40 Women Who Understand Why “Beauty Is Pain” Better Than Anyone

By Navkiran K

We have all heard or experienced the phrase “beauty is pain” at some point in our lives. Whether it’s about hair dye, waxing, or achieving flawless up-dos, women know this saying to be true sometimes because there can be discomfort before achieving that desired look. Also, there is nothing more annoying than trying to perfect your beauty look only to still fail because of minor mistakes. For many women, beauty is a form of self-expression. However, for these women, we are about to show you, “beauty is pain” takes on a whole new meaning. On this list, we will include some usual and unusual mistakes that people make when it comes to their appearance while also reading about some of their worst-case scenarios. This list of beauty mistakes contains some pretty awful photographs and warns people not to take things too far. 

Tingling Sensation In Different Places

This Mint Shower Gel is an excellent product for those looking to be refreshed, but it can have some unintended consequences. One person decided to use this gel in places where they shouldn’t and described the experience as giving them PTSD.

Image courtesy: mgmuk.com.my

Tea tree oil has an intense scent, as does peppermint. Honestly, it’s no surprise that this person had trouble with that combination regarding what he felt afterward. So, be careful when using products like this to avoid any mishaps. 

Graceful In Pink

This girl’s pink expression is witty. It came about when someone slathered Lush Razzle Dazzle bath oil all over her skin, which we know is a beauty disaster. But this picture and snap of a painful mess are what make us giggle.

Image courtesy: newbeauty.com

It is not advisable to apply the bath oil directly to your skin, especially on your face. The product’s instructions are supposed to indicate that it should be diluted and then added into a tub of water rather than applied directly onto the skin.

Warning, Major Outburst

We have been through many beauty mishaps, but this one has taken the cake. We all know the sinking feeling in the stomach when a tube of foundation costs you $40 and ends up on your mirror instead of your face.

Image courtesy: wolipop.detik

Sometimes, foundations can break into pieces that are impossible to fix. This is more likely to happen if you have recently flown on an airplane and your foundation has been exposed to air pressure changes, for example, but it’s challenging to fix.

Do Not Run After The Gorilla Glue

Jessica Brown is known for her funny tweets on the social media platform Twitter. One that went viral was when she ran out of hairspray while doing a photo shoot and decided to reach for Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive instead.

Image courtesy: nypost.com

This goes to show that you should never replace regular hair spray with an adhesive product like this because it could lead to disastrous consequences. Brown ended up in the emergency room with a painful scalp and severe headaches. 

Please, Turn Away Your Eyes

This is a terrible home haircut to look at. It’s even more heartbreaking because this person has such lustrous, thick hair. However, they’ll still have it even when their long locks are inevitably cut into a bob. She needs to run to the hairdresser ASAP!

Image courtesy: Rhonda’s hair

However, we can’t get over this quarantine haircut. It looks like the person tried to separate their hair before they started chopping; regardless, it is a sin against hair and should never be replicated because of how bad this looks now.

Marks And Blisters

Bigger and bolder eyebrows are in, and all thanks to bushy-browed models like Cara Delevingne. Lots of women want their brows on fleek. And so does this woman. She visited the salon and asked for brow tinting, waxing, and threading. Basically, she wanted the whole package.

Image courtesy: debibrows.com

It all began when she woke up with red, itchy eyebrows because something went wrong. She also had scabs all over them from scratching during the night. This isn’t how a normal eyebrow should look, ladies. Make sure your esthetician has credentials!

Flies On Eyes, So Awful

This example of women identifying when beauty is pain will make you laugh out loud. A mother messaged her daughter for help because she wanted to attach her false eyelashes without glasses on. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.

Image courtesy: thepoke.co.uk

When this mom sent a picture of her circumstance to her daughter, she noticed a big issue. It’s possible that instead of gluing on fake eyelashes that came in the package, Mom was trying to attach a dead fly onto her eyelid. That is genuinely hilarious.

Makeup Mirror Caught Blaze

We were shocked to see this picture and discover that a makeup mirror can catch fire. This person placed their makeup mirror close by the window and exposed it to direct sunlight which caused it to catch on fire.

Image courtesy: goodhousekeeping.com

By looking at this picture, you can decide how much damage occurred, and all of the ash left behind from what is now nothing more than smoldering rubble. We don’t know how to stop this from happening again other than keep it away from direct heat. 

Waxing Turned Out Horrible 

Unfortunately, waxing is associated with a certain amount of pain and discomfort. After all, ripping hair out from the follicle won’t be a pleasant experience. It takes getting used to. However, some areas hurt more than others when it comes to this process.

Image courtesy: readsector.com

However, not all hair removal techniques are equal. This person tried to wax her upper lip but ended up with a weird red mustache instead. Maybe she should try some methods like facial depilatory cream or aloe vera gel in the future. 

Hang On With The Heat Curler Tool

The internet exploded into giggles when 13-year-old Tori Locklear went viral when she experimented with curling her hair and ended up burning off a large chunk. She exclaimed, “My hair just burnt off!” This girl knows that beauty is pain.

Image courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

Being in the beauty industry for years, Tori Locklear has taught us that it is essential to use heat protection spray when using a curling wand. Needless to say, she definitely learned the hard way. Now, she’s working with Pantene on other hair tutorials.

Never Ignore Gloves Before Doing Hair-dye

We’ve already met a person with pink skin earlier in this list. And here is their friend who has purple hands. This person was unwilling to use gloves when applying their hair dye at home, which is why their hands look like this.

Image courtesy: vidmid.com

Their hands will look like this for a couple of weeks if they don’t do something about it. They should mix some lemon juice with olive oil and scrub their palms to get rid of the dye. Maybe that works if you try a few times.

Not Fluffy Or Feathery

This image is hard to make sense of, but one thing’s for sure; this person has some seriously questionable eyebrows. We assume that they didn’t go to a salon because the staff there should be fired immediately if they did this.

Image courtesy: Emily hunt Pinterest

Instead of going through with an eyebrow grooming session in a professional environment, we think this individual brushed their dark strands into thin lines in an upward motion that definitely resembles grass. These eyebrows are a crime against beauty. Why would anyone do this?

Amazingly Untidy Manicures

When we look at this picture, it’s as if our problems fade away. No matter how awful the manicure is on their fingers, there isn’t much to get shocked about since they’re grounded with five layers of thick nail polish.

Image courtesy: dama.bg

Furthermore, being a nail technician requires much more than just applying polish to fingernails. Therefore, you must have precision, patience, and an incredibly steady hand to succeed at this job because it is skilled work. So, good luck with removing all these layers.

Thought It Was A Waterproof Mascara

The woman had no idea that sweat mixed with black eyelash paste would lead to a streaked face. But this picture shows it all. This is not anyone’s fault but their own because they could’ve avoided it by purchasing some waterproof mascara.

Image courtesy: brainstudy.info

We have to blame them for this beautiful pain and hopefully learn from her mistakes to dodge such unfortunate situations in the future. While this woman’s face is streaky, we recommend going bare-faced while working out anyway.

Overdoing The Nail Polish 

When people found themselves stuck inside over the past year, they chose to try giving themselves haircuts or manicures. These aren’t easy tasks, though, as trained and skilled individuals typically perform them. Though, this manicure is looking rough around the edges.

Image courtesy: thesun.co.uk

They’ve got to be shaped and buffed before they can get painted with multiple coats of polish. What happened here? This person must have missed their nail entirely because it looks like they applied the color well over the lines. 

An Impetuous Decision 

The “Kylie Lip Challenge” made teenagers create a vacuum using jars, bottles, or lids to achieve fuller lips. Unfortunately for this girl, it did not end well, and she suffered from lip bruising and pain, which could last for many weeks.

Image courtesy: ranker.com

The reality star Kylie Jenner had undergone lip enhancement surgery but maintained her reputation for the public that she was just overlining her lips with makeup. However, many teenagers tried this and ended up with bruised, swollen, red, and rash-covered faces.

Blundered Microblading

This person wanted their eyebrows to be microbladed to perfection but ended up with a disaster. These brows are truly awful. Microblading is an effective eyebrow tattoo treatment where thin “hair strokes” are drawn on with tiny blades to create the look of natural hair growth.

Image courtesy: moms.com

Moreover, full, natural-looking brows are the goal of microblading. Unfortunately, these clearly didn’t work out that way. The strokes here are too large and straight to pass for hair as they look like painted markings instead and anything but natural.

Flop Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Another victim of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge has made her way onto our list. This trend makes people suck their lips into round objects like a glass to get a perfect pout, yet it often leaves them with bruises, swollen lips, and itchiness instead.

Image courtesy: boystown.org

The viral challenge has led to a surge in the lip-enhancing market as companies have taken advantage of this opportunity. The official products and procedures come with instructions and are less dangerous than those teens make up independently.

Hair Coloring Turned Into A Nightmare

We are not sure why this person decided to dye their hair without doing a patch test, but boy, she must be regretting it now. This girl had an allergic reaction that caused her entire head to swell up.

Image courtesy: metro.co.uk

After using a particular dye, this person developed an allergic reaction the next day. She and her friends had used that same dye before and should have done a patch test beforehand to determine whether or not they were sensitive to it. 

Superglued Eyelashes

We’ve previously seen Jessica Brown and her unfortunate decision to use Gorilla Glue rather than hairspray. This time, this adorable girl decided to apply some fake lashes but reached for super glue rather than eyelash glue. The result was hilarious but also quite scary.

Image courtesy: vk.am

However, when her mom found the superglue on her eyelashes, she was probably horrified. It’s really not a good idea to put glue anywhere near your body because it will hurt like crazy when you try to remove it. 

Adorable Like The Curly Sue

The character of Curly Sue was originally played by actress Alisan Porter, who is known for her curly hair. The character stood for anyone who wore their hair like this woman with the classic Sue’s ringlet. However, this next lady doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Image courtesy: livingly.com

The look on this woman’s face is truly priceless as she examines her hair. It just goes to show that even the most experienced hair stylist can make an embarrassing mistake sometimes. We hope it doesn’t become permanent now.

Hair-dye Blooper

This woman is another example of “beauty is pain.” She purchased cheap hair dye online; however, she didn’t realize that the instructions were not available in English. Despite not understanding, this brave lady applied the dye onto her scalp.

Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

As we have examined other allergic effects to dye, the woman ended up with a blistering scalp, inflamed skin, and bald patches. She was frightened after checking what she had used on her head; it contained multiple non-approved allergens.

Isn’t This A Teeth Whitener?

Some claim that charcoal toothpaste is safe and effective, whereas others say it weakens your teeth. Whether or not you use this toothpaste for whitening purposes, this person had a particularly awful experience with it, as seen in this picture.

Image courtesy: dama.bg

What a messy situation. It looks like someone may have used their electric toothbrush to dip into the pot of charcoal powder before because it’s all over the floor. It seems they’re stuck with this mess; we wish happy cleaning on this soul.

Clumsy Blended Contour 

Let’s not forget the cardinal crime of a poorly blended bronzer. This image clearly shows that a poorly blended bronzer makes a face look ashen, unnatural, and ridiculous. It’s essential to blend your makeup, so everything looks put together.

Image courtesy: thechive.com

Instead of applying bronzer all over your cheeks, draw a small line outward from the center of your ear. Then it’s about buffing and blending with the right tool. When applying makeup, gradually use products for the best results always.

Bruise And Burnt With Henna

This picture of a burnt leg is from an unfortunate British teen who got henna tattooed on her vacation in Turkey. What started as a lovely dreamcatcher design quickly turned into a scabbing mess, causing pain to the young girl’s skin.

Image courtesy: seventeen.com

This tattoo dye turns out to be highly dangerous as the synthetic substance p-paraphenylenediamine has not been regulated by either the US FDA or European Union. This means that it’s very likely to cause permanent scarring of skin tissue. 

Beautiful Lockdown Manicure

We guess it’s the time for another lockdown manicure. In this case, someone who needs a manicure touch-up. This displeasing sight shows what happens when you don’t maintain your colored gel polish properly. Your nails will hitch here and there.

Image courtesy: Plush Spa Facebook

It becomes a lumpy and chipped mess that was once perfect. This person deserves a lot of praise for not picking at their nails. We suggest soaking the fingernails in acetone until all traces of polish are removed from them. Or better yet, the nail salon would feel for them and probably want to help immediately.

Bid Adieu To Makeup Brushes 

A cat was sick of the pressure placed on women to look a certain way, and she stood against it. The aftermath shows that this kitty is serious about not supporting makeup culture by ruining all of her owner’s cosmetics.

Image courtesy: difundir.org

In addition, this cat was not having any of its owner’s beauty culture nonsense. The feline threw all the makeup brushes around in the bathroom, an act to express how annoyed they were with this modern-day trend. She would rather use this collection of brushes as toys, obviously.

Pink Is All Around The Sink

It’s a great idea to be planned and organized when dying your hair at home. This means having containers, gloves, and surfaces available in the bathroom, so you don’t have a disaster like the one in this next picture.

Image courtesy: craft.diply. com

Moreover, after a few smears of bright pink dye on the bathroom wall, you will probably give up and splatter it everywhere. Looking at this image makes us think about all the cleaning products required to scrub these stains off.

Wrongly Done Balayage

The new hair color trend taking over social media, balayage, has a beautiful blended sun-kissed effect. This result, however, doesn’t look too natural or even resemble the real thing, as seen in this blasphemous picture of someone who probably wasn’t so happy with the outcome.

Image courtesy: Awilda Acosta Pinterest

Want a gorgeous, natural-looking hair color? Go to the professionals. Balayage is an uncertain hair coloring technique that requires proper knowledge. If you are looking for good results, head to your local salon where all the experts work.  You also might want to look up their reviews too.

Exhausted With This Design

Shaved undercuts are very popular, and some people like to decorate them with intricate patterns or designs into the shaved part of their hair. Some bold fashionistas choose leopard print patches, while others may opt for a specific sports team logo.

Image courtesy: Chisty Blackson Pinterest

When this person wanted to get their hair cut into a striking geometric pattern, they ended up with these random lines that resemble no pattern at all. We’re not the only ones who assume that it looks like chicken feet at first glance. 

My Pup Chewed My Beauty Blender

People like beauty blenders. If you’re one of those who acquire a makeup sponge, it probably becomes your go-to foundation application tool. People aren’t into foundation brushes or fingertip usage; they’re all about that squishy, compact, and trendy makeup sponge.

Image courtesy: dama.bg

This poor beauty blender owner must have felt overwhelming grief when she realized her dog had chewed on her favorite applicator. The end of its life has come, and this formerly useful tool will never blend another face again.

Is That Really A Hairdo?

Sometimes, when you go to get your hair styled at a salon, the stylist cannot deliver what they promised. This is especially common if their customer asks them for something like “a striking new do” outside of their style preferences.

Image courtesy: hairstylezonex.com

Additionally, the woman in this image was hoping to achieve a chic, romantic look. Instead of the messy but beautiful bun she had hoped for and even had a picture of, her hair turned into more of a bird’s nest. We feel terrible for her.

Loving The Full Glam Makeup

This photo of a girl in makeup has gone viral due to her hilarious look. Her big eyes with pointed eyebrows are joined by silver lips, making the entire image completely weird. She must have seen some weird make-up tutorials online for her to achieve this outcome.

Image courtesy: Kathleen Bazz Pinterest

Due to the trending makeup videos, we assume she made this mess from listening to others who don’t know what they’re doing. Makeup trends are super trendy on social media platforms, but they can leave you looking like a ghost. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this girl.

Either Do Patch Test Or Get Bald Patches

Can you blame us for talking about the importance of patch tests again? These pictures should do the trick if we don’t. This snap was taken by Tracie Haston, one of many women who sued the hair brand Wen due to issues with its products.

Image courtesy: today.com

The company is famous in the “no-poo” non-shampooing world, but something went wrong here. Many women have accused this hair company of causing them harm, but the company denies all claims. We definitely recommend reading reviews of products before using them.

Chocolate Smelling Eyeshadow Palette

What a sweet and adorable mistake. A little girl thought her mom’s eyeshadow palette was chocolate and ate most of it. The product is called “The Chocolate Bar” because the shades look like a bar, and it actually smells like chocolate, but it’s just for makeup.

Image courtesy: popsugar.com

Therefore, this whole situation can be understood as an innocent mistake by a young child who loves candy. Though, it’s a tragedy. Just Imagine spending $40 on eyeshadow only to have it ruined by tiny handprints and a huge appetite. She might need to see a doctor after this little mishap. 

Only A Waste Of Money 

The excitement of a new makeup product is possible to imagine. This person carefully opened the mascara packaging, as any woman would be excited about Revlon’s new and fancy beauty item. However, when she opened it, she was shocked.

Image courtesy: craft.diply.com

There was no wand in sight but just lumps within the tube. This could be very disappointing for someone who wanted their money’s worth on this product but actually received something else instead; it’s a complete waste of money, but we hope she got it back!

Ruined Freckles

When you have a face with freckles, it’s already hard not to stand out in a crowd because they are a rare feature. Some people spend lots of money on expensive beauty products that promise natural-looking freckles, but they end up ruining their skin instead.

Image courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

This can be detected from this girl’s example, who tried getting a procedure that promised natural-looking freckles and ended up with red blemishes all over her face. When it comes to trying new skincare or cosmetic procedures, always know what you’re getting into first.

The Horror

This woman went to the salon only wanting a simple makeup application and a root touch-up. Little did she know that her new look would turn heads and make people laugh as her pink eyeshadow pops against her blue eyelids and unfortunate hairline.

Image courtesy: thetalko.com

Her thin brows accentuate them even more; this is not exactly what we had in mind when we asked for “simple.” This picture depicts how popping colors and bad hairlines can turn you into a walking clown instead of looking like your regular self. 

Never Ignore Doing A Patch Test

To start, let’s praise the humble patch test. For those who are not informed of this technique, a patch test is when you take a small quantity of product you want to use and apply it to your skin before using a lot of it.  

Image courtesy: kibrismanset.com

This means you can see if there is any allergic reaction due to the ingredients in that product. After going to a beautician for false lashes, this woman noticed some intense pain, and her lower lash line was completely bare of lashes.

Pimple Pus All Over

There are some sickening pictures on this list. One example is this next picture of a face covered in pus-filled pimples taken from a beauty blogger who had gone for a facial and ended up with even worse skin than she came with.

Image courtesy: skincareaddiction/Reddit

We’re pretty assured that’s not supposed to happen. Right after her facial, she was pleased with how it looked, but a few days later, when the pimples started appearing on her face, she knew something wasn’t right. We would have demanded our money back!