Pregnancy Isn’t Just About The Glow… Some Days Are A Struggle To Get Things Right

By Jhoana C

Remember just how ecstatic you were when you found out that you were having a baby? There’s nothing like the feeling of finding out that you are growing a tiny life within you. The joy, the excitement, the anxiety, and the relief after you finally gave birth and were able to take the baby home safe and sound. Do you remember your pregnancy journey? Crying for no reason, being upset at the smallest of things, worrying over the baby’s health, wanting to eat something so bad, dealing with back and shoulder pains, being unable to sleep at night, and not being able to reach things because of your big belly? Pregnancy may not always be rainbows and roses, but the journey is worth it. If you’re not pregnant and don’t know the struggle, you’ll be thankful you’re not having the preggo problems we compiled on this list.

This will keep people away from you

Being preggo means having a bulging and heavy belly, and it probably seems like everyone wants to touch it. Perhaps because they think it’s for good luck or because they think that both mother and baby like being touched by strangers.

Image courtesy of LadySilvie/Reddit

This husband deserves a prize for making sure his wife is protected from anyone who wants to grab her pregnant belly. Just a little ‘No Touchy’ spray and friends, families, as well as strangers, will move away and give his pregnant wife her personal space back.

Pregnant brain fog

When a woman is pregnant, plenty of changes happen within her body that affects her mood, her eating patterns, and many other things. One of the most common things that occur during pregnancy is what they refer to as the pregnancy brain.

Image courtesy of alwayschasingmychase/Instagram

It affects brain function, making pregnant women often forgetful. These occasional memory lapses result in forgotten keys, and from this photo, laundry detergents are put in the refrigerator. Don’t worry. Brain fog will fade away after giving birth.

Pregnancy is going well

Pregnancy results in a roller coaster of emotions. On the one hand, pregnant women and their partners are often ecstatic upon the new baby’s arrival. On the other hand, being pregnant means unusual food cravings, anxiety, stress, mood swings, and lack of sleep.

Image courtesy of pikabu06/Instagram

Once your belly becomes more prominent, you are also limited when it comes to the things you can do. You can’t even bend and pick up your socks anymore. People often ask how the pregnancy is going. This woman isn’t having the time of her life judging by her mismatched shoes.

Dog feet?

Getting pregnant means gaining weight, waking up in the middle of the night because of hunger, having morning sickness, and crying over the most mundane of things. As your belly grows bigger, you also can’t do most of the things you were able to easily do before pregnancy.

Image courtesy of Preventiongeek/Reddit

However, we weren’t aware that you could grow dog feet. Seriously though, we admire this couple’s sense of humor. Since being heavily pregnant means not being able to see your feet anymore, they thought it would be a good idea to substitute them with their dog’s feet.

Don’t judge, she’s hungry

Husbands should support their wives all the way, especially when they are pregnant. Any woman can tell you a myriad of food cravings and mood swings they had when they were pregnant. Some crave easy-to-find food, such as chocolate.

Image courtesy of BABYBUMPS/Imgur

However, others want weird foods such as durian. This wife must have been yearning for ice cream the whole day that she hid in the bathroom the first chance she got, and her husband caught her shoveling cookie dough ice cream and hiding from her other children.

Such huge problems

Ask any husband, and he will tell you that his wife was super sensitive when she was pregnant. Pregnant women cry at everything, even sweet pictures. This wife’s emotions were through the roof that she cried when her husband took a bite of her sandwich.

Image courtesy of Yo_Yoder13/Twitter

You might be surprised that she’s seriously crying about a sandwich, but who can blame her. She has a baby in her belly and the license to be emotional and to cry as much as she wants. Husbands, you better learn to deal with your pregnant wives.

When pregnant women have cravings

When your pregnant wife tells you she wants a certain brand of chocolate, you better go and search for it because there’s gonna be hell to pay if she doesn’t get what she wants. No matter how weird the food craving is, you better be prepared to get it.

Image courtesy of gwackr/Reddit

This husband happily obliged when his wife told him to get her some Runts, but she was very particular about it. She had the patience to sort it because the banana Runts didn’t appeal to her. The other flavors were ok, though.

How unlucky can you get?

Even if you’re pregnant, there’s no excuse not to do the housework or run a few errands, especially if hubby is also busy. However, the smallest things have the power to make you violently angry when you have a baby in your tummy.

Image courtesy of skybluepink15/Reddit

How unlucky can a pregnant lady get? This mom-to-be was flabbergasted. She was in her blue car, and when she got out of the bank, this is what she saw. We’re quite sure that her emotions went through the roof when she laid eyes on how the other car was parked.

Say no to unsolicited advice

For some reason, some people find it perfectly okay to give others unsolicited advice. This can be irritating, and when you’re not asked, you should keep your opinions to yourself, especially when you’re talking to a very pregnant lady.

Image courtesy of Diamond_JaxT/witter

And no, pregnant ladies can drink coffee as long as they don’t go over a certain amount. So the next time you feel compelled to say something, think and keep your mouth closed. You don’t want to deal with a pregnant woman with raging hormones.

This is the type of dinner we like

This photo is proof that you shouldn’t allow a pregnant lady to take charge of your groceries because they tend to go overboard. They also have brain fog, so they can’t decide correctly what to take and what to leave.

Image courtesy of w3rewulf/Reddit

This man’s pregnant wife went to the grocery to “get some stuff for dinner,” but all she bought were different types and flavors of ice cream when she came home. Name the flavor, and she has it. She even threw in some ice cream cones.

What type of sushi is this?

Pregnant women are prohibited from eating raw foods. The risk of toxoplasmosis is very high, and it’s an infection caused by a parasite that is found in meat, soil, and untreated water. This infection can damage the baby significantly.

Image courtesy of kadduschiku/Reddit

Although toxoplasmosis is rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This lady was craving sushi, but because she couldn’t eat anything raw, she had the next best thing, sushi but with a fish-shaped biscuit. We like her approach to things.

Celebrate the little things

We must learn to celebrate little victories, pregnant or not. Looking at life through grateful lenses makes it more bearable. This preggo lady knows how to celebrate wins, regardless of how little they are, and she’s not afraid to let her husband know.

Image courtesy of ssergei/Reddit

We all know that constipation is a big problem for preggos. Imagine spending a few minutes in the toilet trying to do your business. You know you want to, but something is preventing you, and you just can’t let it out. We are celebrating with this lady, too.

Next level swaddling skills

Becoming a parent means learning tons of new skills to make life easier when the baby arrives. Some of the most important skills you need to know are how to bathe a baby, how to burp a baby, and how to prepare formula correctly.

Image courtesy of turnbased/Reddit

An indispensable skill that all parents also need to know is how to swaddle a baby. Fortunately for this soon-to-be mom, she has a kitty she can practice on, and we must say, we are impressed with her next-level swaddling skills.

This is hilarious

Here we go again with the notorious pregnancy brain. We know soon-to-be parents are very excited to finally meet their little one and start caring for the baby angel, but this guy’s wife got a little too excited when she went on a walk.

Image courtesy of JeremyMcLellan/Twitter

She had started worrying about the baby months before she even gave birth. We know that the thought of leaving a baby all alone at home is very scary, but if the baby is still in your tummy, there shouldn’t be any concern.

Sweet and spicy, you say?

This is another example of weird food cravings during pregnancy, and this is something we didn’t expect. We love Oreo cookies because they are sweet and yummy, but pairing them with salsa? We truly wonder what that tastes like.

Image courtesy of Addicted2Groove/Imgur

That’s sweet and spicy for you and exactly what the pregnant woman ordered. She doesn’t have to worry. No one’s going to eat her food because who eats cookies and salsa together, anyway? She can have all of it.

Every pregnant woman’s favorite

Pregnant women tend to eat more than they use to because they need a few extra calories for the growing baby in their womb. However, this shouldn’t be made an excuse to binge and just let yourself go. You have to watch out for that sugar level!

Image courtesy of feloniousskunk/Reddit

Because of weight gain, hormones, and other things that come with growing a tiny human, most pregnant women get tired easily. This 9-month pregnant lady went to the amusement park with her husband and kid, and this was her favorite ride. We understand you, momma. Go and sit.


Mommas-to-be, don’t be too hard on yourself. We understand the struggle, and we understand that pregnancy is a challenging time. So, if you end up like this lady, just laugh about it because it’s not the end of the world yet.

Image courtesy of Stacieinhorrorland/Reddit

Some pregnant women forget to put diapers on their kids or forget their kids. If you compare this to other pregnancy brain problems, this isn’t so serious. Although, we do like the excuses people on the net have come up with, including blaming the child. Lol.

Grumpy preggy lady

Some women just breeze through their pregnancies with no food cravings and no swollen hands and feet. while others struggle through the entire 9-month period. They have morning sickness, problems keeping anything down, and worst, are advised to go on bed rest.

Image courtesy of s4ltydog/Reddit

Wanna guess which group this lady belongs to? Let us give you a clue. Look at the pregnant hairless cat in the photo. That’s how this wifey replied to her husband when he asked how she was doing. Not doing good, we tell you.

Give the pregnant lady a seat

Life isn’t all that bad when you’re pregnant. There are upsides to having a big belly, and a few of them are not being made to wait in the queue and being a priority when it comes to seating on public transportation.

Image courtesy of BrydieLK/Twitter

That being said, there are still a few people who pretend they don’t see you so they won’t be inconvenienced, but this lady wasn’t having any of that. So when the guy on the bus wouldn’t move his things from the seat, she just sat on them. Well, lady, you don’t have to be pregnant to do this.

Ugh, who eats that?

Why does pregnancy make you crave food that you otherwise won’t touch? Experts say food cravings are caused by many things, including nutritional deficiencies and a heightened sense of taste and smell. Cravings typically start during the second trimester, but other women get them early on in their pregnancy.

Image courtesy of OzakiAmanda/Twitter

One of the weirdest food cravings out there is pickles. This mama-to-be likes frozen pickle juice so much that she has resorted to making juice pops out of them. We haven’t tried this before, but we don’t want to know how it tastes.

Thankful for husbands like this guy

The support of a good husband is priceless for women who are going through pregnancy. When pregnant women can’t even understand themselves at times, it’s helpful to know that someone always has your back and will help you when the going gets rough.

Image courtesy of __moniiloveee/Twitter

This is how husbands should be when their wives are pregnant. We all know that a bulging belly is going to be a hindrance to many things. Preggo ladies can’t even reach their toes anymore, so this husband made it his mission to paint his wife’s toes.

How can someone eat so much chocolate?

Chocolate is a flavor well-loved by people all over the world, pregnant or not. We are not embarrassed or afraid that we are a few of those who can eat chocolate all day, every day. Stomach aches be damned!

Image courtesy of yaamotha/Twitter

This photo is a clear indication of chocolate cravings, and we don’t mean just a bar or two. Look at that huge bowl of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles. We don’t see anything wrong with it, though. Do you?

Happy wife, happy life

This is a perfect example of a happy wife. Look at that big smile on her face! She looks like she just won the lottery after her husband prepared pancakes for her when she had cravings at midnight. Kudos to the hubby!

Image courtesy of XY1337/Reddit

Not all husbands would get up from bed just to prepare pancakes for their wives during ungodly hours. Men everywhere, take note. This is how dedicated and loving you should be when your wife is carrying your unborn baby.

So this is pregnancy glow

What does this photo remind you of? The last thing we want to be is mean to pregnant women because we know just how hard it can be to be growing a tiny human in your belly, but this photo reminds us of pig feet.

Image courtesy of devilsbitchandaliar/Reddit

People have often said pregnancy will make you glow, but this isn’t what we had in mind. Perhaps we heard them incorrectly, and they were actually saying pregnancy grow, you know when your hands and feet swell and grow to epic proportions.

Ryan Reynolds ought to see this

We think that aside from food, pregnant women crave plenty of other things, such as attention. Ask any husband, and they will tell you that their wife has been super clingy, although we heard of some wives who couldn’t even stand their husbands when they were pregnant.

Image courtesy of SolidAsSnake/Reddit

This lady wasn’t craving her husband. She was yearning to see the new Deadpool movie even if she was in the late stages of her pregnancy. She could be giving birth any day now at 39 months, but that’s not stopping her from seeing Ryan Reynolds on screen.

Stop saying things about baby bumps

Some women show signs of pregnancy very early. Their tummies grow so big early on that you can quickly tell they are pregnant. However, some women don’t show early, which means you can’t even tell they’re pregnant until the late stages.

Image courtesy of you_lingerie/Instagram

Each woman is different, so there is no point comparing them, and of course, you shouldn’t say anything about their pregnancy unless you are asked to because you’re only going to piss them off, and we all know how pregnant women are when they are pissed.

Pregnancy forgetfulness strikes again

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re forgetful when you’re pregnant because you’re not alone. A lot of moms-to-be are just like you. They can’t help it if they can’t remember things, so take it easy as long as it doesn’t result in life-threatening situations.

Image courtesy of amy_kl_scheerer/Instagram

The last thing a pregnant woman needs is stress. Take this lady, for instance. She forgot to take the Pyrex lid out of the oven before preheating it. The cover melted because it’s made of plastic, but do you see her breaking down?

It’s ok if you don’t like the things you used to like

It’s not unusual for soon-to-be mommas to find repulsive the things they used to love before. This can be attributed to a lot of things, such as a heightened sense of smell and taste. So, if you suddenly dislike chocolate when you couldn’t live without it before, don’t fret.

Image courtesy of bethanyann_2/Twitter

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just pregnant. Before conceiving their baby, this lady and her husband loved pizza, but now she can’t stand it anymore. Her husband still loved it, though, because he only helped start the pregnancy.

Pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park

They say pregnancy is a walk in the park. We agree with that except that for some people, it is a walk in the park, except that park, is Jurassic Park! Don’t believe us? Just ask those who can’t keep food down and had to run to the toilet every 10 seconds.

Image courtesy of SufficientCharm/Twitter

This woman would like to give everyone a good idea of the five stages of pregnancy, kind of the same as the five stages of grief. First, you cry, then you pee, then you cry for having peed, then pee because you cried, and finally, you just stay on the toilet.

Roasted chicken coming up

Soon-to-be mommas know that we are proud of you and support you all the way. Take as many pictures of your pregnant belly because we think that preggy curves are sexy, and you should document this important phase in your life.

Image courtesy of Madiford2/Twitter

You should have photos to remember this special time, but take note that what you see here is not the most flattering angle to take pictures from because it makes you look like a rotisserie chicken. Perhaps you should take heed from celebrities and follow their poses.

Is that a fish?

Even if women are pregnant with their second or third baby, they still make it a point to care for their husbands and other children because that’s just how moms are. They always put others ahead of themselves. Never mind if they are struggling.

Image courtesy of Iwant2talkplease/Reddit

She had some time, so she thought it would be a good idea to spend it crocheting a fish for her daughter, and she was quite proud of her work, except that it didn’t exactly look like a fish. Some people on the net pointed out that it’s more like a rocket ship. What do you think?

Eating for two, you say?

People say that you have cravings when you’re pregnant, and you’re always hungry because you’re eating for two people. However, obstetricians say that you shouldn’t eat too much or the baby will grow very big that you’ll have problems with childbirth.

Image courtesy of peachy_dahlia_/Reddit

This lady has heard that advice, but who cares? She’s hungry, so she’ll eat as much as she likes. As a matter of fact, this is already her third breakfast of the day. Sounds unusual? Not to pregnant ladies, though.

Struggling and winning at the same time

Each pregnant woman is different, and each pregnancy is different. There are days when you feel like Superwoman that you get up, do a plethora of household things, and even have time and energy left to exercise without feeling any tiredness.

Image courtesy of Salty Mermaid Entertainment/Twitter

Other days you just feel so lethargic that you struggle to get out of bed, can’t keep food down, and almost have an emotional breakdown because you have problems putting socks on or can’t even pick up things that have fallen on the floor.

Just in time for Halloween

This photo is just in time for Halloween, and we bet that after seeing this, numerous pregnant women all over the world will be recreating this Halloween costume. It doesn’t take so much energy to recreate the iconic look.

Image courtesy of parkerob/Reddit

Pregnant women already have the tummy and are pretty much living in their pajamas and shirt, so there’s no need to change anything much in that area. They just need to get the Crocs, the beard, and the wig, and the look is complete.

Genius hack for shaving legs

Once your tummy gets too big, it gets in the way. Two types of people can relate to this: pregnant women and men who are dealing with beer bellies, cue Thor in Endgame. You can’t reach for things as easily as you were able to before.

Image courtesy of bambi_a/Reddit

You can’t pick things up off the floor, it’s a challenge to put on and remove your socks, and it’s next to impossible to shave your legs. Fortunately for this lady, she was able to figure things out. We love how innovative she is.

Brace yourself

When your pregnant wife wants to eat something, you better make sure that her order is followed to a T because there’s going to be hell to pay if it isn’t. Pregnant women have raging hormones, and they are incapable of controlling their emotions.

Image courtesy of Nocab_/Reddit

We’re pretty sure that this husband is about ready to pee his pants when he saw that the person at the fast-food chain didn’t quite get his wife’s order right. Instead of cheese fries, he was given fries with a slice of cheese on the side.

Great-looking nails

Even when pregnant, women still want to look and feel good. They need to look and feel good, even more so when they have a little one in their tummy. So they still put makeup on, practice their skincare routine and get occasional manicures and pedicures.

Image courtesy of jesssiker/Instagram

Even if they can’t go to the salon, they will be more than happy to give themselves a manicure and pedicure, even if it will be a challenge, especially during the late stages of pregnancy. This lady struggled, but she managed to paint her nails red.

The belly gets in the way

When Gloria Estefan sang, “the words get in the way,” pregnant women all over the world said that it’s true. However, for them, it’s not the words that get in the way. Rather, it’s the belly. Yup, none other than that huge belly with the tiny human inside.

Image courtesy of AndreaKBrooks/Twitter

Be careful not to drop something when you’re in the late stages of pregnancy because when anything falls on the floor, there’s no getting it back unless you have someone in the house who can help you pick it up.

Drop the Oreos on the floor like they’re hot

And speaking of not being able to pick things up off the floor, we think that this lady’s husband is a genius. Pregnant women seem to want to eat every 30 minutes, and even if they’re full, they still search for something to nibble on.

Image courtesy of mamerwin/Twitter

This lady must have been getting addicted to Oreos when she was pregnant. She noticed that she was consuming more than she should and was gaining weight, so she asked her husband for help. He happily obliged by putting the Oreos on the floor. Now, there’s no way she can get to them.

Movie popcorn and drinks

Pregnancy food cravings may be crazy to some, but pregnant women can’t help it. They just need to eat that specific weird food, or else their emotions will be running high, and there will be mood swings you don’t even want to deal with.

Image courtesy of manahikari/Reddit

Is it a sin to want movie popcorn and drinks when you’re pregnant? No. Is it a sin to want to go to the movies not to watch a film but to just get the movie popcorn and drinks? The answer is still no. So, go ahead, momma, and buy that movie ticket so you can get that popcorn.

That was a nice football game

Aww, bless this pregnant momma’s heart. She must have been so tired that even her favorite football team couldn’t keep her up. Husbands, don’t be upset if your preggo wife easily gets sleepy. It’s part of the many changes in pregnancy.

Image courtesy of drumsnstrums/Instagram

After all, she is growing a tiny human in her tummy. The physical and emotional changes can quickly lower your energy levels and make you feel fatigued. So, sleep a lot if you must momma because once the baby arrives, you won’t be able to sleep as much.

The dog is not pleased

We can’t stress enough that swaddling is one of the most important skills new parents have to learn. You want to be able to properly wrap your baby when it arrives so it can sleep soundly at night. When the baby sleeps soundly, so will you.

Image courtesy of ohaivoltage/Instagram

This lady is practicing her swaddling skills. However, there’s one member of the family who’s not happy with it, and it’s their dog! Why? Because he has become the test subject. Just check out the look on his face.

Luckily everyone’s safe

A little forgetfulness during pregnancy is common and is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you find yourself having problems concentrating or thinking and feeling sad for most of the day, you could be suffering from pregnancy depression.

Image courtesy of _trishee_/Instagram

We don’t think this lady is suffering from it, though. She is just plain forgetful. How surprised would you be if you opened your door in the morning and found your keys hanging there? Luckily, everyone is safe and sound.

You can’t sneak around with that huge bump

Baby bumps can be small and hardly noticeable, but they can also be very large that they take over your whole body, especially if you’re having more than a single baby. It’s difficult to walk around and play hide and seek with hubby or the kids.

Image courtesy of ShivayVeerSharma/Reddit

A case in point is this photo. Preggo momma was trying to sneak up on her husband, but she wasn’t successful because moments before she can announce her arrival, her huge baby bump had already done so. It’s so big that it can’t be concealed.

My, my, how you have grown

Remember when you weren’t pregnant yet? You could wear sexy lingerie from La Perla, Victoria’s Secret, and other ‘sexy’ brands, but the moment your pregnant belly started growing, you had to store them away because they no longer fit.

Image courtesy of mrsroyalmountain/Reddit

If you have ever compared your lingerie and undies before and after you got pregnant, you’ll notice the stark contrast from sexy lace to large and comfortable undies that look like granny panties. But hey, at least they support your bump.