The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree: 40+ Times Mothers And Daughters Got Matching Tattoos

By Aileen D

It doesn’t look like much, but getting a tattoo isn’t a spur-of-the-minute decision. You would actually have to sit through an hour-long (or longer) ordeal. You need to choose the perfect tattoo design and find the right artist. How about browsing through any of these if you need a little inspiration to get tattoo designs?

The awesome part is that these designs were tattooed on mothers and their daughters. You might think moms would be one of the first people to talk you out of getting a tattoo, but not these moms. They might have probably even held the hands of their daughters throughout the entire process.

These moms are clearly cool moms, and if your mom is one of those, here are 45 matching tattoo ideas for mothers and daughters.

Free Spirits

This is perfect if you’re looking for a simple, feminine design. People say that sighting a hummingbird means that you have to deal with life’s challenges and that you’re in a perfect place of healing. That’s always the case with family.

Image courtesy of shelbyltattoos / Instagram

It has also been said that hummingbirds have a spiritual significance. If you spot one of them, it may mean that a loved one is near. In this case, that seems to be literally true. Wherever any of these two flies to, they will always have each other to keep them company.

In My Genes

If you have gotten tired of those one-liners men asking you, such as “where did you get such beauty?” you wouldn’t have to waste a minute of your breath. Just show them this tat, bat an eyelash and then say, “it runs in the family.”

Image courtesy of / Instagram

Mom and daughter clearly have a love for simplicity. It makes for a beautiful yet meaningful design. These blueprints define how they choose to live their lives and react to life’s adversities. Fancy getting these for you and your mom?

Where One Ends

If you’re the spiritual kind, then this design might be the one for you and your mother. The Buddhist symbol, unalome, represents the path to enlightenment, reflecting a person’s life path. Where one person’s life ends, another person’s life begins…

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Instagram

No matter what happens to these two, and no matter where they may find themselves, they will always have each other. This daughter is a continuity of her mom and is the means through which her mother has found her life’s purpose.

Taking After Mom

This woman had grown up seeing her mom slay with this tattoo. By the time she decided she would have one, she knew she had to get the same. Her mom was with her every step of the way, showing the artist the design she wanted to be inked on her forearm.

Image courtesy of wonderlandtattoonc / Instagram

One other thing we love about these two is that you can tell just how beautifully this mom has aged. You can see the freckles on her skin and how that contributed to the richness of that beautiful tattoo design.

Keep It In Your Pocket

Back when this mom had gotten this tattoo, she only thought of getting it for good luck. It’s a good plan to save some stardust for when you need it. You just needed the right time to catch a handful.

Image courtesy of / Instagram

And now she has much to share with her daughter. As it turns out, she had little need for it. It seems like fate dealt her a good hand, and she’s passing on some of the stardust she had saved in her pocket for her daughter’s journey.

In Bloom

It’s bittersweet to see your child grow up before your very eyes. You wonder where the days went as you went from nursing them to dropping them off in college. This mom watched as her daughter grew in full bloom.

Image courtesy of veles_tattoons / Instagram

Once again, this tattoo design would be perfect for the gals who love simplicity. Adorn it with a color and bud of your choice. Or better yet, go for a full bouquet of flowers like this next mother-daughter duo did.

You Are My…

If you really want to unravel these two, then prepare to roll their sleeves. You will see that these two are driven by unwavering faith and unconditional love underneath the indecision and the temper tantrums. Isn’t that what sunflowers are known for?

Image courtesy of hippie_bre / Instagram

Don’t let this design fool you. It took over six hours to get this tat done. But these two claim that they have no regrets. If anything, that tattoo session only brought them closer. Sometimes, all you have to do is draw inspiration from nature.

Remember when…

Despite the years and the distance, this mother-and-daughter duo has always bonded over their love of silence and the great outdoors. They still camp out in the wilderness and tuck themselves inside their cots while pointing at the stars in the sky.

Image courteys of short_stack_tattoos / Instagram

Remember when you could barely babble ‘bear?’ It took you so many times to get it right. But I always understood you because you would keep staring at the sky as if to point out that great bear constellation,” this mom fondly recalls.

You Make Me Happy

Sometimes the secret lies in going back to the basics. You have to tear away the complexities and the baggage and really look inward. What is it that you truly feel? Well, these two couldn’t help but hum a familiar tune.

Image courtesy of tattooicon / Instagram

“You make me happy / when skies are gray.” Unlike the song, this daughter knows just how much her mom loves her. And nothing can ever take this little sunshine away from her mom. No one else could come between these two sunflowers.

To The Outdoors

There’s nothing these two love more than to kayak in the great outdoors. It was this mom who taught her kid how to use the back face of the paddle and push it towards the front to steer down the river.

Image courtesy of aces_n_spades_tattoo / Instagram

And now, it’s this kid who helps steer the kayak for both of them. If anything, they find a tandem kayak twice as challenging. One might want to steer right, while the other might want to steer left. But one thing is for sure: they want what’s best for the other.

Who’s Who

This clever design should tell you who is who in the family. Mom is ruled by reason and logic, while her daughter is governed by emotions and deep-seated passion. But it always takes two to change the world, doesn’t it?

Image courtesy of twisted project / Instagram

Of course, mom says that she wasn’t always governed by reason. She says that her daughter reminded her of her when she was younger. But over time, you have to learn how to temper the heart if you want to get ahead in life.


One thing these two have in common is that they are fueled by challenges. If they face any criticism, they will plow down the path to fight for what they believe in. They’re both kites rising against the wind of adversity.

Image courtesy of [page unavailable ] / Instagram

But just so you know who’s the mom between the duo, then we’ve strung the letters for you. You might worry about these two flying in the wind untethered, but with the other by each’s side, then there’s no reason to fret.

Bridal Gift

This mom didn’t know what to give her daughter. But this young bride didn’t make things hard for her. “How about we get matching tattoos? I want one just like yours.” How could this mom refuse her only daughter’s wish before getting hitched?

Image courtesy of cestla_fi / Instagram

The two looked absolutely dazzling in white, with the vivid color of red by their shoulders. You could barely tell the two apart if it weren’t for the wedding veil this young bride wore. Is that the best wedding gift or what?

Nothing To Worry About

This mom had always known that her daughter was queer. But they never had a talk about it. She saw that her daughter was growing more worried about her secret. And when her daughter finally sat her down to have a talk, this mom responded in the most loving way possible.

Image courtesy of clarktattoos / Instagram

She hugged her daughter tightly and dabbed the tears away. “I have always known. And it never changed what I felt for you.” They got had these matching tattoos to prove their endless support for each other and for this important cause.

Forever Young

This mom feels it in her bones. What her body lacks in agility, her mind up for excitement. She looks at her daughter, who is brimming with all the potential in the world. And they’re certain that at whatever age, they will both be forever young.

Image courtesy of Instagram

So, why ferns? As you have guessed, this plant symbolizes eternal youth. In Japanese culture, the fern symbolizes hope for the youth and family. It’s the perfect tattoo design for these two. Plus, they can shelter it from the unforgiving sun.

For the Win

These two made it just in time for Halloween. They had prepared a couple of hexes, spells, and potions to ensure that the family would be safe for the whole year. Here are the two making the impossible possible just because they can.

Image courtesy of whiskeyteacup93 / Instagram

That is what the beauty of solidarity gets you. Farther and further than if you were to do things alone. These two do not know where they would be if it were not for faith and a great deal of girl power.

Just to Clarify

If it weren’t for the odd placement, we would have thought that this pair of feet belonged to the same person. Look closer, and you will see that one would not have made it without the other. One gave life, while the other…

Image courtesy of travis_white_tattoos / Instagram

…gave this young mom a purpose. We didn’t think it was possible for a tattoo to be a tear-jerker, but here we are, turning into mush at these two. We can only hope every mother and daughter can be this close-knit.

Little One

We can’t tell just who needs to take care of who. All we know is that these two are locked in a moment of time. They’re both safe and healthy, and there’s a lot of time later for this mother penguin to teach the little one how to walk.

Image courtesy of tenderstabs / Instagram

It might be that this little one is looking at their mom to get reassurance. So soon? Or this mom might be checking in to ask her kid if he’s up to the challenge. Just a couple more. This penguin gingerly steps atop her mother’s feet and then makes an effort.

Stitched On

It almost looks like this tattoo is stitched into this mother and daughter’s forearms. The color is so vivid, and the texture is so smooth that you can taste the pulpy freshness of this tomato. But it’s no bigger than the tip of your pinky.

Image courtesy of studiobysol / Instagram

So if you and your mom are the type to go for a tattoo, but you would like a minimalist design, then this might suit you. You could add a couple of vines that spell ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ or wing it like these two.

Flying Home

It may not look like much, but this tattoo had to be done with precise inking. You need the right depth and shade to make this bird appear like it was flittering away. Who would have thought that with some light and shade, you could make this 3-D design?

Image courtesy of mrblacktattoo / Instagram

But where is it flying to?” you might ask yourself. We are guessing it is flying home. Wherever this bird might wander, it will always find its way back home to family, kind of like this daughter to her mom.

Hand to Hold

When asked what she remembers her mother by, this daughter was quick to reply, “she is a shoulder to cry on, and she’s a hand to hold. She has always stuck by me, and I don’t know what I would do without her. “

IMage courtesy of tina / Instagram

As it turns out, this mother feels exactly the same way. The only reason she was able to withstand all the challenges was that she had her daughter lead her by the hand. That little tyke showed no fear at all.

Over Your Shoulder

Remember that, as a kid, you would pray to your guardian angel to keep watch over you? Growing up, you might have doubted those prayers fell on deaf ears. But in all that time, your guardian angel might have always been your own flesh and blood.

Image courtesy of edge_tattoo_studio

This daughter had always known she could count on her mom to keep her safe, watch over her shoulder, and guide her to make the right life decisions. And her mom would always count on her daughter to live a life far better than what she imagined it could give her.

Just So You Know

So what if you have more than one daughter who wants to get inked? Well, you can take inspiration from this lovely design. Any of you can assign to herself what symbol best describes herself. But if you were to ask us, the sun and the star could go to daughters.

Image courtesy of thelexfiles_tattoos / Instagram

After all, aren’t they the same thing? So that leaves the moon to moms. But feel free to change the symbols as you see fit. You could even have your zodiac symbol placed instead of the sun, moon, and a star.

Got Her Prints

If you’re looking for something uniquely identifiable, then this just might be the best tat design for you. The tat artist will take your fingerprints and shape them into a heart. Then the artist will place half of each over your chosen body part.

Image courtesy of _loquito__ink / Instagram

Taken singly, this tattoo might not make sense. We know these two have broken the ice, with so many people inquiring about what this tattoo is supposed to symbolize. After seeing this picture, they will understand what it really is.

The Family Bed

If you and your family take pride in your roots, then how about taking inspiration from your garden plant? Alternatively, you could wing it like the Addams family and choose hemlocks, roses, henbanes, and poison ivies to complete the look.

Image courtesy of abby.tweewilliger / Instagram

We are sure that whatever flower you choose will look beautiful on you and your mom’s forearms. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can even go so far as to trace your entire family background in that tat design.

Motherly Providence

Women are intuitive by nature – and mothers even more so. So, if you feel like choosing the eye of providence to remind you of your all-knowing mom, look no further than this image. We chose one in the shape of a butterfly.

Image courtesy of ramiekandoth / Instagram

You can have it multi-colored or choose one color and have the artist play with different shades. Instead of light beams, you have got this butterfly’s pointed wings. Really, the meaning you ascribe to this symbol can define your luck.

Back in 2014

Back in 2014, this picture went viral on the internet. An elephant mom only gives birth to one elephant per delivery. So yes, she takes good care of her young. Just like us, they would guide their young toward a terrain by holding their hand.

Image courtesy of lizmanzolinitattoo / Instagram

They extend their tails, which the little one clutches with their trunk. That is how they travel through the desert or a field with the elephant mom surveilling the environment for any potential attacks. Pretty neat, huh? It’s perfect to represent the bond between mother and children.

Loved Forever

Even with our parents telling us every day, we tend to forget that we are genuinely loved. So during the moments that these two encounter difficulty, they have this little tattoo to remind them that they are unconditionally loved, forever.

Image courtesy of gmoney23 / Instagram

You have got a heart to signify the unconditional love a parent has for a child, and the figure of eight represents the concept of eternity. If you’re feeling like it, you can even place the name of your mother or daughter just beneath this.


If you truly want someone to keep their promise, have them do a pinky swear. This stuff beats blood rites. And we kid you not, but pinky swearing can be traced back to the 1600s in Japanese culture. These two swear to stand by each other.

Image courtesy of thereverendtattoos / Instagram

Not that they have any need for blood oaths. They know that they will be there for each other when the other needs them, and they will also help celebrate every small win. This is a tat design we can imagine for mothers and daughters, as well as sorority sisters!

You Are Loved

Next up, we have got another minimalist design. If you take a closer look, that heart symbol is composed of a thousand stipples, and it is overlapped by a hollow heart. We think it’s safe to say that this represents eternal love.

Image courtesy of Wild West Tattoo / instagram

If you would like to go a step further, you can have your mother/daughter’s face placed inside that hollow heart or just leave it blank as these two did. After all, there are a lot of memories and events that can help fill that space.

Nala and Kiara

This is perfect for every 90s kid or basically anyone who identifies with tigresses as their animal spirit. You can choose to have a pair of these tatted on your back, shoulder, or forearm to show that you are the heroines of your Disney story.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Instagram

It may also suit mothers and daughters who don’t show each other much affection but trust each other to be there in times of need. This is another failsafe way to show that you love each other without breaking into mush.

Each Other’s Halves

Growing up, we used to think that we were adopted. We didn’t take after most of our mother’s virtues or interests. People would even say that we were the exact opposite. But this difference paid off in more ways than one.

Image courtesy of tattoo_sandrelle_ / Instagram

So if you feel that you have the same relationship with your mom, then don’t worry. You can celebrate those differences by choosing this yin-yang tattoo. Once again, it suits minimalists, and it celebrates both your opposite but interconnected life forces.

For the Rebel

This daughter definitely knows who she takes after. She looks at her dad and raises an eyebrow. She’s nothing like the guy who seems virtuous and patient. Nope, she takes after her mom, who she knows loves to ride big bikes and go on treks.

Image courtesy of canyonfarnworth / Instagram

If you identify with these rebels, then we suggest this tattoo design – a skull with a crown of roses. These two say that the skull describes our mortality, whereas the crown of roses describes beauty and love. This tat is perfect for those who love to test their mortal limits.

A Flower for You

You’ve got a delivery. This mom hurriedly shuffles towards the door and opens it. She’s given a bouquet of lilacs and takes one out to take a sniff. Then she places them in a vase filled with water to see them bloom on the tabletop.

Image courtesy of mems1009 / instagram

If you’re wondering what that bouquet of lilacs means, then here you have it. Each represents a woman in the family. Every queen has chosen a shade of color for their flower, but everyone has stuck to lilacs because these symbolize happiness, spirituality, and tranquility.

Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree

These daughters had grown up hearing that they didn’t fall too far from the tree. It was meant as an insult, but it never bothered them one bit. They had always looked up to their mom as a symbol of serene strength and wisdom.

Image courtesy of mermaidqueen_duh / Instagram

Quite literally, it would be an honor to become one just like her. So, they chose to have those fruits inked on their skin in the hopes of becoming as fierce yet level-headed as their mother. It helps that they look a lot alike too!

Woman Reborn

Life was hard on this young mom. She was tested in every possible way, and she had to learn how to fend for herself. She might have given up a long way back if it weren’t for her daughter. She didn’t want her child to experience the same alone, so she fought for their future.

Image courtesy of classictattoovegas / Instagram

In more ways than one, she did not imagine herself outperforming everyone’s expectations, especially her own. She had to unlearn unhealthy habits and cut ties. She even had to go as far as to reinvent herself to become a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Scary Dino-Rawr

As a kid, this daughter had a fascination for dinosaurs. It’s pretty odd, isn’t it? But her mother encouraged her interests in any way she could. When she grew up, both knew just what kind of tattoo design would they would love.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Instagram

It was their shared love for the prehistoric that brought them together. Her mother indulged her keen interest in the dinosaurs, and this daughter had always been grateful for her mom accepting her choices, no matter how unlikely for a preschooler.

The Stuff of Rock

This is the stuff of rock. You might have seen these rose and dagger tattoos in the late 90s and early 2000s, just about the same time you would sing your heart out to Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris. But did you know what this symbol actually meant?

Image courtesy of theinkparlourkelowna / Instagram

Enthusiasts claim that the design symbolizes the duality of life. The dagger represents the strong, dark, and malevolent happenings in life during which we grow as humans, while the rose symbolizes love, joy, and beauty – all of which inspire us.

Of All the Universes

We stan this design for a reason. If you look at it closely, you will see that two hands are intertwined while dispersed in a cosmic revolution. We may think of ourselves as the center of the universe, but if you think really hard about it…

Image courtesy of fatcattattooestepona / Instagram

…we’re pretty darned lucky to be born to a supportive mother. Of all the infinite possibilities in the world, aren’t you glad that you had these arms to cradle you, that voice to soothe you, and those hands to guide you when the path was rocky?

A Little Feng Shui

This is for people who have a love for amphibians. You can wing a couple of Koi fishes as an awesome tattoo if you’re looking for something to represent love, peace, and affection. Red koi represent life changes and transformation.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Instagram

Green koi represent good luck and prosperity. If you want to go a step further, you and your mother can have these koi fishes placed facing each other’s tails. That way, you have got the emblematic yin-yang balance as well.

Light Overhead

These two love to spend time identifying the constellations. Their favorites include the two dippers – the little and the big dipper. Of the two, the first one is the trickier to find. You would need a clear sky to spot it.

Image courtesy of / Instagram

Not that this pair needs navigation, but seeing these asterisms make them feel safe. Seeing an unchartered world out there makes all of their seemingly large problems seem almost unimportant. It helps put a lot of things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Good for a Lifetime

Then again, if you’re wondering just what design would look good on you, better ask those who have been sporting them for over two decades. How well these have been managed can definitely make or break your attitude regarding tats.

Image courtesy of paintedsoularts / Instagram

While simple, minimalist tattoos are becoming more and more popular, it’s the bold ones, like these, that last the longest. It all boils down to size and thickness. Remember, the thicker it is, the less likely it’ll fade over time.

Sound Advice

You should never underestimate the life lessons you gain after rewatching children’s shows. Most of this stuff speaks hard truths which are still timelessly applicable in our adult lives. As Winnie the Pooh states, if someone does not appear to be listening, be patient

Image courtesy of tattoosbybee83 / Instagram

they might have a small piece of fluff in their ear. This mom has continually plucked that fluff from her daughter’s ear. In time, this little one learned to do it herself. And we would say she has even grown to become more and more present.

All the Luck

We remember how we would fight over these rare items: four-leaf clovers, Chinese fortune cookies, and even wishbones. These things could make or break your future or, for the most part, your food items for lunch. But now, you needn’t worry about getting these.

Image courtesy of serpentandsontetattoo / Instagram

This mom and daughter thought to have a wishbone drawn on their forearms. How about that? They are perpetually drawing to themselves good luck, fortune, well-tidings, and all the fruitful potentials life could offer. It beats stale fortune cookies, that’s for sure.

Legend Has It

Here’s another plant you might want to consider as a tat design – dandelions. They symbolize the return of life, the rebirth of green after unforgiving winters, and a display of calm strength and confident power. Also, legend has it that…

Image courtesy of justdoit_tattoo_piercing / Instagram

…if you are able to blow away all the seeds off a dandelion with just one mighty puff, then the person you love will love you back. Look at this lone seed blossoming into a flower of her own. In time, she will play a role in someone’s bright future too.

Three Women, Three Fingers

Well, isn’t this the coolest mom ever? We don’t know about you, but we know a couple of moms out there who would go into a full-blown outburst over this pose. Also, can we just talk about how much these three look alike?

Image courtesy of Tattoofilter/Pinterest

You don’t even have to ask if they are related! It’s so sad that we can’t read whatever was tattooed because something tells us it must be something cool. It would be so cool if they kept this as a tradition with all the future daughters.