Hit Or Miss: Non-Pregnant Woman Tastes And Rates Some Out There Pregnancy Cravings

By Liezel L

We all have a food combination that we would absolutely eat every day that would confuse or even horrify other people. For instance, we know some people like eating plain bread with powdered milk. Still, nothing compares to how many bizarre and totally off-the-wall food pairings pregnant women crave. As the saying goes, though, don’t knock until you’ve tried it and TikTok star Mia Challiner is out here just doing that.  Unlike the rest of us cowards, she has let her curiosity get the best of her, and she took up the challenge to sink her teeth into some of the weirdest pregnancy cravings to have ever existed. The best part is she’s letting us know which ones actually work, and we, for one, are going to try them out. Of course, she also warns us against trying the definite misses. Tell us, are you brave enough to try any of these for yourself?

Toast + Ice Cream

Starting off with something tame, this is actually one of the food combinations we know will be delicious. Just imagine the crunchy goodness of a piece of toast combined with the cold sweet, creamy goodness of ice cream. It’s like a match made in heaven. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

This is actually like one of those guilty pleasure foods that you eat a ton of when you just want to fill that gaping hole in your soul. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a very healthy food combination option when you want to do just that every day. We’ll still definitely add it to our list of guilty pleasure foods, though. 

Peanut Butter + Pickles

Just looking at this food combination kind of makes us want to barf. We’re not fans of pickles per see, but apparently, it just takes a little bit of peanut butter to make it a great snack. A pregnant woman out there definitely thinks so, and Mia agrees. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

12/10 is quite a high rating. That’s even higher than the safer combination of toast and ice cream, and that’s saying something. Maybe we really do need to give pickles a second chance. Who knows, right?

Mustard + Brownie 

People in general, not just pregnant women, have been trying to find different combinations and pairings of sweet and savory foods and while some experiments have produced food gems, some have produced abominations. Surely, this is one of them?

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Mustard is good in some types of pastry and on a sandwich or a hot dog for sure, but brownies? We just don’t see it. Their flavor profiles just don’t jive. That mustard is just going to ruin all the chocolatey goodness of the brownies, and well, nobody’s going to be happy about that except the pregnant woman responsible for this, of course. 

Cheese + Chocolate

Given that cheese and chocolate are actually two pretty great inventions of the culinary world and are both highly versatile and good with many things, you’d think that they’d go well together, right? After all, they go with almost anything else. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Two things that are great individually don’t necessarily make the best pairing. Sometimes, they even create one of the worst things to exist on the planet. However, it still depends on the taste of a person. Who knows? Maybe this might be your next favorite combo. 

Doritos + Choco Spread

Honestly, there is very little surprise with this one. After all, when you combine two things that aren’t so great for your health, they create some of the best-tasting things on the planet. 10/10, we’d definitely try this out just because we already know it will taste good. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

It wouldn’t need to take pregnancy as an excuse to get us eating this combo almost every day. Just imagining that salty goodness of the Doritos plus its crunch factor and that good chocolatey gooeyness makes our mouths water. Why do the good things have to be so bad?

Apple + Toothpaste

Honestly, her face says it all -more than any words could express, and no rating is needed to be given for this nasty combination. Apple and toothpaste. Why in the world would anyone put themselves through that torture, and why would they involve the little human child growing inside of them?

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

For starters, one of the items in this combo is not edible at all. And two, why in the world toothpaste? Did the pregnant lady behind this want something minty and fresh? Or did she just want good oral hygiene while eating the apple? Why?

Peanut Butter + Mayo On Toast

Did the momma to be behind this accidentally get the mayo while reaching for the jam and didn’t notice she was spreading the wrong condiment all over her PB&J or what? We sincerely hope it was accidental and not on purpose. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Then again, some people do love mayo. Plus, mayo does have its magical moments, and it hits when you least expect it. Maybe this is one of those moments. Judging by that face, she was just as skeptical as us, so we’re not going to judge too harshly. 

Whole Onion

We know they put raw onions in salads and as toppings to other meals but come on, in those cases, onions are usually sliced into small pieces, so their taste equally mixes throughout the dish. This, on the other hand, is a whole freaking onion. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

It doesn’t help that some people, not just pregnant women, eat it like this – like an apple. Apparently, though, it all depends on the kind of onion you get. There are some pretty sweet onions out there that are perfect for apple bites like this one, according to some.

Pickled Garlic + Yogurt

Pregnancy is a weird, weird thing. For one, there is someone growing inside of you. Then, there is an overdrive of hormones. And then, of course, there are the bonkers cravings. This one fits right into the craziest ones. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

All this time, we thought people only used garlic for cooking. We never imagine anyone scooping it out of the jar with a spoon and adding yogurt on top of that. It is weird enough, though, that we kind of want to try it ourselves. 

Sardines + Cereal

This is one food combination that seems truly terrible just by the sound of it. We can’t get the fishiness of the sardines out of our minds, and we just can’t imagine it contaminating our precious sweet cereal and milk. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

It also sounds like something you’d rather spill over your most hated enemy than eat. And if it just weren’t for her assurance that it is not as bad as it seems, we might have probably done just that. We’d still give it a third and fourth thought before trying it, though. 

Strawberry + Butter

For some reason, the strawberry-butter combination doesn’t sound so bad. But maybe we’re just saying that because we’re trying to compare it to a strawberry shortcake. They seem like they do belong together, though, but apparently, that’s where we’re wrong. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

We think maybe this is on Mia, though. That is way too much butter for one strawberry. Perhaps thinning it down or even melting it would make it better. We can also imagine spreading some butter on toast and adding strawberry slices on top. That sounds edible. 

Mushroom + Jam + Peanut Butter

There was a time we used to think that adding peanut butter and jam to anything could make it a tiny bit better. It kind of works on cereal, fruits, pancakes, ice cream, and many other things, but mushrooms are where we draw the line and reply with a hard no. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

We can’t fully mock this combo, though, based on this TikTok alone because that mushroom she’s eating neither looks washed nor cooked. We’re not sure if cooking it would improve the taste anyhow, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be as bad.

Mayonnaise + Tomato

This is one we would definitely pass on. There is just something about it that tells us that if we eat it, we will never forget it and not in the good kind of way. Just imagining the texture of this duo alone turns us off from it. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

If you think about it, though, you can still save this by adding a bit of salt, some pepper and laying them all out on some nice toasted sourdough bread. Instead of something icky, you’d have yourself a pretty good sandwich. 

Orange Peel + Nutella

Orange peels contain vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and several B vitamins. Just because it has those doesn’t mean we’d eat them, though. Even if they had a spoonful of Nutella on them, we still wouldn’t be too keen. There is a reason we remove them after all. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

We would much rather buy some orange and chocolate-flavored cookies or spread but well, if you’re pregnant and this is what floats you and your baby’s boat, then go ahead and eat all the orange peels you like with that jar of Nutella. 

Milk + Doritos

We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely tried eating Doritos with a glass of milk on the side while watching a show or something, and we didn’t have a problem with it. It’s probably so different when you mix them in a bowl cereal-style, though. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

You can just think of them as cheesy cornflakes, though. They’re made of the same stuff. It’s just that one has a lot more flavor in it that doesn’t seem like it goes well with milk, judging by her facial expression. 

Avocado + Ketchup

We have exactly the same facial expression as her and not because we’ve tasted this weird pregnancy food combo but because of how absurd it seems. It just doesn’t make any sense to add ketchup on avocado, but then again, we’re talking about pregnancy food cravings here. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Compared to adding mayo to avocado or putting ketchup on strawberries, though, we think we’d be a lot more open to this. After all, you’d just have to add some onions, chilis, and cilantro, and you’ve got yourself a Mexican food base. 

Plain Potato Peel

We’ve had orange peels, and now we have potato peels. Unlike the orange peels, though, these don’t have any Nutella toppings or even salt. Some pregnant lady out there simply just craved for some plain old potato peels. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Even without tasting it, we know this would be an epic fail for us, non-pregnant people. Even uncooked potatoes don’t have much appeal in taste or texture. Fry those peels and add a little salt, though, and you won’t get enough of them. 

Orange + Mustard

Oranges and mustard only work in combination with other foods, and even then, not always. It’s not that they should always be eaten alone but you have to be picky so as to enhance the flavor of the food combo you’re doing rather than make it inedible. Surprisingly though, these two might work together. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Judging by her facial expression, though, it seemed like she started off with very low expectations, which might have helped boost that rating score a little higher. Still, this might be the gateway combo to something even better. We’re not setting our hopes high, but who knows?

Mango + Soy Sauce

Mango is just one of those fruits that go well with a wide variety of flavors. You can mix it with sweets, sours, and even spicy stuff, so it is really no big surprise that soy sauce works well with it. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

In some parts of the world, people actually do use soy sauce as a base for a mango dip, and it doesn’t even matter if the mango is ripe or not. It can taste weird at first, but that hint of saltiness to the sweetness or sourness of the mango just really works. 

Tuna + Peanut Butter

They say don’t believe everything you see on the internet, right? Well, this might just be one of those instances. There is just no way that the greasy tuna right there, plus that peanut butter would get a rating as high as an 8. Really?

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

We get adding peanut butter to meats but seafood and most especially tuna? Nope. There is just something wrong with that. Strangely enough, though, the longer we look at it, the more we kind of want to try it. Fish and peanut butter. Seems safe enough, right?


Cornstarch is for baking, cooking, and making other food items better and a lot more edible. It is never, and we mean never meant to be eaten alone, and just like Mia here, we also refuse to believe that people would eat spoonfuls of it by choice. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

There is a little something called pica, though, that might excuse people diving into this kind of stuff. It’s a condition where people compulsively eat things that have no nutritional value. Some people even eat chalk, soil, and other strange things like that. 

Oreo + Salmon

Now, this is what you call an oreo salmon sushi roll. It is sweet, it has a little crunch, it’s buttery, and it has a hint of the taste of the sea with it. You won’t even need any kind of dip or wasabi to go with it. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

You might need a bit of a palette cleanser after eating this, though, if you want to forget the taste of what you’ve just eaten. We love sashimi salmon and Oreos with all our hearts, trust us, but we’re not sure we love them enough to eat them together. 

Peanut Butter + Olive Oil

There is just something inherently wrong with this combination, and we think we all know it deep down in our gut. We don’t care if that peanut butter is vegan or if that abomination of a combination has any health benefits. We are just going to say no. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Just by looking at this combo on that spoon, we’re pretty sure it is straight out of hell. We know the texture will be like snot, but the taste might even be something far worse than that. Nothing can redeem this combination. 

Chips + Ice Cream

Okay. At this point, we think this should not even be classified as a weird pregnancy craving. A lot of non-pregnant people enjoy this on a daily basis, and it is one of the best guilty pleasure snacks out there. It’s like dipping fries in ice cream but just a little crunchier. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Pregnant or not, we’d chow down on a bag of chips and a bucket of ice cream any day. Seriously, even our enemies could offer us this, and we’d immediately declare a truce. That’s just how enjoyable it is. 

Avocado + Chocolate

Is it strange that it took a pregnant woman for a lot of us to discover this combination? Why have we been sleeping on this? It’s been right in front of us this whole time, and yet it’s still not a thing for some reason. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Sure, we’ve been stuffing our faces with avocado toast with chili flakes, salt, pepper, and all that savory stuff, but why have we rarely gone the sweet route? We think it’s time we do, and chocolate isn’t a bad place to start. 


If you want to feel like you are eating the Sahara desert in your very own home, eating flour is a good way to do it. It will suck all the moisture out of your mouth in a pinch, and oh, you also run the risk of getting a serious case of constipation. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Seriously though, this flour craving sounds a lot like pica. Much like the cornstarch case, we don’t think anyone would intentionally shove a spoonful of flour into their mouths just for the joy it brings. Then again, people have done and eaten far stranger things. 

Egg + Nutella

Normally, you don’t associate a sweet flavor with eggs. Yes, they’re used in pastries and all that but think plain eggs. You’ll see salted eggs, soy-sauce infused eggs, and even spicy eggs, but you’ll never see sweet eggs up until now, of course. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

It might seem like a good idea since eggs and Nutella are both great things, right? Sadly, the taste isn’t the only factor to take into account. Even if they tasted somewhat decent, there is still the issue of the texture and that’s something we can agree with Mia here. 

Nutella + BBQ Sauce

Mixing condiments is a delicate art. Those things are already formulated to be the best versions of their ingredients and they’re already made to enhance other foods, so mixing them is a bit of a gamble. When you’re pregnant, though, mixing anything goes except maybe this one. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

BBQ and Nutella are already both sweet enough on their own, but they have very different flavor profiles. You can’t switch one with the other, so we can only imagine how interesting this mixup would be. A pregnant lady out there found it interesting enough to feed it to her baby though, so why not?

Apple + Ketchup

Strange is definitely the right word to describe this combination. We’ve heard of people eating carrots, cucumbers, and even beans with ketchup, and those are maybe somewhat acceptable (somewhere in the world). Dipping apples in ketchup, though, is just plain bizarre. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Then again, we guess it really wouldn’t be a pregnancy craving if it didn’t stretch the boundaries of fruits and dips. Maybe the pregnant lady was looking for a mix of sweet and sour with a little healthy crunch to keep the doctor away. 

Chicken + Peanut Butter

She may say that this combination is too dry, but only just because she did it the way she did. Trust us; there is a better way to eat this weird combo that actually makes it really moist, tender, and delicious.

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

That way is a dish called “satay.” It is an Indonesian dish made with chicken and infused with peanut butter. If you’ve never had it, you have to try it, and you might change your first impressions about this craving. 

Pickles + Ice Cream

We are a firm believer that ice cream makes everything better. Feeling sad? Get a tub of ice cream. Want to make your toast 10x better? Slather some ice cream on that. Want to make your enemy miserable? Chuck some ice cream on them. Unfortunately, we find it hard to believe that that applies to this case. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Pickles just don’t seem like the kind of food that goes well with sweets, even if it is ice cream. And sadly, we don’t think the power of ice cream can make this work. Then again, we’ve been surprised before, so this might deserve a chance. 

Nutella + Mayonnaise

This is one of those spread combinations that we think is just a disaster, but we have hope, judging by her reaction, that it’s not really as bad as it may seem. It’s no PB&J, but it might just work. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Plus, if you think about it, depending on your mayo brand, of course, Nutella has a strong flavor that can take over the mayo. It’s going to be something more like a creamier Nutella. One tiny taste would be enough for us, though. 

Chicken Nugget + Ice Cream

This should be filed under cravings that should not be legal. It is so unhealthy. It is so addictive. And it is not the best snack to be reaching for when you want to fill a hole in your soul. The problem is this combination is just so good. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

You don’t even need to be pregnant to crave this. You just have to have taste buds. It’s just like your fries and sundae combo – two good fast food things that aren’t already the best on their own but are just so good together. 

Cat Food

At some point, we think all pet owners have wondered what in the world the food they have been giving their pets tastes like. Some might have even given it a try out of sheer curiosity but never because they actually craved it. Pregnant women are just different in that regard. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Again, we would like to blame this on being a case of pica. Even if you don’t find the taste of cat food too detestable, there is no chance anyone would crave it. The taste, the texture, the smell, the nutritional value – there is just nothing for us humans to gain from it. 

Brownie + Blue Cheese

When you imagine adding cheese to brownies or any kind of dessert for that matter, you think of mozzarella, cream cheese, or cheddar cheese. Rarely does anyone go for a block of blue cheese to add to their sweets, so we completely understand this. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Sure, you can add it to your sandwiches or crackers, but why ruin the brownie? Maybe the pregnant lady who found this combo was a fan of both and decided to kill two birds with one stone by eating them at the same time?

Peanut Butter + Hot Sauce

Even if you’re a fan of hot sauce and even if you’re the kind of person who puts in on everything, we think you can agree that hot sauce can’t make everything better, especially something already good on its own like peanut butter. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

We kind of get the thinking behind it, though. After all, people have been mixing in a little spice here and there to sweet foods like ice cream and cookies, right, so why not peanut butter? Well, we don’t need to know the reason now. 

Strawberry + Salt

A lot of fruits go well with salt, surprisingly. From pineapples all the way to oranges and even melons, a little dash of salt can actually do wonders to enhance the fruit’s flavors. The key, though, is to only add a pinch or a dash of salt. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

If she really ate it the way it’s show in the picture, there’s no question why she hated the taste. Our kidneys are weeping just looking at that amount of salt. If she tones down the salt, though, she might’ve found that it works a tiny bit no matter how bizarre the combo is. 

Banana + Mayo

We don’t really think mayo is the kind of spread that goes well with any kind of fruit. Not only is its flavor not too fruit friendly but its texture doesn’t go too well with a lot of fruits either. No wonder this combination failed to please.

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Maybe a drop of mayo on that banana might have worked since it’s not too noticeable, but no matter how much mayo there is, there is just no place for it near bananas—hopefully, the pregnant lady who found this quenched her craving never to be repeated again.

Toast + Orange

Fruit generally works well on toast, but then again, it depends on what kind of fruit. Normally, people would go for the sweet ones or the neutral-tasting ones. Not many would go for the zesty ones, and we can understand that thought process. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

For some reason, though, it’s a pregnancy craving, so we will try to keep an open mind. There are times when we do wonder what it would be like switching up our fruit topping selections, except who wants sour juice-soaked toast, though?

Banana + Cream Cheese

This is quite a surprise for us because this is the kind of combination that we think would actually work. Cream cheese is one of the friendliest cheeses out there that goes well with a lot of fruits. Apparently, bananas are the exception?

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Hasn’t she tried eating waffles or pancakes with bananas, Nutella, and cream cheese? That stuff is delicious, and we can have that for breakfast every morning. Then again, she didn’t remove the banana peel. Maybe that’s the problem here, no?

Pickles + Cheese + Mayo

At first glance, this combination kind of terrifies us. The only part we seem to like about it is the cheese, but what can that do against pickles and mayo? If we’ve learned something from this girl, though is that we shouldn’t judge too early. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

After all, we could definitely imagine this as part of a sandwich ensemble. Maybe throw in some ham in there and even some mustard, and it actually sounds pretty delectable. That would be something we’d definitely crave even if we’re not pregnant. 

Bread + Spaghetti Pasta

Even before they are born, babies are already responsible for some things that might horrify their moms. This carb on carb overload for instance can terrify plenty of health-conscious or figure-conscious mothers out there but, of course, they would be able to do so little about it since what baby wants, baby gets. 

image courtesy of miachelliner/ TikTok

Wouldn’t this combo be a little tasteless and dry, though? Maybe a little sauce, no matter what kind, would make it a little bit more appetizing. And maybe then, it would be a lot more enjoyable, and you can forget about all the carbs you’re filling up on. Who cares about carbo-loading, though, when you’re literally growing a human inside you, right? Eat away, ladies.