45 Quirky Habits Couples Only Learned About After Moving In Together

By Bruna L

If you think about it, all the little things that make you who you are have been discovered at one point or another by either your parents or your friends. After you meet your significant other, though, this knowledge is theirs alone — no one will get to know you better than them, especially if you’re married and living together! It probably wasn’t like that all the time, though, and sometimes even after marriage, there are still things to find out about one another! Sometimes these little things can be sweet, other times, they’re just bizarre and unexpected. As long as they are harmless and both of you can live with them, then everything should be fine in your relationship! Are you curious and want to know more? Well, here are 45 bizarre things married couples only discovered after the wedding! Enjoy!

The never-ending story

Experts say communication is key for a long-lasting marriage, which, as far as we can tell, is the truth! Unfortunately, some people take this advice to heart and just never shut up! Like, ever! That’s exactly the situation with this couple!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Cviceniehrou

This husband talks all the time! Apparently, he has full-blown conversations with himself and adds commentary to every TV show and YouTube video he watches! He’s lucky his wife loves him a lot because that surely would drive us all crazy!

Sock on, sock off

A lot of people wear socks at home, though for various reasons. Maybe you don’t like how the bare floor feels on your feet, so you wear socks to avoid that. Maybe you live somewhere cold and don’t want to freeze your toes. Who knows!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

For this woman here, the bizarre thing her boyfriend only found out once they moved in together is that she enjoys wearing only one sock at a time! That’s right! Maybe that’s a body temperature thing, like only covering one of your legs with your blanket. Still, kinda weird!

The alien wife

When it comes to humans, there are a couple of characteristics that set us apart from other animals. For example, we can think, develop and communicate complex concepts and thoughts that don’t just focus on survival. Although we’re now learning that other animals do this, too.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/H.elena.22

But only humans build such complex shelters. We can build houses and in those houses, we can build bathrooms! And, in those bathrooms, we’re perhaps the most human! At least, some of us are! The husband here has been married to his wife for fifteen years and not once had he seen or noticed her pooping! She’s clearly an alien!

Saving planet earth

There is something beautiful about all the little things an average person can do to help minimize the negative impact we have on our planet. Recycling our glasses, metals, and plastics, taking shorter showers, walking, or biking instead of driving. To mention a few!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This man here, intentionally or not, is doing his part! Apparently, whenever he needs to use paper towels, he rips them apart, uses one of the halves, and saves the other for later! Definitely not common behavior, but super cool nonetheless!

Weird noises in the night

No matter how hard we try, we can’t really control ourselves once we’re asleep. That’s not usually a problem for most people unless you do something really weird or scary while dreaming! That’s the case here, except it is more amusing than weird!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Alexcasabo

The wife here tends to make some… ahem… weird noises while sleeping — if you know what we mean! It may be weird and even a little bit embarrassing for the wife, but the husband certainly doesn’t think so! He thinks it’s actually hilarious! What a joker!

Shedding competition

When it comes to dogs, you need to carefully choose the breed you want, otherwise, you’ll end up with fur all over your house! Huskies are the guiltiest when it comes to shedding and they definitely could win a shedding competition if there was one!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Nookiliksiberians

Some people are not so different, though! Especially when you are married to them! Both men and women shed like crazy if they have longer, thicker hair! It’s actually amazing! And that’s what happens here — the wife just sheds hair everywhere!

Small bladder

Human biology is amazing, if you think about it! No matter how similar we are inside, there still is a bunch of differences from human to human! Even if you’re from the same place, same family, even the same mother! Sometimes you’re just built differently!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Belandbray

It would be cool if that gave us superpowers, but reality is a little bit different. This man here, for example, noticed his wife goes to the bathroom multiple times before being able to fall asleep! Apparently, some of us get super strength, some get small bladders!

Human pretzel

If you ever had a pet, then you know just how much they love sleeping in uncomfortable positions! It doesn’t matter if they’re a cat or a dog, they’ll always prefer to lay down in the weirdest places, in the weirdest positions!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Hiiileah

That same logic applies to some humans as well! The husband here is a clear example of that! He loves sleeping on the couch, contorted like a human pretzel! Sleeps like a baby too, somehow! No wonder he has a sore neck all of the time!

Toilet paper usage

Growing up as a boy or a girl has its obvious differences — the way you dress, the way you talk and act, the activities you are interested in, the list can be quite long! Some differences, though, aren’t as clear as others. Especially if you didn’t hang around people of the opposite gender.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

The husband here, for example! Apparently, he didn’t pay much attention to the girls in his house while growing up and ended up surprised at how much toilet paper women use daily until after he got married and moved in together with his wife!

Specific laundry day routine

If you are an adult, you probably follow the same routine every day — you wake up, you eat breakfast, you go to work, have lunch, come back home, have dinner and go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Some people would consider it boring; others love the stability!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Rignnellranch

This woman here loves her little routines, especially when it comes to her laundry day! Everything must be done exactly the same way, from the way she organizes her clothes, to the type of soap for each fabric! Even the water temperature must be measured to perfection! It drives her husband crazy!

Soft food chewing

For most people, eating is as simple as filling up the mouth with food, chewing it, and then swallowing. That’s pretty much it for anyone, no matter what you’re eating! But when it comes to soft food, things can get a little bit different!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Chandanreddy_j

Most of the time, people just swallow it whole, the only exception being ice cream with chunks of fruit or nuts in it. This husband here, though, chews on his soft food like a maniac! Plain ice cream, jelly, it doesn’t matter. It drives his wife crazy!

Q-tip issues

Despite the millions of warnings we see literally everywhere about Q-tips, people insist on using them for cleaning inside their ears! There’s a reason why there’s a warning, you know — it’s dangerous and you will end up injuring yourself no matter how experienced you are!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Chicoshowboi

Especially if you’re this husband here, who always coughs when he cleans his ears! At least his very particular about his Q-tips and not only keep them sealed away, but he also won’t use them if they have been touched before.

Baby husband

Having kids is hard. Yes, it can be quite fulfilling, in the long run, watching your baby grow into a full-blown adult, with their own personality, tastes, and sense of humor. Nothing is harder, though, than having a husband that acts like a child!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Singerfood

That’s definitely the situation here! She didn’t know beforehand, but her husband is a super picky eater and won’t eat anything with vegetable chunks in it! He also runs and hides whenever he gets scared and spends most of his time daydreaming.

Remote king

We don’t know about you, but there is nothing more annoying for us than watching TV with someone who hogs the remote! It stinks not being able to control the channel you’re watching or the volume, so we don’t really understand how this wife copes!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Apparently, her husband won’t let her have the TV remote even if his life depended on it! Worst yet, not only does he hog the remote, but he also has the need to keep changing the channels all the time. Definitely grounds for divorce!

Petty disputes

Nothing ruins a marriage faster than all the little petty disputes a couple has around the house. From who gets the remote to the position of things inside the fridge, if a couple wants to argue they will no matter what the topic is.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Unnecessaryinventions

Things get especially petty when it comes to the bathroom! For example, this couple here is always arguing about the direction the toilet paper roll must face! No one buckles because they both think they’re right. How silly of them.

The creepy wife

When it comes to human habits, sleeping time is definitely when we’re the most vulnerable. We’re tired and unconscious and that’s when the animal side of our brain kicks in — that’s why we all get easily spooked when the lights are off and it’s time to sleep!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Siberian_natalie

Now imagine waking up in the middle of the night and discovering your wife sitting straight up in bed, not making a sound? Definitely creepy, but apparently she was just sleepwalking, minus the “walking” part. At least her husband is used to it now!


Despite what some people may think, talking while you’re asleep is actually a pretty common occurrence, no matter where in the world you live. Specialists say it happens mostly during our dreams when dialogues in the dream world end up escaping to ours! Magical, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Modellapressomestessa

Well, not really. Especially if you have to share a bed with someone who sleep-talks a lot! Like the wife here. Sometimes she says extremely funny things, other times it’s plain scary stuff. Most of the time, though, it’s just gibberish. How can anyone sleep next to that?

Oreo dunking contest

Every kid that has ever tried Oreos fell in love with them almost instantly! After all, kids love sugary, chocolatey snacks, and nothing beats this delicious cookie when it comes to that! But did you know things can get even better?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Anett_photos

That’s right! If you dunk your Oreos in milk, you unlock their real potential! There is no right way to dunk your Oreo, of course. This woman here, for example, likes to leave her cookies floating in the mug and then fish them out with a spoon! Her boyfriend sure was weirded out by that.

Shoes galore!

For some reason, some women love their shoes! It’s hard to understand why, but some of them simply love having a bunch of pairs in different styles, colors, and materials. One, two, sometimes three different pairs for each occasion! Who has so many feet?

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

The wife here is not an exception! Apparently, she has so many shoes the husband can’t even walk around the house unpreoccupied anymore — they’re literally everywhere! Stumbling on them is inevitable if you’re not paying attention! We can’t tell if she’s a hoarder or just disorganized with her shoes.

Normal bodily functions

For some reason, people feel super uncomfortable when it comes to their normal bodily functions. Most likely a difference in culture, history, or upbringing factors in here. But when it comes to couples, especially married ones, things should be easier, right?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Monicamitache

This woman here certainly thinks so. Upon moving in together with her boyfriend, she took no time in letting him know she’s as much of a human as he is and that she, in fact, farts just like him! Apparently, that was okay with him because they’ve been together for seven years now!

Cold bite

Anything can become a competition nowadays, especially because of the internet! From the way you put on your shoes, to the way you comb your hair, there’s always going to be someone who does things differently and can’t accept other people’s ways.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/babynessaaaaaa

The husband here, for example, saw his wife eating a popsicle and freaked out because she bit into it with her front teeth! No one has to eat the same way, and that applies here, though he might want to get checked for teeth sensibility if he can’t eat like that!

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Listen, we know what we do in the bathroom must stay in the bathroom, but if you’re sharing that space with someone — and you plan on staying with that someone for the rest of your life — then, please, learn some basic hygiene!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This ogre of a husband not only blows his nose on his towel, but he also dries himself with it! He even leaves it to dry in the bathroom, with his boogers just about everywhere! We don’t know about you, folks, but that’s divorce for us! Gross!

Missing keys

If you’re a busy person, it’s totally normal to lose small objects occasionally. No one has the time to keep track of everything all the time, after all! But there’s a point when losing stuff becomes a problem, and that’s the case here!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Apparently, this wife cannot keep track of anything small and important. Think cell phones, house and car keys, and her wallet! Somehow, she manages to lose them all the time, and it’s up to the husband to find them! Their life is just an unending game of “Where’s Waldo?”

Organization issues

When it comes to stories about organization issues between couples, most of the time, it’s about how one partner is super messy while the other is super tidy and now they’re living together having issues accommodating one another! Well, not this one!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Zainab.shakeer

The issue here is that both husband and wife are super tidy, but their organizational preferences clash with each other! For example, the husband has very specific kitchen utensils for each need — a bowl for cereal alone — while the wife organizes her closet in a very specific way as well.

Weird sleeping habits

Sleeping habits can be as varied as people themselves! Think about it: you probably have your own little sleeping “rituals,” and so does everyone you know. From kissing your kids good night to washing your hands and feet before going to bed, we’ve seen it all!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Miculkova_andrea

Some habits are weirder than others, though, and that’s certainly the case here! The wife in this situation always stuffs her ears with paper tissues before going to bed because she thinks bugs will crawl up her ears while she’s asleep!

Capturing every single memory

Like all animals, we’re at our most vulnerable when we’re asleep; we all know that. It’s also when we’re looking the cutest, at least according to our parents when we were kids, and our partners once we’re adults and living together!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Velozpark

So, it’s understandable why they may want to snap a picture or two when we’re in the dream realm. That’s exactly what this husband does every night! He finds his wife so adorable when she’s asleep; he can’t help but take some pictures to show her the next morning!

Long, long showers

Unless you’re washing your hair or shaving your body, showers usually don’t take longer than ten minutes for most people. It’s just a matter of getting under the water, using soap, rinsing your body, and leaving the bathroom, after all!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Dc7674

Apparently, though, not everyone is the same! This husband here, for example, just loves taking long showers in the morning! According to his wife, he spends most of the time under the warm water, doing absolutely nothing! To be honest, we totally understand him!

The louder you go

If you think about it, there are plenty of things men don’t know about women’s biology and vice-versa! Even in today’s era of information, where anything you want to know can be found at the tip of your fingers, some questions remain!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Bagni.misteriosi

This husband here asked a question most men would like to ask but are too afraid to do so: Why does his wife pee so loudly? It’s pretty obvious if you’re a girl, but if you’re a boy, that sure is mystifying!

Working hard or hardly working?

For many people, especially for the last two years, working and studying from home have been nothing but a blessing! No more time wasted stuck in traffic, no more stressful, face-to-face interactions with angry and ungrateful clients. The list goes on and on!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Guisanges_

Not everyone has a good working space at home and some have to rely on unorthodox methods to get their tasks done! This husband here is an example of that! His desk was too small, so what did he do? He started working by the pool, to the infinite amusement of his wife!

Military man

When it comes to families centered around a military spouse, things can be a bit different. Depending on if they’re on active duty or not, the whole family tends to travel around a lot. It also changes the whole family dynamics — not always in a bad way!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Yael_adventures

For example, this husband went to boot camp before getting married, and the lessons he learned there still remain with him. He organizes all his clothes and sheets like he’s still in the army! His wife is not complaining, though; she actually likes how tidy he is!

Husband’s tunnel vision

For some reason, some people have a harder time finding stuff around the house than others. Sometimes, those people are husbands! Now, imagine marrying the love of your love only to discover he can’t find anything — even if it’s right in front of him!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Nazzy_BookDoctor837

That’s exactly what happened here! This wife doesn’t even bother properly hiding his Christmas gifts anymore; she can just plop it down on the living room couch, and her husband will never see it until it is pointed out to him! Crazy how that works!

Deviled eggs frenzy

We all have our favorite dishes! Some people love some juicy steaks and potatoes, others prefer a delicious Caesar salad, while others love nothing more than pizza or lasagna! We’re pretty sure you don’t get all animalistic while enjoying your food, though!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Slclunches

Well, not for this husband. His favorite dish is deviled eggs, and he eats them like they’re his last meal on earth! He gets all sweaty and irrational at the sight of a tray of his favorite food! Who can judge him, though? Deviled eggs are that good!

Bathroom habits

Listen, no one really likes to talk about it, especially with strangers on the internet, but we all have different pooping habits. Some people just wipe, and others take full-blown showers once they’re finished. Some don’t mind wearing shirts, others do!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

That’s the case here. Somehow, this wife discovered her husband always takes his shirt off while he does his business in the bathroom! Every single time! Maybe their bathroom has low air circulation, and he gets sweaty; perhaps he needs more fiber in his diet!

Always ready

No matter how long you know someone, there’s a big difference between being just friends and being married and living together. Things you didn’t know before, things that can only be known if you share a bed. This is definitely the case here!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This couple has been friends for sixteen years before getting married and only now has the wife discovered her husband likes to sleep completely dressed! We’re talking jeans and shoes, folks! Extremely weird, but at least he’s ready for any situation!

Poltergeist or inattentive boyfriend?

Moving in together is a big step in every relationship, but most so in romantic ones! You’ll most likely spend the rest of your life with that person by your side, so you need to make sure you’re on the same page on most things!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Even when it comes to small stuff! The way they stock the dishwasher, for example. Or if they keep forgetting to close the drawers and cabinet doors — which is precisely the situation here. Is the girlfriend dating a poltergeist or what?

Drum bum

No matter how normal you think you are, there will always be something you do that will be considered odd by other people! Especially if “other people” is your wife! She’s the one who’s supposed to care about you the most, and she will notice every little thing you do!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Angelo.carlucci

This is not supposed to be a threat, though! Because if she’s married to you, that means she loves you and accepts you for who you are! Even if you do like to slap your bum to your own personalized beat after the shower! Samba!

Magical powers

We all know that magical powers belong to fantasy books and TV shows alone. No matter how strong or fast or smart some people are, they’re just as human as everybody else! Some people, though, have abilities that make us question reality!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This person, for example, saw their partner do something so crazy, so incredible, they’re still questioning their sanity up to this day! “What did they see?” you may ask and the answer is so simple, yet so hard to believe you may want to sit down: Their partner folded a fitted sheet!

When you can’t look away

For some reason, we as humans have a morbid fascination for things that make us uncomfortable. Like a train wreck, for example, where you don’t really want to look at the disaster, but can’t bring yourself to look away either!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Vbboring

This situation here is similar, albeit on a much smaller scale! The husband here can’t stand when his wife is plucking her eyebrows! It makes him super uncomfortable imagining all the pain and discomfort she’s going through, but he just won’t look away!

Something’s always near

If you think about it, the human race evolved ridiculously fast and created some pretty amazing things along the way! Our societies and technology wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for our big brains and selfish nature, after all!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/dollytanyaa

Despite all that, our animal side still is pretty much intact, and it drives us to have some pretty unreasonable fears — the wife here, for example, is absolutely terrified of the dark! To the point, she won’t even walk around the house alone if the lights are dim!


If you think you know your significant other well, try moving in together and we’ll guarantee you’ll be both amused and terrified by the end of the week! We’re not even exaggerating, because that’s definitely the situation here! This poor wife!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Casecase18

She didn’t know beforehand, but apparently her husband loves wearing weird clothes and accessories around the house! Beer hats during football games? Check! Ridiculous bikini-printed t-shirts for barbecues? Check! Belly button-printed fanny packs? Check! We hope she finds it funny!

The caveman

Mealtime is probably the most awaited time of everyone’s day, especially if you plan on ordering that special takeout you love so much or having a delicious homemade dinner! So, it’s understandable if you get a little bit excited and eat a little bit too eagerly!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Vansbestplaces

That’s fine if it happens once or twice, but for this husband here, it happens every day! Apparently, he eats just like a caveman when his at home with his wife! She hates that about him, but she’s thankful he at least behaves whenever they eat out!

No greasy fingers

For some reason, people can get defensive when it comes to the way other people choose to enjoy their food. Yes, we get it; not everyone is used to pineapple in pizza, but if you’re not the one eating it, why do you care?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Snowmartian

Pineapple in pizza is not the only thing that gets people all worked up, though. At least, not in this household. Apparently, the husband loves eating pizza using a fork and knife! Nothing wrong with that, to be honest! At least he won’t have greasy fingers.

Fart schedule

If you don’t have any siblings and have never had to share a bedroom with someone, moving in together and sleeping in the same bed as your partner can be quite a shock the first few days! Especially if you’re like this person.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Joachimgerngross3

Somehow, they went their entire life not knowing people could fart in their sleep and ended up having quite a surprise once their significant other started to let it rip in the middle of the night! What a discovery to make.

Peanut butter addiction

No matter who you are or where you come from, if you ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you probably fell in love and became addicted to the thing the moment it touched your lips. That’s definitely the situation here.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Tyronereid_iet

This husband loves nothing more than peanut butter! According to his wife, he can eat a whole jar every day and he eats it with anything he can get his hands on — bananas, oatmeal, jelly sandwiches; it doesn’t matter as long as it has peanut butter in the mix!

One less flush

When it comes to going green, there are plenty of things you can do, especially if you want to save water above all else! You can do your laundry by hand; you can turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. The list goes on and on!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/Oberolya

One unorthodox method some people really like, including the wife here, is peeing in the shower. You can save a whole lot of water if you don’t need to flush your toilet, after all! The only problem is she doesn’t care if her husband is in the bathroom with her!