Reasons It’s Hard To Cry

By Divya G

Crying can be a highly cathartic experience when strong emotions overwhelm the mind and heart. It is a form of release that occurs after unbearable stress and emotional pressure build-up. Yet, crying is not that easy and simple for everyone. Here are a few reasons why some people find it hard to cry.

Cultural stigma and shame 

Crying happens to be a reflexive response in humans to emotional situations, such as happiness, anger, and sadness. When humans attain adulthood, they learn ways to manage their crying response through negative associations like cultural expectations and embarrassment. The negative adaptations might lead to anxiety and depression if crying gets behaviorally restricted. 

Getting stuck with gender stereotype 

Many people find it hard to cry as they aren’t taught to do so as a kid. It is particularly true for men because they usually grow up hearing things like “boys don’t cry” and learn to associate crying with embarrassment.

Shutterstock / Zivica Kerkez

History of childhood abuse 

During the episodes of childhood abuse, kids tend to hear things like “I will give you something to cry about!” or “I will hit you more if you cry and make noise.” This fear of expressing emotions remains in the mind even as the kids grow up. Thus, they find it difficult to showcase their sadness later in life.  

Facing social anxiety 

People with social anxiety might repress their tears for the fear of being judged. Many of them suppress tears to seem like they have a grip over their emotions.