Olivia Bowen Is Not Backing Down From Body-Shaming Internet Trolls

By Moureen N

Making fun of someone or even commenting on mean, unethical stuff on the Internet has been a trend. Many celebrities fall into this vicious jungle of trolls and are judged based on their looks, figures, and even movie choices and performances.

Image credits: @oliviadbowen / Instagram

Pregnancy plays a huge part in any person’s life. Mrs. Olivia Bowen was expecting a baby, and she had decided to share it with the world. The insensitivity of some trolls was mind-boggling. Instead of congratulating or being supportive that she’s about to bore a child, the trolls begin with remarks on her body weight and looks. Mind you, being pregnant and having a baby when you’re in the stardom industry isn’t a leisurely cup of tea.

With the media’s constant attention looking to pick up your slightest hitch and glitch, Internet trolls have nothing much better to do than make comments or make fun of someone’s hardships. So the much-needed privacy during such an intimate period of their lives is an assured no-no.

Olivia Bowen must have been hurt by the lack of respect of some people, but she did not let it get her morale down. Here is what she had to say. 

“It’s actually shocking how suddenly a woman is pregnant, and it’s then ok to comment on how big or small she is,”

Image credits: @oliviadbowen / Instagram

“It’s SO weird. I know the majority of the time, no malice is meant at all and it’s something that is just accepted. I feel like it’s not really anyone’s fault, but when you think about it it’s so weird that all of a sudden, because you’re pregnant, your body is up for discussion, and people are telling you, ‘omg look how big you got’ or ‘wow you’re too small surely?’ is ok?”

She even went ahead and explained how it is difficult for the mothers who already are facing serious insecurities regarding their baby belly.

“We can be triggered by words about our bodies,” Olivia continued.

“Also I know so many ladies that suffer with anxiety and health anxiety or even are just anxious about carrying their baby who would worry about being ‘too small’ or ‘too big’.