Couple Chronicles Their Long-Distance Love In A Relatable Webcomic Series

By Louise P

What makes cartoons and comics so relatable? “The Secret Life of Potatoes and Friends” is a relatable series created by Hito and Senpai. The couple has quickly become one of our favorites with their quirky comics that make us giggle with delight. To make things even more interesting, they are in a long-distance relationship on opposite sides of the globe. “So most of our comic ideas come from sudden daily life inspirations. When we started in 2019, we thought it might be relatable for more people because we have many perspectives while telling stories through comics.” They are not only living far apart, but their backgrounds are very different. One of the things they find most important is incorporating both of their perspectives in their work, and always with humor. It is based on their “daily ups and downs” as a couple. Here is a look at 45 of the best comics that made us fall in love with them!

All images are courtesy of the account hitopotato on Instagram.

Everybody wants to be a cat

If the Aristocats taught us anything, it is that cats truly live a charmed life. They walk from one sunny spot to the next, glaring at their human subordinates from under their brow. We can see why the artist wants to be a cat.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Honestly, we would really prefer to be a humble caterpillar. Spending the day munching away on juicy green leaves, resting for weeks in a cocoon, and emerging as a spectacular butterfly in the end. But being a cat is our second choice!

Drink the Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning? Or even the afternoon? We know we do! But not all of us tolerate caffeine well. It seems Hito can enjoy a cup… or two… or three any time of the day. Sadly, Senpai is not so lucky.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Poor, sleepless Senpai. It looks like he’ll be up all night, buzzing with caffeine and probably a little resentment while Hito sleeps blissfully in her bed. Better stick to sniffing that decaf next time! We hope he’s caught up on his rest.

Back to Bed

Oh, yeah! We feel this on a soul level. Sometimes the best free days are those spent curled up in bed. Who wouldn’t want to catch some extra z’s on their day off? There is no rest for the wicked, so it’s a good thing Hito is so sweet.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Bed seems to be Hito’s happy place. How can you blame her? It’s definitely one of ours. There’s no shame in canceling those plans and crawling back into bed. Grab some ice cream and turn on Netflix, or just shut those blackout curtains and let yourself snooze.

Procrastination Master

Hito may have procrastinated a bit too much this semester. Now she gets to look forward to cramming all that knowledge into one study session. We’ve all been there. We have faith in you, Hito! Take it one page at a time.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Get those tears and those fears out quick, friend. It’s time to strap on those big girl boots and get back to work. As any true procrastinator knows, it’s a cycle of self-doubt, motivation, more self-doubt, and even more motivation. You got this!

Offense Taken

That awkward moment when someone tells us they saw our doppelganger… and we get an interesting peek into how they view us. Will it be a stunning supermodel? Or a scary troll? It looks like Hito got an unfortunate answer. Well, depending on your perspective.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Let’s look for some silver linings. At least those braids are banging! That’s one thing Hito, and the anime character has in common. Let’s hope that’s the only thing. Senpai, bro, you’d better be careful when making comparisons. We’re not so sure your lady love will be sporting braids again.

The Boyfriend Pillow

This is why body pillows exist. It looks like Hito is missing her Senpai. Who doesn’t love cuddling before bed? Nothing can replace the real thing. But if you can’t spoon for real, we hope that body pillow is doing the trick for the time being.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

In true girlfriend style, the more pillows, the merrier. We need a couple for our head and a couple just to look pretty. Oh, and a huge one to cuddle in case the boyfriend is out of town, of course. Did we forget any? 

Double Standards

Why is it so easy to carry shopping bags of clothes? There’s nothing like the surge of adrenaline you get when shopping for new outfits! Sometimes, it even gives you superhuman strength and energy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate to grocery shopping.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

All those heavy veggies, fruits, bottles, and cans. Boy, do they weigh us down. But just think about all the yummy meals you’ll be eating soon. Still not working? Okay, maybe just imagine they are new shirts, shoes, and pants you’ll get on the next shopping trip.

Like Like Like

Trust us; we know that sudden dopamine rush when we get more followers and likes. Just don’t let it get to your head, Hito. Stay cool, calm, collected, and humble. Oh, wait… What was that notification for? One more follower! Woohoo! 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Do the cute couple Hito and Senpai have what it takes to become Instagram influencers? Or will they let fame get to their heads? Only time will tell. But posting a few more comics might help speed up the process. 

Discount Days

That student discount is the real deal! We remember riding the bus for less, getting special deals at the movie theaters, and a free checking account. Losing it means you’ve graduated and are ready to enter the real world. Maybe we should consider going back.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Honestly, maybe Hito should be on the 9-year university plan. Why not play the long game? If going to university can teach you anything, it’s how to live on a budget. Go on, hold onto that student card as long as you can.

Boomer Brain

We might be able to create digital art and build a following on social media, but operating that laundry machine is like brain surgery. Boomers to the rescue! Thank goodness we can always call upon good ol’ Mom and Dad in times like these.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Remember those first days in university? Everything was so exciting, new, and fun. Then we realized our parents had been doing our laundry our entire lives. We accidentally threw a red sock in with the whites, and half our wardrobe ended up pink.

All Hail Carbs!

We are with you on this one, Hito. The way to win our hearts is through our bellies. And how many of us could honestly resist pizza – cheesy, doughy deliciousness? Pizza is not the only thing hot in this relationship.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

How does Hito feel about pineapple on pizza? This is the real test of a relationship. We really hope you don’t get this one wrong, Senpai. Pizza is just the first step to starting that fire. Ordering the right kind is what will keep it burning for a long time.

Kid at Heart

“The essentials.” That is open to interpretation, isn’t it? We buy the essentials all the time. Sometimes, that magazine at the checkout stand feels very essential. Sometimes, that family-sized bag of candy is completely necessary. Who are we to judge what our minds inspire us to do?

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

It looks like reverse psychology could have gone a long way to curb this shopping spree. “Buy ALL the unnecessary things. Go wild!” said no mom ever. Maybe then Hito would have gone with some cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

Spark Joy

In any cohabitation, there comes a time to Marie Kondo the place. Have we used this item in the past several months? Does it spark joy? Yes, all ten pairs of jeans spark joy. That hair curler we’ve had for ten years? It might not spark electricity anymore, but it definitely sparks joy. 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

It seems like Hito also got the sparking joy memo. All those clothes sparked so much joy right where they were; she didn’t even have to move them an inch. It’s been a successful organizing session. Girl, you deserve this rest!

Facebook Is the Stalker

“Cat food, cat food, cat food, cat food.” We know they’re listening in when they start sending us ads for cat food. And we don’t even have a cat. But who are “they”? We don’t know, but they definitely live in our phones.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

It’s not a bad idea, really. If we want something, why not just start yelling it into our phones? “Win the lottery, island vacation, beautiful house.” Maybe the world will conspire with the stars and everything will align to bring it all to us.

False Hopes

“No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks.” Hmmm, but also… no more sleeping in on weekdays, no more student discounts, no more financial support. Umm… Can we please undo this graduation and return to the comfort of a university routine?

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Cue panic mode! It’s that feeling that we’ve worked so hard to accomplish something, we achieve it, and we have no idea what to do next. Is the real world all that amazing? Hito is about to find out. We wish you luck!

Stop It! No Don’t…

Who doesn’t love being complimented from time to time? Sure, we blush with embarrassment and humbly ask the other person to stop, but we all know what that really means. “Oh, stop, but really don’t!” Keep the flattery flowing. 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Senpai is winning extra brownie points today. We wonder if he is simply in the mood to shower Hito with praise or if he has something up his sleeve. We are clearly much more cynical than Hito. But she sure knows how to ask for what she needs.

Lonely Planer

“Hey, let’s go on a date to that new restaurant!” Flash forward to the evening of two directionally-challenged people desperately trying to find the location. Hanger sets in. It’s starting to feel a little less romantic and a little more survivalist.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

What did we do before Google maps gave us step-by-step directions to our destinations? Oh yeah, we used paper maps! Well, some of us did. Others may have just gotten lost and felt like they were constantly living in a maze on an unwelcomed scavenger hunt. 

Sore Losers

Nothing like a little healthy competition between couples, right? Wrong. We feel the artists on this one. Some people are amazing losers, and then there are those who won’t let it go. We hope our partner is not the latter.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Senpai is quite the sore loser in this one. It takes us back to the days of playing games with our younger siblings. If they didn’t let you win, they just weren’t trying. We guess we can see some things just never change.

Make Space!

There is always room for dessert, and there is certainly always room for more clothes in the closet. Like many of us, Hito loves shopping. When things get a bit tight on space, it’s like playing a game of Tetris. Level up, Hito. You are a winner!

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Cool, there’s also room for another pair of pants, a jacket, and maybe some shoes. Okay, perhaps things are getting carried away. This isn’t an episode of Hoarders. When we reach in for one item, and many come tumbling down, we know we’ve gone too far.

I Don’t Mean What I Say

It’s nice of Hito to pretend to give Senpai a say. However, there’s freedom in having the little decisions made for you. Senpai seems to be embracing that. Good for you, Senpai. Good for you. Life is going to be easier.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We’ve been there. We say we don’t mind what we eat or what is on TV. Then our partner goes and chooses the complete worst option. At the risk of being bossy, we have to veto it. It’s just completely unacceptable.

I’m A Potato

She’s called HitoPotato for a reason, and we love her for it. There is no shame in embracing those lazy days. She can teach us a little something about life. Put down that to-do list and find a couch near you!

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

This one speaks to the couch potato in all of us. Cancel all our plans. We have a date with the sofa, and it’s getting serious. Hito knows what we’re talking about, but Senpai better watch out, or he might get replaced.

What Is Cold?

Is Senpai onto something? That is one way to get a serious tan – or rather, just frostbite. Those tan lines might fade, but the memory of freezing in the snow will scar him forever. Good luck with that strategy, Senpai! 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We remember the first time we forgot to wear sunscreen in the snowy months. It was like a baptism of fire – or sun in this case. There’s nothing like being a tomato-faced rookie flying down those ski slopes. It’s one way to get a tan, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Long Distance Lovers

What do you think? Can our favorite couple survive long-distance? Challenge accepted. We have faith in you two! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? They might be hours apart, but thankfully, they have FaceTime. And we’re sure they are always on each other’s minds.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

They’d better make sure to get those time zones right, though. Senpai may be getting waking up in the middle of the night to chat with Hito on her lunch break. At least he gets six extra hours to remember her birthday. Phew! 

One Day…

The denial about our vacation ending is real. It is easy to pack when we’re excited about the destination. It’s a little bit harder to return to regular life. But hey, if you don’t unpack, is the vacation really over?

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Maybe Hito is just extra prepared for her next vacation. What a clever time-saving technique! If that next vacation suddenly calls, she will be ready to hop on a plane or catch a Greyhound. Senpai could learn from Hito’s travel tips. 

Pizza Partners

Aww, these two definitely share a love for pizza. They only know how to cut carbs with a pizza cutter. First, they go straight down the middle and then into slices. No slice will be left behind in this household!

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Another pizza bites the crust. Pizzas won’t last long with these two in the room, but crust-first is definitely the way to go. It looks like Senpai is dropping more and more pizza wisdom. How could Hito not fall in love with him?    

What’s Yours is Mine Baby

“No, I don’t want any dessert. I’ll just have a bite of yours.” As if we’ve never heard that line before. One bite turns into half. Half turns into most of the cake. It appears Senpai knows this all too well.   

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Get someone who looks at you the way Hito looks at food. But we’d be careful if we were you. She has also been known to make food disappear like a magic trick. We wouldn’t that happening to you too, Senpai.

Tech Issues

It’s the thought that matters, right? Senpai’s heart was in the right place. However, his foot might have gone a little too far with that kick. The computer would probably agree. We sure hope that thing is still under warranty.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Oh, homework. It is the chosen torture device of schools. Just when we thought we were free, they gave us homework. Can we still blame our dogs for eating our assignments? Maybe we can blame our SO’s mad martial arts skills instead.

Laughter Heals

Hahaha- cut it out, Senpai! But maybe don’t cut soooo much off next time. There’s nothing like a little comic relief when you’re feeling down. Although, Hito does have to look at him until that hairstyle grows out. We wonder how long she’ll be laughing.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Trying a new and funky haircut always comes with risks. It looks like Senpai rolled the dice and hair we are. You know, bad hair days are one of the reasons hats were invented. Put a cap on it, Senpai.    

Social Media Rabbit Hole

Really??? So we take a social media break for a few weeks, and an entirely new trend takes over. Now that’s a reel struggle. Hito and Senpai are going to have to play catch-up if they want to keep those followers happy.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Well, if we can’t beat them, we may as well join them. We remember resisting the Instagram reels in the very beginning. Then we made one of them and then two. The next thing we knew, we were reeling those followers in.

I Scream, You Scream…

Well, now we know who the vanilla one in this relationship is. For goodness sake, at least get a swirl or sprinkles, Senpai! If he insists on sticking with the simple classic, let’s hope it is only for his ice cream.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Nothing says “I love you” like sharing our dessert with our significant other. Once again, Senpai has proven that he is the sweetest – next to that yummy ice cream, of course. If he wants any of it, he’d better enjoy it before Hito does.  

Man Flu

Now, this is a stereotype many have probably come to experience. That boyfriend is tough as nails until a cold takes over. Then it’s seemingly the end of the world. Will Senpai make it through his cold? Only time will tell. 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We’re supposed to stick by each other through sickness and health, right? People have different “sick personalities.” They should really come with a disclaimer. Are you a hibernating, leave-me-alone type? Or do you not want to be left alone for a second because you feel you may die alone type?  

Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

We are on arcade fire! Just when we think we’re killing it, we get one-upped by a baby with a binky. Classic. Maybe pushing random buttons is the way to go. There’s only one way to know… one more game.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We’ll be done soon. Just five more minutes (we said an hour ago). Who can blame us? Arcade games are designed to be addictive. Just when we think we’re going to call it a day, we actually start winning big.   

Shopping Fail

We don’t know about you, but that deceiving self-checkout is never as straightforward as it seems. We might have a college degree, run a successful company, and be super tech-savvy, but that barcode scanner is just impossible to operate.  

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We know the feeling. It’s just one of those days. We’re not in the mood to be social and talk to people we don’t know. We think we can avoid all human contact, but no such luck. The introvert gods are not smiling down on you today.   

Distance Learning

We remember when everything went online seemingly overnight. Classes, work meetings, and even dates. On the plus side, we get to lounge in the comfort of their own home 24/7. On the negative side, we can’t wait to see another human IRL.

We don’t know about you, but most of our online meetings were business on top, pajamas on bottom. And many times, it was full-on pajamas. Thank goodness for the option to turn off that video. Hito can relate to that. 

Curiosity More than Mildly Injured the Senpai

Senpai speaks to the little kid in all of us. Don’t touch the stove. Don’t run off in a crowded place. Don’t, don’t, don’t! Too many don’t just make you want to do it despite the consequences. We feel you, Senpai.  

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Maybe Hito would be better off practicing some reverse psychology on Senpai. Climb that electric fence. Yes, add that whole bottle of hot sauce to that food. Don’t take the trash out. Don’t do the dishes. Would it work? Maybe.

Digital PDA

It seems Hito is quite the cook. Unfortunately for Senpai, she is also quite the eater. What did he expect? There’s no we in spaghetti. It does end with an I, though. Hito seemed to pick up on that real quick.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Hmmm… What’s Hito to do in this dire situation? We know one way she might be able to make it up to him. Send more noods. And yes, we mean noodles! Senpai’s still hungry after all. Maybe some trusty takeout is the answer.

Digital PDA

Awww, look at these two lovebirds shamelessly embracing some virtual PDA. Those public displays of affection do come with some opinions. When we’re in it, we love it. When we’re watching others, we don’t get it. Then there are these situations.

One kiss is all it takes. If anyone knows how to help in this scenario, it’s Dua Lipa. Come on, Senpai. Bite the bullet and pucker up! He might get those looks of disgust from everyone else, but it’ll win Hito’s heart for sure. 

Instagram Model

We all know that couple. The one with the Instagram boyfriend or girlfriend behind the scenes, getting all the right angles and lighting. There’s nothing like that “casual” candid shot they captured, right? We are guilty of this and honestly, who doesn’t love seeing those perfect shots?

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

The lengths that some Instagram couples will go for each other is truly astounding. They may go hungry while you take that perfect food photo or risk injury by hanging off the balcony to catch that perfect shot. If that doesn’t show their love, we don’t know what does. 

A Laughing Matter

Some things are just lost in translation. We’ve been there while traveling. We’ve been caught staring at a couple of grannies angrily yelling at each other. They looked like they were about to break out in a fight. Then suddenly, they start cracking up laughing. Well, we didn’t see that one coming.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

They say laughter is the best medicine. There’s nothing like giggling insanely with your beloved. Maybe this is true even if we’re not sure what they’re doing can be considered laughter. Hopefully, their awkward laugh will just get us giggling even more.

Cat Lover

Good thing Senpai is there to save Hito from making a cat-astrophic decision. Sure, the cat is cute. They capture our hearts easily, but should we adopt every single kitten we see? Her head is definitely in the clouds sometimes.  

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Must pet ALL the adorable animals. Who thought to invent such soft, furry, fluff balls – and then attach razor-sharp nails at the end of those cute, little paws? We can’t help but push their little toe beans. Cue evil laugh.

Chop Chop

The man bun is all the rage these days. It seems to be a love or hate thing for most people. We are personally fans. Although this doesn’t mean just anyone can pull it off. Sadly, it looks like Senpai does not make the cut.

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We know the feeling of getting a disappointing hairstyle. The hairdresser asks us what we think at the end. We politely nod and say it looks great, but we’re fuming with anger inside. But you can’t uncut hair, so it’s best to laugh and wait for it to grow.


It looks like Hito has caught a serious case of senioritis. We know what that’s like. We start the year all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and over-prepared. Slowly but surely, our materials dwindle along with our motivation. At least the end is in sight!   

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Okay, we are not condoning being a mooch or a lazy student. However, there’s something to be said about strategically choosing your seat in class. We’ve all scanned the room and wondered who would be the best study buddy, especially if we’re unprepared. 


This brings a whole new meaning to the term “false alarm.” We wonder what our bosses would say if this were our reason for being late. “I thought I set the alarm. But instead, I pressed 7 in my calculator and passed out.” 

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Seriously, though, who keeps a calculator on their nightstand? No wonder you’re tired, girl. She needs to eliminate those bedside school supplies and add more sleep into her routine. If not, the only thing she’ll be in the morning is (calcu)late!

Good Student

They say the best way to learn a new language is to date someone who speaks it. Motivation and repetition are everything. We often have to repeat ourselves in relationships anyways. Why not learn a language while we’re at it? Take that, Duolingo!

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

We “saya” no to this language lesson! Learning a new language is always hard. It can be even harder if our teacher is also our partner. Luckily, we tend to learn curse words first. Those really will come in handy, Hito. 

Read the Sighns

Solve this riddle. It can be annoying, can come without warning, and leaves a mess behind. Yet, you still want to see it regularly. What is it? No, it’s not Senpai, but very good guess. It is the menstrual cycle!

Image courtesy of Instagram / @hitopotato

Maybe she has acne, is craving chocolate like crazy, or is a bit snappy, but never ever accuse a woman of being on her period. It’s like insulting someone’s family member. It’s okay if they do it, but a huge no-no for anyone else.