Less Is More: 40+ Times Makeup Was Not Magic

By Aileen D

In this era, makeup is magic. Have a zit that needs some covering up? We have got concealer. Need to look like you slept a full eight hours after a rough week? We have got blush and BB creams. There’s always a trick in the handbook that will leave your audience in awe.

But having the right makeup is only part of the deal. You need the skills to put on your makeup. You could hire professionals to do it for you, or you could invest years into finding out what makeup tricks work best for what occasion.

Unfortunately, some makeup artists lack those skills. Their clients regretted sitting for a minimum of one and a half hours. Had they known they would end up with that on their faces, they would have just called in sick to work.

Treat It Like A Canvas

In some sense, people who are skilled at putting on make-up are considered artists because they should be able to paint the viewer a picture of an empowered, well-to-do individual with a couple of brush strokes. As with all things, there are exceptions.

Image Courtesy of suitable_Ad8996 / Reddit

Artists think of the face as a blank canvas. But there are a few who literally treat it as such. This particular artist decided she didn’t want her customer’s natural skin tone, so she painted a more popular one. Doesn’t look that flattering, does it?

California Girls Be Like

A few years ago, lots of girls would get teased for “looking alike.” But we could say that looking alike is the newest trend. So many women get the same thick eyelashes, waterproof mascaras, and painted suntans these days. How do you tell them apart?

Image courtesy of designer-peace-2904 / Reddit

That is one thing we hate about artists sharing makeup hacks on social media platforms. If viewers like these hacks too much, everyone buys in on the trend, and soon enough, that ‘glam look’ becomes boring and bland. *Cue yawn.

Underrated Makeup Hack

We don’t want to judge. But here is a foolproof makeup hack. Find the perfect skincare regimen that works best for your skin. If you do so, you won’t have to waste much money on makeup and spend that much time wearing layers of it.

Image courtesy of gatgirlzsupremacy / Reddit

Think of it like exercising. You can lift the heaviest weights, but there is no escaping a lousy diet. Similarly, you can buy all the concealer that you like, but there is no escaping zits, pimples, or skin damage you could have prevented with a good skincare routine.

The Trick is To Blend

We have seen so many influencers do this trick. Instead of the usual dab, they paint a shade of cream or concealer all over their face. They use it as an outline. And you come up with something over-the-top like this.

Image courtesy of wretched_and_divine / reddit

To be fair, once this woman blends it all in, she does get amazing results. But makeup hacks such as these are too time-consuming. With that much dabbing, you are also pulling at your skin unnecessarily, which leads to premature aging.

See Any Difference?

Wearing makeup requires some irony. You want to wear just enough makeup to accentuate your features, but you don’t want to wear too much that you end up looking like a different person. So you have to give this artist credit because we can still recognize our friend.

Image courtesy of hollyy98 / Reddit

But you have to put on makeup to create a subtle difference – a lifted look, dewy skin, or thicker lips. This is a no-no. The MUA put on the makeup, yet the customer ended up looking the same way as she did without it. Why bother paying this artist for her services?

Looking Like Toast

Just because make-up is all the craze nowadays doesn’t mean that you should buy in on the trend. There is a good reason why some women prefer to go au naturel. Take it from this woman who had learned that you can’t cover a bad skincare regimen.

Image courtesy of sosofte / Reddit

Of course, the skin naturally has texture. But if you’re kind to your skin, you won’t get as many bumps. You can have flawless skin even if you have hormone issues or allergies to the chemicals found in cosmetic products. When in doubt, wash off. Learn to invest in trustworthy skincare products.

A No-no

If you put too little or too much makeup in the wrong places, you probably won’t get the look you were originally going for. And nobody wants that! After choosing a tone for the face, make sure that it matches the skin tone around your neck!

Image courtesy of techhausinc / Reddit

We could spend all day listing the issues with her makeup. There is plenty of layers around her eyes, cheeks, and mouth area. But there aren’t enough on her forehead and none on her neck. Did this artist run out of foundation or what?

Not As Glam on the Magazines

Celebrities are just like us. They are humans. You shouldn’t believe what you see in magazines. They also have to deal with cellulite, tan lines, and, from time to time, a bad case of sunburn. Khloe, aloe vera might help.

Image courtesy of suzyvogue / Reddit

You would think that with all the money she has amassed, Khloé would be able to afford herself a couple of tubes of sunscreen. But no, just like us mere mortals, Khloé sometimes forgets to reapply sunscreen every hour or so. And it shows!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

What app do you use the most? Most of the social media platforms we use nowadays rely heavily on filters to appease their users. After all, users don’t have to put on makeup to look glamorous. Just a click of two will do.

Image courtesy of ScarJones / Reddit

Whoever this artist was, we would like to tell you that it wasn’t her bluest eyes that caught our attention. It was how thick and heavy those lashes were. We would have struggled to keep our eyes open, and it looks like the poor girl did, too.

Needs A Refund

No matter what your makeup artist tells you, you should demand a refund if you feel like the look you wanted to achieve was not met. We would strongly advise this woman to do so because we’re pretty sure she didn’t ask for this look.

Image courtesy of beaverhausen_a / reddit

If that’s the makeup artist’s favorite kind of glam, we honestly don’t want to see the look she hates the most. The lady wasn’t too happy with the results, and it shows. That’s not how a happy client looks, and she should totally get a refund for this one.

Going for A Ride

Even without telling us, we know where this make-up artist took his/her inspiration from. We get that riding a motorcycle makes you look sexy, but sporting that visor look makes you look anything but. Do you see what we mean?

Image courtesy of kittiqfaberge / Reddit

Her neck, chest, and cheeks almost look like the same skin tone. But why does this woman’s forehead look a shade darker? It’s almost characteristic of those riders you see who refuse to put the visor down. Is it that hard for some MUAs to use the same concealer?

Going Raccoon

If you’re planning to go out on a date, then you might want to consider sporting the heavy-lidded eyes. You can achieve the look by using some mascara, a theme of colors, and a great deal of confidence. That look should scream, “I’m into you.”

Image courtesy of Ellamakeup / Reddit

It seems like the makeup artist might have overdone the eye makeup on this client. She could’ve simply worked the makeup into the crease and corners of her eyes. Then she could’ve used highlights to make the lady’s eyes appear wider.

A New Identity

We’re grateful there has been a change in the modeling world. Gone are the days that we dictated beauty by only one skin tone. Nowadays, people are more accepting of sun-kissed skin like this woman has. But why does she need to cover it up?

Image courtesy of the_bookish_girl84

We have seen this video. And while we admit that this artist did a spectacular job on this woman, her customer almost seems unrecognizable. We would hate to think that the modeling industry is regressing. Women of all colors are beautiful.

Your Ad Here

There is one thing we have noticed about fashion trends. They come and go away for a while – but they might just return. Look at this woman sporting a neon pink eyeshadow which was all the craze in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Image courtesy of marshmallowqueen_ / Reddit

If you know how to apply these colorful eyeshadows, your makeup will look amazing. You’ll get everyone’s attention but in a positive way. Unfortunately, this lady’s makeup artist went overboard with the pink eyeshadow. Though we can’t deny she certainly caught people’s attention.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Contouring

Contouring is such a game-changer if you know how to use it to your strengths. You could have a sharper jawline, razor-sharp cheekbones, or a wider face if your makeup artist felt like it. Think this woman was internally cringing?

Image courtesy of AshyTheVillain / reddit

You could see a seed of doubt in her eyes. “Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” She tries to be patient. “Maybe it will turn out just fine.” Her makeup artist lathers on more concealer, and the truth dawns on her. “Oh, no. Abort mission, please!

Needs Parental Guidance

This is why you shouldn’t let your kids grow accustomed to wearing makeup at an early age. They don’t really know what’s best for them. You could draw raccoon eyes on them, and they would think they looked like Princess Aurora.

Image courtesy of who _ nobody / reddit

The same goes for this client. Just because she is all smiles doesn’t mean that her parents approved of the result. And rightfully so. They demanded a full refund because the artist clearly didn’t put a lot of effort here. Can’t this MUA tell the difference in skin color?

Where’s the creativity?

Remember how we mentioned that many women are getting the same look these days? The only problem is that your makeup should always change depending on the event you’ll be attending, your face shape, and your features. Why choose this over uniqueness?

Image courtesy of Carmela / Reddit

Because of all the social media trends out there, it’s not unusual to spot a bunch of people looking like the same person these days. And we’re not talking about doppelgangers; we’re talking about different ladies who put on the same makeup and end up looking the same!

Don’t Have the Words

This makeup artist had been getting rave reviews on her social media platforms. She was getting all the likes, and her follower count was growing with each passing day. But she didn’t have repeat orders from her customers. Hmm…we wonder why.

Image courtesy of helibear90 / Reddit

This woman’s face says it all. She may have left a five-star rating on this makeup artist’s Facebook page, but it was out of courtesy; she never came back for more. There is no way she kept this look for her yearbook photo. We bet this girl removed the makeup the minute she got home!

Sporting a Monolid

If you’re an aspiring makeup artist and you want to get more clients, relying on social media is one of the best options. Posting videos and photos of your work is a sure-fire way to help you get more recognition. But don’t try to have a social media presence until you’re skilled enough.

Image courtesy of EpicBanana05 / Reddit

There are so many things that are wrong with this makeup. From the “unibrow” to the eyeshadow, this makeup artist should’ve thought twice before posting that. Instead of attracting customers, she certainly kept them away after sharing this tutorial video.

Color By Numbers

One look at the title, and you’ll dread seeing the picture below. We can’t understand why there are splotches of makeup on her cheeks, nose, and eyelids. We don’t know what kind of look this makeup artist was going for, but it sure wasn’t this.

Image courtesy of dinglydick / Reddit

With so many senseless trends going on, it was a relief to see that there were only a few who had liked this clip. We can agree that this look is meh by common standards. It doesn’t deserve to go viral, but we can see that the MUA has the potential to improve her work.

We Would Cry Too

We don’t need to see the whole video, nor this woman’s whole face, to see why she was crying. If someone shaded our eyebrows that far to the side, we would want to break down and cry too. Was it supposed to head straight to the hairline?

Image courtesy of erivalh / reddit

And it’s such a shame! You can see that this woman is naturally beautiful. The makeup should have worked to emphasize her exotic beauty, but this look is not doing the woman’s face justice. Just rub off a centimeter, and you’re good to go!

See the Pattern

Putting on make-up requires a certain degree of ingenuity. But go off course, and you might end up doing more harm than possible. Guess where eyeshadow is meant to be placed? It starts with an ‘e’ and ends with an ‘s.’

Image courtesy of classicspoonbill / Reddit

You’re supposed to wear eyeshadow on your eyelids. But do not make the mistake of wearing them on your cheeks, as this artist did on this woman. Baby pink eyeshadow with glitter was not made to be rouge. If she had applied blush instead, this look wouldn’t be half as bad.

Look Up

People who wear makeup live by the adage, “no pain, no gain.” This woman definitely does, or else she wouldn’t be calm and collected while having her eyeballs painted black by this artist. We can see the veins popping out, but she remains unmoving.

Image courtesy of vegetable_burrito / Reddit

Women know it is best to look in the opposite direction of the placement of the eyeliner. But it only works to some extent. We can’t count the number of times we wanted to cry during hair and makeup sessions. Looking pretty hurts.

Lay Off the Bronzer

Who doesn’t want to surf the waves during the summer break? It’s a fun hobby to invest time in, and it’s also an inexpensive way to sport a tan…not like these ladies, who relied on foundation and a good deal of bronzer.

Image courtesy of dhomudita / Reddit

When these friends told their makeup artist that they wanted to get a tan look, they never expected to end up with this look. They wanted a light tan, but the makeup artist probably misheard them. Instead, she when for an I-just-spent-six-hours-in-the-sun kind of look!

Every Single Time

Female Rumba dancers are one of the most attractive women we have ever seen. With their toned legs, slim silhouette, and sensual appeal, it’s easy to understand why all eyes are glued to them. Have you ever seen one in person?

Image courtesy of temporary pollution 10 / Reddit

In case you haven’t, you can settle for this picture. Well, this is not the most flattering picture of this dancer. It almost seems like her make-up artist has a clear disdain for attractive women. Or maybe she didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to match the makeup to the person’s skin tone!

Channeling Her Pocahontas

We never really understood why the leading fashion brands would hire models having different skin tones and then paint them with a darker hue. They could hire a model of a certain ethnic origin and get the shoot done in less than an hour.

Image courtesy of Ella makeup / Reddit

Just by looking at this picture, we can tell that they spent way too many hours to be done with this photoshoot. And it’s all the makeup artist’s fault! They probably wasted a lot of time covering this girl in makeup when they could’ve quickly prepared a model with a different skin tone.

Dripping Wet

Some women are just blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes. They can coat it with mascara and then sport that sensual look. But they also complain that their eyelashes sag due to the weight of the mascara liquid. Does this look like it’s worth it?

Image courtesy of howdoesredditworklol / reddit

But good news, everyone. Someone on Instagram did an experiment using waterproof mascara and ordinary mascara. If you want to keep those long beautiful lashes from drooping, use waterproof mascara. It’s more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it when you see the results.


Much as we hate to admit it, you do have to choose a color scheme that fits your skin tone and hair color. You may tell the world that you showcase your personality through your makeup, but this comes off as bland and unflattering.

Image courtesy of CoordinatorfightClub / Reddit

The makeup artist should have paid equal attention to this lady’s neck and chest, coloring it the same shade as her cheeks. On top of that, she could have taken it easier with the purple eyeshadow. Well, if this girl is going to a techno party, her makeup will be an instant hit!

Runway Model

What is it about fashion designers and their love for the eccentric? You could have artists put makeup on models to make them look like your run-of-the-mill celebrity instead of looking like this. Would you ever sport this look on the red carpet?

Image courtesy of Ellasmakeup / Reddit

We bet not. There is just too much going on here, and we can’t think of a good reason why. If models are meant to showcase the outfits they wear on the runway, then why bring attention to their facial features like this?

Where’d the Neck Go

Just because we said that you should highlight one feature at a time doesn’t mean that you should purposefully hide the others. Just look at this woman. Her MUA painted her neck a shade darker with too much bronzer and body glitter.

Image courtesy of ariesalisally / Reddit

If makeup is supposed to make you look good in a non-artificial way, the makeup artist shouldn’t have made this woman’s neck stand out like this. They used different shades for the face and neck, and it’s not helping with the glam look. If any, it all comes off as lazy work.

The Power of Bronze and Photoshop

Having your hair and make-up done is just one step in the long process of looking divine. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you have got to be prepared to pay extra for the Adobe Creative Cloud Plan.

Image courtesy of michelem387 / Reddit

Photoshop is the way to go nowadays. If you happen to binge for dinner, gain some weight, or even come to the shoot without getting enough sleep, this is the cure-all remedy for all your beauty needs. And unlike your makeup, it only costs $10/month.

Mind the Lift

Just like everyone else, makeup artists commit their share of mistakes. We are grateful that this artist has learned to do better after giving this beautiful woman’s face an unflattering look. And we’re not even talking about the symmetry problem going on with the makeup.

Image courtesy of flailingfruitfly / Reddit

To achieve a lifted, enhanced face, it’s important that the brow extend outwards instead of pointing down. Brush some bronzer all over the face to get that warm, tinted look, and refrain from lining your lower lash line. You will thank us later.

Good Call

With only minutes to spare, this man stared at his reflection in the mirror. “Oh, sheesh.” He looks at the dozens of brushes lining the table, picks one up, and pointlessly dabs at his neck. He grabs a pair of sunglasses and hopes the world won’t notice…

Image courtesy of SouGeMyo / Reddit

Well, we can tell how vastly different his natural skin tone is from the shade his artist chose. It almost looks like his tan went wrong, and the flowers can’t cover up the glaring mistake. “Maybe looking down will help. If I don’t stare at the camera, maybe the world won’t notice me at all!

Spice Girls Reborn

Blue eyeshadow was all the rage in the 90s. Makeup companies would sell anything from matte pastels to metallic grey blues, and all of these would be sold out by the end of the month. It’s almost cringy, but it looks like this trend is back on the rise.

Image courtesy of VeryOpinionatedFern / Reddit

You had the Spice Girls and A-list stars such as Jennifer Lopez sport the blue eyeshadow. It gave off a sense of thrill and freedom, akin to a toddler let loose, wearing oversized heels and trying out makeup in front of her mom’s vanity mirror.

A Grimm Brothers’ Ending

Most of the fairy tales that we grew up with had happy endings. We were taught to hope, dream, and pursue our passion. Well, someone should have taught us back then that not all our passions are worth pursuing, unfortunately.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / reddit

While we applaud this woman for her rainbow-inspired makeup look, we can’t say she pulled it off; what she had hoped to achieve as a colorful finish became a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale ending. But, hey, at least she’s trying different makeup styles!

Needs Options

She got a call from producers to appear as a guest on a hit show. Like any of us, she was eager to get her 15 minutes of fame. But little did she know, that she would be immortalized on the internet for what her makeup artist did to her.

Image courtesy of sunshineandhomicide / Reddit

Make a mental note. If ever you’re invited to star in a TV series, hire your own trustworthy makeup artists. Chances are they know what style will flatter your features and make you look like a celebrity in your own right!


This woman knows that to become popular, you have got to play it cool. Display as little emotion to anything that would make another person’s skin crawl. Look bored, or better yet, look dull and blonde. It’s always a win!

Image courtesy of ScarJones / Reddit

We’re not sure if this is the look that this girl was going for, but that’s what her makeup artist gave her. Everything about this look is over the top, from the thick eyebrows to the red lipstick. The girl probably wasn’t too happy with it, but she had to pose for the photos anyway.

Got Tired of It

This is why you would want to reconsider getting some piercings on delicate tissues and areas such as your lips or outer eyelids. You might look cool when you have them, but they don’t always look good when you’re putting on makeup.

Image courtesy of notable_tart / Reddit

This woman made a wise choice of using lip sheen. Stay away from the matte for now. You don’t want residue piling inside of those holes. But a lip jelly should act as a sealant to keep pesky residue out, at least until that lip heals.

How To Look Like A Rich Housewife

When used properly, makeup can be pretty powerful. You can create your personal brand with a look or a theme. Britney Spears sported the all-American girl next door, whereas this woman looked like a rich housewife of Beverly Hills. *Cue facepalm.

Image courtesy of njaesor / Reddit

In the before picture, you can tell she was pretty hopeful about how polished she would look in the hands of this makeup artist. But after being shown her reflection, she couldn’t help but feel the clump of make-up and mascara weighing her down.

Choose One

Makeup should accentuate your best features. So, if your eyes are your best assets, then frame them using eyeshadow, mascara, or eyeliner. If your best asset are your lips, use gloss. But only choose one asset to accentuate for every occasion.

Image courtesy of outrageousPraline125 / Reddit

This girl is naturally attractive, to begin with. Her makeup artist’s only fault was accentuating her whole face when she could have chosen her eyes or her lips on this occasion. Now everything looks bland. We think she can do better!

Don’t Forget the Hair

Once you become a working adult, it is important that you set aside time for hair and make-up. You cannot do without the other. Let us repeat. You can not do without the other. It will lead to unwanted results.

Image courtesy of Slimey_tomatoNZ / Reddit

This woman would have nailed the look if that bronze had been more evenly used around her face. The eyebrows look fleek, and so do the lashes, but everything else seems like they were left undone. Maybe this artist ran out of time?

Try to Look Human

There are a lot of influencers who will happily tell their followers to wear layers upon layers of concealer. After buying a fresh pack, this woman thought to apply it all over her face. We have no idea what kind of look she was going for.

Image courtesy of ajg220 / Reddit

It’s always important to let your personality shine when putting on makeup. And this lady took the “shine” part way too literally, and now she looks as shiny as a white sheet. Maybe lay off the concealer for a while, will you?

On A First Date

Some makeup transformations are giving us serious trust issues. How can a person’s look change so much with a couple of pigments? It’s like this woman was reborn into a different body in a matter of minutes. Does that qualify for a change in name?

Image courtesy of secwoe / Reddit

So, if you doubt your partner’s natural beauty, the obvious choice is to take them to the beach or a swimming pool on the first date. Invite, or push them into the water, to see what they really look like underneath all that makeup.

When She Ditches the Look

What do you do if you’re halfway through applying your makeup and then decide you want to sport a different vibe? Really think about it. Are you the type to wash your face and start over, or would you paint over it?

Image courtesy of BigWordsAreScary / reddit

We have to give it to her. Her make-up skills are on point. That first layer almost looks impeccable! If she hadn’t felt the need to change her game, she would’ve looked amazing. And we have to admit that we’re itching to get our brushes and try that eyeshadow on our faces!