Predicted And Verified: 40 Remarkable Cases Of Psychic Predictions That Came True

By Ruby M

If you open any social media app, you are likely to see at least one post related to psychic stuff. However, many people do not believe in the art of fortune-telling. They simply (or cynically) state that if a person isn’t using an algorithm to predict the future, any true events are purely by chance.

Essentially, they claim there is no science to back the fictitious beliefs of psychics.

But there is also a large number of people who believe that there are individuals on this earth who have the unique gift of being able to invoke the energy from tarot cards and rocks, among other things, in order to give others futuristic insight into their own lives.

Whether you’re a cynic or believer, these 40 times psychics actually did predict the future will be an interesting read. Enjoy!

Birthday Changes

If you’re willing to take the risk of transforming your birthday from what most of the world would say is a day of celebration to a day of utter dread, then you’d go to a tarot reader on your birthday. 

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Sure, your chances of drawing positive cards are high, but so are your chances of drawing death and the eight of wands. That means change is coming, and it’s coming fast. Sadly, this Redditor drew the card only days before her sister was deployed to the army.

An Excited Uncle

While some fortune tellers use their skills to pursue a career in this field, many people read fortunes as a means of reflecting on their own life. They use the cards to help them to better understand themselves and their own paths in life.

Image Source: Mrs_andzela/IG

One person in particular seldom offered readings to others, but one day did a reading for his sister just for fun. The message that the cards gave came with many signs of fertility — long story short, the fortune teller was happy to announce that he was to become an uncle.

Con Artists are Among Us

This “fortune teller” is a prime example of people who are just really good at reading people. If you’re truly a psychic and want to help the people and souls of this world prosper, then why would you need more money to break a curse? 

Image Source: Lasonrisadeander/IG

Surely, if someone has come to you and paid for your services, ethically, you shouldn’t want to charge them more to break a phony curse. Well, this woman still hasn’t found true love — so maybe she should go and see someone who will help her break her bad luck without breaking the bank, too.

The Unexpected Son

Sometimes predictions are merely coincidental, and sometimes they are fate. When a woman and her daughter were goofing around one day, the daughter thought it would be fun to read her mother’s fortune with some playing cards. That’s one way to pass the time and have some laughs.

Image Source: Mrs_andzela/IG

She predicted that her mother was going to have a fifth child, something that the mother of four was not willing to see as anything other than a ridiculous, meaningless reading. However, nature has a funny way of making things happen — about a year later, a son was born.

Lovers, But Not For Long

Readings aren’t a one-step process. Take this four-part reading that an army veteran had done by a friend had. According to the reading, she would marry her then-boyfriend, but they wouldn’t be together for long. The prediction also mentioned that they would have a child together before splitting up. She was skeptical, until the fourth reading.

Image Source: Freemanandfugateoddities/IG

The fourth reading predicted that the veteran would meet a very emotional woman within the week — and she did. A little while later, all three other predictions came true. She married her boyfriend, but they didn’t stay together for very long, though they did have a daughter before their relationship ended.

Howard Has Arrived

Some people can see the souls or bodies of the dead — if you believe in that sort of thing, of course. Some people have reported even being able to see their faces, what they are wearing, and communicate with those who have passed away.

Image Source: Sacred_space_cornwall/IG

Surely, if it’s true, then it isn’t hard to believe that those who have passed away know a lot more than the living, as they exist on another, more spiritual, plane. These souls often gravitate towards psychics, in the hopes that they will be able to help them to communicate with those who are grieving them.

Dearly Departed

Often, the work of a fortune teller or psychic is met with much skepticism — especially when it comes to predicting the future. One couple thought it might be fun to try it while on a vacation together in Greece and the woman’s reading did not have a very happy outcome. 

Image Source: Sayukaraca/IG

She predicted that the husband and wife would not be together for both of their lives, as he was destined to become a widower. The wife laughed it off — as one would naturally do when told that they are going to die by a psychic. Sadly, though, she lost her life 6 years later.

McFuture Telling

Some people have a bit of a sixth sense but do not use it to its full potential or make a career out of it. One McDonald’s worker and his mother allegedly can predict what people are thinking. Although some statements are incorrect, they often get it right.

Image Source: Mcdonalds.544/IG

This worker can tell what a person will order with just one look — which is creepy yet somewhat cool. Imagine walking into a McDonald’s, and the cashier has already rung up your order because they somehow knew that you were going to order seven cheeseburgers with a side of fries for you and your friends.

Unfortunate Events

Sometimes, when you have the ability to tell someone’s future, you can see some pretty terrible things happening down the line. Take this person, for example, who, after giving a young boy a reading, convinced him not to drive because she foresaw a terrible car accident in his future. 

Image Source: Hostelcityofficial/IG

She even went as far as saying he shouldn’t even get his license because he needs to just stay out of the car to avoid this terrible accident. A month later, she allegedly received a call from the boy’s mother telling her that he had passed away in a car accident.

Using The Gift For Good

Readings can give a person just the right amount of insight that they need to make an important or difficult decision. And sometimes, readings can guide a person toward answers they never thought possible. This person had several readings that all seemed to point to the truth.

Image Source: Luna_thetarotdiagnosis/IG

People who are gifted with the ability to predict accurate readings usually find themselves telling people exactly what they need to hear, or at least, something that they resonate strongly with. This Redditor seems to be doing just that with her readings.

A Happy Ending

Relationships can be tricky. They are, after all, between two people who each have their own expectations and thoughts when it comes to feeling ready for marriage. Usually, there is one person who feels ready first, and then the other follows suit.

Image Source: Esmeraldsformay/IG

In this case, a woman was becoming worried that her partner did not want to marry her. But after seeking guidance, the cards told her that their relationship was going to last and that he was going to propose…and he did.

Still Hope Yet

Sometimes readings can be done about someone when they aren’t even in the room. Take this one, for example — a friend decided to do a reading on their roommate to see how their relationship was going, and the cards predicted that the couple would break up, but would also reconcile.

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A mere ten minutes later, the same roommate announced to their friend that he and his girlfriend had broken up, and the reader of the tarot cards told him not to worry, that they would get back together. And they did. Happy ending for the win!

Long-Distance Troubles

Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when communication is already very difficult to maintain from so far away. One Redditor was worried about their partner when they suddenly stopped talking to them, and so they decided to do a reading to try and seek some guidance on what to do.

Image Source: Sambinding/IG

According to the cards, the reader’s partner was going through serious mental health challenges and was assured they would reach out. They just needed to be extremely patient. A few weeks later, they did reach out, and told their long-distance partner about the serious depression they were going through.

Employment Troubles

The Covid-19 pandemic affected a lot of people all over the world, in a variety of different ways. Some people lost their loved ones, others were separated from their homes, and some lost their jobs due to their companies’ inability to stay open.

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One person foresaw that they would permanently lose their job because their company was going to shut down. Sadly, it was the case. We hope that this Redditor has managed to get on their feet once more. Who knows; maybe it led them to a better job in the future.

Rebound Love

Sometimes, timing is a huge reason why people don’t stay together. It might be that one person is moving away, or that they have just come out of a very long and hurtful relationship and they simply aren’t ready to open up again. 

Image Source: Jimrichardsonng/IG

They say that rebound relationships never last but that isn’t always the case, according to this Redditor. Her psychic predicted that their love was meant to be and 8 years later, the “rebound” is still very much in her life.

Toxic Friends

Some friendships come with an expiration date, and as much as we don’t want to believe it, the red flags are usually there from the get-go. When this woman was reading cards about her friends, she thought that something must have been wrong with her cards when they kept predicting negativity. 

Image Source: Xicoalarcon/IG

However, she learned the truth when, about a month later, her friend ghosted her out of nowhere. The cards tried to warn her that her friend was full of negative energy, but she gave her friend the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, we just need to open our eyes and accept what the universe is telling us.

Sometimes, The Psychic is Spot On

Often, skeptics are the first people to knock down the concept of a fortune teller, psychic — or in this case, a tarot reader. However, there are skeptical people out there who will give readings a try even though they don’t really believe in them.

Image Source: Sacred_space_cornwall/IG

Sometimes, the biggest cynic becomes the person with immense belief in something they were never open to before. This person was able to find guidance and cut out the toxic people in her life after a very “creepy” experience with a psychic.

Delayed at Birth

A woman was determined to learn her son’s due date that she was pregnant with, but to her surprise, the answer had been there all along. She kept drawing the 8 of swords — which apparently meant that he would be born after his due date. 

Image Source: Thedailymoontarot/IG

He was born exactly 8 days late. The answer had been there the whole time, but she only realized it after she had given birth to her baby boy. Sometimes, we only realize things after the fact, when we can see all the pieces in front of us.

Friends Or Lovers?

Sometimes people meet and go out on a date, but the reason they were supposed to be in each other’s lives is not for love but for friendship. It is actually very common for friends who’ve been close for years and years to have initially met in a romantic setting.

Image Source: Tarottidbits78/IG

The beauty of friendship is that it is less volatile than a relationship. And, let’s be honest, some people are better off just being friends and nothing more. After all, life is too short to be dating someone who is actually just a good friend to you.

Being Targeted

Psychic readings can predict many positive outcomes like fertility, love, and marriage, but they can also provide cautions to heed. This Redditor was forewarned that someone in her company was going to target her — and that is exactly what happened. 

Image Source: G_krishnan_ah/IG

We don’t know the ins and outs, but it turns out the person coming after her was her manager. It had a happy ending though, since she was later removed from the company after multiple complaints from other employees in the company came to light. The Redditor was promoted, and apparently began working under a “sane” manager.

What a Coincidence

This one seems a little bit more coincidental than some of the others in this list, but it obviously meant something significant to the Redditor who posted it. According to the reading, the cards said the person she liked kept seeing and hearing her name. 

Image Source: Juli_esau/IG

She didn’t think much of it, but the next day he told her that he liked her name. This is, of course, something that could have most likely been a completely coincidental event, as he likely just wanted to compliment her name. But perhaps there is something more to it.

A Blonde Woman Foreseen

Often, the cards tell the readers about the future of their love lives. This time, the cards predicted a young blonde woman would be very important to the reader. Naturally, this prediction came true when the blonde woman became the reader’s wife. 

Image Source: Dfueco/IG

The two met shortly after the Redditor’s tarot cards were read, and he couldn’t believe it when the blonde woman came into his life. Who knows, perhaps going to see the tarot reader was merely the first step, and if he hadn’t gone, he wouldn’t have met her.


Friendships can be messy. Friends fight, break up, make up and hug just like lovers do — except without the romantic elements to the relationship, of course. Often people will seek guidance from tarot cards on how to deal with a lost or broken friendship.

Image Source: Spiritualminds11/IG

This person decided to try out the cards by asking them if her dear friend would come back into her life — and they predicted that he would. Months later, the cards told her the same thing yet again, and to her surprise, he did end up reaching out, and they reconciled.

Finding Love

Love is a wonderful thing, and it comes in many forms. Family, friendship, and, of course, romantic love can make a person’s whole life different, especially for the better. And it can take only a short while to fall in love.

Image Source: Nextstopwithlove/IG

Many people struggle to find love, and often seek advice from psychics. This person, in particular, asked their reader if she would find true love. The cards were in her favor because the psychic did predict an attractive mutual friend coming into her life — and he did.

Not What She Wanted to Hear

We’ve said it before — sometimes, the cards don’t tell us what we want to hear, but rather what we need to hear. However, the cold, hard truth is a little bit too much for people. They want comfort, not reality.

Image Source: Madameciaa/IG

A client of a psychic demanded her money back when she was told that she and her husband were separated. It turns out that the cards were a little premature as the couple ended up separating a only few days later.

Not a Leo

Aside from the popular search for true love, many people seek advice from psychics about fertility and children. This mother-to-be had been struggling to conceive for two years, but the odds were in her favor when the psychic predicted a baby in her future. 

Image Source: Titsfortatt/IG

The child was conceived, and the psychic also predicted that he would not be born a Leo, but rather a Cancer, even though this meant that the child would be overdue…which he was! The cards accurately predicted that the child’s star sign would actually be Cancer.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Everyone needs to start somewhere, even tarot readers. This one began their journey by doing her first reading outside of the family for her sister’s friend. She predicted a romantic betrayal, which was presumably about her boyfriend cheating on her.

Image Source: Ollyy/Shutterstock

Lo and behold, a few weeks later the cards’ predictions came true. The friend was going through her boyfriend’s phone and discovered, much to her dismay, he had been cheating on her for most of their relationship. To make matters worse, he was doing it with a married woman.

Follow Your Gut

Reading is all about trusting your intuition — you know, that little feeling that you get in your gut when you just know something is going to happen. When it does, you don’t even feel surprised because you were already mentally prepared.

Image Source: Sacred_space_cornwall/IG

That’s what frequently happens to this reader who claims to have predicted many personal life events in their and their friends’ lives, as well as political elections and events. The first step is to believe — the rest, as they say, will follow.


Future tellers have the ability to tap into something that the rest of us can’t, or don’t know how to. And often are able to predict future events like the next winner of the Oscars, possible future war, or outcomes of political elections, and that’s apparently what this person was able to do.

Image Source: Dianecanenyc/IG

Some people might be skeptical, and cynically state that their foresight was the result of sheer dumb luck, coincidence, or it was simply a good guess. But after reading all of the items on this list, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t something there.

She Did What a Doctor Couldn’t

There are many people in the psychic industry that are in it for the money. These people often do not really have the gift; they simply are great cold readers and know how to give people the answers that they are looking for. However, some people are the real deal. 

Image Source: Domjoeltattoo/IG

One fortune teller was able to tell a mother about some wonderful and useful remedies to help with her daughter’s throat. What makes it odd was she was only given their birthdays. According to this Redditor, her mother did not mention anything about her daughter’s throat problems, but the remedies she gave were very helpful.

No Mario, No!

We don’t know about this show in particular, but there are a ton of dramas out there that feature and sometimes even star a psychic, tarot card reader or fortune teller as a character. Usually they are there to give insight into the other main characters.

Image Source: Ramonasinger/IG

This Redditor was so invested in RHONY that they simply could not forget about that one time Mario had another love interest. Sadly, this is the case for many of the main character’s husbands in a drama like this — and the ending is never a good one.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

People really do seem to love a good fortune telling, especially on reality television. Even the greatest cynic will enjoy a reading when it isn’t on them, but rather on someone on TV that they don’t know. After all, they’ll never suffer the consequences of bad predictions.

Image Source: Spiritualminds11/IG

Another case of a very accurate reading on TV took place on the set of the Real Housewives. In the 2018 season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, psychic Mbele was going to read all the housewives and Kandi Burruss had some really amazing news coming her way.

Don’t Sleep!

Sometimes, as we have seen, fortune tellers are given warnings to tell the person that they are reading. In this case, the warning was likely the thing that saved her life. She warned her not to sleep, and she assumed it was because of the long drive that she had ahead.

Image Source: The_triple_virgo/IG

However, it wasn’t her who was going to fall asleep. While driving with her ex, he fell asleep at the wheel. But because this Redditor was very aware, she managed to grab the wheel and stop the car from crashing. Her life and his life were saved because of the warning.

Butterfly Kisses

Many people claim that, when a loved one dies, they are never truly gone. For centuries, people all over the world have reported seeing a recurring symbol or creature that they strongly believe is the spirit of their deceased loved one.

Image Source: Theseventharies/IG

One person, in particular, was told by her mom that a reader had said that her father was watching over her in the form of a black and white butterfly. Now, believe what you will, but she constantly saw black and white butterflies in her life.

The Past Is Always Important

When you’re cynical of anything that is not scientifically proven, it is easy not to believe in anything other-worldly, especially not fortune tellers. Some specialize in predicting the future while others focus on reading the past and helping people to learn from the events that have taken place in their lives.

Image Source: A2fpekindelhi/IG

Simply by telling a man their birthday, this Redditor was told many true things about their past that were true. Fortune tellers use the past to assist people in overcoming present and future obstacles, by delving into issues that may never have been resolved.

Witchery is Cool

Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and Charmed are all very good examples of TV shows and movies that made magic and wizardry look cool. Everyone, especially tweens and teens who were fans of such franchises, would often daydream about what it would be like to be able to harness the power of magic.

Image Source: Cafetarot/IG

One eighth grader decided to read oracle cards, and to her surprise, many of her readings came true. For example, she predicted a friend’s crush wanted to ask her out, but then changed his mind last minute. A close friend later confirmed that this was true!

A Promotion Prediction

We’ve mentioned before how many people with the ability to do accurate readings often only do them for their own life or for those of the people closest to them. When this Redditor did a reading for her mom, she foresaw a promotion in the midst.

Image Source: Tlsconnectingvoices/IG

By the middle of the year, she predicted that her mother would get a raise and was very happy to announce that this prediction had come true. Her mother must have been very excited when she learned that her daughter’s reading was accurate.

More Fertility Signs

Another common prediction that we have covered is people reading cards and finding signs of fertility in the near future. Usually, the person being read does turn out to become pregnant and is thankful for the foresight that they received.

Image Source: Codeyreadscards/IG

This case is no different. Learning from her mom from a young age, this tarot reader picked up the ability to read cards and was able to predict a child in her life very soon. Even a slip of the cards pointed in that direction.

Better Than A Pregnancy Test

As we’ve seen, there is no shortage of stories about tarot cards predicting the future of families — whether it’s relationships, marriage, or pregnancy. Here’s another story about a tarot reading about the sitter’s family and fertility that was surprisingly accurate.

Image Source: Moonmagicsun/IG

While many people go to get their fortunes read while they’re pregnant, it’s not common that they already are carrying a child without even knowing it. This friend was the first to know, even before the mother-to-be was aware! Tarot is one heck of a pregnancy test.


To close it out, we have a story about skeptics and believers. We’re not here to convince you one way or another, nor will we spoil which side we fall on, but this person is definitely the former. But that’s not the weird part…

Image Source: Vanessaalexandra2490/IG

While none of their interactions convinced them that psychics are real, the coincidences definitely pointed to a pattern. After all, what are the odds that three different people would approach them asking about their supernatural abilities? We’ll let you decide on that one.