45 All-To-Relatable Texts That Pregnant Women Will Understand

By Larissa C

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and lots of women dream of getting pregnant and having a baby. However, people usually talk about the bright side of being pregnant and rarely mention what goes on backstage. The truth is that even though pregnancy is a beautiful and memorable period of time in a woman’s life, it is also a terrifying moment – our bodies change, our behavior changes, and, most importantly, our appetite changes — a lot. Now, if you’re pregnant and wondering whether you’re doing this whole thing right, this article is for you. You’ll be surprised to find it seems like every pregnant woman goes through the exact same thing. Don’t believe us? Here are 45 hilarious texts that pregnant women will relate to!

Her doc must love this diet!

Pregnant women are known for having peculiar cravings during their pregnancy. Some women love eating ice cubes as if they were the tastiest thing on the planet. Others enjoy mixing foods that never go together. This woman is the perfect example of that.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Eating half a pack of Oreos and half a pack of carrots? Now that’s what we call mixing two foods that we never thought would go together. We guess that at least she is eating healthily — though we’re not sure what her doctor is going to think of this diet!

Are you feeling okay?

This next image goes out to all the pregnant women who have to deal with oblivious husbands. Getting pregnant is one of the most critical moments in the lives of women who want to become mothers. Imagine that this is the first thing your husband says to you when you announce you’re expecting.

Image courtesy of 301-1.ru

Have you ever taken a home pregnancy test? One line means that the result is negative, while two lines is a positive result. When this woman sent the results of her pregnancy test to her husband, his first reaction was to ask what was wrong with her. He asked that because he thought she was holding a thermometer that read 11 °F!

Can I take a raincheck?

Pregnancy is beautiful. Giving birth to a healthy baby is a miraculous and precious moment. But just like everything else in life, there is also a dark side to giving birth. If you are a mother, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Image courtesy of brightside.me

If you are about to become a mother, you’ll learn pretty soon what is the dark side of giving birth. Contraction pains, hours waiting in the hospital, and the actual moment of giving birth? Separately, those things are bad. Together? It’s a nightmare! No wonder this woman doesn’t want to be present at her baby’s birth.

This is not an exercise!

Pregnant women and food are a match made in heaven. Eating is one of the things we most want to do during our pregnancy, though it’s important to be mindful and avoid eating junk food only. If you’re not pregnant, but your spouse is pregnant, this next exchange will seem oddly familiar.

Image courtesy of keelieane/Instagram

Is she treating missing food like an emergency? That’s totally something that pregnant women do. Judging by how she typed the whole message in caps lock, we can tell this woman means business. Hopefully, her spouse did just as she asked!

You better bring it home.

Pregnancy does crazy things to a woman’s body, but it also affects a woman’s mind. There are so many hormones swirling around that it’s not exactly a mystery why some women have these mood swings when they’re pregnant. Or why they may get…passionate about things, so to speak.

Image courtesy of hillbilly_hell/Instagram

This woman, for instance, was craving some poutine. Scratch that — she was passionately craving some poutine. So much that she was ready to kick her husband’s shin if he arrived home and brought no poutine for her. In her defense, it’s the hormones speaking for her!

Hard choices.

Is indecisiveness part of pregnancy? Who knows! What we do know is that some pregnant women crave so many things at the same time that they have a hard time choosing just one thing. And that’s where we see their indecisiveness at its best.

Image courtesy of m_scandy/Instagram

Should I get ice cream and cake, or just ice cream, or just cake…or brownies? Maybe I should get them all! This is how a pregnant woman’s brain works, or at least that’s how this woman’s brain worked when she was pregnant. Imagine her husband’s confusion as he arrived at the grocery store!

So dramatic!

If you are pregnant, try to keep in mind that you need to eat healthy food to have a healthy baby. We are confident that your doctor has told you this before, but we are also sure that it’s kind of hard to follow the strict diet they gave you. 

Image courtesy of dsitractify.com

But, please, for all that you love, do not do what this woman did. During her pregnancy, she was so hungry that she ended up eating a sandwich that was left out overnight. This is a pretty dangerous thing to do even when you’re not pregnant, and it’s worse when you’re pregnant.

Don’t rub it in!

This next image is a shout-out to all the pregnant women who love going to the beach and show off their round bellies. While we are sure that you all are rocking the “pregnant woman wearing a bathing suit” look, this image will probably make you laugh!

Image courtesy of ez_shaded/Instagram

This is a screenshot of a conversation between two pregnant women — and no one understands a pregnant woman better than another pregnant woman. We all feel this way when trying on bathing suits at the peak of our pregnancy when our bellies are bigger than ever!

An eye for an eye!

In some cultures, people believe that you’ll have to deal with the consequences if you say no to a pregnant woman. This means that you have to do everything your pregnant wife asks you to — unless you want to wake up with a stye on your eye.

Image courtesy of itsjustlaurennow/Instagram

This husband was obviously tired of stopping at different restaurants to get what his pregnant wife constantly asked for. His text message was obvious; he was not going to stop anywhere on his way home. His wife’s response was also very clear — he better get what she wants, or else he won’t be eating tonight!

What is going on here?

Pregnancy is a marvelous thing. Knowing that a woman’s body expands and changes significantly to accommodate a human being on the inside is insanely impressive. Some women have smaller bellies that only grow by the end of their pregnancy, but some are built differently. 

Image courtesy of h4ianAiUKO/Instagram

Some women have huge bellies halfway through pregnancy, and that not-so-small factor affects their lives considerably. Imagine dropping something on the floor and trying to pick it up when you have a gigantic belly? This woman had to do just that, but the issue was that she sat down on the floor and couldn’t stand back up on her own.

No shoes for her!

Lots of things happen to a woman’s body when she’s pregnant. Aside from having a pregnancy belly, larger breasts, and random cravings, some body parts become swollen as the pregnancy evolves — especially the feet. When a woman is nearing her baby’s birth, her feet swell a lot!

Image courtesy of brightside.com

Even though the photo of her feet is relatively small, we can totally see that Katie’s feet are really swollen. How is she supposed to go shopping when her feet hurt — and won’t even fit the shoes she wanted?

You’re not as funny as you think. 

According to science, childbirth is one of the 15 most excruciating pains a human being can feel. Men will never understand how painful it can be to give birth to a child, and that is why they sometimes joke about it.

Image courtesy of ybcustoms/Instagram

This man’s sister texted him, saying that she was starting to feel the painful contractions that precede the actual moment of giving birth. Instead of being supportive or even caring, he opted to make a joke. Judging by his sister’s response, we can tell she was 100% unamused!

How can you not forgive her?

Remember how we said that pregnancy could do lots of things to a woman’s body? When we said that, we didn’t mean only external things like getting swollen feet. Being pregnant also affects the insides of a woman, like her hormones and intestines!

Image courtesy of m_scandy/Instagram

If you have a child or if you were ever close to a pregnant woman in the family, you know how their farts can get pretty awful. Well, they weren’t doing that on purpose — it was their pregnancy that affected how much and how much they farted on a daily basis. Hopefully, her husband forgave her!

Well, that’s a valid point.

Do you know how some days we just want to lay in bed and skip work? That feeling builds up from when we are young — and trying to skip school just so we can sleep for a bit longer — this desire never really goes away.

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com

This woman was not feeling like going to work, and she was trying to think of excuses she could use. Some people call in sick in order to skip work, but she wanted to call in pregnant. Well, pregnancy is exhausting, so we guess she has a valid point!

Don’t play games with me, boy!

Because of the increased hormone production during pregnancy, it is not unusual for pregnant women to have mood swings or to feel stressed out a lot of the time. Hence why you probably don’t want to mess with a pregnant woman.

Image courtesy of norayaghi/Instagram

See what we mean? When she asked her husband to bring her a Slurpee, she meant business. He tried being funny, but she just wasn’t having it. For his own sake, we hope he got that Slurpee — and that he brought it home for her!

Pregnancy is on the brain!

When a woman is pregnant, she may feel like this time of her life will never end. All she wants is to meet her child already, but time seems to slow down. After counting down 40 weeks to give birth, the woman even gets used to being pregnant.

Image courtesy of tales_of_mom_life/Instagram

Well, it seems like this woman got a bit too used to being pregnant that even her phone’s autocorrect function was changing common words to pregnancy-related words. You are all over the placenta? That doesn’t seem so pleasant, does it?

Is that all you think about?

There are two things that every pregnant woman thinks about: their baby…and food. And the truth is that they think about these two things a lot. When they’re not thinking about their baby, they are probably thinking about food.

Image courtesy of stephgordonblog/Instagram

This woman thought about food so much that she was kind of ashamed of herself. Well, not really. After cooking a tasty chicken Alfredo, she couldn’t help licking the pan clean. The food was just too delicious. When she caught her reflection in the window, she was kind of embarrassed by the way she was behaving around food — but the feeling soon went away.

Great, here I go again!

Remember when we just said that pregnant women think about food quite a lot? Well, here is another example of that. When this woman was simply describing what her body looked like during pregnancy, her hungry stomach attacked again!

Image courtesy of rosemarylynn/Instagram

Right when she had just finished eating her breakfast, this woman was texting her husband about how her feet looked so round. However, when she started comparing her toes to sausages, she got hungry again! See what food does to pregnant women?!

Okay, I get it!

Imagine that you are at work and you keep your phone on silent. You only check it a couple of times, so you don’t get distracted from work. You notice that your phone keeps vibrating, but you ignore it. When you check the phone, you see a bunch of messages from your spouse. Sounds kind of scary, right?

Image courtesy of schuy1er/Instagram

Well, that’s what happened to this man. His pregnant wife sent him a bunch of text messages and he immediately thought that something had happened. Thankfully, nothing had happened — she was just bugging him about being hungry. He probably wondered when was she not hungry!


At this point, it is pretty evident that pregnant women have priorities and that most of these priorities are related to food. Sometimes, they prioritize it so much that they change their routines so that they can grab a bite.

Image courtesy of yveehops/Instagram

This woman, for instance, shot her husband a text message letting him know she was clearing her schedule to eat a cheeseburger. The life of a pregnant, working woman is far too busy — but we’re glad to see she had the time to eat what she was craving!

Why make that comparison, though?

If you are pregnant or close to a pregnant woman, you certainly have noticed what pregnancy does to one’s body. Many things can happen to your body, and one of the affected parts is the belly button.

Image courtesy of ezcamins/Instagram

Not every pregnant woman sees a change in her belly button. However, if a baby puts too much pressure on the mother’s abdomen, her belly button will kind of pop out, and that’s why this woman is comparing her belly button to a cat’s butt!

Put your energy into something else!

When we stop to think about it, pregnancy is one of the most amazing things that can happen to a human being. While fathers experience the emotional and psychological parts of pregnancy, women also experience that plus the physical aspects. 

Image courtesy of m_scandy/Instagram

Because a pregnant woman has a whole human being growing insider her belly, it’s only natural that she feels tired and sleepy, especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. And just like Katie said in her text, it is kind of weird to think that a human being with head, torso, arms, and legs is moving around your insides!

Reverse psychology at its finest.

It’s kind of obvious that pregnant women are quite demanding. If your spouse is pregnant, you will probably agree with us on this. They’re always asking for food and for favors, like asking their spouse to give them a massage or bring home some food.

Image courtesy of distractify.com

However, not all women like being demanding and, even if they do, they feel bad about it sometimes. This woman, for instance, was craving chips, guacamole, and egg rolls. The problem is that she didn’t want to ask her husband to go to the store yet again, so she opted to use some good ol’ reverse psychology!

Why so random?

Pregnancy is a huge part of marriage. Of course, not all married couples have or even want to have children, and that’s okay. But for those who choose to have babies, this is one of the most important milestones in their relationship.

Image courtesy of scandy/Instagram

And pregnancy requires that the couple try to stay connected and let their bond grow stronger during this time. This couple is the perfect example of a couple that’s going strong even during pregnancy. What’s their secret? We mean, look at this exchange between husband and wife.

TMI, big sis!

At the same time that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it can also be one of the grossest things to ever happen to a woman. Towards the end of the pregnancy, the woman’s body will start prepping to give birth, and one of the things it does in preparation is to expel the mucus plug.

Image courtesy of calebcthomas/Instagram

Now, if you have no idea what that is, we suggest you make a quick Google search — but proceed with caution. When this woman accidentally texted her brother about losing mucus, his reaction was totally understandable — he knows that the mucus comes out through a very peculiar place!

Cheeseburger is life!

Some pregnant women are stay-at-home moms, while others continue working to the very limit of their pregnancy. These two types of pregnant women have in common is the trouble they go through to eat the food they’re craving.

Image courtesy of calebcthomas/Instagram

A pregnant woman who stays at her home has to wait for her partner to come home to bring her some food. The pregnant woman who works has to wait until her shift is finished before she can get food. This woman sums up perfectly what life is like when you’re pregnant and working. She couldn’t wait to get home to eat a cheeseburger!

Good luck, papa!

While some women feel bad about demanding so many things from their spouses, other women just want to make the most of their pregnancy. After all, when will you get to eat anything you want and have your partner always go to the store for you?

Image courtesy of hazellong/Pinterest

This woman was trying to make the most of her pregnancy. Instead of asking for one or two things, she basically asked for food that was enough to feed at least five different people. Our solidarity goes to her husband, who probably had to visit a couple of different stores to get all that food!

Is it too late to regret this?

Some women love the idea of becoming mothers, but some women are kind of scared of the idea of being pregnant. Either way, it’s completely okay if you feel like you don’t have it as easy as other women. Everyone’s different, and that’s not a problem.

Image courtesy of ranker.com

This woman was nearing the end of her pregnancy, and it made her really scared. As we can see in her text, she’s genuinely apprehensive about giving birth — to the point that she’s even wondering how she got into this situation!

Sorry, I was just trying to be funny.

If you’re pregnant right now or you were pregnant in the past, you know very well how everyone around you changes their behavior because of you. All your friends and relatives want to make sure you’re doing okay and that you’re safe.

Image courtesy of polyvore.com

Everyone was treating this woman as if she had a disease that made her invalid, and she was getting tired of it. Feeling bored at home, she texted her husband just to have a little fun and maybe get him to understand that she was not fragile just because she was pregnant. We’re not sure if it worked — but we’re certain he didn’t bring her any junk food that night!

So relatable!

When you’re pregnant, your body needs to produce enough energy and food to help your child grow healthily inside you. Because of that, pregnant women need to eat specific vitamins and follow certain diets; thus they end up gaining some weight.

Image courtesy of community.babycenter.com

Now, try to get out of bed or even stand up from a chair when you’re weighing 25 pounds more than before, and you have a giant belly. This exchange between a pregnant woman and her best friend is so relatable because, indeed, that’s how pregnant women look when they’re getting up in the morning!

Be careful!

It is quite obvious to say that pregnant women need to be extra careful during their pregnancy. Some foods and drinks can be prejudicial to the baby’s health, and doing straining things can also be harmful to both the baby and the mother.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

When this guy left for work, he didn’t expect to get this text from his wife. Instead of getting some rest as she was supposed to, she was organizing the house to prepare for the baby. What the woman didn’t expect was that an object would fall on her head.

It’s just one thing…and a couple more.

If your wife has just found out she’s pregnant, you better start preparing for what is to come. Pregnant women ask for a lot of things, and, given that they are expecting your child, you can’t say no to them.

Image courtesy of Reddit

This woman decided to take advantage of the fact that her husband was willing to do anything for her. Her request started out as a simple request for chicken tenders — but then it evolved into asking for more things. We wonder why this food is so important for her!

Double meanings?

We just talked about how pregnant women have to be careful so they can protect their health and the baby’s well-being. However, the people around pregnant women also have to be careful to avoid giving them any unnecessary scares. This guy probably missed that memo!

Image courtesy of jokideo.com

He probably should have double-checked his message when he texted his wife saying he was leaving work and heading home. His phone’s autocorrect changed “now” to “you,” and his pregnant wife thought he was leaving her. We can only imagine how frightened she must have felt!

Just trying to muster the courage.

This next image goes out to all the pregnant women who haven’t yet told their families. Depending on your background, it can be rather tough mustering the courage to disclose the news, especially when you come from a conservative family.

Image courtesy of stuffstumbledupon.com

This woman wasn’t too sure about how her family would react when she told them that she was pregnant (before getting married). She had the idea to text the news to a random number so she could prepare for the real thing! It’s kind of brilliant, right?

You probably don’t want to do that.

Autocorrect is one of the most annoying functions of our phones. If you don’t particularly agree with that, it’s probably because autocorrect has never played any tricks on you. When this woman texted her husband that her pharmacy pregnancy test had been positive, her phone decided to prank her.

Image courtesy of damnyouautocorrect.com

Pharmacy tests require that women pee on the stick so they can get a test result. Sometimes, you have to pee on two or more sticks until you can be certain that you are or aren’t pregnant. This woman wanted to say she was relieved that she didn’t have to pee on things anymore. Instead of saying “things,” her phone corrected it to “thugs” — and we’re sure she does not want to pee on them!


Here’s another way you can tell your family about your pregnancy. It is suited especially for when you’re unexpectedly pregnant and have no idea how to let your family know about it. All it takes is a mug and some text messages.

Image courtesy of DearAnimal

Not sure how your mother is going to react to you being pregnant? Buy her a “world’s best grandma” mug and gift it to her as if it’s just another regular gift. Her reaction will certainly vary, but we can guarantee that it’s going to be hilarious!

The edge of randomness!

Being pregnant is a miracle of life — but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to make fun of it. When a woman is pregnant, she has random cravings for random things at the most unexpected times. This woman’s husband can prove it.

Image courtesy of ifunny.co

During her pregnancy, his wife’s cravings were so intense that she sometimes would be in the shower and crave some ketchup. Yep, that is correct. She would turn off the shower, eat ketchup, and then go on as if that was the most normal thing to do!

What are you craving, girl?

As we are talking about weird cravings, here is another one. Not only was this pregnant woman’s craving strange enough in itself, but her phone’s autocorrect function made it infinitely worse! Check this out and try to picture her friend’s reaction to her text…

Image courtesy of Hazel Long/Pinterest

Imagine receiving a message from your best friend telling you that her pregnancy was making her want to eat horse feces? If we were drinking water, we would certainly spit it out. Thankfully, she had no interest in eating that. Her phone just corrected the word “horseradish” to that other word. However, we can’t say that horseradish is much better than the alternative!

The things this baby makes do!

Whoever said that pregnancy is a beautiful thing has probably never been pregnant once in their lives. Maybe that’s what the woman who sent this next text thought. Imagine being a woman who regularly eats just like any other human being, and then suddenly you’re doing this.

Image courtesy of n8opoly/Reddit

Using a Snickers bar as an edible spoon? That’s not as wild if you stop to think about it. But using a bite-size Snickers bar as a spoon? Now, that’s something that only a pregnant woman would be trying to do!

Baby, I was just joking!

Breaking the news that you’re pregnant can go one of two ways: your family may react positively to it, or they may absolutely despise the news. Now, telling your partner that you’re pregnant should only go one way, and it’s not at all like this.

Image courtesy of motleynews.net

Instead of jumping around in happiness, this woman’s boyfriend wanted to flee as soon as he heard the news of her pregnancy. He tried to be slick, but he was busted by a grammar error. Hopefully, he was just joking!

Well, that’s kind of cute.

Now it’s time for us to show you the opposite reaction to that boyfriend who tried to pretend he wasn’t the baby daddy. When this girl told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, he didn’t believe it at first but then proposed something really unusual.

Image courtesy of theplunder.com

When he laughed and thought the autocorrect had changed another word to “pregnant,” this girl got a bit scared of her boyfriend’s reaction, especially when he didn’t reply immediately. Then he came back with an absurd proposition that would help them avoid their parents’ wrath — and it’s actually kind of cute!

Mother knows all!

In every situation we’ve shown thus far, the pregnant girls were trying to come up with ways of telling their families about their pregnancy. This next situation is a bit different, though. Instead of deliberately disclosing the news, this girl’s mother did it for her!

Image courtesy of quotesgram.com

Well, the mother didn’t actually find out by herself — it was her phone’s autocorrect that did it for her! When she tried to say pageant, and it corrected the word to “pregnant,” this woman’s daughter was shocked to find out that her mother knew she was pregnant. Turns out she had just revealed the truth without meaning to!

That’s more shocking than anything else.

Unless you follow specific strict diets or if you have religious restrictions, you probably love bacon. This food is an American symbol, and most Americans love eating some crunchy bacon. That is why this guy was shocked to find out that his girlfriend hates bacon.

Image courtesy of readerscave.com

Ryan, the pregnant girl, had a rather creative way of telling her boyfriend that she was pregnant and that he would be announcing it to both their families. However, instead of seeming overly excited or overly displeased by the idea, he was more interested in questioning why his girlfriend hated bacon!

Drop the mic!

If you’re looking for creative ways of telling your partner that you’re pregnant, you can follow this girl’s steps. She wanted to make a lighthearted approach to the matter so her boyfriend wouldn’t get scared away — and we believe this one truly worked!

Image courtesy of cheezburger.com

Instead of being shocked or scared of being a dad, like many guys feel, he was probably impressed with the way his girlfriend revealed her pregnancy. It was the perfect definition of “drop the mic.” Maybe you could try this one?

No chill, Jill!

To finish off this article, we have one final tip for all the pregnant ladies who are thinking of ways of telling their loved ones about the pregnancy. If you want to take a funny approach to this, you can do what Jill did and try to make a rhyme.

Image courtesy of littlethings.com

Does it sound silly? Kind of. But look at how Jill pulled this off. She made a rhyme using her name to announce that she was pregnant. While she probably had a serious conversation with her partner afterward, she probably managed to get him smiling for a sec!