Boy Bye: 40 Times Women Wondered If They Married The Wrong Person

By Abigail T December 15, 2021

At the start of a relationship, everything is sunshine and daisies. They’re basically flawless in your eyes, and so are you in theirs. But of course, as time goes on, you start to realize that maybe the person you chose isn’t all that perfect after all. Perhaps they have an irritating habit, they turn out to snore a lot, or are lacking in the upstairs region. There will be moments in the relationship, whether serious or trivial, where you doubt your decision. As always, there is a corner of the Internet where people can share the moment when they realized they were in a relationship with someone, um, not so bright. Let’s take a look at some of these instances. Maybe they can make you feel better about your own goofy partner!

Bad photographer

If you’re active on Instagram, you might have to consider who you start a relationship with. Maybe you need an Insta-boyfriend or husband who photographs well – meaning they know how to get flattering pictures of you instead of the dogs.

Photo courtesy of badbanananana on reddit

You could also just completely ignore your significant other’s inability to take a decent photo. But then your maternity photos would look a lot like this one. We may not be able to see this woman’s face, but at least the dogs look great!

Sweet apology

When you move in with your significant other, there are expectations you hope they fulfill. One of them would be the essential life skill of cleaning up after themselves. But this person’s boyfriend does not seem to have that skill.

Photo courtesy of Cracktestdummy96 on reddit

He spilled some sugar on the counter, and instead of cleaning it up, he spelled “sorry” in the granules. All his girlfriend received was a literally sweet apology, which is kind of cute, but the counter was still a mess.


We understand that some words sound similar to others. But if you’re a married man, we assume you’re grown, and you would know the difference between coriander and a colander. Apparently, some people just aren’t built for the kitchen.

Photo courtesy of borkborkporkbork on reddit

We can only imagine the wife’s emotions when her husband came home with a colander instead of the seasoning she asked for. Shock? Dismay? Secondhand embarrassment? Disbelief? She must have experienced all these feelings at once. But probably, just irritation.

Garbage display area

Here’s another boyfriend who doesn’t clean up after himself. Surprise, surprise, right? Instead of throwing out the bathroom trash, he just leaves toilet rolls on top of the tank. Look at all of them standing there as if waiting for a command.

Photo courtesy of areyouasmoker on reddit

What’s so hard about throwing all this stuff in the recycling? Why does there have to be a garbage museum on top of the toilet? Maybe he just likes having something to look at while he does his thing? Unlikely.

Nintendo Switch

Who doesn’t want a Nintendo Switch? It’s the holiday season, and this gaming console must be on a lot of people’s Christmas lists. But if the person reading the list has no idea what it is, then the receiver is bound to be disappointed.

Photo courtesy of WildInSix on reddit

This girl asked for a Nintendo Switch, and her boyfriend got her… a Nintendo Switch. Technically, he’s not wrong! But you can just see the disappointment on the girlfriend’s face. Hey, an actual Nintendo Switch would cost a lot more than that!

A crime

We’re noticing a pattern here. Almost all the people who are caught with disgusting habits are men (notice how we said caught – not the only people who are gross)! We’ve only been seeing “my boyfriend” this and “my husband” that. And this next boyfriend isn’t any different. Just look at how he stores butter.

Photo courtesy of How_you_like_me_meow on reddit

Butter comes wrapped in paper for a reason. Even if you use a stick instead of a tub, it’s only hygiene common sense to keep the remaining butter in the wrapping. Why would you put butter directly onto a dirty fridge surface?

The wrong way

Being expertly skilled in the kitchen may not be a huge requirement when considering whether someone is worth starting a relationship with. But you would expect a grown-up to be able to at least cut their fruit the right way.

Photo courtesy of shippityship3 on Reddit

This person’s boyfriend cuts watermelon like this. Who taught him this? And more importantly, where is he cutting it? Doesn’t look like a stable surface at all. We hope the girlfriend had some mercy and taught him how to do this properly.


Here’s a question for those of you reading this. If you have tortillas packed in a resealable bag, how would you open it? Most of you will probably answer, “by opening the seal. Duh!” But this guy makes his own rules and his own holes.

Photo courtesy of beingtwiceasnice on reddit

Look at the way he ripped through the bag like a raccoon. Why would you do that when there is a perfectly obvious seal there that you can open? Now the rest of the tortillas are going to go stale.

Where the dish goes

Where do you put your dirty dishes after you finish eating? The answer to this would either be the sink or the dishwasher if you have one. Not included in the list of possible places to put the dish: the edge of the counter.

Photo courtesy of barbdittert on reddit

Seeing this plate teetering on the edge of the sink is actually giving us anxiety. Why couldn’t this dude just put the plate in the sink? It’s literally right there! Better yet, why couldn’t he just wash it right away?

A danger to others

Picture this. A woman is preparing to leave for her ultrasound. She decides it would be healthy if she drank a liter of water before leaving. So she gets her measuring cup and measures out a full liter. Then she sends a photo to her husband:

Photo courtesy of sabby55 on reddit

Sir, respectfully, why on God’s green earth were you putting carpet cleaner in a measuring cup used regularly for cooking? Like, good on him for thinking on his feet, but there is definitely a bucket in the house for cleaning purposes.

Practical man

Some people are hopeless romantics. Others are practical, and therefore hopeless when it comes to sentimentality. This person sent her husband out to buy a baby shower gift. A simple task, you might say. Look at what card the husband brought home.

Photo courtesy of MangoBlisters on reddit

Obviously, this is a birthday card. It’s clearly meant to say, “Happy birthday to you.” But this guy just went ahead and put duct tape over the second half of “birthday” to make it suitable for a baby shower. At least he’s innovative.

Cookie Monster

An average person eats one cookie at a time out of the pack. No matter how ravenous they are, we’d like to think the worst they could do is just stuff entire cookies in their mouth and leave crumbs everywhere. But there is something more monstrous.

Photo courtesy of Griefcatpartytime on reddit

This guy’s girlfriend got him these cookies from Holland as a nice gift. But he really opened the packet all the way and bit through the entire rack of cookies like a burger. You could say he is a literal cookie monster.

Fashion no

You’d be surprised how each person’s fashion and sense of style can affect a relationship. If you dress nicely, it can be a little frustrating, or even embarrassing, to have a significant other who doesn’t care one bit about fashion.

Photo courtesy of new2thespectrum on reddit

It’s one thing to wear socks with sandals. It can be a style choice, right? But it’s another thing entirely to wear this kind of socks, where each toe is visible. This is a big fashion no-no. But to play devil’s advocate, it does look comfy.

The food cupboard

It’s nice to have an organized kitchen. You know where everything is, and you can easily find what you’re looking for. This applies to utensils as well as all those delicious food items. But some people just don’t appreciate organization.

Photo courtesy of lellielelleelle on reddit

It honestly looks like this guy doesn’t unpack his groceries. He just turns his grocery bag upside down into the cupboard and leaves it as is. This is probably what made the girlfriend realize that her boyfriend was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Are you a psychopath?

Cutting or slicing food, in general, is a pretty straightforward task. Unless you work at a fine dining restaurant and need to style the food a certain way, chances are you’ll get the hang of cutting in no time. You know, by middle school at least.

Photo courtesy of ChiefEcho on reddit

But the way this guy cuts bread just makes it seem like nobody’s taught him how to. But it’s so perfectly cut! What are you going to use a bread shaped like that for? Seems like telltale psychopathic behavior, and it’s concerning.


You know how girls lose their hair ties and hairpins, and they end up buying a new pack, only to have the old ones show up out of nowhere? Well this husband does the same thing, but with packets of gum.

Photo courtesy of BooksAreAddicting on reddit

Instead of finishing the packet he’d already started working on, he buys an entirely new one. The result is multiple packs of gum scattered around the house. You gotta admire his consistency, though. Looks like he’s a big fan of the original flavor.

Paper towel crime

Paper towels and toilet paper are perforated for a reason. They make it easier to tear equal sections, thereby not wasting any. Sure, some brands may have worse perforations than others, but that is no reason to commit this crime.

Photo courtesy of zly-wplyw on reddit

With the way paper towel rails are designed, there should be no reason why this boyfriend would rip it this way. He didn’t even rip out the lowest hanging piece! He ripped out a weird chunk. It’s not the biggest deal, but leaves us wondering.

Missed the basket

“It’s not rocket science” comes to mind after looking at this photo. “Even a kid can do that,” is another thought that pops up. But we all know a grown person who simply cannot put their clothes in the hamper. Maybe we are that person. We’re not telling.

Photo courtesy of LilyTheOskar on reddit

The caption on this photo reads, “Husband put his pants right beside the laundry basket instead of just in it.” It’s not like he couldn’t see the basket. It’s right there. Just a little to your left, sir. Little more; that’s it.


Didn’t people learn this in kindergarten? It’s basic stacking, like building blocks. Arrange things by putting the largest at the bottom. Add smaller items as you work your way to the top. It’s pretty simple. We’d dare to day it’s common sense.

Photo courtesy of levitymargret on reddit

Instead, this husband stacks up the plates this way. It’s even more frustrating because there was clearly already an example of how to do it right. Yet he still put those large plates in between the smaller ones. We fear the fate of that pile.


If you have a carton of milk or juice with a twist cap, how would you open the carton? Do you: A) twist the cap open and close it again when you’re done pouring, or B) behave like a barbarian and tear the corner of the carton?

Photo courtesy of Southernsofia123 on reddit

We’re gobsmacked looking at this photo. There is a perfectly installed twist cap right there. Why did this guy do this? Does it mean it’s his personal juice box now? We hope he at least bought a second carton for the rest of the household.


The most important thing in a relationship is communication. Unfortunately, some people communicate passive-aggressively, while others are just aggressive Here’s a petty birthday note from a husband to his wife, attached to photos of the gift he had gotten her.

Photo courtesy of BlueCrown21 on reddit

Okay, we know some of you love this and dream of achieving this level of pettiness. And we admit, it’s hilarious. And most likely, the husband didn’t actually send the gifts back and was just waiting for some kind of apology.

Not made for the kitchen

Anyone who has been cooking for a while will know what certain food items look like. You will at least know what the essentials look like. You will definitely know that pink salt and rice are two completely different things.

Photo courtesy of bumbeel on reddit

We have no idea how this boyfriend could think that the salt was rice grains. For one thing, rice is not (usually) pink. It also does not come in small jars like that. This man straight up cooked pink salt in a rice cooker, and we’re not sure he even put water in!

Empty packages

There’s a reason why people put trash cans in the kitchen. It’s so that you can easily throw away waste without having to trudge around the house with it. But some people clearly do not know how to clean up after themselves.

Photo courtesy of anonysmoker on reddit

There is obviously no need for this carton anymore, so why would anyone still keep it in the fridge? It only takes up space when it could be on its way to being recycled. Just throw away your own trash, man!

Not amused

Sharing a sense of humor is important in a relationship. How are you going to stand being around each other if you can’t even laugh at the same things? This Snapchat captured the moment this girl realized that it wasn’t gonna work out with her guy.

Photo courtesy of slizzers on reddit

Okay, so the pun is appreciated. We understand how some people might find it funny. But clearly, this woman was expecting a more meaningful Christmas gift. Maybe something she can actually use? She does not look amused. But we have faith her man came through in the end.

When the husband cooks

When you graduate school, it seems like all the things you learned in Home Ec classes just fly out the window. Okay, maybe not for everyone, but it certainly looks like that’s the case for this husband, who attempted to make lunch for him and his wife.

Photo courtesy of hgt2f on reddit

This guy really put the pizza directly onto the rack in the oven. Even if he wasn’t sure what to do with it, he could have just read the instructions on the pack, since it looks like it was frozen pizza anyway.

A rampage

What do you think happened when this person tried to open this box of cereal? Here’s what we’re imagining: he tried to pry open the flap on the box to no avail. He got frustrated so he just tore into it like a mad man.

Photo courtesy of illLieonceaday on reddit

Or he could have just been really hungry and that box of cereal was the only thing he had in the kitchen. You know what? At least he had the decency to seal the plastic bag the right way, even using a binder clip. No issues here.

No crust

It’s common for little kids to not like pizza crusts. They usually just eat the slice and leave the crust in the box or on the plate. Nothing wrong with that. But when you eat pizza without even slicing it into quarters, that’s a little concerning.

Photo courtesy of smrco on reddit

Who eats pizza like this? Can you imagine this guy just tearing through this pizza from any and all angles? And he leaves the crusts intact too! Respectfully, if you’re over 20 years old, grow up and eat the crust on your pizza!

Get ready for mildew

If you’ve been living with someone for a while and are only now realizing that they can’t do basic house chores, this is your sign to run. Otherwise, you may spend the rest of your life wearing clothes that have mildewed.

Photo courtesy of Moonishboy on reddit

This person asked their boyfriend to put the washing out to dry, and this is what he did. Everything is damp and on top of each other, and all the clothes are creased. This is gonna be one smelly pile of laundry.

Wasteful, part 2

Purchasing bars of soap instead of bottles can help reduce waste. For one thing, soap bars are wrapped in recyclable paper, and bottles aren’t necessarily recyclable. But what’s the point of reducing waste if you open a bar of soap each week?

Photo courtesy of nleo9 on reddit

There are still plenty of washes left in those smaller bars in the middle. So why did this guy have to open up a new bar? They must have an entire basket of bar soap that will all be opened within three weeks.

Missed the basket, part 2

Do people just not have great aim when it comes to putting things in their place, or do they just not care? This isn’t the first photo we’ve seen of an article of clothing lying on the ground mere inches away from the laundry basket.

Photo courtesy of LMA-No on reddit

These socks are tantalizingly close to the basket, it is almost like this person is mocking their partner. That actually might be the case, since she was the type to take a picture and complain to the internet about it.


Everyone knows the best way to cut a cake to get even slices. Cut it in half down the middle, and then quarters, and then eighths. Simple, quick, and everybody gets the same amount of cake. But look at how this person’s boyfriend cut his share.

Photo courtesy of thatoneguyalex on reddit

This is completely unacceptable. When thatoneguyalex on Reddit posted this, he captioned it, “I’m breaking up with my boyfriend,” and honestly, we don’t blame him! Whoever cuts cake like that must have other wicked tendencies. The energy is too chaotic.

Just plain dumb

Out of all the atrocities we’ve witnessed thus far, this is probably the dumbest of them all. This photo of a little explosion inside a candle came with the caption, “my husband tried to light a battery-powered candle.” Poor guy.

Photo courtesy of IrradicatedMouse on reddit

First of all, a battery-powered candle would be made of some sort of synthetic material that bears no resemblance to wax. Second of all, there should be a switch somewhere on it, which would indicate that it is in fact not a real candle.

Does he even use the toothpaste?

There’s toothpaste all over this toothbrush, but not on the bristles. It’s dried toothpaste too, so you know that it’s been there a while. It also looks like this person could use a replacement right about now. Might we suggest a multipack and a stocking stuffer?

Photo courtesy of namesareforthegovt on reddit

We also bet their sink is green after this person brushes too. Just wasted toothpaste everywhere. But we will say, if this is their only flaw, they are still a keeper, and everything will be okay in the end. We hope.

Protect the pepperoni

You want a box of pizza to have even slices so that everyone gets a fair share of food. That’s the general rule of pizza and birthday cake. But not for this person’s boyfriend, who cuts the pizza in a way that won’t cut the pepperonis.

Photo courtesy of karinajaimec on reddit

This, we actually understand. Don’t tell this guy’s girlfriend, but we’re on his side here. Listen, as long as you each get the same number of pepperoni, no harm, no foul, right? We’d say someone has their priorities in the correct order.

Uneven slices

What kind of inherent chaotic energy exists in men that motivates them to just tear into and cut into things willy nilly? There’s no grace to it, no thought, unlike the pizza above. The way this guy cuts his sandwiches is just incorrect.

Photo courtesy of mermaidcafe on reddit

We are trying our hardest to give this guy a hand, and provide some kind of excuse on his behalf. But really, truly, we cannot. Maybe he likes to have two really small portions and two really big ones? Someone, help him out.

Made the right choice

Unlike everyone else who has posted their stories, this Reddit user actually already decided to split with their boyfriend. As it turned out, she made the right decision, because the guy was so reactive that he stole her toilet. We’re serious.

Photo courtesy of shelbikadoo on reddit

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, this person had fallen asleep after the breakup while the boyfriend was packing. When they woke up, they found that the entire toilet is missing. What a feat by said boyfriend. Heartbreak makes you do crazy things.

Not a giver

Everyone has a different love language. While yours may be quality time and gift-giving, your spouse’s might be physical touch and words of affirmation. You just have to put in the work to make sure the other person feels loved.

Photo courtesy of zuklei on reddit

This lady wrote, “on this table, you can see all the gifts my husband has bought me for last Christmas, our anniversary, my birthday, and Mothers’ Day.” Nothing. He gave her nothing. But now we’re wondering if she ever directly asked for anything.

How to eat an apple

Most people eat apples by biting straight into them. Others cut it up into slices or cubes. This guy splits it open and digs into it with a spoon. We cannot wrap our heads around how wild this is. Does anyone else do this?

Photo courtesy of thirdculturegurl on reddit

This is how one would eat a kiwi. A mango maybe. But an apple? It must have been difficult enough trying to spear through the meat with a spoon. Even with a knife, some people struggle. But hey, it clearly works for him. 10/10.

Ice cream station

What do you do when you’re at home eating an ice cream cone and you feel the sudden urge to go to the bathroom? Some people would put the cone in a mug in the fridge. Others might ask someone to hold the cone for them if it’s a quick trip.

Photo courtesy of BestioleRaccoon on reddit

This guy sticks it upside down on the counter, which we’re not even sure has been cleaned. No thought about the dirty surface or the fact that the ice cream will eventually melt, leaving less ice cream to eat and more mess to clean.

It’s the thought that counts

Merry Christmas to this girl who received a giant rock from her boyfriend. No, we’re not talking about an engagement ring. We are talking about a rock picked out from her garden and then painted with a (admittedly adorable) skeleton face.

Photo courtesy of WmXVI on reddit

To the boyfriend’s credit, this is actually a creative gift for someone who’s on a budget. We honestly think it’s kinda thoughtful, and definitely makes for a good story, right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t know about it! We call this a job well done.