45 Sassy Replies From Women Who Want Nothing To Do With Their Exes

By Jhoana C

Some relationships last while others don’t. There are many causes for breakups; it could be dishonesty, cheating, lack of commitment, or lack of time. Regardless, one thing we have to keep in mind is that exes are exes for a reason. Something happened that’s why the relationship didn’t work, and it’s time to move on and not keep looking back. However, some men expect their exes to wait for them to make up their minds constantly, and they seem to have this notion that if they decide to hook up again, they can restart whatever relationship has been destroyed. That can’t be further from the truth. Women have lives of their own, and the last thing they want or need are exes trying to creep their way back in. Fortunately, these women know just when to say no and know when to get their point across with savage replies.

#1 Tell him, girl

Don’t you hate it when you thought you had something special with a guy, and that guy suddenly ghosts you to only resurface after some time and then act as if nothing happened? Men like that should be forgotten completely.

Image courtesy of nowaygirl.com

If they ever get in touch with you again, you should tell them to eff off but in a subtle and ladylike way, of course, just like what this lady did.  We love her sass and her attitude, and we wish we had more of it too.

#2 In your dreams

Some men do rude things to girls and expect a simple apology to get them back in her good graces. Although we admit that this happens sometimes, there are strong women out there who will not be treated like doormats.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/annakopsky

They will not tolerate men who don’t measure up and men who don’t treat them well, and they are not afraid to let these men know that they aren’t playing either. This lady just told the guy through text to get lost.

#3 I don’t see you in my future

They say that you must learn from your mistakes because if you don’t, you are bound to repeat them, and nobody wants to keep making mistakes. If you have been wronged before, you better not give that person another chance to do it again.

Image courtesy of thoughtco.com

Even if they tell you that they miss you, they love you and want to be with you. Once is enough. Kudos to this woman for not letting things get the best of her, and she has decided that she wants nothing more to do with this man.

#4 Yup, a week in the shower

There’s nothing more annoying than receiving texts from your ex that makes you want to roll your eyes. This exchange between ex-lovers made us smile today, and we’d like to thank this sassy girl for inspiring us. We’ll keep this in our arsenal.

Image courtesy of ThumbPress.com

Some ladies completely ignore messages from their exes, but this one replied to her ex, but not to get back with him or profess her love for him. She took her sweet time to reply and only to tell her ex that she was in the shower.

#5 You need to go there

Sometimes things don’t work out at a certain time, and some lovers try again in the future and end up happier. However, some refuse to reconnect with exes because doing so would be a complete disaster. This lady belongs to the latter group.

Image courtesy of Shareably

Maybe the wounds were still fresh, but she didn’t mince any words when her ex asked her for recommendations on places to go. Her answer is short and sweet. It’s somewhere scorching, and somewhere there’s no chance of them running into each other again. We’re sure he’ll have a lovely time there.

#6 Be on the lookout for my pic

Some exes split amicably, and although they are no longer together, they remain good friends. However, some relationships end badly, whether because of a third party or other issues that the last thing people want to do is see their exes.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/nicoledmartinez

Judging from this conversation, we can say that these ex-lovers belong to the latter. Yes, we have been taught to be nice to people, but there are times when you have to be blunt and tell people exactly how you feel.

#7 You need to draft your will ASAP

At times, relationships just run their course, and there’s no better way than to put a stop to things. However, there are instances when one person in the relationship will try to guilt you into staying even though that’s the last thing you want.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/mikespohr

This guy was attempting to persuade his girlfriend to stay with him by telling her that she was the only thing that was keeping him alive. A little dramatic, but hey, sometimes people do what they need to do to have things their way. But his ex wasn’t having any of it.

#8 Sleeping like a log

Having no relationship is a lot better than being in a relationship where you are constantly thinking of your cheating ex is back to his old ways again, hitting up other women and going on dates even when he’s in a relationship.

Image courtesy of Providr.com

If that’s the relationship you have, there’s no peace of mind, there’s no joy, and there’s no love. This lady found that out the hard way, so now she prefers being all alone because she can sleep like a baby at night knowing that nobody’s doing her wrong.

#9 The picture of the year

No matter how much we strive to be nice to everyone, sometimes, we have to be a little rude, especially to lying and cheating ex-boyfriends because it helps us. This lady wanted to tell her boyfriend that they were through.

Image courtesy of Motika

So, she sent him her gorgeous picture wearing a little black dress-up, and he was wondering why he was nowhere to be found in said photo. Well, he’s just been kicked to the curb, but he didn’t get the memo.

#10 The new punching bag

Say what you mean, and mean what you say is what exactly this woman had in mind when she wanted to tell this guy to stay away from her. We should understand that not everyone is happy to receive messages from us.

Image courtesy of Shareably.com

This guy was trying to invite this lady to join him in the boxing gym, and she agreed to it but not for the reason he was hoping for. No, she wasn’t interested in seeing him showcasing his machismo. She wanted to see him hurt. Ouch!

#11 Better not wake up from that dream

No matter how much you love someone, there comes the point when you have to let go because things are not the way they are supposed to be. Here is another ex-boyfriend trying to get back into the life of a lady who no longer wants to be with him.

Image courtesy of funny-memes.us

This lady wanted nothing to do with him ever again, and she let him know in a hilarious. She didn’t ignore him but responded with a burn that made us clap our hands. The guy’s gonna wish that he didn’t wake up from his dreams.

#12 Spell my name

Some guys realize that they were wrong after some time has passed, and they try to make their way back into the lives of their exes. A tip for the guys in this situation is to talk to the girl in person.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This shows your sincerity. A text or a call won’t do it, especially if you’ve hurt the person so much. This guy didn’t even make the effort of seeing his ex-girlfriend in person so he could talk to her, but he also couldn’t even spell her name right.

#13 Now, that’s hot

If someone has ghosted you for 3 weeks, then that means you should never contact them again, and if they contact you, you shouldn’t even reply to them. We highly doubt this girl has done nothing but wait by the phone. She clearly has a life.

Image courtesy of Onsizzle.com

This girl might have broken the rule of not responding after being ghosted for 3 weeks, but she did so to put the guy in his place. He thought it’s ok to pop out of nowhere and initiate contact, but he got burned instead.

#14 One-word burn

Sometimes we are at a loss for words. We want to say something, and we want to be as succinct as possible but just can’t come up with the right thing to say. This lady, however, didn’t have that problem. She knew exactly what to say in this situation.

image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Her ex-boyfriend had been trying to contact her, but she hasn’t been picking up. He had also been sending her messages, but she didn’t respond for some time, and when she finally did, it was to say one word only. Slow clap for her.

#15 Are you for real?

This has got to be one of the worst exchanges we have ever seen. The hilarity of his request just has us shaking our heads. It’s almost too funny to get mad at. Fortunately, his ex wasn’t having any of it.

image courtesy of Providr.com

He must have thought that she was still so in love with him that she was willing to do anything for him. He makes our eyes roll. Not only did she say no, but she also let him know that the idea doesn’t have the remotest possibility of happening.

#16 No water for you

One of the first things that made us laugh about this exchange is that the ex-boyfriend’s name on this girl’s mobile phone is Loser. Secondly, if you have to ask someone if they hate you, there’s a big chance that they do.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This girl was savage because not only did she answer with a simple yes or no, she said that if the guy was on fire and she had water, she wouldn’t use it to help him. Instead, she’d drink it, and we think she’d do the same even if she weren’t thirsty.

#17 Stay away from me

If the previous ex was listed as Loser, this ex has a far worse name which we can’t even mention, but we’re sure it will make you laugh. Like most men out there, he wanted to get in touch with his ex-girlfriend, but she didn’t want to entertain him.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/daves4

He causally hit her up to ask her if she wanted to grab coffee with him, but she didn’t even feign interest. She quickly replied that she was busy, even though he hasn’t even said yet what day and time he asked her out. 

#18 That’s funny

Some men don’t even have to be comedians, and they can send us into fits of laughter. A case in point is this guy. He only said a single sentence, but it was already enough to make his ex roll on the floor while laughing.

Image courtesy of Seriously for Real

He texted her to say that he misses her and all that she had to say was Hahaha and bye. If that doesn’t send him the right signal to stay away from her, we don’t know what will. She is surely no longer interested.

#19 You’re not important

It’s quite insulting to be only messaged by someone because they are bored. So, we can understand why she wasn’t pleased to receive such a message from her ex-boyfriend. He even started the conversation with, “babe, wyd, I’m bored.”

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/annakopsky

Thankfully for this woman, she wasn’t going to let him treat her like that. She told him that they are done and that he should come to get his things, but he was persistent and even told her that she needed him. Well, she disagrees.

#20 No, she isn’t the chauffeur

When you break up with someone, it means that you’re no longer together and that you will no longer call on each other should you need something. No more benefits and no more favors, but this ex-boyfriend didn’t seem to get the memo.

image courtesy of Daily Mail

He thought he could break up with someone, and he’ll still enjoy all boyfriend privileges, such as being picked up when his car isn’t working. He must have forgotten that his ex isn’t a taxi driver or his personal chauffeur.

#21 She ain’t lying

Most women, after they break up with someone, get a makeover. Of course, you want to look good and feel good about yourself. It seems that when this couple was still together, whenever that was, their social media profiles were private.

Image courtesy of TonyBonesNYC/Twitter

After the break-up, the girl decided to make her social media public so everyone can see her posts. Her ex-boyfriend quickly accused her that she did it on purpose because she wanted people to see how good she looked, and she wasn’t about to lie.

#22 Two can play this game

Dating apps can both be good and bad. You either meet the love of your life, or you get the shorter end of the stick and get messaged by off and sometimes disrespectful men. Instead of a simple “Hi” or “How are you?”, some men go the extra mile.

Image courtesy of tindernightmares/Instagram

This charmer thought that the perfect introduction would be to insult someone’s looks. It didn’t sit well with the girl, and we know that after this, he’s gonna get blocked, but not before giving him a piece of her mind.

#23 She hasn’t forgotten what he did

We have been told to forget about the past and look forward to the future, but there are times when it’s just necessary to remind someone about the past, especially when we talk about cheating boyfriends.

Image courtesy of Shareably.com

If you cheated on someone and broke up over that, you should know that you shouldn’t contact that person ever again. This guy thought it was ok to do so, so his ex reminded him of what he did, and inappropriate doesn’t even describe it.

#24 Stay far away

One of the things fans will fondly remember about HBO’s Game of Thrones is the love story between the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, and Khal Drogo. They often used celestial bodies to express their deep love for each other.

Image courtesy of ThisWillBlowMyMind.com

This girl must have been a fan of that show when she asked her ex if he wanted to be the sun in her life. He responded yes right away, but her savage comeback was not what he expected. She really thought that one out.

#25 Nope, he didn’t get the clue

It’s often been said that men don’t get clues and that you have to spell things out to them. That seems to be the case with this guy. He reached out to his ex-girlfriend and asked her if she would ever grow up and talk to him.

Image courtesy of Providr.com

That’s a tone that most people don’t appreciate, so we weren’t surprised at the woman’s response. She asked him to meet her in the Blockbuster’s parking lot for a conversation, and when he replied that it wasn’t a thing anymore, she replied by hinting that neither are they.

#26 Don’t even contact me

When you have gotten over someone and are moving on, the last thing you want is to be contacted by that person. So, what do you do if they try to slide into your DMs again and think that it’s a good thing to start a conversation with a GIF that says, “What Up, Dogg?”

Image courtesy of ballmemes.com

Most people would think that it might be better to send someone a sweet or romantic message if you want to get into somebody’s good graces. This lady wasn’t pleased and replied with a simple two-letter word, a big NO.

#27 Yup, that can be suffocating

Apologizing after cheating just…doesn’t work, right? Who thinks that works? Some people do, apparently. This next guy is one of those people, and he even had the audacity to call her “babe.” Dude, she’s not your babe anymore and never will be again.

Image courtesy of hubiejunior/Imgur

This guy wanted to get back with his ex by apologizing to her and wooing her with his sweet words. Well, she let him have it by saying that at first, she thought he took her breath away, but in reality, he was suffocating her with all his, shall we say, nonsense.

#28 Bye, blocking you

This woman here is our role model, and she deserves at least a free pint of ice cream for this incredible feat. This is something that every lady should know, and this deserves a standing ovation too—Bravo, ma’am, bravo.

Image courtesy of AmandaKathleen/Reddit

She’s clever, she’s savage, but she is also subtle. The guy she was chatting with didn’t even get any hint that he would be blocked until he saw that he could no longer reply to the conversation. We are stealing this one!

#29 My cat is more precious than you

They say that you have to be upfront with them if you want to say something to someone. It would help if you didn’t mince words, and you have to be direct with them. However, there are times when it’s better not to be too rude.

Image courtesy of Viral News

This exchange between exes wasn’t pleasant, and it’s easy to read between the lines. The truth is that she wasn’t interested in him anymore and did not want to see him ever again. She just made her cat an alibi.

#30 Don’t ever mention June

When someone leaves you on reading or seen, there’s a big possibility that it’s on purpose. It’s something deliberate, and they don’t want to talk to you anymore. Perhaps you should start asking yourself if you’ve been rude to that person or something.

Image courtesy of blazedddonut/Reddit

Her response must have broken his heart. We don’t know the full history here, but we think this is far too harsh. They were kids, after all, and he thinks it’s cute. Maybe she’s annoyed, but couldn’t she just have said that?

#31 Tay Tay for the win

They say that if you can’t express yourself, perhaps you should put your feelings in a song. This guy thought he found the perfect song that would let his ex know how he feels, and perhaps it might convince her to get back with him.

image courtesy of Quotesgram

He was hoping Cher Lloyd would do the trick, but she’s got nothing on Tay Tay. Sadly, Tay Tay is more powerful for him, and her song didn’t mince any words. They were never getting back together. Time to accept the truth, Mister.

#32 No relationship, no tagging

This exchange is terse, and it’s only two sentences, but it tells you so much about what went on between these two people. If we were to assume based on the two sentences, it seems that Jen wanted the relationship to end.

Image courtesy of 10xxxzebnation/Reddit

Dan seems like he was still pinning for her that he kept on tagging her in memes even though they had been apart for 4 months already. Poor guy, hopefully, he moved on with his life and stopped bothering Jen.

#33 No glub glub

If you want to win back your ex, you should think about surprising them by sending them flowers or a box of chocolates. You should call them and ask if the two of you can meet personally for a serious talk.

Image courtesy of Dplepler/Reddit

The last thing you should do is what this guy did, and that is to send a picture of a fish or a marine creature to your ex with the words “glub.” What does that even mean? What message are you trying to send?

#34 She is dang serious

Judging from the exchange of messages here, either Sierra is having a terrible day, or she is a woman scorned one too many times. The poor guy was trying to express himself by telling her that he misses her. Instead of replying with a simple, no or get lost, Sierra was sarcastic.

Image courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip

We know it’s not always the guy who is at fault. Judging from her messages, it seems that there’s a deep reason why these two broke up and, perhaps, they should stay broken up. Sierra is savage, and we aren’t even sure if he deserved it or not.

#35 Of food and love

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so understandably love, and food are intertwined. Both can make us happy, and both can send our endorphin levels soaring. But that’s not the way this interaction went.

Image courtesy of Singapore Seen Stomp

This guy messaged his ex telling her that he was having pizza and reminded him of her. They used to go out for pizza when they were still together. Awww, memories. However, the ex-girlfriend was on the offensive and told him that baby carrot also reminded her of him, but it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

#36 This has got to hurt

If this guy thought that saccharine messages would win the girl over, he was badly mistaken. He started the conversation by telling her that she had the most beautiful eyes. Surely a compliment would win her over? The answer is no.

Image courtesy of StarAssassin/Reddit

He thought that the dude she was referring to was him. We hate to break it down to him, but he wasn’t even close. She told him that he got too hurt, especially because we believe he assumed the cutie was him.

#37 The emoji says it all

Sometimes the most appropriate way to reply is through an emoji. One single small icon or image is the equivalent of a thousand words. It can effectively express an emotion that words can’t. In this case, it was the best reply.

Image courtesy of Tastefully Offensive/Tumblr

The old “What?!” or “No!” or “Go away!” is just inadequate. This woman deserves a slow clap for being creative with her response. She didn’t even have to say a single word to reject the guy. We should keep this in mind in case this happens to us.

#38 Channeling Ariana Grande

When the song “Thank U, Next” was released by pop star Ariana Grande, it quickly became the theme song of women everywhere who have moved on from their exes and are looking for something better. Every generation needs its anthem.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/pablovaldivia

As you can tell from the song title, there’s no chance of getting back with an ex because the woman wants a new relationship. The song title has been used thousands of times by women whose exes have contacted them.

#39 Straight to the point

Our messages should be short, sweet, and straight to the point. What’s the point of saying four sentences when the message you want to convey can be easily contained in a sentence or two? There’s no point in wasting your effort.

Image courtesy of Instantly Modern

That’s exactly what this lady is doing. After being contacted by her ex with a message that hints at remembering him and their long-gone relationship, she agrees that she does remember. However, she remembers with disgust. That should get the point across.

#40 Is that really necessary?

Reading this conversation, we can only assume two things: the guy has been caught lying and cheating. Hence the lack of trust, or the girl is so paranoid that she needs proof every time her boyfriend says something. It could be either.

Image courtesy of Guioteca

Either way, this relationship doesn’t sound very promising. We don’t see a happy ever after on their horizon. Seriously, is it necessary to ask someone to take a selfie to prove where they are? And is a spoon on the head necessary?

#41 I’m with someone new

An ex is an ex, and they belong in the past. There should be no room for there in your present or your future. Women and men should have clear rules when it comes to dealing with exes who try to worm their way back into their lives.

image courtesy of ouandmeandrainbows/Imgur

Clearly, this lady has set firm rules, so when her ex tried to get in touch with her again, she had the perfect response. Instead of just saying “No,” she thought it would be a good idea to send her ex a little extra, a picture of her and her new guy.  

#42 Out with polite

Politeness sometimes goes a long way, but sometimes it doesn’t help, so there are times when you have to throw it out the window, like when your ex, who you didn’t want to hear from ever again, starts contacting you.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed/mikespohr

This woman knows exactly what she wants, and it’s not the guy on the other end of the phone. She sure is winning because he’s not within her field of vision. Ouch! This was a clear knockout punch too. And very clever.

#43 He didn’t even cook?

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you should be honest. If you are trying to hide secrets from your partner, it’s not a good omen. Dishonesty is one of the most common reasons why relationships break down and dissolve.

Image courtesy ofanlyin/Imgur

This guy thought it would be good to come out clean to his girlfriend, which led to their breakup. He confessed that all the meals he prepared were actually store-bought, and he only dirtied a few pots and pans to give her the impression that he cooked. All she had to say is good riddance.

#44 Gotcha

They say that when women ask you things, you better think hard about how you’re going to reply. Most of the women already know the answer. They just want to catch you in a lie. Some women also trap men in their lives with confusing statements.

Image courtesy of Guioteca

A case in point is this girl telling her boyfriend that she was going to dye her hair black and get tattoos and facial piercings. She asked why she would do that. She responded by sending him a photo of a picture he liked of a girl with black hair, tattoos, and piercings. Gotcha!

#45 Sims is irrelevant, like him

First off, we like how this guy’s name is listed on the girl’s phone. He is someone who you should ignore. Mr. Don’t Bother decided to text his ex-girlfriend that he was bored and was playing Sims. We still remember Sims, and we think it’s no longer relevant.


He clearly shouldn’t have bothered her because she had nothing to say to him, but she still sent him a sentence letting him know that his attempt at getting back to her was pathetic that he even had to include Sims in the conversation.