Relationship Anxiety: Things to Know

By Divya G

Even when there is a lot of love and trust between you and your partner, you still start to get worried when they reply to your text after 30 minutes. You begin to have weird thoughts like “Is she/he cheating on me?” why are they ignoring my text?” and “why is she/he not answering my call?”

Liza Summer /Pexels

Yes, it’s okay to worry about your partner and the relationship. But when this whole “worrying thing” makes you lose your focus and hurts your relationship, it clearly shows that you are experiencing relationship anxiety.

Relationship anxiety occurs in individuals when they become extremely worried about their relationship. These worries can be the amount of the current time, the past, and even the future.

Relationship anxiety doesn’t have a particular diagnosis compared with other anxiety disorders. It mainly occurs due to trauma, co-dependence, and low self-esteem. Apart from that, experiencing something negative in the past, especially during childhood, can also lead to relationship anxiety in people.

But is there any way to cope with relationship anxiety? In short, yes, there is!

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You just have to be aware and mindful of your situation and be more open with your partner. Have proper discussions about all your problems with them. You can also go for a brisk walk or tell yourself things like “I love myself” or “I am completely safe.” This can surely help you deal with relationship anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Relationship anxiety can cause problems in your relationship and everyday life. You might feel that you’re not needed or feel left behind. But the best way to cope with relationship anxiety is by discussing your concerns with your partner and getting therapy, which can surely help.