Pregnancy (mis)Adventures: 40+ People Share Instances When Being Expectant Wasn’t The Best Feeling In The World

By Jhoana C

Pregnancy; it’s a wonderful time, but it can also be rough, especially if you are dealing with it alone or with limited support. So many changes take place, and what was easy for you to do previously can sometimes become very difficult when you are carrying and nourishing a baby. You’re often tired, occasionally irritable because of discomfort, and generally not in a good mood.

Although pregnancy lasts only nine months, it could feel like it goes on forever. Apart from the many changes taking place in your body, your relationships and interactions with other people also change. If you think pregnancy is smooth sailing, we’re here to tell you that can’t be farther from the truth. Here are first-hand accounts of the most common problems pregnant women face that will make you happy you aren’t with a baby.

#1 The shopping challenge

One of the most tricky things husbands, boyfriends, and partners can ever do for the pregnant women in their lives is to go grocery shopping for them. If you accept the challenge, be prepared for last-minute changes and weird cravings.

Image couftesy of bkasa_7/Instagram

The person who had to get this stuff had it a lot easier than most. Sometimes, you must be ready to go the distance to get the most insane things. For example, finding a durian in Alaska! Yup, that’s next to impossible, but you have to at least show that you’re trying.

#2 All you can wear are leggings

If you’re observant and have been in the company of any pregnant woman for some time, you’ll notice one thing that makes them unique from other people. Need a clue? It has something to do with clothes. Do you have any guesses?

Image courtesy of Thequeenbuzzdotcom/Instagram

The only thing that pregnant women of all stages can wear comfortably is leggings. Blue, black, bright colors, animal print, or whatever kind. As long as they stretch and can accommodate that ever-growing belly, they will do. Yes, it sounds boring, but at least you have several styling options.

#3 The longest month of pregnancy

The more heavily pregnant you are, the longer the months seem to get. Sure, the longest month only has 31 days, but when you’re in the last trimester, it feels like the last few months have a few more days!

Image courtesy of Bogdanhoda/Shutterstock

This could be because of the excitement of finally giving birth and holding your beloved baby in your arms. And a little bit because you’re constantly tired and uncomfortable. Parents-to-be, especially first-timers, can’t wait for the day when their baby finally says hello to them and the world.

#4 Difficulty sneaking up on someone

Once you get pregnant, forget about sneaking up on anyone. It can be tricky trying to hide when your stomach is huge and protruding. Also, how can you possibly be light on your feet when you’re carrying a whole person, and your feet are clumsy?

Image courtesy of Vitalinka/Shutterstock

This is the photo of a woman who was trying to sneak up on her husband. Although she’s quite obvious, it’s still refreshing seeing these two enjoying a period that can sometimes be hard, especially for first-timers. We hope he at least pretended to be startled!

#5 No grays, only black or white

When you’re with a baby, there’s no in-between and no gray areas. It’s either black or white, so husbands and partners need to be very careful. Pregnant women sometimes find their husbands so insanely sexy that they want to rip their clothes off whenever they can!

Image courtesy of momlifetothefullest/Instagram

However, there are times when they can’t even stand their husband’s scent. Just the thought of them puts a bad taste in their mouths. We’d hate to be in the husbands’ shoes during this time, but we do have a tip for them; hold on.

#6 Not loving pregnancy

As beautiful as carrying and bringing a baby into this world might be, pregnancy is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. You’re craving foods that are sometimes hard to find, can’t sleep properly, can’t fit into any of your clothes, and are exhausted most of the time.

Image courtesy of Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock

It’s not fun when you can’t even reach your own toes, so sometimes it is difficult to believe people who tell you how much they loved it when they were pregnant. Looks like this woman knew that all too well and had gotten exhausted from hearing this ‘lie.’

#7 Craving strange ‘pregnancy’ food

We’re not here to shame anyone regarding their eating habits. But it can’t be denied that pregnant women eat at the strangest times and often look for the most peculiar foods. Think ketchup on cake and pulled pork on ice cream. True story.

Image courtesy of birtheducationcenter/Instagram

How does that even taste? Well, as long as mommy and baby are happy, who are we to judge? Like the shirt says, we blame the little human because there’s no way anyone would eat such ‘special’ meal combinations if they weren’t pregnant.

#8 Putting things where they don’t belong

If you’re constantly losing your wallet or car keys when you were still single, it’s only going to get worse when you’re pregnant because of pregnancy brain. The funniest thing is, most of the time, you find things in the most unexpected places.

Image courtesy of pregnancycenter/Instagram

So, you can never discount looking in the unlikeliest places. When you lose your car keys, please consider checking the oven or fridge because chances are you’re not going to find them in the key holder or on the table where they’re supposed to be.

#9 Peeing when you laugh or cough

One of the most unglamorous things that could happen when you are pregnant is suddenly being unable to control your pee. When someone says a remotely funny thing, and you start laughing, you could be stunned to discover that your pants are wet.

Image courtesy of ajaskiniene/Instagram

Even the mildest cough can result in accidental pee in your pants. Not so much fun, right? It’s the one time you regret settling down with the funny guy when it was the reason you fell for him in the first place! Oh well, it will all be over once you give birth.

#10 Nothing fits when you’re pregnant

When you are expectant, it’s expected that your tummy will grow bigger. This means that the clothes that used to fit you like a glove won’t fit anymore. You might have to give them away if your body doesn’t go back to what it used to be.

Image courtesy of zs_bnd_zsk/Instagram

Additionally, bending over to pick up something is a big challenge, and lacing your shoes requires a lot of effort. Luckily for pregnant women today, maternity clothes are more stylish, so they can still look classy even while heavily pregnant. No need to wear a bedsheet!

#11 A brain that doesn’t work properly

You’ll read a lot about pregnancy brain on this list because it could cause all sorts of disasters. You could end up burning the house down, making the oven explode, or damaging the air-conditioning beyond repair. If you have not done any of those, consider yourself lucky.

Image courtesy of philthywaters/Twitter

To make life easier, you could set reminders, use a timer, create an alarm, or make notes. Trust us, many pregnant women have sworn by these simple hacks saying they were beneficial during pregnancy. They just might work for you too.

#12 Real-life superheroes

If you don’t know it yet, moms and pregnant women are superheroes. They juggle a lot of things. They make sure the house is clean, excel in their careers, cook superb dishes, and ensure the children and their husbands have clean clothes to wear.

Image courtesy of sikramakeup/Instagram

If you want more evidence of this, just look at the photo above. She could be any superhero she wants and wear any superhero outfits, although only a few will fit her. One thing’s for sure, though, she absolutely rocked that suit!

#13 When you put everything off because you can’t be bothered

Being pregnant means having a limited capacity to clean and pick things up off the floor. Try as you may, you won’t be able to do a lot of things that you used to do before, but you just have to live with that for a few months.

Image courtesy of Shaywahlfitness/Instagram

You’ll regain a sense of normalcy a few months after giving birth, so no need to worry. Just enjoy pregnancy, motherhood, and slowly getting back to your previous self. Like this woman says, most of the stuff can be postponed till after the baby comes.

#14 Everything is swollen and big

Tell us you’re pregnant without telling us you’re pregnant. Aside from the obvious bigger belly, swollen feet, knees, and hands are also very telling of a pregnancy. Your feet get wider and sometimes longer, so your old shoes are no longer comfortable.

Image courtesy of gidgetpdx/Instagram

Your fingers look like sausages, and thanks to being forgetful, you can expect to find yourself in the mall or in the café with mismatched footwear. If you’ve been like this lately, just think of when it’s finally over, and you can bring your baby home. It should be enough to help get you through.

#15 Being told you are getting bigger ALL the time

One not-so-fun thing that is part and parcel of being pregnant is being told by people every time they see you that you are getting bigger and bigger. Of course, babies grow bigger the longer they are in your belly, so getting bigger is expected.

Image courtesy of

But we guess it’s better to be told you’re getting bigger instead of being told you are losing weight and not looking well because that would only mean there’s something wrong with the baby. That’s the only way to calm yourself down because otherwise, you could just end up ‘swallowing’ someone!

#16 Being sensitive to things that wouldn’t bother you before

Apart from morning sickness and tiredness, it’s common to have mood swings and feel easily irritated when you are carrying a little human in your tummy. The things that were once forgettable annoyances sometimes become intolerable when you are pregnant.

Image courtesy of lindsays_lookbook/Instagram

Sometimes even the way your husband chews his food gets on your last nerve, and all you want is for him to stay away from you. Luckily your husband sleeping in a different room means more room on the bed for you and the baby!

#17 People think you’re too weak to do normal stuff

Your mobility is greatly limited when you have a bulging tummy and always feel drained of energy. Some pregnant women even suffer from morning sickness and nausea, so it can be a lot to handle. But who says pregnant women can’t do anything at all?

Image courtesy of Shaywahlfitness/Instagram

A lot of pregnant women continue to go to the gym and work out even when pregnant. As long as you have your doctor’s permission and have a good trainer, nothing should stop you from your fitness goals. You’re carrying a whole human, for crying out loud, so honestly, you’re a superstar!

#18 Needing more space than you used to

When you’re pregnant, it’s expected to gain weight and to become, umm…. a little wider. You’ll need more space than you used to, and that includes public transportation and furniture of all kinds. So, it’s normal to get irritated when people don’t scoot over for you.

Image courtesy of yournamehere999/Instagram

Sometimes you just want to sit down, but the person who’s next to you isn’t willing to create space for you to be comfortable, so you end up taking extreme measures like this woman. Next time you’re on a bus with an expectant woman, be accommodating. Trust us, they need it.

#19 Being given unsolicited advice

Some people view pregnancy as open season for giving unsolicited advice. It seems that everyone knows what to do except for the pregnant woman. You can’t even walk a meter or two without being told what to do. Frankly, it can be infuriating!

Image courtesy of Pablo Schultz

You can’t eat sweets, you can’t wear tight clothes, you can’t sleep on your right side, you can’t drink anything with caffeine, you need to give up spices, and you can’t look at ugly animals. How much harder can pregnancy get?

#20 The bladder that just can’t be emptied

One thing that bothers pregnant women the most, and which most non-pregnant people don’t have to go through, is constantly needing to go to the toilet to empty their bladder. That’s no fun. You might as well live there!

Image courtesy of Expectful/Instagram

This is caused by hormonal and physical changes happening in the body during pregnancy. The body usually produces more fluids, and the kidneys also become more efficient during this period hence the frequent need to empty the bladder. The crying is just something else you need to live with.

#21 The floor becomes unreachable

It’s no secret that the farther you are in your pregnancy, the bigger you become. That growing baby’s gonna need room to move around and feel comfortable in its little sac. It also follows that the bigger you get, the less mobility you’re gonna have.

Image courtesy of ripimachado/Instagram

The third trimester is the last stretch of the pregnancy, and it’s also when you are at your biggest. You can no longer bend to pick things up from the floor, so it only makes sense that when this woman told her man to hide the Oreos, he put them on the floor! Pretty smart.

#22 Hearing what people have to say

Being pregnant is already very trying, and the last thing an expectant woman needs is people telling her what to do, what to wear, what to eat when to sleep, and other nonsense. Just let her be, and unless she asks for your advice, just tell her she’s glowing and keep your mouth shut!

Image courtesy of comfycozyarewe/Instagram

Keep your opinions to yourselves, too, as every pregnancy is different, and women cope with their situations in different ways. Also, though she knows it, a pregnant woman doesn’t need you voicing that she’s big by saying, ‘it must be a big baby.’ That’s just rude.

#23 People not understanding you

When you’re pregnant, it’s understandable to feel that sometimes the world is conspiring against you. You forget your water bottle, your car keys, your phone, your lunch money, and millions of other things. To top it all off, you also forgot to turn the TV off before leaving the house!

Image courtesy of oliviavater.xvx/Instagram

How much worse can things get? Well, when people don’t understand you, it feels a lot worse. Lucky are those who have family and spouses who offer their support and encourage them instead of making them feel bad about themselves.

#24 Not moving as much as you used to

Being heavy with a baby is not an excuse not to move as much as you used to. Generally, most OB-GYNs recommend moving to make childbirth easier and smoother. However, this is on a case-to-case basis, as some women are advised to take complete bed rest.

Image courtesy of Melli_fit_fun/Instagram

Anyway, being reminded by your devices that you’re not moving enough can be a good or a bad thing. Standing up and going to the refrigerator to get that extra tub of ice cream is considered moving, right? Or getting that extra pack of chips from the pantry?

#25 Being bothered by the littlest things

During those nine months, one of the things that sometimes goes is your patience. You might be the most patient person before pregnancy, but we’re sure that once you have a bun in your oven, even the smallest things will irritate you.

Image courtesy of pilateswithkatrina/Instagram

Case in point is when you’re having difficulty sleeping because all the positions are just uncomfortable, and your husband is snoring blissfully in dreamland. It’s completely understandable if his audacity to sleep well plants a few murderous thoughts in your head!

#26 Being obsessive about the impending motherhood

Prepping for a baby is an enjoyable experience, but it can also be filled with anxiety and stress, especially for first-time mothers. It’s normal for women to go overboard and spend countless hours practicing how to carry or swaddle the baby.

Image courtesy of Vladeep/Shutterstock

During this period, it’s also normal for other members of the household to fall victim to a woman’s eagerness to ‘perfect’ their motherhood skills. This cat, for example, had to endure its pet parent’s swaddling practice sessions. We just hope it won’t take it out on the baby once it comes!

#27 Being b#*%hy

Ask anyone one word that perfectly describes pregnant women, and one of the most common answers you will get is bi#*%hy. Yup, no point sugarcoating things because that’s the truth. By now, you must already be aware of all the massive changes that take place in a woman’s body when pregnant.

Image courtesy of

All these hormonal changes can cause mood swings, irritation, loss of patience, and other things that are mostly associated with being bi#*%hy. The only thing you can do is live with it. Plus, it won’t take forever, just nine months.

#28 Plenty of pregnancy brain (mis)adventures

For the whole nine months, you will never run out of pregnancy brain adventures and misadventures. Aside from constantly forgetting things, you also spend a lot of time, effort, and petrol going to the wrong places, just like this lady.

Image courtesy of Ahotmessknits/Instagram

Imagine going to the bank confidently to get your car grant. All would have been great except for the fact that she went to the wrong bank. She must have been red in the face after being told that! Now, that’s a fun story to tell at the baby shower.

#29 Eating for two strikes again

With a hungry baby in your tummy always wanting food, it can be very easy to get carried away and eat more than your share of chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, chips, pasta, and other food. So, you have to be careful.

Image courtesy of dianajg__/Instagram

One woman posted about eating more than half a chocolate cake, while another just couldn’t resist Cheetos. Well, we feel that if you’re having a bad pregnancy day, you deserve all the support (and snacks) you can get if that’s what you need to survive.

#30 Always feeling exhausted

One of the most telling signs that indicate pregnancy is constantly feeling tired. This is the case for most women, especially during the first 12 weeks, because of the hormonal changes happening inside the body, and the only thing one can do is to rest as much as possible.

Image courtesy of vermilionresourcemanagement/Instagram

However, that’s easier said than done because most women still work during the first, second, and sometimes even third trimesters. Aside from work and home responsibilities, sometimes the hormones also mess with your sleep, so you don’t get enough rest. Honestly, pregnancy is no joke.

#31 People constantly touching your belly

How do you stop people from constantly touching your belly without your permission? This is a question that pregnant women everywhere have asked themselves over and over again. Just imagine people trying to touch you every chance they get, and you’ll probably understand how annoying it can be.

Image courtesy of

This is the best solution we have seen on the ‘net for quite a while. You should ask permission before touching a pregnant woman’s belly. After all, it’s her body, so she should dictate if and when someone touches her. If you’re fed up with such behavior, consider getting yourself this useful tool.

#32 The constant comparison to other pregnant women

Being pregnant is supposed to be a happy time. Growing a little human in your belly is not a gift given to everyone. It also varies from one woman to another, and what one person can do might be too much for another.

Image courtesy of yum_yoga_cafe/Instagram

The key here is to stop comparing yourself to others, especially celebrities who post perfect photos on social media. Not everyone looks that good in real life, and nobody knows what goes on behind those seemingly perfect pictures. Do you!

#33 Not having enough support

When you’re pregnant, especially if it’s a sensitive pregnancy, you’re gonna need all the help and support you can get. This is easier said than done, especially for couples who live far away from friends and family, so you make the most of what you have.

Image courtesy of itsmerigsby/Instagram

Lucky are the women who have husbands and partners who are a hundred percent behind them. Not every man would wake up in the middle of the night to prepare pancakes from scratch, so this is one lucky lady right here.

#34 Not being able to reach your toes

One of the things pregnant women can’t do, especially in the late stages of pregnancy, is being able to reach their toes. Once you’re several months along, you can say goodbye to the days when you could easily pick up something from the floor or trim your own nails.

Image courtesy of

When you’re heavily pregnant, you’re gonna need someone to do all that for you. If you don’t have an appointment with your nail technician and badly need your feet to be presentable, you can always ask your other half to help you out.

#35 Being forgetful

Various things can lead to forgetfulness. Some of the most common ones are a poor diet, hormonal imbalance, and lack of sleep. When it comes to women, there is one other ‘culprit’ notorious for causing memory problems, and that is being pregnant.

Image courtesy of the.mommin.chronicle/Instagram

Ask any pregnant woman or new mother, and they will tell you that they don’t remember some things half the time. It’s common for a few small disasters to happen during this period, such as forgetting to take a lid out of the oven before preheating it.

#36 Pregpool

Being expectant doesn’t mean you should lose your license to have fun. On the contrary, it’s a life-changing experience, so you should aim to enjoy it whenever you can. Want to go see a movie and wear a costume while at it? Why not?

Image courtesy of deleted user/Reddit

Luckily for this lady, she is not letting her big tummy get in the way of seeing a movie she’s been looking forward to for so long. She even donned her Deadpool costume to the theater. We just hope she had her hospital bag ready because she looks like she was ready to pop anytime!

#37 Craving pickles

One of the weirdest foods most pregnant women crave is pickles. We don’t know what it is about them that sets pregnant women’s hearts (stomachs?) aflame. Is it the copious amounts of vinegar or the acidic solution that they are after?

Image courtesy of

We’re not even going to attempt deciphering that because pregnant women are just weird like that. Anyway, pickles are one thing, but pickle juice freeze pops is just taking things to another level. We wouldn’t even want to taste that.

#38 Not having someone to shave your legs

Since heavily pregnant women are no longer able to bend over and reach their legs, they have to resort to creative and innovative means to shave their legs. After all, not every pregnant woman is lucky enough to have a supportive partner.

Image courtesy of topmakeupface/Instagram

Also, not all pregnant women want to rely on others to do things for them, so we applaud this mama-to-be for coming up with a solution that allowed her to shave her legs without anyone’s help. Kudos to you! Who says you can look sexy while pregnant?

#39 Being judged

Being judged is very common, regardless of if you’re pregnant or not. Sadly, it’s something that frequently happens to mothers. We must keep in mind that we are not privy to all things, and sometimes what we see is only a tiny snippet of what’s happening behind closed doors.

Image courtesy of oilsandoutfits/Instagram

So, we love this husband for not judging his pregnant wife when he saw her sneaking to the bathroom for a moment of peace so she could enjoy her ice cream. Also, who can resist complimenting such a beautiful couple? They look adorable in their costumes.

#40 The delicate subject of pregnancy lingo

When you’re pregnant, it seems like the only things you don’t want to hear are the things that you do hear, day in and day out. This is a warning to husbands out there to be careful how they answer their wife’s questions because she might just lose it.

Image courtesy of jackie.noelle/Instagram

Be careful what you say when your wife asks you how she looks or what would look better with her shoes, coat, or pants because what comes to your mind first may come out wrong. For starters, you should never mention the words fat, look pregnant, or big.

#41 Perpetually hungry

When you’re pregnant, it’s often said that you’re eating for two, so you can eat as much as you like. Nowadays, that’s not allowed by OB-GYNs anymore because gestational diabetes is and has always been a risk. Yes, you can eat a bit more than you usually do but not too much.

Image courtesy of daysiz/Instagram

However, this doesn’t discount the fact that pregnant women seem to have an insatiable hunger, and they just want to stuff the weirdest food in their mouths. So, as long as it’s within healthy bounds, then it should be just fine. See, pregnancy can be fun, too!

#42 Glowing…not

Don’t believe the stories about pregnancy glow because unless you’re a millionaire or a celebrity who’s got an army of makeup artists, doctors, and massage therapists at your beck and call, the last thing you’re gonna get when pregnant is a glow.

Image courtesy of lifewithlouise_/Instagram

You’ll feel ugly, your skin is going to be dry, you’ll get random breakouts, gain weight, sweat excessively, and you won’t be your best self. You can ask every pregnant woman how they feel, and sadly, more often than not, they feel ugly. Luckily, it doesn’t last because you eventually learn to accept the changes.

#43 Suddenly disliking food that was previously your favorite

Pregnancy is just overall a very weird phase. You can’t do the things you used to, you’re tired, but you can’t sleep well, you crave the weirdest food, and food that you previously liked is now on your ‘can’t stand it’ list.

Image courtesy of thisistayrae/Instagram

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that your beautiful baby is coming, and things will return to normal a few months after giving birth. Then, you can consume as much coffee as you want and give in to your sweet cravings. Also, if you’re like this woman, you can eat pizza again!

#44 Having no interest in sex at all

Usually, a woman’s sex drive drops during the first trimester, peaks during the second, and drops again during the last trimester. After all, she’s already knocked up, and her tummy is growing. So, sometimes sex is the furthest thing from her mind.

Image courtesy of Giorgiabussotti/Instagram

Husbands may poke and plead, but they’re not going to get a lot of sex when their woman is pregnant, so they’ll just have to live with that. Surely they can wait for 6 or 9 months, right? Shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

#45 Sad or hilarious?

Pregnancy brain, as the name implies, is something that affects women who have buns in their ovens. It refers to poor concentration, absent-mindedness, and forgetfulness that happen during pregnancy and early motherhood. Only the lucky few don’t go through this annoying phase.

Image courtesy of indiangirlineurope/Instagram

Yup, it’s no fun to go inside the room to get something only to forget and come out of the room empty-handed. With that said, we wonder how this guy broke this particular news to his wife with a straight face!