45 Honest Comics Showing The Trials And Tribulations Of Parenting

By Bruna L

Being a parent is no easy task, as your own mother and father can attest to. Babies need 24-hour care, protection, and guidance from the get-go all the way to their first day at school — that’s a responsibility most people don’t really think about before signing up for the task! Things get even direr when it comes to first-time parents. With no prior experience in this particular field, it’s hard to adapt to the whole new world of discoveries that raising a kid together brings, and sometimes, people tend to feel alone in their journeys! That’s why comedian and screenwriter Joy Lin started Alloy Comics! Her little stories, illustrated by Nohra Johnston, show her everyday life with her husband Alex and their little baby in what can be considered an honest display of the thrills and trials of parenthood! Here are 45 of our favorite comics by Joy from her Instagram @alloycomics!

All images in this article are courtesy of @alloycomics on Instagram.

No right answer

If you’re a woman or grew up surrounded by them, you know just how much they care about their appearance. No matter how strong and independent they are, other people’s comments about their looks will still matter greatly to them, especially when it comes to family!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

So, you better be careful and play it smart if you ever find yourself in the situation above, because your life is definitely on the line. There is no right answer to this question, so you better just shut up and hope for the best!

Meerkat parents

Being a parent is no easy task. Once you become a mother or a father, you not only have to take care of yourself, but also of a baby, and they’re always in need of help! They can’t walk or talk; the only way they communicate for the first few months is through crying.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

That’s why parents are so paranoid all of the time! If the baby is hungry or dirty or in danger, you can bet they’ll let you know. The only problem is, when you’re so hyper-aware of your child, any crying can be distracting. Sometimes the crying doesn’t come from the bedroom, but from the TV! What a silly couple!

The one to blame

No matter how rewarding your experience as a parent can possibly be, at some point, you will get tired and need some help. When this moment comes, it’s important to remember this kind of situation is totally normal, even if people don’t talk about it much!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Of course, when your partner is slacking while the baby is screaming their lungs out, you’re allowed to get a bit mad. Just remember, there’s no one to blame here — except for dad, of course. It’s always daddy’s fault!

Little devil

People say it is not good to nickname or call your child evil names because it attracts bad juju, but we got to agree that at some points they do act like little devils! Sleeping three hours a night and waking up crying? That’s definitely not what an angel would do!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

That’s why we find the comic above so funny! It’s normal for a kid to sleep so little, but still, we can’t help but feel they do it on purpose. These little devils are plotting to keep their mommas awake all night. We’re on to you, babies!

Childish behavior

As we all know, babies share many different traits with their parents. Whether we are talking about physical characteristics or personality traits, the similarities are there for all to see! The couple and their child in this comic are no exception!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

According to dad, the kid is just like him personality-wise, but mom has other ideas on who is mimicking who. Apparently, dad’s just immature! But hey, we’re not judging; as the saying goes — what’s the point of being a grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes?

Something in the eye

There’s nothing more annoying than having something stuck in your eye. It feels like you cannot focus on anything else because of how annoying it is, even if it’s not that painful. That’s why we think the comic below is so funny!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

The poor woman was just trying to be romantic and squeeze a few loving compliments out of her husband! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be all lovey-dovey when your eye is driving you crazy! We totally get you, Alex! You’re safe…for now.

The cutest baby

For some reason, the human brain reacts very weirdly when it comes to cute things. Some of us may want to cuddle a cute rabbit or pet a fluffy cat, but others won’t be satisfied until they squeeze and affectionately nibble the animal in question!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

The same thing applies to other cute creatures out there, not just puppies and kittens. Like human babies, for example! That’s why we totally understand Joy here! A little baby boy sleeping all cozy-like? Give it here! Om nom nom, cuteness overload!


There is nothing more amusing than finding yourself married to a big old nerd! Especially when their range of knowledge is broader than most. A simple night in, watching silly children’s movies can become a learning experience if you’re not careful.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

No matter how much you love your movies are willing to suspend your disbelief for a few hours, you can’t overlook science so easily. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off that nerdy brain. Joy here makes a good point — do you want snail jerky? Because that’s how you get snail jerky!

Short and tall people problems

If you think about it, you’ll realize most things in our society are designed with a certain kind of body in mind. Average height, average weight; that seems to be the norm. Which is very unfortunate for anyone outside those ranges, like shorter or taller people!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

The only bright side in this whole situation is that you get to have a good laugh with your partner! Too short to reach light the lamp? Too bad! Legs too long for your airplane seat? That’s on you for growing too much! Ha!

No kissing allowed!

Kids can be a handful sometimes, as every parent in the world could tell you. They’ll cry for no reason and stay up all night on the days you’re most tired! Fortunately, they can also be extremely cute when they want to!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

It’s in these “cuteness overload” moments that parents suffer the most! Who wouldn’t want to give a big old kiss on a chubby baby like this? The kid won’t let you, of course, unless you fend off all of their limbs at the same time! Not fair!

Who wants kidneys?

Sometimes, people go above and beyond to show the world just how much they love their significant other! From expensive gifts to elaborate public demonstrations of affection, people really don’t hold it back when it comes to displaying their love!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

And there’s nothing more romantic than willingly giving up a part of yourself to save your partner’s life! Even if that means shortening yours quite a bit! Of course, the risk doesn’t always have to be biological, like surgery. Getting into shady markets is just as dangerous! Yet still somehow a romantic gesture…

Scratch, scratch

One of the weirdest human traits we all share is the sudden and irresistible desire to scratch ourselves every now and then! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t walked across tall grass or were bitten by a mosquito recently; you’ll occasionally still get itchy for no reason!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

And when you feel that irritation, there’s nothing better than satisfying that itch! We all know we can end up hurting ourselves, but it just feels too good to stop. And if someone tries to get in our way — well, just use them as a scratching post! What else are beards made for, anyway?

Paternity test

Since we are the result of genetic mixing between our parents, it is expected that we are going to look like a combination of both of them. A father’s eye, a mother’s nose, grandma’s hair, and so on, so forth!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

While this expectation may be met, that’s not always the case. Kids can look like both parents or just one of them, and that’s completely fine, too! Especially if you already look like a chubby baby in the first place!

Delicious wood

It’s a universal truth that babies love putting weird things in their mouths! That’s why parents need to pay close attention to what their kid is doing because most of the time, these little gastronomic adventures can be quite dangerous!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Sometimes, though, it’s less about trying new things and more about searching for relief! We’re pretty sure the baby boy here is just teething! Sure, the parents could have bought him a chewing toy, but babies can be extremely stubborn, and this one here seems to have chosen the bed as his toy!

Spider-kid, spider-kid

For some reason, babies have some of the weirdest habits out there! From only falling asleep in particular positions that look not only super uncomfortable but also dangerous, to enjoying being flipped upside-down just for funsies, they love testing their limits in the most incredible ways!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

That’s definitely the case here! Anyone could tell you just how dangerous it is to dangle upside-down, but this baby loves it! Maybe he’s part bat or opossum — or, as his mother suggested, inspired by that famous Spider-Man scene — a spider!

Who says romance is dead?

It’s undeniable that many people dream of getting married. Some people already know exactly how they want to propose, or be proposed to, and how their wedding is supposed to go — even if they’re not seeing someone at the moment!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Big, romantic days are expected on these occasions, but sometimes reality ends up much better than fantasy! That’s definitely the case here! This proposal is the cutest thing, and now the couple have a little comic to remember this moment for eternity!

Chonky boy

When it comes to babies, most people out there seem to think that they’re only healthy if they are big and chonky, with rosy cheeks and cute little noses. Which is mostly true, of course, but not always the rule — especially if they are newborns!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

If your baby was skinny when he was born, don’t worry about it! He’ll eventually become the meatball-boy you’ve always expected him to be! And yes, it is all because of your breastmilk — sorry, mom! At least he’ll look cuter and healthier!

Greedy kisser

There is nothing cuter than being all cuddly and sweet with your special someone! It doesn’t matter if you’re still in the “honeymoon” stage of your dating or if you’ve been married for years; an impromptu kissing attack is welcome nonetheless!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Here we can clearly see who the softie in this relationship is. No matter how tough and unromantic we act, at some point the façade will break, and many, many kisses will be requested! Love is in the air with these two, for sure!

No matter how popular or widespread a saying is, sometimes they are simply not true! If you think about it, some sayings were pretty ironic, before being popularized and having their meaning corrupted. (Did you know that “blood is thicker than water” means the opposite of what we think?) That’s probably what happened here!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Yes, babies sleep without a care in the world, but they’re definitely not known for their deep slumbers. Babies wake up all of the time, kicking and crying for no reason. That’s not peaceful at all! We don’t know about you, but we don’t ever want to sleep like babies.

Living toy

Newborn babies are the most adorable things, aren’t they? If you keep them fed and loved, they hardly ever cause any trouble! The problems begin when they start to grow a little bit. Sure, they’ll sleep the whole night, but that just means they’ll have plenty of energy to spend during the day!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

It’s great if you have the time and energy to spend playing around with them, but more often than not, you’ll end up with an overexcited toddler making your life positively miserable. Dad’s not a living toy, you silly goose!

Queen Bee

Bees are one of the most incredible creatures on our planet! First and foremost, without them, we literally couldn’t survive because they pollinate plenty of the plants that we rely on for food. Second, they may be insects, but they’re extremely cute! Who can resist them?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

If you’re a mother, it’s not hard to feel like the queen bee of your house’s little hive! Unfortunately, some have better workers than others, as we can see above! At least the little bee child is as cute as a real bee, right?

The most unromantic wife ever

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most dreaded day ever for single people! If you have a sweetheart, though, it’s the perfect occasion to show your love for your significant other in the most ridiculous ways without the risk of sounding or looking crazy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Unfortunately, having a significant other doesn’t immediately turn someone into a romantic; if they have something in mind for their gift, no amount of flowers, chocolate, and jewelry will do! Next time, just buy the bidet and make your unromantic wife happy, Alex!

Sudden memory

When you finally move in with someone, you discover things about your significant other that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Small personality traits, some particularities in their routine, and even how weird they are when they’re away from the public eye!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

That’s actually amazing, if you think about it! Not only will you become an expert on your significant other’s life, but you can also use your newfound knowledge to make fun of them in situations like the one illustrated above!

The wedding ring

Wedding rings, as the name suggests, are a big part of the whole, well, wedding thing! They have their special moment during the ceremony, and then they’re supposed to stay on the newlywed’s fingers until death do they part — or a shower is taken!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

That’s why you need to be careful with them! If you have a habit of losing something as big as the TV remote or even your cell phone, you definitely can lose your wedding ring. Of course, sometimes they are not missing, as Alex here can explain. Sometimes they’re just…misplaced.

T-rex arms

If you’re a person on the short side of things, then you know how annoying it is to be around taller people, especially when they keep making fun of your height! No one can control how much they’ll grow, so some jokes may not be so funny after all.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Unfortunately, with your short T-Rex arms, it’s hard to retaliate! And complaining won’t do much either, since they’ll probably won’t be able to hear you from all the way up there! At least you can still throw things at him — that ought to do it!

The clock hand

As we already addressed, whoever coined the term “slept like a baby” sure didn’t know much about babies. Babies are known for waking up many times throughout the night and, even when they are quiet and let you get a full night of sleep, they can be quite restless!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

The baby above is no exception — in fact, he represents most babies out there! Nothing like checking on your kid through the monitor just to discover he had done a 180° turn around the bed and is now somehow sleeping upside-down!

Online dating

As the internet grew in popularity across the globe, so did its dangers! For a long time, people wouldn’t trust it at all and every interaction happened under false identities. Online dating wasn’t a thing at all and people who tried it were considered crazy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Things have changed, thankfully. Technology evolved, and so did online security, and nowadays it’s common for people to meet online and form lasting relationships that end with raising a family together. We’ll never forget all the crazies we have met online, though, especially our exes!

The right angle

If you’ve set foot online in the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the whole concept of selfies. Cute little pictures we take of ourselves to show our friends (and followers) what we’re up to. Some people even edit them in the hopes of being showered with “likes.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

We all have our selfie secrets, especially when it comes to favorite filters and angles. Everyone wants to showcase their best sides, after all. Funnily enough, the same concept can be applied in real life, at least in terms of angles. Why not feel pretty all the time, right?

Suspicious wife

Everybody loves a good compliment, especially when it comes out of the blue. Nothing can cheer up a bored person at work more than a message from that special someone saying how pretty they are and how much they are loved!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Unfortunately, if you’ve lived long enough with someone, you just know when the compliment is sincere or not. Especially when it comes to husbands — it’s never just a surprise compliment; they always want something or want to butter you up before sharing bad news.

Baby rivalry

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your baby! That’s what every good mother should aspire to feel — pride at how cute and lovable their little one is! That’s why we find the comic below so adorable.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

It’s okay to recognize other children are cute, especially in front of their proud parents, but for a mother, no one will ever be cuter than her own child. It doesn’t matter if the baby is actually pretty or not, either. Momma will always be right!

Every mother ever

It’s no secret that women put on make-up to make themselves look and feel prettier. Everyone is different in their styles and tastes; some prefer subtle colors, and others favor bright and bold accents. While make-up is never a necessity, some women prefer it. Unfortunately for new mothers, there isn’t always time to glamor up.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

It’s never nice to insult someone, especially regarding their looks. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, with or without make-up. While tired mothers might feel the urge to hide the bags under their eyes from all the sleepless nights caring for their bundle of joy, a good friend would never call her out on it.

Good genetics

Some people say every newborn baby looks the same, but that’s not exactly true! Sure, they come out kicking and screaming, looking like the cutest and most fragile dumplings in the world, but if you look closely, you’ll notice they look a lot more like their parents than you’d think at first glance!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Maybe they have their dad’s eyebrows or mom’s lips; it doesn’t matter. The resemblance is there! That, of course, opens the door for a lot of silly dad jokes like the one above. It’s harmless, but make sure to remind your husband it takes two to make a baby!

Defense mechanism

If you think about it, nature really is amazing. It can breed life in the most unbelievable places and create animals that come with all sorts of defense mechanisms straight out of the womb — us humans included. How cool is that?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

But if you think that human babies are one of the most vulnerable animal babies out there, you’re not entirely wrong. Their defense mechanism isn’t about protecting themselves, but enlisting adults to do the work for them. That’s why they’re so cute!

Little baby pig

It’s normal for older people, especially older relatives, to have plenty of cute nicknames for the newborn babies in the family! The baby from this comic is no exception, and apparently, it is a pretty fitting nickname, all things considered!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Just look at those chubby rosy cheeks. Granddad is right; he is a little porker, alright! Yes, they could have come with something different, but if the name fits… Besides, the kid was born in the year of the pig! Not a coincidence, if you ask us!

Weekend preparations

If you have a baby or know someone who does, then you probably know going on a trip for the weekend is not as simple as packing up your clothes and leaving. You need to make special arrangements, regardless of whether or not you’re bringing the baby.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

If the baby is staying home, you need to prepare a list of chores for the caretaker and leave enough food so the baby doesn’t go hungry, especially if he is still breastfeeding! In this case here, we’re pretty sure the dad wished it was actual vodka!

Life sentence

For some couples, marriage is the epitome of the love shared between two people. Something created to solidify a serious relationship and show the world you have found your one true love! Not every couple thinks like that, though. Like this silly comic…

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Yes, getting married shows the world just how much you love and are committed to your partner, but where’s the fun in that? There’s nothing like a good old “ball and chain” joke to make a relationship last forever! Joy may not find it funny, but we can’t help but giggle.


Getting married is the most significant step a couple can take together — that, and buying a house together, that is! That’s why so many people carefully decide on which day their wedding will take place. No one wants unplanned rain or snow ruining everything, after all!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Unfortunately, not everyone has a good memory when it comes to important dates, no matter how magical it is, so it’s common for people to have their wedding on some already important or popular day. Joy here just can’t stop overthinking, though, but she is right!

Language lessons

It’s common for people who are in love with someone from another country to spend a whole lot of time researching the person’s culture, language, and history. It just shows how strong their feelings are and adds another level of connection in being able to share in their traditions.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

As such, it’s not hard to stumble upon the situation above, where one side is really only interested in learning from their loved one themselves! Unfortunately, not everyone is patient enough to teach, especially when the student doesn’t even remember previous lessons! Full Metal Jacket quote? Really?

Big nose problems

If you have any part of your body that’s out of proportion, especially if this particular part is right on your face for everyone to see, then you know the suffering of the poor dad below! Hey, big noses are just as good as small ones, alright?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Of course, when you grow up with a big nose, you hardly ever notice it until you need to approach your face to something and then BAM, it gets in the way! It wouldn’t be a problem unless you end up poking your kid in the eye! Poor dad will never hear the end of it!

You’re stuck with me now!

No matter how much you know your partner and how strong the feelings you have for each other are, it’s hard to shake off the distrust and believe they’re not going to leave you at the first chance they get!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Communication here is key, and so is a whole lot of trust and self-esteem, but other things might work as well! For example, who needs therapy when you can start a whole comic series talking about your everyday life with you and your partner? That ought to work!

Tiny eyes

Despite what most of us think — and what all the TV shows and movies have shown us — men can and will feel insecure about their “less-than” desirable traits! It is especially hard for them when it comes to physical characteristics they can’t change with a gym membership!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Like having small eyes, for example! Men are supposed to be big and strong, but how can you be like that when you have teeny tiny eyes? Which is silly, if you ask us, because all that matters is that his wife doesn’t care one bit about it!

Window shopping

Christmas is the perfect time to go out and do a little shopping, especially if you enjoy doing that with your family! Everything is merry, and there’s plenty to see, from decorations to all the other cool stuff they put out for the holidays!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

You have to be careful, though, especially if you’re carrying an extra cute baby around! Everyone will be charmed by his chubby cheeks and his pleading eyes — you’ll have to be strong not to give in to all the compliments at your little cutie!

Weird compliments

Compliments are a great way to let somebody knows how we feel towards them. Maybe they are looking particularly cute this morning, or their clothes are on fleek, who knows! It’s important, though, to think before speaking to avoid misunderstandings!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Take the comic above, for example. There is nothing wrong with pointing out just how cute your wife looks, but it’s important to take into consideration what kind of comparison you’re making! Saying that your wife looks like a dog isn’t the best compliment, at least without context.

Height difference

There are plenty of physical variations between human beings, especially when they come from different ethnicities, as pretty much everyone can tell you! One funny aspect of all these differences is the height disparity between couples from other countries, as demonstrated in this comic…

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

Things become even more obvious when you put older relatives come into the mix! Older people tend to be shorter and that can cause some hilarious situations like the one above! Joy’s grandma must be teeny tiny! Extremely cute, if you ask us!

Nerds in love

We don’t know if you remember, but for a long while, Game of Thrones took over the whole world with its incredibly compelling plot and action-packed battles! Things weren’t different in our favorite couple’s household — but for another reason entirely!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/alloycomics

What’s better than being a huge nerd who loves fantasy TV shows full of dragons and swordfights? Being a huge nerdy couple who enjoys all of that together, of course! Not only do you get to watch a great show together, but you also have someone to smooch!