MUA seemed to have mistaken her face for a blank canvas. The result? A cakey foundation, bold black marker eyebrows, and enough powder to make a bakery jealous!

Whitewashing the white?

Let’s talk about the ghostly foundation look that some “makeup artists” seem to love. Do they have a secret competition going on to see who can make their client look the palest? Seriously, they need to get a grip on the right shade and blend it properly.

Image Source: demonic_princess554/reddit

Did this lady’s makeup artist mistake her for a powdered donut? Or was the artist going for a “ghostly chic” look? The MUA literally accentuated all the wrong parts of her face! Her facial expressions tell us she wasn’t feeling her best after leaving the chair. 

Ghost freak

Most makeup artists on film sets are like magicians, transforming our favorite actresses into otherworldly beings. But sometimes, they take the magic a bit too far, and they end up looking like they’ve just come back from the afterlife. #ghostlyglow

Image Source: CakeForBreakfast08/reddit

How did the makeup artist manage to make her look like a ghostly apparition? Did they forget to use any color other than white? Maybe it’s just the camera flash, but either way, that MUA needs to be put on probation!

Is that Jlo? 

Applying foundation is like painting a masterpiece, but some makeup artists have missed the memo and decided to use baking ingredients instead of the right shade of foundation. When they’re working with the world’s most gorgeous faces, they’ve got to up their game!

Image Source: Dani_California/reddit

Is that J-lo or J-dough? Seems like the movie’s makeup budget was not enough so they called some morticians on set. We hope the artist knows how dreadful her makeup looked in the movie. 

Questionable nose contour

Some makeup artists have an exceptional talent for turning cheeks and noses into abstract art pieces. It’s like they took Picasso’s “Cubism” as their inspiration and ran with it. Seriously, who needs natural-looking contours when you can have sharp angular lines that can double as a compass?

Image Source: jessicat2222/reddit

How do you take your mountains – on your face or in your travel itinerary? Because this makeup artist has gotten a bit carried away with the contouring, creating a sharp slope on her nose that could rival any ski resort.

Eye art vs lip blob

Have you heard of the “more is more” club? Well, some makeup artists seem to be the president of the “overdrawn lips and eyebrows” division. They take perfect lips and turn them into something that looks like it’s drawn by a cartoonist on acid!

Image Source: BrownEyedBliss/reddit

This makeup look is giving us life with those killer eyes and flawless foundation, but when we zoom in on those overlined lips and Sharpie brows, our hearts sink. And let’s not forget those spider lashes. Can we please put an end to this strange trend?

Foundation error

Why haven’t some makeup artists learned that the “pale as a ghost” look is not in vogue anymore? We want to avoid seeing people walking around with faces that can double as a whiteboard! It’s time to embrace that sunkissed glow!

Image Source: aloofanxiety/reddit

Why did the makeup artist put a layer of whiteout on her face when she already has a lovely complexion? She was rocking the natural beauty look until the MUA gave her a foundation facelift. We’ll call this look a “foundation fail”!