Self-Care: How To Feel Beautiful

By Ruby M

The world is full of unrealistic beauty expectations and, thanks to magazines and social media, we are constantly surrounded by toxic reminders that can affect the way we see ourselves. It is important to remember that self-love and beauty come from within, not how we look and how much makeup we wear. Here are some great ways to feel more beautiful without altering your appearance with cosmetics or uncomfortable clothes.

Image courtesy of Anina Lonte / Shutterstock

Meditation and Exercise

It’s good to keep both your body and your mind healthy. If you feel good and healthy, you will feel more accomplished and thus better about yourself. Taking care of yourself and feeling whole starts with your own natural body, not with what you apply to it with cosmetics. Meditation can help you gain new insight into stressful or upsetting situations, assist with stress management and dealing with anxiety, and focus on the present. Exercise and keeping the body active are known to elevate one’s mood and increase blood circulation and promote better sleep.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep can affect more than just our moods and productivity. If we don’t get enough rest, our perception of the world and even ourselves is altered – and lack of sleep also causes dark circles under our eyes, which isn’t great. So make sure you’re practicing healthy sleep hygiene and getting enough sleep. You’d be surprised at the world of difference it can make.

Self love

Practicing self-love by cutting out all that criticism and squeezing your love handles in the mirror. Replace those negative thoughts with loving affirmations like “I am beautiful; I am loved; I am valued.” Learn to appreciate that those love handles are not an enemy.

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Remind yourself that beauty standards are toxic and harmful

Most of the ideal beauty standards fill the pages of magazines and profiles on social media and are not realistic. It is essential to remind yourself of that and acknowledge that these standards are toxic and harmful. Try to unfollow accounts that post triggering pictures and avoid reading articles where these standards are preached.